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20 Years

2013 Annual Report


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More Than Home Page 6-7

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**Publisher’s Note: Name of our children under the age of 18 have been changed to protect their identity and anonymity.

Pictures top to bottom: ADT Always Cares! SOS was a proud partner in their first corporate day of service; Camp United teens volunteered together at SOS during the summer; Our first annual Steps of SOS walk brought together great friends supporting our kids; Michaela Paige from season 3 of The Voice visited with our kids over the holidays; Lauderdale Lakes Kiwanis and many more friends helped “Light Up the Village” in December

The Difference We Make

A Message From the President

Dear Friends, PARADOX! There is no other way to describe the work we do here at SOS Children’s Villages – Florida. On the one hand the stories of the events and situations that bring children to our doorstep break my heart. From a social consciousness perspective it, saddens me deeply that a place like SOS even needs to exist. And yet, the need continues to exceed our capacity to help. The paradox is that every time we are able to welcome a single child or a group of siblings into our care I am reminded… … of the commitment and dedication of countless folks that have made it possible for our Village to continue to be a safe haven - a place of healing, hope and home – for kids and young people experiencing unimaginable challenges and distress; …of the responsibility we have to these kids, and to society, to not only care for them while they are dependent on us, but to prepare them for the transitions from dependency to selfsufficiency – helping them become independent, contributing members of society; …and that the need is so great and we have an obligation to find the wherewithal, the means, and the resources to be the refuge for as many kids as we possibly can. But there’s another paradox. It’s the look of distress, fear, and anxiety in a child’s eyes being replaced with trust, security, confidence, and a smile. Does it happen overnight? Almost never. But with time it happens again and again and again here at the Village. What a joy it is for us – staff and volunteers – to be a part of this work. Thank you for the opportunity.


Keith G. DuVernay President & CEO


The First 20 Years of Hope

SOS Florida opened in 1993 to, first and foremost, fulfill an overwhelming need - provide a true home for children and siblings who found themselves growing up in foster care. Our concept was unique for a group facility and so we became home and family to 36 boys and girls who had been desperately searching for something better. Kelvin, one of our alumnus, explained his experience at other shelters a few years ago to the Miami Herald. “(They’re) not a bad place to grow up,” he said. “There’s just not a lot of parenting or motivation.” That first generation of SOS kids grew up here and today they rejoice in happy memories and a sense of


400 Children 20 Years 12 Homes ONE Family

family and childhood they might never have received if not for the vision and determination our founder Estella Moriarty and the circle of friends she brought together to build a Village. What began as a dream has touched the lives of more than 450 boys and girls. Foster care has changed since we first opened and, happily, the goal is now to ensure that no child grows up in foster care. While their time with us may be shorter, SOS Florida continues to make a promise of healing, hope and home to every child and works each day to not only meet their basic needs, but to make them stronger, healthier, happier and ready to succeed.

Left to Right: Founder Estella Moriarty working with the original committee to survey the site for what would become SOS Florida; The Village in it’s fist years; Our Village today.

Redefining an SOS Foster Parent 2013 saw a significant change to family life here in the Village. Over the course of the year, we slowly changed our house staffing model. For years, the stability of our homes relied upon two staff members who rotated living in a home for three to four days at a time. Routines were established, staff was familiar to the kids and, at its best, their teamwork provided a stable home-life. The change to a one-parent model is the next step in providing our kids the best possible family structure. The house parent has more authority, more responsibility for the home and family-life and our kids enjoy even more security and reaasurance from a parent who is now always there for them. By the end of the year, more than half our homes had a 24/7 live-in staff member and, to our kids’ delight, we expect our remaining homes to follow suit by mid-2014.

