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Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Growing Up 2008 Annual Report

Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Making A Village Grow Revenue

Contributions1................................................ Government Contracts2................................ Events ......................................................... Funds Released from Restrictions............... Total Operating Expenses over Revenue... Total ..........................................................


Program Services3 ...................................... Management & General .............................. Resource Development4 ............................... Total .............................................................

$ 1,633,707 $ 2,081,707 $ 513,634 $ 73,697 $ 9,053 $ 4,311,798

$ 3,592,545 $ 251,433 $ 467,820 $ 4,311,798

Revenue Footnotes 1 Contributions include cash from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, SOS - USA and qualifying in-kind gifts. 2 Government Contracts include support by the Florida Department of Children and Families, ChildNet and the U.S. Department of Education. Expenses Footnotes 3 Program Services represent the cost of 24-hour care of children, household operations, food, clothing and supplies, transportation, therapy and case management, tutoring, behavioral consultation, after-school activities and family recreation. 4 Resource Development costs include fundraising, events and community outreach and education.


Cash ............................................................ $ 887,858 Accounts Receivable ................................... $ 379,837 Unconditional Promise to Give .................... $ 32,498 Property & Equipment ................................. $ 1,784,970 Other Assets ................................................ $ 299,383 Total ............................................................ $ 3,384,546


Accounts Payable ...................................... $ 54,990 Accrued Expenses ..................................... $ 259,496 Net Assets Unrestricted .............................. $ 3,013,398 Net Assets Temporarily Restricted .............. $ 56,662 Total ............................................................ $ 3,384,546



SOS Children’s Villages - Florida has a designated fund with the Community Foundation of Broward : the SOS Children’s Villages - Florida Endowment Fund. This serves as a permanent endowment for SOS. The ending asset value of this fund at December 31, 2008, is $1,124,905. The Fund is the property of the Foundation and its assets are carried by the Foundation. SOS may spend a designated portion of the annual interest earned by the fund.

Tending Our Garden Together Dear Friends of Our Children, Children generally go into foster care as a last resort: when maltreatment or neglect at home is extreme and unremitting. At SOS, we provide a place where foster children come to live and grow with the nurturing and stability every child deserves. Eleven-year-old Olivia settled in and we tended to her needs. She shared that it was the first time she had ever slept on a new set of sheets. Three sisters—Casey, Michelle and Kayla— sprouted roots after being here for one year and increased their grade point averages from 1.5 to over 3.0. Kendra, age 15, blossomed as she was elected President of our Teen Council and she honed her leadership skills. In December, ChildNet called to ask if we could provide a home for five brothers and sisters so they could be together for the holidays. Without hesitation, we converted an office building into a new SOS home. We now have 12 homes and at the end of the year reached 75 children, our highest census ever! As you read about 2008 in review, we hope you will allow your mind to wander down our street and realize how your support and efforts have built an amazing home and family that puts smiles on the faces of our children and dreams in their hearts and minds. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to create a village. Thank you for being a part of our village and helping SOS and our boys and girls grow. On behalf of our kids,

2008 at the Village • Thirty-four new children came home to SOS • Seven children turned 18, four remain at SOS while they are finishing high school • Sixteen children were reunited with their parents • Three children went to preadoptive homes

Chief Executive Officer

• Three children were placed in other foster homes

Barrington Russell

• Two young adults moved into subsidized independent living

Jeffrey M. Zirulnick

President, Board of Directors


Planting Seeds In 2008, SOS was home to 93 children, ages 2 to 19.


For foster children, family can be a vague idea or dream. For those children who come home to SOS, it is reality. Each day, we are blessed to witness the joy and love of family in so many forms.

Brothers and Sisters

Home at SOS

SOS is a place of reunion for brothers and sisters in foster care. Thanks to our programs and homes, siblings have the opportunity to live and grow up together at the Village.

At the beginning of 2008, the Village had 11 homes for children along our cul-de-sac, caring for an average of 65 boys and girls. Some homes were devoted to a single group of brothers and sisters. Others were composed of girls or boys of similar age. Regardless of the makeup, each is a family home.

In October, like so many brothers and sisters before them, we welcomed the Rios family: Jackie, 7; Jenny, 8; Julie, 10; Katie, 2; and Paulo, 5. The girls first visited SOS in the summer, when they were in search of a home that would allow them to live together and stop moving from place to place. When one of our homes opened up, it was the perfect opportunity to welcome them. Not long after, we were once again thrilled with news that their little brother Paulo would be arriving with them. When they arrived, the kids were so excited to be together that they went from house to house delivering a very special thank you to everyone in the Village who helped get their new home ready.

Our Mission

With a growing need for foster homes, and siblings on a waiting list to share our home and family, SOS celebrated the opening of our 12th home in December 2008. Converting one of the three homes used for staff offices to a home for children allowed SOS to welcome a new family to the Village just in time for the holidays. The additional home raised our census to 75 children, our largest ever.

Pictured: (top) The Rios family playing together at home; (middle) our 12th new home for children opening in December 2008; (bottom) the Rios children’s thank-you to staff and friends.

To provide a nurturing environment that empowers children, youth and families to achieve their potential.




Care and Nurturing

It truly takes a Village to raise a child. Our Village family is blessed to be made up of so many wonderful staff, volunteers, friends and donors who provide our children with the care, tools and experiences they need to grow up to be successful and productive adults.



Thanks to your support... •

We raised $1.65 million to provide mental health and behavior therapy, tutoring, and life skills classes for our all of our children.

The Teen Council helped with our first Basketball Tournament and planned the first SOS Garage Sale.

All of our kids went to summer camp.

Thirty of our children participated in City of Coconut Creek Cheerleading and/or Football in the fall.

All of our kids were prepared for school on the first day and brought home school pictures full of smiles.

The holidays of each season were festive... Valentine’s Day cookies were baked, Easter baskets were handed out; Halloween costumes were put together; more than 150 of our kids, alumni, and staff celebrated Thanksgiving dinner together; and homes were lit up, gifts torn open, and a traditional holiday meal was served in each home thanks to the generosity of our friends and neighbors.

