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a lifestyle company

You work hard. We believe that you need to be recognized & edified for your efforts.

On behalf of Soul Purpose, Nadine Thompson (CEO/ Founder) and Cheryl Cormier (Executive Vice President) would like to thank each member of Soul Purpose community for their contribution to our success in October and for carrying the vision forward. We are especially proud to edify and recognize the top performances in the areas of Personal Volume, Enrolling, and Lifestyle Parties. You are raising the bar for excellence in Soul Purpose and

we appreciate your commitment and passion.


titlepromotions for your success!

Managing Associates

October 2010

Eric Funches Kelman Johnson Vounder Perkins Angelita Thomas


Jo’Lami Boutique & Spa

Cheryl A. Cormier

Lisa McCoy

Kurundi Daniels

Rochelle Morton

Eric Funches

Diane Reece

Josi Hopkins

Bessie Shaw

Carlus Jackson

Natalie Smith

Dr. Kim Jackson

Cynthia Stephens

Alexis Jenkins BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example

October’s risingstars: Lisa McCoy

Each Rising Star receives a $25 Soul Purpose Product Gift Certificate!

Rising Star Recognition Program To qualify: 1. $500 in personal volume ($300 for



Managers and above) 2. Two Lifestyle Parties per month 3. One new active recruit ($100 in PV) 4. Optional; Host, co-host or attend a monthly Soul Purpose Party with a Purpose

Consistency Our Entrepreneurs who are consistent and achieve Rising Star status 2 out of 3 months each quarter will earn product and/or business tool certificates AND Entrepreneurs who achieve Rising Star status 9 out of 12 months will receive our Nsoromma award at our annual conference and Leadership Retreat.

Member Benefits The names of our Rising Stars will be listed in a recognition HTML email and on the Web each month.


let’s reach for the

topenrollers Join us in acknowledging our Top Enrollers for October 2010. By virtue of their efforts, we know that more and more lives will be touched by the empowering Soul Purpose Opportunity. Expanding our community of Entrepreneurs ensures that our message of wellness and wealth building will reach homes across America and throughout the world. Thanks to these Entrepreneurs for taking us one step closer to achieving that goal.

Special congratulations to Josephine Hopkins for enrolling 5 new Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in October 2010, earning her Top Enroller honors.

Name # Enrolled Hopkins, Josephine 5 I AM PROSPERITY 4 Israel, Sarah E 4 Barnes, Yvelle Lisa 3 Camara, Thea 3 King, Rosalind 3 Shaffer, Evelyn 3 Browning, Charlene 2 Cormier, Cheryl 2 Curtis, Evelyn 2 Evans, Nakia 2 Felder, Betty 2 Henry, Joan 2 Holly, Alicia 2 Lattimore, Audrey 2 Loren, Darcell 2 Puller, Deidra 2 Scott, Tara 2 Taylor-Means, Sheila 2 VMB Business Incentives, Ltd 2

BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example

top volume producers

We celebrate the accomplishments of our Top Volume Producers for October 2010 who are making their Soul Purpose dreams a reality. At the very foundation of Soul Purpose are our incredible products. It is through passionate personal use and enthusiastic sales to customers that our Lifestyle Entrepreneurs empower people to take better care of themselves and live a wellness lifestyle.

Special congratulations to Lisa McCoy who was our Top Volume Producer for the month with $1012 in personal volume.

name title PBV

name title PBV

McCoy, Lisa AST $1012

Gibbs, Harriette MGR $491

Huggins, Darlene S

Francis, Cynthia D

AST $733

MGR $468

Smith, Natalie MGR $715

Pierce, Latoscha MGR $462

Shaw, Bessie M

Beckett, Chatreese AST $449

DMD $712

Stephens, Cynthia AST $695

Browning, Charlene

Daniels, Kurundi MGR $667

Curtis, Evelyn AST $436

Jo’lami Boutique & Spa

AST $601

Logan, Valerie AST $435

Funches, Eric MGR $584

Glenn, Tia AST $430

Berry, Sitrena AST $575

Dorsas Spatique AST $412

Barnes, Anita L.

Turner, Tamisha AST $411

DMD $568

DMD $446

Jenkins, Alexis AST $554

Rivers, Natalie MGR $408

Bridges, Barbara AST $544

Wilson, Beverly MGR $401

Morton, Rochelle

DMD $517

Jenkins, Susan AST $396

Johnson , Kelman

MGR $516

Israel, Yochebed MGR $391

Pugh, Zerina AST $514

Williams, Angelia KDD $386

Rhones, Denise AST $512

Perkins, Vounder MGR $380

Jackson, Dr Kimberly

MGR $509

Rasheed, Bibi AST $375

Cormier, Cheryl A.

KDD $507

White, Tiffany AST $375

Hopkins, Josephine

DMD $506

Waldo, Sharon D.