Keeping Home Sweet Home Two decades and more than 450 residents have put a lot of wear and tear on our homes. Over the past few years, SOS has made strides to repair and restore each of them to keep them warm, safe and inviting for our families. Thanks to support in 2013, we were able to provide some significant upgrades and updates to our Village. Funds raised at our April 2013 Hope and Home Gala and support from Enterprise Fleet Management brought us new vans for each of our homes, providing significant savings on vehicle repairs and gas. Art Plumbing offered a great price for 26 new air conditioning units and donated their time to install all of them. The upgrade keeps our homes cool and decreases our energy costs. Financial support from the Austrian American Council West, Alice Schonberg, Broadspire Services and friends of Kristina Stein and volunteers from Coastal Community Church, Indian Princesses Arapahoe Tribe, Barry University, FAU, FIU, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach State and UM came together in the fall to build a brand new playground for our kids. 5

More Than Home Academics

93% improved


89% improved

Behavior & Mental Health

76% improved

Our Village’s promise is healing, hope and home. With your support each year, we fulfill this promise with warm, caring homes and an array of services to help our boys and girls thrive and open the doors to a successful life.

A structured behavioral step system goes beyond setting rules and boundaries for our kids. It is key to helping them understand their goals, learn to make better choices and develop the life skills they need to take better care of themselves. At each step - assistance, transition, supervision More than a home. More than family. Our and independence - there are clear skills core services are designed to help each they need to learn and responsibilities they child achieve personal and academic need to take on. excellence. Our boys and girls receive the tools they need for a good education with Combined with a sense of home and tutoring and homework help. family, each of these SOS services plays an important role in shaping some stellar Our mental health therapist helps our impressive kids. kids work through personal issues from traumatic pasts to build better relationships in the future.

Total Transformation 16 year-old Dina looks different. She’s bright and smiling. She’s dressing well. She presents herself with confidence. Her grades are up. She’s reached independence at the Village and is looking forward to her first job and getting her driving permit. It’s hard to believe the changes a year has made in her life. Like many of the teens arriving at the Village, she wasn’t used to structure. She broke the rules and didn’t see a point to the behavior step system in place at SOS. She even refused to give up her cell phone, a privilege that kids at the Village usually have to earn. Taking the phone back and helping her learn the value of setting goals, earning things and showing respect was a key priority for her Case Manager, Kathy. Kathy worked with her to set small goals. Little by little, Dina’s attitude shifted. Behaving better and succeeding with each life skill made Dina feel better about herself. Her grades are up, and she feels accomplished for the first time.


The Power of a Team Participating in extracurricular and team sports is a great way to keep kids fit and teach them to interact better with other kids and focus on goals. So encouraging an SOS child to try out for a school team or join a community league compliments everything we do for our kids. “I’m a big advocate for sports - what it can do physically and mentally for our kids,” says SOS Case Manager Kathy Nicholls. Part of Kathy’s work with Kenya, age 15, to improve her grades and better responsibility included a “contract” to help her stay on track with the reward of being able to play on the school basketball team. “The contract and the lessons she learns working with the team have helped move her up in our step system,” shares Kathy. She’s more responsible with her chores, focused on her goals for better behavior and life skills, and maintaining better grades to stay on the team. SOS boys Shawn and Lawrence, both age 14, have made it onto their school track team as well thanks to Kathy’s encouragement and motivation.

Small Steps Toward Big Change Terence, age 17, was in a bad place when he first arrived at the Village. Aggressive, negative, skipping school - he was constantly in trouble. He had no hope left.

And last fall he showed off his talents painting a mural with Norma and another SOS teen for our new playground.

He’s not perfect and he knows he’s going to Until SOS. For Norma, his SOS Case Manager, mess up and need help, but he knows at SOS he giving him hope was about helping him find has the structue, the stability and the support direction and focus. The SOS behavior step to make it through. system gave him the structure to do just that. He wanted more independence and more privileges. Working through the steps - the skills he needed to master and the behavior he needed to prove- gave him small goals to work on and kept him focused on accomplishing something positive for a change. Today, Terence’s outlook on life and behavior has improved. He’s becoming a role model or “big brother” to other kids. When a guest came to host dinner for the kids recently, it was Terence who took the initiave to get up and personally say thank you without prompting.

“I’m gonna struggle. I’m gonna need help.”

Terence is proud of the mural he painted for the new SOS playground.

