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Mainline website What is the purpose of the Mainline website? The Mainline site will reinforce Blow as the leading fashion PR agency, with its finger on the pulse of cutting-edge design. It will act as an additional platform to promote clients in a creative and innovate way. Itt will provide an opportunity for Blow to have ‘informal’ dialogue with the industry on a regular basis. Its secondary purpose is to showcase talent (stylists, photographers etc), engage and promote ‘brand-friendly’ designers, provide news, as well as inspiration for industry insiders and lovers of avant-garde garde fashion and beauty.

Reference sites The site as I see it, would be a combination the following blogs/sites •

The Business of Fashion


A Shaded View on Fashion

Content •

• • • • •

Blow TV: Short video interviews nterviews with designer designers, fashion personalities, creatives etc. Potentially, short ( 1 minute) creative videos showcasing pieces from clients could be introduced at a later date. Photographic and video lookbooks of both clients and ‘brand ‘brand-friendly’ endly’ designers Features: Designer profiles – Q&A, short articles written by industry insiders ( anonymous open letters to the industry) News & information particularly Off-schedule information Designer specific info with regards to grants, schemes, funding, useful tips etc. Mini shoots: small scale fashion shoots in alliance with model agencies presenting up-andup coming models featuring key pieces from Blow clients

Additional Content: •

• • • •

‘Who stopped by Blow and what they wore’ (a snappier title required) – street style shots featuring stylish passersby - this maybe a great way of highlight footflow into the office and positioning Blow further as a keystake holder within the industry. (This may be more suitable for Blow presents) Unpublished shoots - As discussed, ‘brand-friendly’ shoots that have not been picked up - that may or may not feature pieces from clients. Blow Office Recommends… - tracks, videos, artists (this also may be more suitable for Blow presents). One to watch…new talent/designers on the rise tipped by industry insiders featuring work and links to their blog/site Events coverage

Fashion Week: in-depth coverage of Fashion week with the main focus on off-schedule naturally including backstage interviews, photography, footage of shows, news and info.

Technicalities The website can be hosted by typepad/ wordpress, and can sit independently of and also on the site.

Support The site could be supported by Twitter/Facebook to increase traffic and readership.

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