We re-landscaped our homes and updated our kitchens and bathrooms.

Our kids went on class trips, to the theater and sports events.







Above Pictures (l to r): (1)Melitta USA staff hosted a holiday party at SOS; (2)National City Bank staff from across Broward landscaped several of our homes; (3)NAIOP members landscaped our community center; (4)Parkland PNA hosted an auction for our children; (5)Bank of America presented SOS with a grant to provide healthcare services for the kids; (6)NCCI staff members toured SOS and geared up for another year of activities; (7)SOS welcomed Rothstein Rosenfeldt and Adler during “Light Up the Village”; (8)the Marlins Community Foundation helped with holiday decorating after hosting several events and fundraisers for the kids throughout the year; (9)South Florida Labor Charities joined our Village Circle last year; (10)The 17 Kiwanis Clubs of North Broward hosted the 10th Annual Tropical Pleasure Walk to benefit SOS. Pictured left: Former SOS CEO Margie Bruszer with an SOS child at the annual Halloween Party hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Coral Springs


In Full Bloom Becoming An Adult

Family and home don’t end just because a child turns 18. While one of our goals at SOS is to teach our children to grow into responsible adults who can make better decisions and succeed in life, that does not mean that once a child leaves the Village they are forever on their own. In 2008, there were 69 young adults living in our community who once called SOS home. Of these, 52 were part of our After Care Program. Made possible by grants and donations, the program provides a Coordinator who helps these young adults plan their future, find places to live, enroll in school, apply for jobs, and even start businesses.

• Twenty-three of our young adults were enrolled in school full time, eight in college • Four were working full time • Ten were in school and working

Pursuing Hopes & Dreams Wanda, age 26

Gloria, age 23

Wanda and her three younger sisters were the first children to arrive at the Village when our doors opened in 1993. She lived at SOS for nine years, until she graduated and headed for college.

Gloria lived at SOS for seven years and is still an active member of our family. Today she is a single mother of two children, ages one and two.

With the care and support of her SOS family, she set the bar high for the boys and girls who were to follow. Today, Wanda is a middle school teacher in Deerfield Beach, she is married with three children of her own, is studying for her masters degree and has her own business. “I can nurture my little girls today because I was nurtured at SOS.”


Gloria enjoys spending time with kids and helping others. Thanks to After Care, she is gaining experience in her first full-time job with WorkForce One. She is so excited about working, knowing that she is gaining the skills and experience that will make her marketable in the workforce. She now believes all things are possible and she can make a good life for her kids.

Rosanna, age 19 Born to two deaf parents who emigrated from the Dominican Republic, Rosanna and her brothers grew up in shelters and foster care. After settling into the Village, where she lived for three years, she was given the opportunity she had long ago dreamed of—graduating high school and earning a doctoral degree. Rosanna graduated high school and started classes at Broward College in 2008, yet she hasn’t lost sight of her family. While juggling her class schedule, she helps take care of her brothers and parents and has also found time to help found Empowering Youth for Positive Change, an advocacy group that helps foster children.

Tavares, age 27 Tavares and his six younger brothers arrived at SOS not long after we opened our doors. In fact, our two-story home was built to accommodate their family. The brothers lived together at SOS for eight years before Tavares, at 18, transitioned out. His youngest brother is now 18, but will continue to live at SOS until he graduates high school next year. With guidance and support from our After Care program, Tavares became an entrepreneur. He opened his own car detailing service and today is looking forward to expanding his services. “The support of SOS, who stepped up, believed in me and supported my dream, put me on the road to success.”

Andrew, age 23 Andrew arrived at SOS with his younger siblings Erice and LeAnn when he was 15 years old. He called SOS home for the next three years, until he finished high school at age 18. Living at the Village was an adjustment. Making new friends and learning to live with other boys was a challenge. Having a home surrounded by green grass and trees was something he wasn’t used to. But by the time he left SOS, the boys in his house were like brothers to him and the opportunities provided by the Village helped him prepare for life and find his place in the world. Today Andrew is living on his own in Fort Lauderdale. He recently earned a certificate in boat and yacht repair and is eager to follow his interests and dreams by continuing to study music. Yet he doesn’t forget what he has been through or the lessons learned—lessons he continues to share every time he comes home to visit. Living at SOS gave him a break and showed him the “right way” to build his future.

What does the future hold for our kids... • 83% of our children have graduated high school. The national average is 50% for foster children and 84% for non-foster children. • 47% of our alumni went on to college or trade school. The national average for foster children is 15% and for nonfoster children is 32%. • 71% of our alumni were enrolled in school or employed full-time last year. • 100% of our alumni had a home.

Fantastic outcomes accomplished with your time and support!

Pictured: Andrew and his brother Erice together at a football game.


Creating a Legacy Our Children’s Legacy When Melina Paul left SOS in the Summer of 2008, she left behind a beautiful legacy for all of the future SOS children. As part of an internship with Volunteer Broward, Melina worked with SOS Social Services Manager Adrienne Pollichemi, Facilities Manager Carlos Tejeda, and our children to create the SOS Legacy Wall. The project, which she coordinated, brought together our talented young artists to create a mural of Picasso’s Petite Fleurs on a blank wall in our Social Services building. Then, awakening the creativity and excitement of all our kids, Melina helped each child place their unique handprint and name on our wall. Together they branded our Village as their own, a home and family that they would always be a part of. The compelling idea grew and our alumni were soon coming home to add their handprints to the wall. Today there are over 70 handprints on our wall, a reminder that our family is forever.

Above: SOS Social Services Manager Adrienne Pollichemi, Melina Paul, and Facilities Manager Carlos Tejeda at the unveiling. Right: Melina helps an alumnus add his handprint to the wall.

The Legacy of Giving

Above: Former SOS CEO Margie Bruszer and CMAA members unveiled the Wall of Honor. Right: Margie Bruszer acccepted CMAA’s $175,000 2008 contribution presented by Jay DiPietro.


