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Activities organized on campus 2011-2012 for all GGSB students

Steps to get the job you want!

Personal Development Weeks for international students 15th to 17th November

20th to 22nd March

Presentation Careers Office & CDPM services Understanding the European Job Market Careers Office workshops

Advanced Interviewing

Careers in Management Consulting

Preparing for Assessment Centers

Getting the job you want

Finance & Banking Interview Questions

CV & cover letter workshops

Individual Finance Interviews

Careers in Marketing

Flash CV (CV surgery), Mock Interviews

Other conferences & workshops


Careers in Investment Banking All programs Careers in Finance All programs Careers Information & Radical Career change MBA Individual Counseling for Finance students Finance & Banking Interview Questions Finance Interview Practice Case Study Interview Workshop Career Design and Job Hunting

MBA & MSc Finance MSc Finance MSc Finance MSc Management Consulting MBA Personal Development Week

Interviewing Techniques Mock Interviews

MBA Personal Development Week MBA Personal Development Week

On campus events Humanitarian Development and CSR

17th November th

Recruitment Fair

24 November

Recruitment Fair

26th January

Audit event

1st February

Recruitment Fair

9th February

Recruitment Fair

15th March

Speed Recruitment in Paris

22nd November, 2nd April and 5th June

Flash CV (CV surgery)

Regular dates throughout the year

These schedules are subject to modifications. Regularly check the CDPM and Graduate Network websites for dates, times and registration details.

Self- assessment

Information gathering

Applications & Interviews

Approaching companies

The road to success leads through these

four steps: none should be neglected!

1. Self-assessment

2. Information gathering

3. Applications & Interviews

4. Approaching companies

Think your profile over with the CDPM in order to define your professional focus

Identify and investigate potential jobs and industries

Package and deliver your skills efficiently to be convincing and build trust

Market your education, experience and unique skill set

When ? As from day one and throughout the first semester.

When ? As from first semester as soon as your selfassessment has been completed.

When ? As soon as professional goal is clear and research has been completed.

Why ? Identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze previous experiences, be sure of your choices, this will help you make the right fit and be convincing during interviews.

Why ? Define your professional project. Understand the job market and what skills you need. Evaluate your options, become familiar with industry trends and challenges.

When ? As soon as career objectives and targets are clear and when CVs and interviewing skills are mastered: NOT BEFORE! An average job search lasts 3 months, so plan ahead!

Who can help ? CDPM, peers, network.


Who can help ? CDPM through individual counseling interviews. CAREERS OFFICE for information about industries, companies, job positions and alumni contacts. Tips

Make time for self-assessment to define your professional goal: it is essential!

Research companies through databases, industry reports, media

Attend conferences on personality assessment

Meet professionals working in the fields you are interested in

Book individual appointments with CDPM consultants to think about your professional project Meet and ask people to share personal experiences and reasons for their choices

Attend events and talk to people!

Why ? Applications must prove understanding of industry, job offered, your added-value, fit between skills and job requirements. Who can help ? CDPM for advice and counseling on application forms and interview technique practices. CAREERS OFFICE for mock interview sessions. Tips

Three teams of experts and counselors can help you recognize, develop and market your potential! These teams work hand in hand to provide guidance and resources throughout the four steps of you job search. Their goal is to provide the tools to help you find a satisfying and rewarding career. Center for Personal and Managerial Development

GEM Graduate Network: Alumni Association

The CDPM helps you think about your life project and provides support with assessment on personal and career development. Knowing yourself, identifying your skills and abilities are the foundations of your job search. Prepare the ground with personal development, define your professional project and go through CV and cover letter surgery to approach the job market with confidence and conviction. The CDPM conferences, workshops and individual appointments will help you to promote yourself in a professional and personal way!

The GEM Graduate Network (GEM GN) association helps you get in contact with a vast alumni network. Social interaction is an important part of job hunting and the Alumni Association is a good way to start building your own network. Choose to become a member and use GEM GN online directory to contact alumni on a personal basis and ask for advice or contacts. But always remember: building a network means give and take and is your responsibility!

Careers Office


The Careers Office helps you understand and reach out to the job market. A vital link between students companies and alumni, the Careers Office is in charge of corporate relations, recruitment events and conferences, job and internship postings, the Graduate Network website, corporate and alumni databases. A maximum of information will be provided to facilitate your job or internship search.

CDPM: Careers Office: Undergraduate students (BIB) : Other programs (MIB, MSc, MBA): GEM GN:

Who can help ? CAREERS OFFICE through career fairs, corporate relations, job postings, resources provided. GEM GN for targeted contacts via the online directory. Tips

Take advantage of Flash CV & mock interview sessions

Customize all applications and proof-read

Customize CVs & cover letters to industries & positions

Be focused: make realistic weekly schedule & stick to it!

Work on your Elevator Pitch

Make the most of school resources: career fairs, jobpostings, newsletters, etc.

Post your CV on Graduate Network

Use your network: get the name of the right contact to target your application

Keep track of all relevant contacts and follow-up

Call on our support services

Why ? To get the right job!

Learn from their experience Jay MEHTA, MIB 2010, Capgemini

Laurence CHAVANNE, MIB 2012

“The recruitment fairs organized by the Careers Office helped me get in touch with potential employers and establish an initial contact. Regular follow-ups and practicing mock interviews at school helped me a great deal in securing an internship.

“As I was not sure in which area I wanted to work, I wanted to build a professional project to be efficient in my job hunting.

During my internship, the willingness to learn the French language was what impressed my manager and clients. At the end of my internship, I had a permanent contract with Capgemini as a Project Manager!”

The consultant was helpful and reassuring, she asked me the right questions and gave me the right tools to build my project. After our first meeting I felt more self-confident. I rapidly found the internship I wanted and what I want to do in the long run. I really recommend the CDPM to all the students.”

Aleksandar BLIZNASHKI, BIB 2011


“I attended the Careers Office events because I was keen to master new skills. I learned how to prepare a very decent CV and cover letter, how to network efficiently and got general information regarding business issues. I recommend making use of the school’s services since thanks to the workshops and seminars people have a much greater chance of being invited to job interviews.”

“As an MBA graduate who is looking for work in the field of HR, I had the pleasure of the advice and guidance of the CDPM for this search. My sessions with the consultant were both fruitful and supportive. My consultant was knowledgeable about my field and was adept at applying that knowledge to my case. She put me at my ease, enabling us to identify together the steps to be taken.”

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