A Boy and Two Dogs Archer, age 12, ia a warm-hearted little boy who’s still learning to build relationships. His behavior has been problematic at school and at home in the past and, without proper guidance, he has struggled a little bit when it comes to holding appropriate conversations. But he’s come a long way since arriving at the Village. Katie, our therapist, and Norma, his Case Manager, work with him on the step system and help focus on making good behavior choices and practice communicating and getting along with others. Last fall, that little bit of practice brought about a wonderful new relationship into Archer’s life. Walking to the bus stop by himself, he noticed a neighbor Mark Frasca walking his dogs Maxx and Mikka and walked up to meet them. Tentative at first, the neighbor Mark introduced Archer to Maxx, who was a little hesitant around a new person. Archer and the two canines quickly became friends.

The Frascas, Mark, Susan, Maxx and Mikka stop by for a visit.

Seeing Mark and his wife Susan with the dogs again, Archer showed off his new skills with the pets showing the other kids how to earn the animals trust. Over these brief meetings, Archer endeared himself to the Frasca family and since then Mark, Susan, Maxx and Mikka have been visiting and volunteering with the Village. There’s no doubt Archer’s communication skills have improved and he’s building some wonderful, life-long relationships along the way. 7

A Good Life After Foster Care Family support and care doesn’t end at the age of 18, so why should a foster child turning 18 suddenly be on their own?

In 2013, nine of our teens aged out and now our 18+ After Care program is a part of the lives of 67 of our alumni.


With no one else to turn to, 33% of youths aging out of foster care nationally are homeless within three years and 25% of the males end up behind bars. Less than half ever graduate high school.

Led by two dynamic Case Managers, we celebrate each accomplishment and new milestone in their lives like any proud parent.


We strive to prepare our boys and girls for life and give them the best tools and skills they need. But, no teen is truly ready to fully be on their own and succeed without help. We recognized that more than a decade ago.

We continue to serve

SOS Alumni

are in high school, college or trade school


have completed college/trade school


have started their own families

Our Youth SHINE 2013 was a year that laid the groundwork for big changes to foster care in Florida and our kids were a part of it.

Florida Youth SHINE (Striving High for Independence and Empowerment) is a youth run, peer driven organization How could we just turn away the children that empowers current and former foster we helped raise and “hope for the best?” youth to become leaders and advocates We couldn’t and we didn’t. in our community. Not only are our The Effect of an SOS Family children and alumni members, year after year, they take leadership roles within SOS kids consistently beat the odds. All the group. of the alumni in our programs have a place to live. Over the past 5 years 100% The Broward chapter meets regularly of our kids who age out have earned to discuss local hot button issues like their high school diploma and gone on education, normalcy and group/foster homes and find solutions that are relevent to college or trade school. statewide. We help them find safe housing and jobs, complete their secondary education, start Their recommendations and advocacy families and continue providing valuable as well as the advocacy of several other life skills and emotional support. While alumni working with state legislators this support is not required by, nor has it played a part in many of the big changes been funded by, the state, we know it’s in foster care that came about in 2013, necessary to ensure our kids’ well-being including the extension of foster care to age 21. and success.

Thanesia (left) joined the army reserves; Portia (below) just got in to Broward College Chris (top left) has a 3.4 GPA at USF; Wanda (bottom left) has a 3.3 GPA in Nova’s Masters in Reading Program

Barbara (left) earned her BSW and works for ChildNet helping other foster children; Natasha (above left) passed her Certified Health Education Specialist exam and works at Portland State University;Pasqual (above right) made a 3.11 GPA his first semester at BC

Partners Make A Difference So many of the services and opportunities our boys and girls have are thanks to friends in the community. Our partners make a huge difference by providing much needed funding and encouraging their members and employees to give their time and dollars to change the lives of our boys and girls. A big “Thank You� goes out to our ongoing community partners who, year after year, support the next generation of dreams at SOS Florida.

Seminole Region Charity Golf Tournament

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. A Waste Management Company




ge Cir a l c il

The SOS Village Circle is made up of our most dedicated friends and neighbors who believe in our mission and want to make a difference in the lives of our children. Each makes an investment in our children of more than $500 throughout the year. Thank you to each of these generous friends who helped our children realize their dreams of healing, hope and home.

