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Cushion and Throw Collection

Indian Summer

A collection of exotic cushions, intricately embroidered, lavishly tasselled and fabulously coloured. Influences range from Chinese & Indian to Celtic themes.

Canvas Cushion with stitched velvet design. 40cm²

Embroidered Thai silk cushion. 40cm²

Canvas cushion with

Canvas cushion with stitched velvet design. 40cm²

embroidery. 40cm²

35 x 45 cm

23 x 33 cm

Embroidered velvet cushions with tassels

35 x 45 cm

50 x 60 cm

Velvet cushions with hand sewn velvet designs and tassels

Velvet sitting cushion with hand sewn velvet design. 75cm diameter, 15cm thick.

Velvet cushion with hand sewn velvet design and tassels. 40cm²

Velvet cushion with hand sewn Velvet floor cushions with hand sewn velvet designs. 75 cm²

velvet design and tassels. 40cm²

Silk cushions with envelope and tassel. The triangular envelope contains rare Karen silk from the border of Burma and Thailand. Sop Moei Arts was formed under the sponsorship of the Swedish International Development Agency with the aim of providing healthcare and education to Karen tribes-people. The partnership has produced some of the most unique textiles and designs in the interior design world. Rather than relying solely on traditional patterns and crafts, European consultants were brought in to help the weavers of Sop Moei reinterpret their original lines with a view to creating a range of products suitable for modern living.

Available in 40cm² and 45cm² sizes

Thai and

Karen silk cushions


Sop Moei Arts

100% Thai silk cushions with silk cocoon design embroidery - Available in 40cm², 45cm² and 30cm x 45cm sizes

Cocooned in Silk Bands of silk, velvet and embroidery are on show in this colour balanced range

Thai silk cushion with bands of velvet - 40cm²

Thai silk cushions with bands of velvet - Available in 40cm², 45cm² and 30cm x 45cm sizes

100% Thai silk cushions Available in 40cm² and 45cm² sizes

Orchids Silk Cushion

100% Thai silk cushions with silk screen orchids design - Available 45cm x 45cm sizes

Poppies Silk Cushion

100% Thai silk cushions with silk screen poppies design - Available 45cm x 45cm sizes

Mandarin Silk Cushion A 100% silk cushion cover made from hand-woven Thai silk with Chinese styled ties Available 40cm x 40cm size

Maibaan The Maibaan range is made from 2 ply textured Thai silk. This special silk is made from the thread at the end of the cocoon and is full of contradictory qualities. Coarse in appearance and yet still supple. Richly textured and yet luminescent.

The maibaan range is available in the 6 colours shown and is a free size range. Standards sizes: 40cm², 56cm² and 30cm x 45cm are ready priced, but other requests will be priced within 24hrs.

Sunrise Collection A smooth silk hand stitched small pillow made from 100 % Thai silk cushions. 40cm², 56cm² and 30cm x 45cm sizes available.

Very soft recombined suede cushions in 40cm², 45cm² sizes and 2 colour schemes.

Silk Bed Throw’s

Luxurious hand-woven Thai silk quilted bed throw. The top right throw combines smooth Thai silk in the white and black centre section with silver coloured 4-ply textured Thai silk around on the border.

Double W:200cm x D:250cm King Size W:220cm x D:260cm Super King - W:260cm x D:260cm

Contact us for special sizes or colour requests

Silk yarns are spun by hand from the cocoons of silk worms on wooden or plastic tubes before going through a complicated dying process and being transferred to a hand-loom. Several ultra fine threads are drawn together to make a thicker fibre suitable for weaving. Thai silk has a lustrous sheen and slightly uneven texture that makes it ideal for hand weaving and distinguishes it from sleek machine-woven fabrics, and even from Chinese and Indian Silk, which although softer, have a more even and manufactured feel. Weaving silk by hand-loom is a time consuming and skilled undertaking and weavers must balance the use of both their hands and feet at once to produce a piece of silk fabric. Silk is the natural filament produced by the salivary glands of silkworms, a type of moth that feeds on the leaves of the mulberry tree. When they are mature, the silkworms spin cocoons. Thai Silk has triangular fibres that reflect light like prisms. It also has layers of protein that gives it a natural sheen and makes it smooth, strong, lightweight, supple, and with proper care able to last a century or more. The SOTO range includes cushions, accessories, table runners, scarves, hangings & a selection of fashion clothing made using the very highest quality smooth and textured Thai Silk, and a variety of weaving and manufacturing techniques. Thai silk provides a quality, texture and richness unmatched by any other material. Smooth Thai silk often has a rare iridescence, produced by using different colour threads for the warp and weft weave. Textured Thai silk is relatively thick, and coarse to look at, but nevertheless soft to the touch.

THE SOTO PARTNERSHIP - YORK & CHIANG MAI Environmentally and Ethically orientated Contact Us Unit 2B Sheriff Hutton Industrial Estate York Yorkshire YO60 6RZ 01347 878433

SOTO Cushion and Throw Collection  

SOTO's beautiful and rare cushions and throws in Thai silk, suede and Karen silk. Don't miss our Sop Moei Arts cushions made from silk woven...