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Curriculum Vitae Brano Beres graphic design brand / identity / packaging

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Prague / Slovakia / flag / the structural pack for bulbs / drawing / the school projects / design anarchy / cocoon / mountain design Obal a etiketa /výber/ :

Personal Information Name: Brano Beres Nationality: Slovakia Born: 31 / July / 1980 Age: 29 Telephone: 09061940043 E-mail: Portfolio: Languages: English / fluent German / used to be fluent Slovak / mother language Japanese / beginner Address: 1– 42 – 6 – 305 Sekiguchi, Bunkyoku Tokyo, Japan post:112 – 0014

email: / telephone:09061940043 /

2a. zásobník na 4 žiarovky - náh¾ad

A short story of working experience


the studies in Slovakia at Technical University in Košice, I found my self experimenting more and more with visual communication and graphic design. That way right after studies my steps leaded me to Prague / Czech Republic / to look for a job. And luckily for unexperienced young wanna-be found my first job with suitable environment, at cocoon brand and packaging design, the half Dutch half Czech owned company dedicated to packaging and branding – simply identity making.

goods driven business. Going on I found the joy in communicating the ideas and presenting them to the client. The clients I was involved with were brand managers at NESTLÉ, Coka-Cola, Philip Morris, Unilever or Delhaize.


October 2008 was thinking to experience the freelance way of doing things, and since that time till now was working for several clients in Czech and Slovak republic as the brand designer and consultant. In June 2009 found my self coming to Tokyo, which was my dream, while I believe, this is the city where a recognizable chunk of global best is happening, and I simply want to be part of it.

I stayed there for almost 5 years, and during the time of working there I learned and gained a lot of experience and their way how to approach the smooth designflow. Besides the fact that the working environment was English speaking / colleagues were from different corners of the planet/, learned a lot about brand identity developing, seeking for right idea, right form, and executing it. In fast moving customers


participation at PACKAGING SHOW as a speaker with my dear colleague Honza. In the year 2006 I went to joyful and inspiring work experience to parental company in Netherlands, called Mountain Design.the BR-ND people partner.


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Nestlé CZ “Big Box” Limited edition confectionery Branding and Packaging

Coca Cola - CZ Water in the Sport Bottle Branding and Packaging

Philip Morris Petra Cigarettes Branding and Packaging

Delhaize - CZ COOK the kitchen products Brand and Packaging

Education and Work Experience 2009 - now

ARC academy Shinjuku - Japanese language / since June 2009 Started with Japanese language from “scratch”, “isogashi” but “omoshiroi” desu...

2008 - 2009

2004 - 2008

Freelance work for various companies/ since November 2008

Was mainly working for company, the IT outsourcing company, as the designer and consultant, rebranding and set up new rules of their communication, website, print, banners, Few small clients.Work relationship continues to nowadays.

Designer at cocoon / brand advice and design solutions / since may 2004 My job was come up with ideas, and than execute them. Mainly in the field of Branding and Packaging, Later on I was involved more and more into corporate identity, while the studio work focus was shifting that direction as well. Preparing the first stage, with appropriate mount of roots, than present it. Get the comments, finish the graphics, brief the DTP, and pre press studio, get next job. A lot of fun projects for studio promotion, and exhibitions was often given to me as well.

1998 - 2003

Technical University Košice / Slovakia / Industrial design In the beginning studied Industrial design, and as the school went on, was my interest slightly but for sure moving towards visual communication and graphic design.

1994 - 1997 . .

Secondary Grammar School / “Gymnasium Trebišov”

Pinelli - CZ Semtex energy drink Branding and Packaging

Flex / Cocoon- NL/CZ Company Identity Corporate Identity

Font Magazine Cover design and interview Branding and Packaging

Hobbies and Interests


my biggest hobby. Have been to many places. As backpacker, with the bag on the shoulders, discovering hidden places, meeting new people.


is the sport which I do every winter, Slovakia is winter sports heaven.

swimming books

all year long, the best every day.

philosophy, new ideas, religions, design, and critique of art and design, novels, Haruki Murakami, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, Sci-fi, technology, computer.


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email: / telephone:09061940043 /

Thank You Brano Beres graphic design brand / identity / packaging

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