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Well that was fun wasn’t it? A winter that actually felt like winter. Schools closed, churches cancelled services and events, supermarkets saw people panic buying milk and bread. It even snowed one night before Christmas when we were out carol singing! Living in Cornwall normally means that we miss the worst of the weather when it’s cold like that. It means that I can count up the number of times that I have experienced heavy snow in my 30 years on my fingers! Even as I write this BBC News 24 are bleating on about “blizzard conditions”. I wonder what all the news channels will find to talk about once all the snow has melted away? Within days the snow will be gone. Is this like our good intentions when we start a new year? We can promise that this year we’re going to live differently. We have asked for forgiveness and we are like the garden covered by a blanket of snow. However when you apply a little heat, or the rain starts to fall in our lives our true self starts to be uncovered. I love the snow, but it actually shows me just how fickle I can be about things! Watching the BBC news reports and even the local news and seeing them talking about the snowfall I find myself wanting snow here. Snow’s great for building snowmen and, of course, having snowball fights. However once I have done all that I want it to go away again, thankyou very much. Snow brings disruption to my life. For a start, my son gets days off school, and the snow kept him amused for a couple of hours, but after that he was ‘bored’. He wants to be entertained which kept me from putting this very magazine together, it had to be put on hold. Of course we can’t go out anywhere because the buses are unreliable, walking is too cold and he gets bored. The postman doesn’t deliver, so items that I am expecting don’t arrive...It really gets in the way

In our lives we don’t A very promising snowman is washed away as shine shines and the rain falls. It’s now just a need resolutions, we the discarded scarf and a defrosted carrot! Is this a need to apply the picture of our good intentions? 3R’s (pages 3&4) to Of course the main thing is the temperature ourselves personally. Maybe we even drops and you have to pay to heat up the need a couple more R’s of Revolution house much more than normal, increasing and Repentence. Good intentions are, the fuel bills, meaning less money to do well...good, but God intentions should start deeper down and be rooted firmly other stuff with. Have I mentioned? I hate the snow! in a desire to be more like Jesus.


A fresh start and a new look at the 3Rs, purity and living a Christian life with no compromise in our standards...

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