AST $367

Jackson, Carlus MGR $505

Clarke, Janice AST $366

Reece, Diane AST $501

Stokes, Linda MGR $365

Washington, Jillonda


DMD $499

BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example

top volume producers continued

Leading by example. name title PBV Ebow, Alana M

AST $346

Smith, Sandra AST $333 jackson, karen AST $326 Riggins, Peggy KDD $326 McFadden, Janett AST $321 Rainey, Kimberly MGR $321 Cox, Wendy AST $321 Cecil, Clarissa AST $319 Hocker Fuller, Robbyne

MGR $313

Moore-Crestwell, Sondra

DMD $311

Taylor-Means, Sheila

MGR $310

Williams, Michelle MGR $309 Smith, Millard R

AST $308

Spann, Vernell MGR $307 Ellerbe, Tara A

FDD $307

Owens, Darlene S

MGR $307

Gottah Dance The Wellness Exp.

KDD $307

Johnson, Katrina L

MGR $305

topnew Entrepreneur name title PBV Myers, Glynda M

MGR $305

Clarke, Moyra AST $304 Wiggins, Audrey M

MGR $303

Israel, Sarah E

DMD $303

We are also very proud of our new entrepreneurs who joined the community in October 2010 and actively engaged in growing their businesses. Special congratulations to

Francis, Nakimuli AST $303

Alexis Jenkins who was our

Williams, Blanche MGR $302

Top New Entrepreneur Volume

Puller, Deidra MGR $302

Producer for the month.


MGR $302

Thomas, Angelita MGR $302 Bellanfant, Kimberly MGR $301 Ealey, Traci MGR $301

Jenkins, Alexis


Coleman-Brown, Toni

Johnson , Kelman


Pigford, Cheryl AST $300

Logan, Valerie


Whitfield, Lorren AST $300

Ragazzone, Fred


Crawford, Kimberley

AST $300

Davis, Rachelle AST


Keeling, Paige AST $300

Crawford, Kimberley


Davis, Rachelle AST $300

Whitfield, Lorren


KDD $300

Ragazzone, Fred AST $300

BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example


gift certificates

Celebrating Leaders Paid At Their Highest Title

Leadership and excellence go hand in hand at Soul Purpose. For their pioneering spirit, leadership and outstanding performance, we proudly award each paid as leader with a Soul Purpose Product Gift Certificate.


watchearners for your success! At Soul Purpose, we honor commitment and consistency especially in those who are leaders in the community. The following Entrepreneurs have been paid as their title or higher FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS and have earned a special consistency award!

Darlene T Sanders & Sheila Taylor-Means

Diamonds Executives Each earn $50 Gift Certificate Hopkins, Josephine

Managing Associates Each earn $25 Gift Certificate Barnes, Yvelle Lisa Bellanfant, Kimberly Camara, Thea Daniels, Kurundi DOZIER, JAZZ Francis, Cynthia D Funches, Eric Gibbs, Harriette Green, Shera I AM PROSPERITY Jackson, Carlus

Jackson, Dr Kimberly Johnson , Kelman JOHNSON, DELPHIA SHEILA Johnson, Katrina L Myers, Glynda M Nelson, Iona V Owens, Darlene S Perkins, Vounder Smith, Natalie Taylor-Means, Sheila Thomas, Angelita Tucker, Joan E. Williams, Blanche Williams, Sandra Wright, MaryTaylorMeans, Sheila Wiggins, Audrey M Williams, Blanche Williams, Sandra

(Please call Youngevity to redeem your certificate. Expires 02/31/11.)

SMART star tprogram NEW ENTREPRENEUR’S GIFT CERTIFICATES Join us in acknowledging our new Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who began their Soul Purpose career with at least $150 in personal volume and the Entrepreneurs who enrolled them. • New Entrepreneurs with $150 PV earn a $25 Soul Purpose Gift Certificate • New Entrepreneurs with $300 PV earn a $50 Soul Purpose Gift Certificate • Their “active” Enrollers earn a $25 Soul Purpose Gift Certificate for each new GC qualified Lifestyle Entrepreneur they enroll!

$50 certificate

Crawford, Kimberley Davis, Rachelle Jenkins, Alexis Johnson , Kelman Logan, Valerie Ragazzone, Fred Whitfield, Lorren

$25 certificate

Barron, Edwina Flowers, Natasha Griffith, Tiffany Henry, Joan Holly, Alicia Oatis, Roger Quigley, Fremanda Watkins, Formeka Wheatley, James

BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example

(Please call Youngevity to redeem your certificate. Expires 02/31/11.)

toplifestyle parties topnumber of parties Alexis Jenkins - 2 Cynthia Stephens - 2 Lisa McCoy - 2 Natalie P. Smith - 2