2008 saw the dedication of another very special legacy wall at SOS, our Village Circle Wall of Honor. Each year at our President’s Reception, SOS dedicates a plaque with the names of Village Circle members; individuals, groups, and friends who become a part of our family through their leadership giving. This year, the wall was officially dedicated to the Club Managers Association of America, Florida Chapter, Seminole Region, who over the past six years has contributed over $785,000 to help our children. Each year the Club Managers host a golf tournament to help raise money for their favorite local charities. They sponsor our gala, deliver holiday gifts, and provide wonderful, fun-filled events and activities for our boys and girls.

New Leadership

In December 2008, our Village bid a very fond farewell to Chief Executive Officer Margie Bruszer when she retired and moved to Texas to be closer to her family. For close to a decade our children, staff, volunteers, and friends were kept safely in her compassionate and capable hands. With her help, our Village grew and helped raise more than 250 children. At the same time, Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Zirulnick took over as our new CEO. Even before taking the helm, Jeff was already hard at work moving our Village forward: working with staff and Board to develop a new strategic plan, staff recognition programs, training programs and establishing the Teen Council for the Village youth.

Former SOS Chief Executive Officer Margie Bruszer with Rocki Rockingham of Jarden Consumer Solutions and current SOS CEO Jeffrey Zirulnick celebrating National Philanthropy Day in November 2008.

The transition was already complete as we rang in 2009, and we look forward to continuing to grow and provide our foster children with “A Place To Call Home.”

A New Look... A New Promise

In 2008, SOS-Kinderdorf International, our parent organization, released a new logo and look. For our international home, the new brand is symbolic of the bond that binds and holds together the more than 450 Villages in 133 countries. While each Village, like ours, is unique to local customs and nationalities, together we have the same vision—a world where every child grows up in a family: loved, respected and protected. At the same time, SOS Florida was hard at work studying our community and developing our own unique message. With the help of volunteers from the Executive Service Corps of Broward County, a team of staff, board members and volunteers worked to create a simple message, a new marketing package and a plan to reach out into the community for new friends. After all... “It takes a Village to raise a child.” Yesterday...

SOS Children’s Villages - Florida

Still to come in 2009 • Village Voice is a new corps of SOS Volunteers that will act as ambassadors for our children while speaking to local groups and assisting with community events and activities. Coming Summer 2009. • SOS Yes! will bring together motivated, energetic young adults for social and networking events to make a difference in the lives of our children.


Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child

To volunteer with either new project, call Vickie at 954-420-5030.


Our Village celebrated it’s 15th Birthday with a party! Thanks to co-chairs Les Arouh, Cindi and Dr. Stuart Krost, and Oscar Maximillian Tucci and our fabulous Gala Committee, Sponsors, Volunteers and Generous Friends we raised $510,000 for our kids!

Coral Springs Auto Mall

Citigroup Private Bank

Toshiba Business Solutions Florida

CNL Bank/Cannon Family


Colonial Bank Debbie and Howard Belford

Lisa and Laurence Benedict Caring Friends of the Children

Julia Arouh Memorial Foundation Cafferty Building Products

The Falcone Group Lisa and David Goodman

Berg Demolition

Judson Family Foundation

Robert Critton, Esq.

Life Publications

The GEO Group

The Pechter Family Foundation

The Glick Family

Republic Services

JM Family Enterprises

Seminole Casino - Coconut Creek

Larry and Cindy Kashdin Roz and Rob Littman Susan and Marty Markowitz NCCI Holdings Pictured Left : Title Sponsor CMAA with Former CEO Margie Bruszer and some SOS kids at the gala.


The SOS Spirit of Home Award honors someone who makes outstanding efforts to bring joy and security to families in need. In 2008, SOS honored Eduardo Xol from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with the award for the joy of home his work on the show provides to families across the nation. Pictured right: Eduardo visits with the SOS kids before the gala.

A Nose for Clothes Mr. and Mrs. John Abbuhl Abe & Louie’s Mr. and Mrs. Rick Abedon Mr. and Mrs. Rick Abedon, Sr. Donna Abrams, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams Addison Collection Adios Golf Club Dr. William Adragna Advanced Cable Communications Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ahron Alene Too All About Extensions Allenby Dermatology Altadis USA American Heritage Sports Camp Anu Salon & Spa Dr. David Applebaum Army Navy Outdoors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnst Ary Studio at Parthenon Ms. Marlene Aron Mr. and Mrs. Ron Aronson AutoNation Dr. and Mrs. Jay Baker Scott Baio Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barber Barbara Katz Sportswear Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baritz Ms. Carmen Bartlett Bay Communities Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bazinsky Beauty Spot Belisi Fashions Mr. Peter Bender Ms. Samantha Berg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bergen Ms. Marie Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. William Bernstein Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Bistro Provence Selma Blair Bling & Things Blue Mercury Apothecary & Spa Boca Raton Museum of Art Boca Raton Resort & Club Boca Rio Golf Club Boca Theatre and Automation Mr. Robert Bolber Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brenner Britto Central Gallery Broward Landscaping Brown’s Interior Design Buzzman Awnings Mr. Keith Byars Cabana Restaurant Café Bella Sera Campagnolo Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cannon Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carey Carlton Hotel South Beach Carolina Club Carrabba’s Italian Grill Mr. Kevin Carroll The Cast of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover CBS & CSI Miami Mr. Howard Chatoff Mr. and Mrs. Alain Chevrier Chez Gourmet Catering Chihuly Studio Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Chocron Clear Channel Radio Cleveland