2013 Village Circle Members God Parents ($25,000 and up)

Family ($5,000 - $9,999)

Asofsky Family Foundation Broadspire Services CMAA Florida Chapter, Seminole Region Charity Golf Tournament Caring Friends of the Children Fund Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust James and Beatrice Salah Charitable Trust Jarden Consumer Solutions Jim Moran Foundation Libra Foundation Paul Palank Memorial Foundation Peacock Foundation The Barrington Foundation Wheelabrator Technologies

ADT Mr. and Mrs. Howard Belford Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berg Boca West Charitable Foundation Fleming & Fleming Hartford Foundation Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund JM Family Enterprises Kathryn E and Robert S Smith Family Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc. Mr. Phil Marber Seminole Casino - Coconut Creek Sun-Sentinel Children’s Fund The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation The Jacob S. Zweig Foundation Mr. Norman Tomlinson

Grand Parents ($10,000 - $24,999) Mr. Marc Bell Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Falcone H. I. Foundation John Deere Golf Mr. and Mrs. Carl Landegger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Occhigrossi Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Pechter Publix Super Markets Charities RIMS, Broward County Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Stein The Batchelor Foundation The William R. Watts Foundation

Parents ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Business Financial Services Mr. and Mrs. Nick Catania Children’s Growth Alliance Children’s Opportunity Group Ms. Christina Cleveland Sharon and Rick Dutkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Barry Glick Mr. Keith M. Henry John & Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation John Gordon Bull Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Krost Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Krupnick Mr. and Mrs. James Marino Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marshall Honorables Estella and Herbert Moriarty NCCI Holdings Organic Movements Pine Crest School Rubin Obstgarten Family Foundation Saint Andrews School Bookstore Ms. Alice Schonberg Seawood Builders Spectrum Catering & Concessions Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Strul Dr. and Mrs. Vic Weinstein

Brothers & Sisters ($1,000 - $2,499) Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Adler American Express Charitable Fund Bank of America Miami Area Mr. Abbott Barclay Bloom Medical Group Mr. Steve Bonner Brinkley Morgan Burdette Beckmann Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Rick Case Celebrity Cruises City of Coconut Creek Coral Springs Community Chest Ms. Cheryl Duke Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Mr. Dennis Esposito Ms. Nancy Fereeman Ms. Connie Finley Mr. and Mrs. Theo W. Folz Fort Lauderdale Beach Rotary Foundation Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fried Mr. Ricardo Gayle Mr. David Gluck Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hollander Joe Sonken Charitable Trust John Knox Village Jorgensen Foundation Kiwanis Club of Coral Springs Kiwanis Club of Pompano Beach Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Levine Ms. Debra Levitetz Lou and May Jean Wolff Family Foundation Fund Ms. Ella Schulz Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Tim Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Danny Martino Mrs. Carolyn Ross McGregor Mr. Scott Melton Our Town America Mr. and Mrs. John Pierce Pine Crest Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Procacci Robert O. Law Foundation Ms. Rocki Rockingham Mr. Jon Sahn Saks Fifth Avenue Mr. Bob Salmore Samuel C. Cantor Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sarbone Mr. Steven Savor

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Shore Mr. and Mrs. Scott Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor The Billi Marcus Foundation The Wells Fargo Foundation Ms. Teresa Valdes Mr. and Mrs. Tom White Ms. Lorrie Wright Ms. Barbara Zimmerman

Neighbors ($500 - $999) Mr. Mark Alpert Ms. Leslie Arkin Armstrong Family Foundation Asahikanzai Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barber Ms. Kathy Barry Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blando Blue Sky Treasures Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Borodiak Mr. Brian Buck Burman, Critton, Luttier & Coleman Lori and Rafael Cabrera Calvin, Giordano & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Cannon Circle of Friends Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Murray A. Danz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeBiso Mr. and Mrs. Jay DiPietro Mr. Thomas Downey Mr. and Mrs. Mareen Walker Duvall Howard Fensterman, Esq. Ms. Peg Greenspon Mr. and Mrs. William B.

