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do all things as if we are doing them for Jesus, even the most tedious jobs will not seem as bad! Flipping burgers, tagging clothes…

are called to be salt and light, putting off things like sexual immorality, greed, bad talk and dirty language. Really putting into practice what we learn!

The Christian is called to be light. There is a giant flame that never goes out, and we are the smaller tea lights in a darkened world. The tea lights are an important representation of the source, and it doesn’t Christians matter what holder we lt and lose are placed in, it is our responsibility to stay ness, how alight. Sounds a bit ver impact twee? Read on….

The Christian is not called to live in an ivory tower, but to live life to the full. There is far greater freedom living within the boundaries that God sets us, than there is living life as a slave to sin.

ound us?”

Firstly, if we dare to call ourselves Christians, we need to know what that means… essentially someone who is trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin through the death of Jesus on the cross. Secondly, we need to be growing. Not in stature, but in our faith. We need to take time in prayer, Bible study and thinking over what we have learnt. (Ephesians 5, first 21 verses is a good place to start!) Thirdly, we need to remember that we

Oh yeah… we all mess stuff up and at times wish the ground could swallow us whole! Even if those around us may be slow to forgive, God isn’t. He’s waiting for us to humbly admit our shortcomings and ask for forgiveness

and help in overcoming the problem. Life as a practising Christian is not about living the Christian life as a graduate after several years of learning and gaining a certificate. You live the Christian life from day one as a Christian… and all Christians are still learning regardless of their physical age or length of service.

You’re meant to be a Christian… by God’s grace LIVE IT!


A fresh start and a new look at the 3Rs, purity and living a Christian life with no compromise in our standards...

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