Ms. Francine Cline Clipson Unlimited Dr. and Mrs. Jay Cohen Mr. Gary Collins Mr. and Mrs. Randy Colman Dr. Andrea Colton and Dr. Eli Cohen Drs. Robert and Andrea Colton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cook Mr. Sean Cooper CORE Mr. Donel Cote Crystal Bay Caterers Mr. and Mrs. Brian Curry Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dalley Mr. and Mrs. Murray Danz Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Daub Mr. Richard Davimos Delcoro Technical Services Delray Art Design Struck Interiors Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DiGennaro Mr. and Mrs. Jay DiPietro Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiPietro Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dolchin Dry Solutions Carpet Cleaning Ms. Cheryl Duke Ms. Joanne Dupont Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Jay Eisenberg Ellen Houser Associates Embassy Travel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Engleson Ms. Rebecca Ermer Family Dog Central Mr. and Mrs. Dave Feder Dr. and Mrs. Roy Feifer Mr. and Mrs. John Feinberg Howard Fensterman, Esq. Ms. Mikaela Fernandez Field of Dreams Mr. and Mrs. Franco Filippone Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Finch Ms. Carine Firestone Flakowitz of East Boca Florida Marlins Baseball Club Florida Panthers Hockey Club Ms. Adrienne Foland Force E Dive Centers Fort Lauderdale Beach Hilton Frame World Gallery France All Pro Management Ms. Rita Fussaro Ms. Joanne Gabay Mr. and Mrs. Phil Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garfield Cynthia Garrett Ms. Patricia Bannon Gatti Mr. David and Dr. Ellen Gendal Mr. Michael Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Marc Glazer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Glicken Mr. Edwin and Dr. Shirley Glickman Ms. Marsha Glines Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gold Ms. Dana Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Paul Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Mr. Jairaj Gosine Grand Lux Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Steve Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Richard Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grossman Ms. Lisa Guarini Mr. and Mrs. Todd Guzy Hair by Scott & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Handleman Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Hayes

Heineken USA Mr. and Mrs. William Heller Mr. John Herring Hertz Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hickler Hi-Life Café Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hirsch Mr. Will Hoag Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hofert Holiday Inn Highland Beach – Latitudes Restaurant Holland America Mr. and Mrs. Ken Huntman Mr. Bob Impaglia Interior Spaces of South Florida Mr. Zeke Jabbour Jewels in Time Jonathan Reed Boy’s & Men’s Clothing John Michelle Salon Jon Francis & Co. Mr. Jay Josephson Juste Gold Creations Mr. and Mrs. Perry Isenberg Mr. Jack Kanfer Mr. and Mrs. David Kantor Mr. and Mrs. James Kaufman Ms. Judith Kay and Mr. Norman Schlanger Dr. and Mrs. William Kay Kayak Adventures Ms. Martha Kersh Drs. Kevin and Nia Kessler Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Kinmon Mr. and Mrs. Drew Kislin Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Knaus Ms. Charlotte Koufman Ms. Patricia Kraemer Ms. Amy Kraft Mr. Jeffrey Krane Ms. Chelsea Krost – Teen Talk Live Mr. and Mrs. Gary Krat Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krost Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Krost Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Krost Ms. Kellie Kuecha La Mer Saks Fifth Avenue Eva LaRue & Emily Proctor Rick Lassiter Learning Express Mr. and Mrs. Al Lefvre Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Levy Lifetime Fitness Lisa Marinucci Collection Live with Regis & Kelly Ms. Jana Loring and Mr. Steven Sonberg Mr. and Mrs. David Loring Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ Dr. and Mrs. George Luck Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Luzim Mr. and Mrs. G. Randolph MacPherson Leonard Marshall Martier Massage for Health Matteo’s Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. William Mayville Ms. Jacqueline McCarthy Ms. Sandra McCormack Ms. Renee McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy McNeill Mr. and Mrs. Neil Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Phil Meisel Miami Dolphins Michael Anthony Massage Mr. and Mrs. Victor Michels Mr. and Mrs. Tom Milanese Ms. Jacquelyn Milliord Ms. Audrey Millsaps Dr. and Mrs. Alan Mitchell Mr. Cliff Moitt Honorables Estella and Herbert Moriarty

Morton’s The Steakhouse Ms. Mariann Mullin Ms. Anne Murphy Ms. Cathy Mussman Dr. and Mrs. Emilio Musso My Gym Coral Springs Ms. Pam Nadler Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nakash Natura Medspa & Laser Center Mr. Mark Neidig Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newman Nirvana Massages by Micki Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Noethen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Norton Ms. Mary Ann Noud Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Olefson Mr. and Mrs. David Oppenheim Mr. and Mrs. R. Brady Osborne, Jr. P & H Interiors Paciugo Parkland Golf & Country Club Ms. Ariane Parrish Mr. Jeffrey Pechter Personalized Skin with Lynn Radnay Mr. and Mrs. Gary Peters Mr. and Mrs. George Petrocelli Pilates of Boca Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pitts Dr. Adam Plotkin Dr. Martin Polin Preppy Pet Suites Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pressner Mr. and Mrs. Michael Puder Purse and Pursonality Ms. Lisa Rabinsky Ms. Susan Rahn Mr. and Mrs. Jack Randell Red Nails Regency Veterinary Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reid Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ressler Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Ring Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Robins Ms. Rocki Rockingham and Mr. Darrel Branch Andy Roddick Ron Jackson Artistry Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowan Royal Caribbean Royale D Mr. and Mrs. Barrington Russell Mr. Byron Russell Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rutstein Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton Salon Blu Salvatore Principe Sandy and Friends Mr. and Mrs. Lou Sarbone Dr. and Mrs. James Satovsky Ms. Sarah Saull Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schrager Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schultz Dr. Michelle Schwartz – MD VIP Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schwartzman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seidman Mr. and Mrs. Skip Selle Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Ms. Star Shea Mr. and Mrs. Marc Shiner Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Shoemake Mr. and Mrs. Carl Siegel Ms. Rita Silver Dr. Julie Silverstein Mr. and Mrs. Winston Simmonds Mr. Rick Simpson Skin Apeel Day Spa Smart Publishing