Himmelrich Mr. and Mrs. David J. Karlin Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Kashdin Dr. and Mrs. William Kay KIDS CAN Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lenz Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lew Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Mather Ms. Elizabeth McKee Ms. Ana Muniz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Painter Ms. Laura Pugliese RCC Associates Ms. Jill A. Ridinger Ronald A. Luzim, P.A. Catherine Roselli Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Rothman Mr. Scott Schiff Setnor Byer Insurance and Risk Mr. Dennis Shuman Dr. Julie H. Silverstein Mr. and Mrs. David Smith Soroptimist International of Boca Raton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tannenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Walsh Wells Fargo Bank Mr. Eric Worsham Mr. Mark Zeitchick


Thank You To Our 2013 Donors $1 - $500 AARSH Consultants Ms. Claire Abbatiello Brooke Abzug Vanessa Acosta Dr. Chantal Adesky-Scheinberg ADT Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ahron Al Aguinaga John and Lucie Alessio All About Extensions Ms. Ileana Almeida Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Altchek Mr. Marc Alter Altman Foundation for Children Ms. Catherine Amendola Mr. and Mrs. David E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Anger Mr. and Mrs. John Antonini Ms. Dorothy Arbogast Ms. Genevieve Areson Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Armeno John & Andrea Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Howard Asofsky AT&T United Way Richard and Carolyn Atkins AutoNation Marc Axelrod Samuel Lowrell Bailey Ms. Virginia H. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prescott Bale Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ball Ms. Tracy Bambach Ms. Maria Bannon Mr. Richard Bannon Ms. Janell Bantz Beverly Baran Mr. Darren Barber Sharon Bardachino Mr. Jorge Barragan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Barrick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bass Ms. Diane Baum Hagler Mr. Ori Baylin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Bazinsky Mr. Steven Becker Ms. Gayle Becker Bed & Biscuit Pet Inn and Salon Mr. Mark Begelman Dr. Susan Beil Ms. Olga T. Bena Mr. Mike Benson Ms. Ruth Berger Mr. Michael Berkowitz Mr. Michael Betters Bexar Metro 911 Network Distruct Mr. Malcom Beyer Marcy Bezark Mr. Bijan Bijarchi Ms. Laura B. Biron Ms. Rebecca Bliss Boca West Country Club Evelyn Bolden Ms. Judith Bolinski Ms. Susan Boulle Mr. and Mrs. Manfred H. Braig Ms. Tracy Branning Ellen Bring Ms. Elizabeth Brooks Mr. Richard Brossard Ms. Janet Brown Charmain Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Brown Ms. Lisa Marie Browne Ms. Marjory A. Bruszer

Ms. Andrea Buckowitsky Ms. Sharon Burak Ms. Roberta Burrows Mrs. and Mrs. Mark Butters Julia Byerly Cafferty Building Products A Raymond Company Ms. Ellen Caldwell Mrs. Carla Calvi Mr. Kevin Cameron Mrs. Edythe J. Cannon Norman Cantelm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Carpenter Nicole Caruso Ms. Helvetia Cascante Mr. Nelson Castellanos Ms. Brigida Catania Mr. and Mrs. Dino Cavanna Cynthia Cerny Ms. Linda Chambliss Chatoff Charitable Foundation Trust Ms. Lauren Childers Mr. Michael Cirillo, III Mr. Steven Clark Doris Clarke Clearwater Rebekah Lodge No. 53, I.O.O.F. Clothworks Mr. Stan Cobb Coconut Creek Chamber of Commerce Ms. Carol A. Coffinger Ms. Robin Cohen Ms. Bernice Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Gil Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cohen Mr. Gilbert Cohen Ms. Marilyn Collins Mr. Gary Collins Ms. Peggy Collins Mr. Peter Collins Color Vibe Ashley Conon Mr. Michael Corey Corporate & Leisure Travel Ms. Lauren Corson Ms. Frances Costello Ms. Janet B. Costello Mr. Michael Costello Mr. and Mrs. Robert Courant Mr. Russell Cox Mr. and Mrs. David Craig Mr. Carlos Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Amir Cukierman Mr. Eron Cummings Mr. Michael Curcio Ada Curkin Mr. Nathan Custodio Ms. Sharon Cutler Ms. Lara Michelle Dalton Ms. Stephanie D’Angelo Steven and Susan Davis Matthew and Alexa Davis Beth Day Sandra De Angel Anthony DeAquino Ms. Christina DeCandia Ms. Mary L. Deering Design Struck Interiors Debi Devigili Mr. and Mrs. Paul Devine Maribel Diaz Ms. Patricia Dibert Mr. and Mrs. Leucio Dibrigida

