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Win Shell Perris Goodies! Shell Perris has recently released her latest album “Beautiful Life” and because we love it we thought we’d give you a chance to get your hands on it too and have a listen. So thanks to Authentic Media, 3 readers of Soteria will win a copy of Shell’s new album “Beautiful Life”. Each winner will also receive a copy of her autobiography called “Made To Be Me”. In this fantastic book you can read about the difficulties that Shell faced as she was growing up which she told us about in the last issue of the magazine. If you look back into the last issue, or even go online to you will also find the answer to the qualifying question. What eating disorder did Shell Perris suffer from? Entry is via our website at and the competition closes 23:59 March 15th 2010.

Support Soteria?

We all need friends, and Soteria is no different. We need your help to continue producing the magazine and website. 1. We need money - This is quite important, it pays the bills like the printing costs. You may have noticed we don't have adverts...we rely on generous readers and people who believe in what we're doing to donate to us. A few quid a month from some readers would make all the difference. No-one who works for Soteria is paid, everything goes back into the organisation. 2. We need reviewers - People who can help bring the Soteria website to life by adding user reviews of products. We may even need some more product reviewers! We would like you to be active members of a local church though and know your subject. 3. We need promoters - Could you take Soteria to your youth group, church, coffee shop and give magazines away? Perhaps you are going to a camp and you would be able to take some mags with you? Let us know if you can help!

If you can’t help you could always do something else important - pray for us!


A fresh start and a new look at the 3Rs, purity and living a Christian life with no compromise in our standards...

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