Mr. Jeffrey Smith Snappy Turtle Mr. and Mrs. Mark Snead Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sneider Solarus USA So Sweet it Is Mr. and Mrs. Harold Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Solomon Spatique Mr. and Mrs. Peter Speier Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stallone Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stapp Ms. Robin Starr and Mr. Herschel Podgur Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein The Dwight Stephenson Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William Sternheim Mr. and Mrs. Joel Stone Mr. and Mrs. Les Strauss Brenda Strong Dr. John Sullivan Suncoast Tanning Swarovski Ta-Boo Mr. Barry Tabor Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tannenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Taub Teen Angel Clothing Stores The Center For Lasik – Dr. Randy Burks The Levine Center for Internal Medicine The Original i The Regency Collection The Ritz Carlton South Beach The Shoe Box Mr. and Mrs. Richard Templer Fred Thomas/EP Pro Studio Tia Crystal Honorable Becky Tooley Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Toroyan Trilogy Countess Gina Tucci Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turano Mr. and Mrs. Dennie Udwin Unique Gifts and Premiums US Playing Cards Vail Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa Van Dell Jewelers of Palm Beach Gardens Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Vanderwoude Dr. Leonard D. Venezia, D.C. VIP Caterers Vision Care Unlimited Ms. Paula Vroman Wags to Riches Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wallach Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh Ms. Amy Waxman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinberg Drs. Mark and Suzanne Weiner Dr. and Mrs. Vic Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Weisbein Mr. and Mrs. Barry Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Norman Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas White Wilco Studio Photography Mr. Jon Wilke Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wishna Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wolf Woodfield Country Club Ms. Scott Yales Mr. Michael Yurick Ms. Jennifer Zeuner Mr. and Mrs. David Ziegler Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zipper


God Parents $25,000+

Our Village Circle is an annual giving club supporting the vital work of SOS and guarantees essential resources for the children we serve. Each year, we welcome new members who believe in our mission and want to make a difference in our children’s lives.

Your membership helps our children grow and build a future full of hope.


Caring Friends of the Children Community Foundation of Broward CMAA Florida Chapter, Seminole Region Charity Golf Tournament Mr. and Mrs. Jon Krupnick Libra Foundation Melitta International Sandy and Friends The Barrington Foundation United Way of Broward County Wal-Mart Regional Office

Grand Parents $10,000 - $24,999

Florida Marlins Community Foundation – Marlins Wives Fund Gary Peters Family Foundation Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust H.I. Foundation HSBC Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kramer Leo Goodwin Foundation Mead Family Foundation Paul Palank Memorial Foundation The Pechter Family Foundation PriceWaterhouseCoopers Publix Super Markets Charities Risk and Insurance Management Society, Broward County Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Solomon Sun-Sentinel Children’s Fund The Bank of America Foundation The Carl and Renee Landegger Family Charitable Trust The Fritch Family Foundation The Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward The William R. Watts Foundation Toshiba Business Solutions Florida


$5,000 - $9,999

Bru’s Room Sports Grill Daimler Chrysler Mr. and Mrs. Don Hendrick Joe Sonken Charitable Trust McNeill Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Arjuna Martlin National City Bank Mr. James O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pomeroy South Florida Labor Charities Steve Hiles, Ali Makela and Friends Golf Tournament The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation The Wachovia Foundation Wal-Mart # 1916 Coconut Creek


$2,500 - $4,999

American Express Charitable Fund Anonymous Armstrong Family Foundation The Chatoff Charitable Foundation Children’s Aid Club Comerica Bank Greenspoon Marder, P.A. John & Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation John Gordon Bull Fund Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes/West Sunrise Florida Kiwanis Division 23 Honorables Estella and Herbert Moriarty North Broward Preparatory Schools Student Government Mr. and Mrs. Al Petrangeli Samuel C. Cantor Charitable Trust Ms. Alice Schonberg Staples Coconut Creek Wal-Mart # 1517 Pompano Beach Wal-Mart # 1845 Cooper City Wal-Mart # 1851 North Lauderdale Wheelabrator Broward

Brothers and Sisters $1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Gaby Ajram Bob White Insurance Agency Ms. Marjory Bruszer Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carey Children’s Opportunity Group Christian Community Foundation of South Florida Circle of Friends Foundation City of Lauderdale Lakes Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Cares Coral Springs Community Chest Ms. Cheryl Duke Mr. and Mrs. Theo Folz Fort Lauderdale Beach Rotary Foundation Fund Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund John Francis & Co. Mr. Keith Henry Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hickler Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holland Horizon Housing Foundation Kate Obstgarten Private Foundation Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach Lewy Family Foundation Lou and May Jean Wolff Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward Ms. Ella Schulz Lynn Ms. Carolyn Ross McGregor Dr. Florence Melzer Mr. Larry Merritt Our Town America Prestige Club of SW Broward Robert O. Law Foundation Room’s to Go Children’s Fund Rotary Club of Coral Springs Mr. Barrington Russell Sam’s Club # 6637 Coral Springs Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schulte Ms. Grace Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Les Strauss

The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tobin Wal-Mart # 3625 Lauderdale Lakes Wal-Mart # 721 Port Charlotte Wal-Mart # 771 Merritt Island Wal-Mart # 778 Punta Gorda Wal-Mart # 819 Cape Coral Wal-Mart # 987 Fort Myers Wal-Mart #1119 Naples Wal-Mart # 1589 Delray Beach Wal-Mart # 1590 Hialeah Wal-Mart # 1680 Kendall Wal-Mart # 1702 Melbourne Wal-Mart # 1996 Hallandale Wal-Mart # 2091 Miami Wal-Mart # 2237 Lehigh Acres Wal-Mart # 2591 Pembroke Pines Wal-Mart # 2881 Kissimmee Wal-Mart # 2963 Coral Springs Wal-Mart # 3235 Miami Wal-Mart # 3311 Miami Gardens Wal-Mart # 3349 Port Charlotte Wal-Mart # 3397 Miami Gardens Wal-Mart # 3417 Naples Wal-Mart # 4332 Orlando Wal-Mart # 4354 Naples Wal-Mart # 5034 Fort Myers Wal-Mart # 5055 Naples Wal-Mart # 5250 Poinciana Wal-Mart # 5325 Margate Wal-Mart # 5391 Naples Wal-Mart # 5451 Cape Coral Wal-Mart # 5455 Palm Bay Mr. Scott Weicholz Ms. Barbara Zimmerman




$500 - $999 Africk Family Foundation Alene Too Big Bike Riders Association of Florida Bluegreen Corporation Ms. Carla Calvi CopySource Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Day Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DiGennaro Falcone Group First Data Foundation Halperin Foundation Mr. Michael Jones

Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock Liberman & McKee, P.A. Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward Kiwanis Club of Coral Springs Kiwanis Club of Tamarac Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet – Lou Can Do Committee Margate Chamber of Commerce Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mather Ms. Kathleen Melin

Memorial Healthcare Systems Organizational Development The Millett and Vozzola Families Ms. Suraiya Musick PNA Parkland SOS Children’s Village Auxiliary South Florida Society for Trauma-Based Disorders Splurge Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stein Wal-Mart # 811 Arcadia Wal-Mart # 890 Orlando Wal-Mart # 943 Casselberry Ms. Carllett Grey-Wilson Barbara and David Witte Women of Wynmoor Singles

Pictured left: SOS Auxiliary members Ida Abedon, Lisa Pechter and Nia Kessler at the Spring SOS birthday party hosted by Auxiliary and Junior Auxiliary members.