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiGennaro Angela Digloria Mr. Ronald DiMaio Ms. Annie Dineen Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiPietro Mr. Rich DiPietro Ms. Jennifer Dobin Alexandra Doneva Ms. Rory Donnelly Ms. Dawn Donohue Ms. Erica Doyle Nick D’Souza Paula Dulak Mr. Victor Dumonceau Ms. Joanne R. Dupont Duster Land Trust Mr. and Mrs. Keith DuVernay Celia Earle, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Eaton Mrs. Barbara Eggleson Mr. Craig Ehrnst Capt. Theodore Elefter, Ret. USN Mr. Stephen Engasser Mr. Julio Escalante Cathy Eubanks Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Falcone, Sr. Mr. Abraham Falkowitz Mr. Alan Fantl Ms. Joann Fass Teresa Fedele Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Feifer Ms. Charlotte Feins Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fengler Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feren Sonia Finch Elizabeth Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fleischman Ms. Rose-Marie Fox Mr. Mark Frasca Ms. Cynthia Friedman Ms. Laura Friedman Fringe Patricia Fungquee Mr. and Mrs. Neal Galbo Mr. David Gale Ms. Lynne Galioto Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gallo Mr. Julian Gandolfo Garden of Life Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gaynor Ms. Donna Gelber Denise Geller Sharyn Getzels Ghost Light Society Mr. Craig Giganti Ms. Maria Giglio Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gilden Anabel and Steven Ginns Ms. Jill Ginsberg Paula Giordano Chris Giordano Ms. Carole Glushien Ms. Maria Golberg Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Goldberg Garry Goldfarb Gale Goldman Mr. Kurt Goldman Ms. Alisa Goldsmith Ms. Marlene Goncharoff Mr. and Mrs. David A. Goodman Ms. Barbara Gordon Ms. Lisa Grant Ms. Harriet Bedick Grant Ms. Lauren Green

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Greenhut Mrs. Ruth Greenspan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grella Margaret Gristina Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guarini Sherri Gunn Ms. Susan Gutman Howard Hait Ms. Julie Ham Barbara Handrahan Carl Hansen Harco Brothers, LLC Mr. Charles Harmon Erin Harris Jolie Hasson Health Rehab Plus, Inc. Mr. Larry Henning Ms. Patricia Herbst Ms. Lorry Herdeen Mr. and Mrs. Irving Herschbein Ms. Marilyn Hershon Mr. Scott Hethcox Ms. Estelle Heyman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hicks Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Hindin Dr. and Mrs. Darren Hoffberger Dr. and Mrs. Jon Hoffberger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Holland Mr. and Mrs. William Holland, III Althea Hooks Mr. Peter Horn Ms. Gisela Howe Ms. Loretta Humes Donna Inglis Doreen Inkeles Mr. and Mrs. Karen and Steve Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Irwin Mr. Arnold Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Perry Isenberg Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park Ivy League College Organizers Ms. Yvonne Jacks Mr. Clark Jackson Mr. John Jakovic Mr. Jason Jakubson Dawn Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Jefferbaum Ms. Judy Joffe Marie and Nathaniel Johnson Sylvia Johnson Vivian Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Jane and Robert Julian Amanda Jungles Mr. Moses Kabla Lauren Kalis Jacqueline Kallen Alexandra Karram Ms. Leslie Katz Mr. Kevin Kearney Mr. Dan Kearns Micahel Keeby Joy Keenan Miss Kuecha Kellie Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes Kiwanis Club of Oakland Park Kiwanis Club of Wilton Manors Ms. Phyllis Klain Henny Kleiman Mr. Michael and Christine Klein Ms. Janice Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Koski Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kraft Ms. Julie Kramer Ms. Sandy Kramer Ms. Noelle Kujala Mr. Bruce Kumnick Helen Kunz Ms. Julianne F. Kurtz Ms. Hayvia Laidley Lake Worth Christian School Mr. George Landegger Ms. Wendy Lanphere Ms. Marianne Lantini Joy Lasky Law Offices Neal B. Lechtner, P.A. Mr. Sam Leath Hyung Joo Lee Ms. Stacey Leech Ms. Marci Leggette Ms. Shani Lenard Ms. Maureen Leogrande Ms. Carol Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Howard Levine Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Levine Ms. Elsa Levine Mr. Stuart Levine Michelle Levitas Mr. Adam Levy Ms. Lois Levy Ms. Davina Lewin Lifenet 4 Families Lifestyles of Lynne Mr. Juan Linares Mr. Matthew Linderman Listopad & Finder, DDS Mr. Todd Lleras Frances Logan Ms. Lori Lohr Kaley Lombardo Ms. Leslie Lord Dr. Cynthia Lundeen Mr. Shawn Mack Ms. Denise Magnone Ms. Indra Maharajh Mr. and Mrs. Scott March Mr. and Mrs. Marc Margolies Mr. Douglas Markham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marks Richard and Carol Marks Ms. Nicole Marmion Mr. John Marra Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall Ms. Roberta Martin Ms. Tiffany Martinez Mary Help of Christians Church Mary Help of Christians Church School Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Masi Ms. Jennifer Mason Karen Matles Mr. Jennings B. Mayo, Jr. Erin McClanahan Mr. and Mrs. Ray McDaniels Mr. Frank McGee Ms. Renee McGovern Colin McGranahan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Scott McIlvaine Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaughlin Ms. Michele McMahon Ms. Fary Josette Meftah John Meiners Mr. Jason Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Meisel Ms. Erica Melville Dr. Florence Melzer Ms. Mari Mennel- Bell Mercedes-Benz of Delray Ms. Gabrielle Meridien

