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Soul Garage concept generation 1.primary research 2.’sense of identity’ group photoshooting 3.Moodboard 4.Concept development & typography selection & editing 6.layout experimentation 7.printed magazine

Group photoshooting


Contact sheets and photography selection

great photography but too fashionable for the magazine’s concept.

gtudio photoshooting/ group Editorial/ ”come together” concept

For my main editorial, I brought together the models, creating a conceptual setting, in contrast with the intimate atmosphere of the individual photoshootings. I did not influence their clothing or styling choices. Observation The mood of the photography influenced the way I edited the pictures. warm and happy mood-> warm colours.

Editing variations- colour and contrast

From more than 200 photos, the greatest were the ones that reflected a particularity of their personality.

Used the black background to evidentiate the different skin tones.

Used the squares as a symbol for forgotten objects from a garage (connection to the magazine name - Soul Garage). Also, connected and kept apart the models - conceptual idea for human connections.

Taking hundreds of photos for each shooting, I understood why famous publications take thousands of pictures, from which they select only a few ones. I found it difficult to make my models feel comfortable in front of the camera, as they were supposed to look alone in their own room, environment.

Experimenting with typography, generated the idea of a variety of posters for the “Be Kind” Campaign promoted by the magazine .

Soul Garage

changed the name of the magazine and created header for the cover and for the blog

testing different layout ideas for the contents page wrote engaging description of the first issue

together, we are kind.

issue one we found untold stories behind an open door and shared intimate poetic moments in simple words





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Final result

Layout Development




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The Soul Garage blog, the spark of connection that helps bring the readers a little closer, developinf a community and showing the unity of the concept.

decided to use this picture that I took during the Lumiere Festival as the first page as it suits the the new name and concept of the magazine interviewed Daphne, posting the interview also on the blog my favourite page layout

used the typography as caption for the main magazine editorial

quick sketch, planning the order and layout of the photoshootings.

goodbye page containing an inspiring quote, typography and the blog address.

Everyone is fighting their own battles.

About We find untold stories behind an open door and share intimate poetic moments in simple words.

- Soul Garage, first issue as I knew that I want the magazine to look like a personal diary, I’ve craft a mini-version of it to decide the design of the covers, side name labels and what changes to bring to the final one.

created blog and searched through tumblr themes, chose one with changeable header. Posted Daphne’s interview and photos - “Meet Daphne”.



searched for fonts that match the style of the magazine

made this page that contains one of the quotes that inspired my theme and my concept, in order to prepare the reader for the content and subject of the magazine.



Soul Garage, the kind of magazine that will find its place on the side of your bed, reminding you that we are most beautiful, when we are most human, and encouraging you to be kind to yourself and the people around you.

Concept Generation/ Soul Garage/ year 2  
Concept Generation/ Soul Garage/ year 2  

The research shows the journey of the Soul Garage concept. Starting with Primary research such as (illustration, typography experimentation,...