Village Circle membership is based upon your cumulative donation throughout the year. Anyone can join by simply making an annual contribution of at least $500* to the boys and girls of SOS. To assist you, we can set up automatic monthly donations based upon your pledge. Village Circle member benefits include invitations to our Annual President’s Reception, your name on our annual plaque, Village Circle note cards and gifts. God Parents and Grand Parents are also invited to dinner with an SOS family. For more information, contact Debbie Levine, CFRE, at 954-420-5030 or


*not including donations made toward our Gala or other special events.

$1 - $499 Donations Jose Abadin, DDS Ms. Phyllis Adams Ms. Estelle Adler Mr. Jonathan Allen AlphaStaff Altman Foundation for Children Mr. Steven Amster Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson Ms. Pena Aracelys Ms. Carol Arbeit Ms. Genevieve Areson Mr. and Mrs. George Arvay Mr. and Mrs. Sudhanshu Arya Ms. Marie Augustin Ms. Virginia Bailey Ms. Miriam Balasino Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bale Ms. Marilyn Ballabon Mr. and Mrs. James Ballerano Bank of American Matching Gifts Program Mr. Robert Barboni Baritz & Colman Baskin Robbins Coral Springs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bazinsky Mr. Jack Belk Ms. Mikkie Belvedere Ms. Ana Maria Benach Ms. Jane Bendell Daniel Bengio CPA, PA Mr. Martin Benkowitz Ms. Patricia Benner Mr. and Mrs. Warren Berger Mr. Samuel Berman Ms. Lorna Betty Ms. Marcia Bigney The Billi Marcus Foundation Ms. Brenda Billingsley

Ms. Laura Biron Ms. Cecelia Kay Birtcher Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Blair B’nai Torah Sisterhood Boca Grove Investments Ms. Elaine Bogden Ms. Kathryn Bradeis Mr. Michael Brady Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Braig Mr. Burton Brenn Mr. William Brignoni Sebastian and Mariana Brinkerhoff Mr. Scott Brook Ms. Merle Brown Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Brown Mr. Daniel Brumback Ms. Jaquelyn Burrows Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Busch Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cannon Ms. Rita Captain Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carraway Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Case Ms. Annette Cashman Ms. Linda Chambliss Ms. Meryl Charnow Mr. Lance Chaykin City of Boynton Beach Maria Clifforn Ms. Bernice Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Morton Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coker Conair Corporation Employees

Congregation Beth Shalom of Coconut Creek Mr. Lawrence Cooper Ms. Tonia Cordaro Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Cornejo Ms. Alma Cortez Ms. Janet Costello Mr. Russell Cox Ms. Patricia Courant Ms. Rosa Cozad Ms. Martha Cruz Ms. Honor Cullinan Ms. Leslie Dakers Ms. Alexandra Danburg Mr. and Mrs. Murray Danz Mr. Scott Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis Mr. Herman De Anna Mr. Ron Dearing, Jr. Deerfield Lake Mobile Homeowners Association Cyril Defazio Ms. Irene Deluca Mr. and Mrs. Paul Devine Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiGennaro Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Dombro Mr. Dino Donato Mr. Jerry Doniger Eric Dorsky, P.A. Mr. Douglas Dowie Mr. Victor Dumonceau Ms. Peggy Eddy Capt. Theodore Elefter, Ret. USN Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elias Steven Elias, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Engleson Mr. and Mrs. Benet Etienne Ms. Betty Eurich

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Evans Everglades Capital Management Mr. and Mrs. Myron Falchuk Family Wealth Counselors Mr. Alan Fantl Mr. Anthony Favale Ms. Louise Feller Mr. Raymond Fields Ms. Loretta Fine Firefighters Charitable Foundation First Commercial Claim Services First Giving First United Church of Christ Ms. Sharon Fischer Ms. Arline Fischman Ms. Rosemary Fisher Mr. Moody Fisher Mr. Stuart Flanzer Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Fox Ms. Marla Jo Fox Ms. Lori Frankfort Mr. James Franskousky Ms. Joyce Freedman Mr. Barry Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Randy Friedlander Ms. Marion Furlong Ms. Diana Galper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garfield Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrett Honorable Marilyn Gerber Ms. Deena Gerritts Ms. Jeannette Gellman Ms. Margaret Gezzer Ms. Debra Giglia Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gitlan Ms. Cheryl Ann Glantz Mr. and Mrs. Barry Glick


$1 - $499 Donations


Mr. Paul Godin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goebelt Mr. Ira Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Randy Golden Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goldhaber Mr. and Mrs. Evan Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldstein Ms. Marlenys GonzalezFarah-Gargiulo Rene Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Ms. Heather Goodman GoodSearch Ms. Edna Gordon Mr. Rael Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Nat Gorodetzky Dr. Margaret Gorsensek Ms. Mariana Gracia Ms. Barbara Grant Mr. Bob Gray Mr. and Mrs. Howard Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Greene Mrs. Ruth Greenspan Victor Gregory, D.O. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grella Guardian Care Service of Broward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hadvab Ms. Samathy Hanna and Mr. Peter Hoffman Ms. Muriel Harris Ms. Priscilla Hawk Mr. Charles Hennekens Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry Mr. and Mrs. Irving Herschbein Ms. Marilyn Hershon Mr. Joseph Hess