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Gifts Dedicated In Memory Of Yolanda Bynes Robert Catania Gloria Chermak Mark Clark Brent Colston Michael Cornelio Shirley Epstein Marcy Goldberg Michael Maas Karen Marcum's Mother Shirley Muscat Betty Sanders Irene Smith Bill Synder Joseph Spinello Richard Walsh

We have made every effort to identify contributors to SOS for the year 2013. We regret any errors. If we mistakenly omitted your name, please contact us at 954-420-5030 and we will recognize your gift in future publications.

2013 Financials Audited

2014 Board of Directors Nick Catania Board Chair



UBS Financial

Leslie Barber Secretary

11% 38%

Connie Finley

Executives’ Association of Fort Lauderdale


Brian Holland

Trion Management Group

Government Contracts Patricia

Pierce Treasurer



American Express

Mark Solomon Board Chair Elect Global Systems Telecom

Fleet Advantage

Peter Kendrigan

Wheelabrator Technologies

William Kramer Brinkley Morgan

Ron Luzim Law Offices of Ron Luzim, P.A.

Michael Pike

Jay DiPietro

Expenses Expenses 12%

Barrington Russell

Erica Doyle

Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale

Program Services


Turnpike Law

Boca West Country Club

Barrington Russell Realty

Marcy Falcone

Kristina Stein Teresa Valdes Hempel USA

Management & General 82%

Resource Development

Executive Staff Keith G. DuVernay President & CEO Revenue Footnotes 1 Contributions include cash from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, SOS - USA and qualifying in-kind gifts. 2 Government Contracts include support by the Florida Department of Children and Families and ChildNet. Expenses Footnotes 3 Program Services represent the cost of 24-hour care of children, household operations, food, clothing and supplies, transportation, therapy and case management, tutoring, behavioral consultation, after-school activities and family recreation. 4 Resource Development costs include fundraising, events and community outreach and education.


SOS Children’s Villages - Florida has a designated fund with the Community Foundation of Broward: the SOS Children’s Villages - Florida Endowment Fund. This serves as a permanent endowment for SOS. The ending asset value of this fund at December 31, 2013, is $1,106,170. The Fund is the property of the Foundation and its assets are carried by the Foundation. SOS may spend a designated portion of the annual interest earned by the fund.

Financials are available by request or online at

Debbie Levine, CFRE Vice President of Development

Jillian Smath, MSW Vice President of Programs

Dawn Dierkes Director of Human Resources

Michael Klein Director Finance & Operations


SOS Children’s Villages - Florida is a foster care neighborhood in the heart of Coconut Creek that provides our children with warm, caring homes and an array of vital servies to help our boys and girls thrive. OUR MISSION To provide a family-oriented community offering healing, hope, and home for children, young adults, and families to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. 3681 NW 59 Place Coconut Creek, FL 33073 954-420-5030

Our children and family also thanks the following partners:

SOS Florida 2013 Annual Report