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even looking to God for the answers they so needed. Surely faith as small as a mustard seed would be enough. Just that glimmer of hope might see the people through. But their problems could be attributed to a denial of their God. A faith that is going nowhere is often the result of turning your eyes away from Christ and looking for answers in all the wrong places. The answer that the people were looking for was to be found in a rock. A limestone rock that could provide the water they so longed for. The community were to gather together and focus their attention on the rock prior to the immense outpouring. Does this sound familiar? We can easily spend a lifetime wandering around in a desert, failing to look to the Rock for blessing and provision. What seems so obvious is the very thing that is overlooked. We need to turn their attention to the Rock, that is Jesus, and accept the water that is freely given. This water is not lying still or stagnant.

It is not bitter or contaminated in any way. The source is a natural source that fulfils the desire and the thirst of those who need it. This description is so reminiscent of the woman at the well whom Jesus met. She too had a physical need for water and a spiritual need that only He could fulfil. God knows you inside and out, and doesn’t mince his words! God is serious when talking about the Church in Laodicea, and the same principles should be applied on a more personal level today. “I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You’re not cold, you’re not hot — far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit.” Jesus Christ, Revelation 3.15-16 “The Message” However, God does not want to leave you stale and stagnant, and ineffective. You are worth so much more to Him than that. Its time to refocus and time to start looking back to Jesus to fulfil

our needs. This begins with repentance and a desire to want to change for the better. Making a real effort to pray and learn more of the God you claim to follow. Realising that God is worthy of your praise, and to have an expectation for Him to work in your life. God is sometimes referred to as the perfect gentleman as He will not force his way into your life, but the willingness to follow has to come from you. Maybe you are reading this, and you can identify with what is written. You know the score and you know that it is time to put things into perspective and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. If you are reading this, and recognise some of what is written in someone else, take the challenge to pray for that person. Consider talking to that person and offer them your support as you feel led by God. A faith that really is stale and stagnant needs to be made fresh, and only Christ can do this!


A fresh start and a new look at the 3Rs, purity and living a Christian life with no compromise in our standards...

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