Hillsboro Bay Club Apartments Dr. and Mrs. Gary Hindin Ms. Linda Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. William Holland, III Ms. Ilona Hollar Mr. John Holler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holzkamp Mr. and Mrs. Paul Homer Mr. Seymour Horowitz Ms. Frances Housman Ms. Gisela Howe Ms. Susan HowellSookram Mr. and Mrs. Paul Huizenga Holdings Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ingram Mr. Joseph Iscovitz Isidore and Patricia Wollowick Family Foundation Mr. Russell Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jefferbaum Ms. Sharyl Jennaro Jiovenetta & Associates, Inc. JM Family Enterprises Ms. Ginny Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jones Ms. Marcia Juaneda Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Kallen Kamen & Orlosvky Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kashdin Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kind Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kirschner Mrs. Ida Kirsner Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach West Kiwanis Club of Margate/Coconut Creek Mr. David Klaus Ms. Erika Kluger Ms. Regina Koch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kopitz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koski Ms. Julianne Kurtz Ms. Paige Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kushner Ms. Laura Lacher Larissa Lalka and David Otten Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Landegger Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lashinsky Law Offices of Neal Lechtner Mr. Edward Lederman Ms. Patricia Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levine Ms. Ruth Levine Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lightbourn Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Linder Mr. and Mrs. Steven List Mr. and Mrs. Robert Littman Mr. and Mrs. John Loecher

Mr. Dirk Lohan Max Lokietz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Martin London Mr. Kevin Long Ms. Leslie Lord Mr. and Mrs. David Loring Ms. Jana Loring and Mr. Steven Sonberg Ms. Yvonne Lopez Mr. Clarke Lundell Mr. and Mrs. Ronal Luzim Macy’s Foundation Ms. Joyann Major Dr. Susan Mann Ms. Susan KinneyMantione Mr. and Mrs. Leon Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Marty Markowitz Mr. and Mrs. Darren Marsh Ms. Suanne Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Barry Matza Mr. Jennings B. Mayo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Neal McAliley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGrath Ms. Peggy McMandon Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy McNeill Ms. Fary Josette Meftah Ms. Barbara Meloff Mercy Hospital Ms. Elise Mesh Mr. Andrew Meshbane Ms. Erica Meville Ms. Agnes Mical Ms. Evelyn Miller Miller Appraisal Group, Inc.

Mr. Ronald Moffett Ms. Dawn Monfries Mr. Leonard Morelli Ms. Dorothy Morrock MSBL of Coral Springs Mr. Don Murray Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy Mrs. Shirley Muscat Ms. Suraiya Musick Mr. Jean-Louis Mutolo Ms. Pam Nadler Ms. Kendra Naugle NCCI Holdings, Inc. Employee Gift Match Network for Good New City Presbyterian Church New Vision Children’s Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Newman Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newman Mr. Frederick Newton Ms. Julie Nieves Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Oliphant Ms. Emilie Judd O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Ortoll Ms. Joan O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oz Ms. Michelle Pallack Mr. David Pape Ms. Rosanne Peckingham Ms. Kathleen Pellegrino Ms. Sandra Perez Ms. Barbara Peschl Greg Pesicek Kristen Pesicek Scot Pesicek Ms. Consuelo Peters Mr. and Mrs. Mike Peterson Mr. Jerry Pillot Ms. Lesley Pincus Pine Crest School – 5th Grade Class Ms. Virginia Polinski

Ms. Sally Potter Ms. Mary Jane Powell Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Powers Ms. Sarah Prager Premier Networking Alliance Coral Springs Ms. Terra Prest Ms. Suzanne Puchaty PuroClean/PuroSystems Ms. Susan Putnam Ms. Carol Pyshos Ms. Miriam Rappaport Mr. and Mrs. Raj Rawal Mrs. Toni Annette Reiter Ms. Rhonda Reny Chad Ridinger Jill Ridinger R.J. Behar & Company Ms. Angie Roberts Ms. Elia Rodriguez Ms. Maria Rodriguez John B. Rogers, Esq. Mr. Anthony Romeo Ms. Lenore Roseman Ms. Marilyn Rosenblum Mr. Dean Rosengarten Mr. Alan Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. William Ross Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler Ms. Isabelle Roux Ms. Marilyn Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. John Ruhl Ms. Elizabeth Ruiz Ms. Lettie Russell Ms. Natalya Sabga Mr. and Mrs. Robert Saffran Mr. and Mrs. Scott Salberg Ms. Betty Sanders Dr. Season Schelin Ms. Elaine Schepps Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schevis Ms. Harriet Schnepp Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Schoebrum Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schonberg Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schutt

Ms. Ethel Schwartz Ms. Jolene Schwartz Ms. Nancy Schwartz Ms. Florence Schweitzer Mr. Keith Seago Ms. Deborah Sehres Dr. and Mrs. Earnest Seiler, Jr. Ms. Rita Selkow Ms. Eva Senff Mr. and Mrs. Victor Serra Mr. Richard Shapiro Shannon Shapiro Ms. Alexis Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Sherman Ms. Carolyn Shook Mr. Paul Simko Ms. Elaine Simmons Tangee Simon Ms. Cheryl Smith Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Smith Ms. Gloria Smith Mr. Michael Smith Ms. Susan Smith Ms. Maria Snow Ms. Lorraine Sousa Ms. Jean Steadman Mr. Richard Steere Mr. Max Stein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Mr. Richard Keith Stone Ms. Betty Stover Mr. John Strasswimmer Sulyn Industries SunTrust Bank Ms. Martha Swain Mr. Joseph Tadeo Honorable Frank B. Talerico Ms. Monika Tandon Ms. Mary Tarr Ms. Marie Thelemaque Dr. and Mrs. John Thesing Ms. Patricia Tomaszowski Ms. Crisele Torres Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Tremper Mr. Giuseppe Tufano Mr. and Mrs. William Tunkey

