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Blue can mean sad. It seems that the sky is broken for the sad people.

Other people think the "blue" people are common. In fact, their heart is not peace.

The sad people may feel alone, they don' t want to say anything with other people.

They don't think food is delicious. It seems that the food is fake.

Blue also means cold, It seems that our minds are frozen.

The pressure of the life is like a big wheel. It presses the people who feel distressed.

For the "blue" people, they always are confused. They may feel afraid for the people that they have to understand in their life.

The sad peolpe look forward to the pretty world that they don't have. For the "blue" people, some small things from other people are like fire. They may be hurt.

Blue also means the blue natural source from the earth.

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eMagazine G1 Zhang Xuchang Lily  

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