Fun, pampering, building relationships and relaxation are just some the reasons guests enjoy attending a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Party! The following Entrepreneurs hosted the most parties or an individual party in October 2010 with the highest total sales. TOP LIFESTYLE PARTY – SALES Special congratulations to Sitrena Berry for her Lifestyle Party which generated a total sales of $883! Name #Guests Sales

Sitrena Berry 5 $883 Lisa McCoy 13 $623 Tamisha Turner 9 $574 Alexis Jenkins 10 $511 Lisa McCoy 7 $443 Natalie Rivers 5 $412 Darlene S. Huggins 3 $401 Latoscha Pierce 5 $370

Our Lifestyle Parties are a fun way to introduce your friends, family and community to Soul Purpose. Being a host has its own special rewards and Name #Guests Sales

benefits. Speak to your Soul

Natalie P. Smith 8 $347.59

Purpose Entrepreneur about

Lois Frederick 6 $325.00

hosting a party today and to

Kia Osborne 5 $311.61 Cynthia Stephens 6 $306.93 Crystal Lundy 7 $286.85

learn about the monthly host specials available to you.

Sarita Thomas 4 $281.02 Eva Allen 3 $267.65 Rashanda Richardson 3 $255.06 Candace Duckett 3 $250.00

BOLD = Diamond Executives, leading by example




new entrepreneurs AL

Bellamy, Paula MD

Johnson, Kim AR

Brown, Felecia MD

Carter, Purshelda CA

Bryant, Franchelle MD

Gafford, Suzan CA

Chambers-El, Yvette

Greer, Andretta CA

Cox, Sylvia MD

jdfhjfh, gvxcx CA

Davis, Rachelle MD

Dees, Geraldine CT

Dwanyen, Marion MD

Thomas, Kiara CT

Henry, Joan MD

Willingham, Janika

Johnson, Tina MD




Bailey, Dedra FL

Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc.

Cooper, Gwendolyn

Kilson, Chardaee MD





Watkins, Formeka FL

Quigley, Fremanda MD


Williams, Daphne


Ragazzone, Fred MD

Baker, Sonya GA

Thomas, Michelle MD

Sunstone Enterprises


Wheatley, James MD

TruNaturals Specialty Salon


Whitehead, Deitra MD


Williams, Beverly MD

Battista, Maribeth IL

Zeck, Amelia MD

Brown, Joann IL


Clark-Ruiz, Yolanda


Jenkins, Alexis MI

Eison, Roshenna


Robinson, Marcie MI

Emery, Charolette IL

Smith, Earlene MI

Gap Connects IL

Spann, Mariama MI

Hubbard, Shawnice



Kanvas Salon & Spa


Oatis, Roger MS


Reeves, Elena IL

Chesson-Douglas, Lolita


Rutledge-Taylor, Robin


Covington, Carolyn NC

Wright-Brown , Emma



We extend our warmest welcome to our new Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who joined our community in October 2010. We are honored to share this journey with you. With our ongoing support and a commitment to your success, we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments throughout your Soul Purpose career. We proudly congratulate and welcome 195 new Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who enrolled in the month of October 2010. Our top enrolling states for the month are:

Oneal, Carolyn NC

Smith, Tina PA

Wilson, Angelica NC

Davis, Trinene SC

Disu , Adiat


King, Brenda SC

Butler, Natasha NY

Watlington, Fatima SC

Cayo, Daphne NY

king, christal TN

Edwards, Tyana NY

Crockett, Carol TX

Frimpong, Rebekah


Farrar, Loucheur TX

Griffith, Tiffany NY

Hallman, Vicki TX

Holly, Alicia NY

Hameen, Latifah TX

Jenkins, Caryn Camille


herndon, Angelia TX


McEachin, Levette NY

Knight, Laketia TX


Person, Valarie NY

Myers, Carolyn

Rozzell, Charletta NY

Nalls, Tamera TX

The Chocolate Bar



Pierre, Deadra TX

White, Paula NY

Sims, Ammie TX

Whitfield, Lorren NY

Brown, Sylvia VA

Barron, Edwina OH

Cherry, Nysia VA

Crawford, Kimberley


Davis, Clarice VA

Dyson, Martha OH

Oliver, Michelle VA

Flowers, Natasha

Robinson, Kathy



harvey, stephen OH

Kelley, Tina WA

Johnson , Kelman

Logan, Valerie WA


Priester, Fran OH

Donaldson, Shirley WI

Weddington, Theresa

Fitzpatrick-Miller, Tammy


WILSON, MARCIA OH AtYourDoor Beauty Supplies


Bowling, Deirdre PA Govan, Michelle PA Robinson, Aqueelah



Congratulations to our TOP ENROLLING STATES MARYLAND 19

w w w. s o u l p u r p o s e . c o m

recognition + inspiration

October 2 010

Soul Purpose

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October 2010 Top Performers  
October 2010 Top Performers  

Soul Purpose Edification & Recognition for the month of October 2010