Mr. Glen Tupler United Healthcare Urban Outfitters Ms. Susan Van Campen Mr. Danny Vargas Ms. Liza Vecino-Castro Ms. Theresa Vingo Vitale & Miller PA Mr. Neal Vodofsky The Voice of Wynmoor Ms. Emilia Villareal Ms. Paula Vroman Ms. Kristen Walker-Goss Ms. Audrey Wall Wal-Mart #725 Haines City Ms. Vickie Walter Mr. Terrence Walters Ms. Angela Ward Mr. Howard Webb Mr. Gerald Weinder Ms. Doris Weinraub Ms. Betty King Weissman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Weitz Ms. Margaret Westervelt Mr. and Mrs. John Westhoff Westside Regional Medical Center Ms. Sheryl Wilk-Sparrow ML Wilkinson Ms. Susan Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson Wooden Shoe Gardens Ms. Annette Wuttke Yacht Haven Park and Marina Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Ziadie Mr. Brett Ziskind Ms. Alice Zollo


Major In-Kind Donations Airport Wireless Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. BankAtlantic Foundation The Bell Family Big Bike Riders Association of Florida Bluegreen Corporation Broward Sheriff’s Office Bru’s Room Sports Grill Mr. Bret Chernow City Furniture Academy of Design Coral Springs Jaycees Events Made Easy Friends of Fort Lauderdale Library Logan Garfield Gary Peters Family Foundation Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale

The Kallen Family Keefe, McCullough & Co., LLP The Kessler Family Ron Mattingly Melitta USA, Inc. Microsoft Licensing LOC The Millett and Vozzola Families National Association of Industrial and Office Properties North Broward Preparatory Schools Pine Crest School - Fort Lauderdale Republic National Distributing Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, Attorneys at Law Stonegate Bank Taylor Roofing Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tobin Wheelabrator North Broward

Contributions Made In Honor of

Donna Ackerman Jack Africk Altman Business Associates Adolph Augustin Sharon Barash Brayden Benesch Amy and Richard Berg Beth Bevan Steve Block Steven Blum Margie Bruszer Andrea Cannon Ann Carpenter Brandon Civetti Ms. Laura Clarke Lisa Colon Lucy and Brent Colston Bob Danzig Gail Erlich Children’s Wedding Teresa and Jack Fraser Gwenette Fuller’s Sister Jeannette Gellman’s Family


John Holler Jarden Consumer Solutions Elaine and Jon Krupnick Friends of Alexandra and Gregory Landegger Timothy Lese William Lese Mr. and Mrs. Leo Levine Jana Loring and Steven Sonberg Alden Marano Mr. and Mrs. Randy Marks Estella Moriarty Jack Pechter Jeffrey Pechter Marty Pechter Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pfaff Susan Rose Paul Sauro Alice Schonberg Thomas Schumacher Sherie Rene Scott Leo Sender

Jillian Smath Mark Solomon Mimi and Allan Stillman Sylvia and Fred Stillman Ms. Melissa Stillman Kathy Traub Alex Turben Maurice Vanderwoude Lowell Van Vechten Sharon Vollmer Chad Williams Florence Willis Barbara Witte Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wolf Rita Woolley Barbara Zimmerman

Contributions Made In Memory of Larry Adams Jack Becker William Burks Janet Cohen William Consadine Phyllis Cordaro Susanna Cox Lisa DiPietro Michael & Annemarie Drey Juliana Gorensek Lynne Grubman Don Hennigan Ed Jacobson Herman Karnowsky Mr. Ted Kaufman Lillian Krayton Kurt Koch Etta Lehrer Joseph Linsey Sharon Luftig Estelle Maher Dottie Mayo David Patterson Harry Peckingham Allen Rainer Claude and Rita Redwood Mike Reiter Ann Shanks Mr. Sam Shaw Rabbi Samuel Silver Jacqueline Steadman Michael Harrison Tash Margaret Toland Louise Trencher Vincent Vingo Leon Vista Evely Ward Sally Wovsaniker

SOS Wish List Household Needs

Sheet Sets (Twin) Comforter Sets (Twin) Pillows Towel sets Sponges Dish towels Corelle® dishes (service for 8) Cups Silverware (for 8) Stainless steel pots and pans Baking dishes and bakeware Tupperware® containers Bathroom rugs Shower curtains Bathtub mats Hangers Laundry hampers Rubbermaid® storage bins / drawers

Personal Needs

Hairbrushes / combs for boys and girls Razors Body lotion - Vaseline, Dove, Suave, Palmers, Cetaphil and baby lotion preferred Deodorant - Suave, Dove, Degree preferred Hair Care - Aussie and TRESemme products, Head & Shoulders shampoo Colgate and Crest toothpaste Dreft laundry detergent Dove soap and liquid body wash

Medical Needs

CVS Gift Cards Tissues Vaseline Hand Sanitizer Gloves Sanitary Pads First Aid Kits Floss

Recreation Gift Cards Movie passes Boomers! Skating rinks McDonald’s Burger King


2008 Board of Directors Barrington Russell, President Barrington Russell, P.A.

Ronny Hayes, V.P. Fund Development Wal-Mart

John R Abbuhl, V.P. Finance U.S. Trust - Bank of America

Cheryl Duke, V.P. Programs American Express

Bob Brudzinski, Secretary Bru’s Room Sports Grill

Brent Colston, Past President

Toshiba Business Solutions - Florida

Les Arouh

Integra FX LLC

Leslie Barber

Trion Management Group, Inc.

Chris Carey


Jay DiPietro

Boca West Country Club

Arthur Falcone

Falcone Group LLC

Andy Hill

Jarden Consumer Solutions

Larry Kashdin Richard Kennedy

Aventura Hospital/Medical Center

Ronald Luzim

Law Office of Ronald A. Luzim, P.A.

Stuart Morris

Stuart R. Morris, Esq.

Kenneth Page

Management Team Jeff Zirulnick

Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Dierkes

Director of Human Resources

Debbie Levine, CFRE

Coral Springs Auto Mall

Chief Development Officer

Lou Sarbone

Jillian Smath, MSW

City of Coconut Creek

Mark Solomon

Chief Program Officer

Global Systems Telecom

Our children and family also thank the following partners:

We have made every effort to identify contributors to SOS for the year 2008. We regret any errors. If we mistakenly omitted your name, please contact us at 954-420-5030 and we will recognize your gift in future publications.

SOS Florida 2008 Annual Report  

SOS Children's Villages - Florida 2008 Annual Report

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