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Viana do Castelo is the northern most

atlantic city in Portugal , 45 minutes from the Oporto international airport. Viana’s diverse landscape with its river,

mountain, sea creates an atmosphere of relaxation and offers a healthy and pleasant environment for a variety of leisure


Viana do Castelo has a number of modern and versatile cultural spaces: theaters, cinemas, libraries, museums and auditoriums, offers the perfect surrounding for the cultural enrichment of both habitants and visitors.

The river and the sea offer excellent facilities for recreational craft and create special

conditions for the practice of water sports.

The richness and uniqueness of Viana’s ethnographic traditions, make it the capital of Portuguese folklore. The creativity and originality of its handcrafts, in particular its

ceramics and embroidery, its constant and qualified cultural events, are some of the attributes that make Viana do Castelo specially attractive to tourists.

Along its coastline, Viana do Castelo has been watching the patrimonial, natural and landscape value of its beaches being recognised. The beaches have, in fact, undergone several development

and enhancement interventions.


Santa Luzia Church


City Gardens

Liberty Square

Parking Boats

RepĂşblica Square

Matriz Church

“Quem gosta vem, quem ama fica� Some come because they like it, others love it and choose to stay!

Viana stays in your heart!

Viana do Castelo  

An amazing city.

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