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2010 Annual Report

Generation SOS

Program Services

Supporting our children Program Services Management & General Program Services Management & General 2010 Revenue Development Resource Contributions $ 1,471,566 Program............................................... Services Government Contracts ............................... Management & General $ 1,983,815 Events ......................................................... Resource Development $ 378,673 Program Services Funds Released from Change in NetRestrictions Assets .............. $ 42,014 Total ........................................................... Management & General $ 3,876,068 Program ResourceServices Development Change in Net&Assets Management General Resource Development Program Services Management General Change in Net&Assets 2010 Expenses Resource Development Program Services ...................................... $ 3,200,230 Program Services Change in Net Assets Management & General ............................. Management & General $ 252,154 Resource Development ............................. $ 418,023 Resource Development Increase in Revenue over Expenses ......... $ 5,661 Change in Net Assets Total ........................................................... Management & General $ 3,876,068 Resource Development Change in Net Assets Resource Development Change in Net Assets




















Cha 82.56%

Revenue Footnotes 1 Contributions include cash from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, SOS - USA and qualifying in-kind gifts. 2 Government Contracts include support by the Florida Department of Children and Families and ChildNet. Expenses Footnotes 3 Program Services represent the cost of 24-hour care of children, household operations, food, clothing and supplies, transportation, therapy and case management, tutoring, behavioral consultation, after-school activities and family recreation. 4 Resource Development costs include fundraising, events and community outreach and education. 5 Before depreciation

Change in Net Assets

2010 Assets

Cash ............................................................ $ 875,706 Accounts Receivable ................................... $ 273,781 Unconditional Promise to Give .................... $ Property & Equipment ................................. $ 1,715,719 Other Assets ................................................ $ 139,966 Total ............................................................ $ 3,005,172

2010 Liabilities

Accounts Payable ....................................... Accrued Expenses ...................................... Other Liabilities ........................................... Net Assets Unrestricted .............................. Net Assets Temporarily Restricted ............. Total ............................................................

$ 16,903 $ 197,136 $ 22,231 $ 2,768,902 $ $ 3,005,172


SOS Children’s Villages - Florida has a designated fund with the Community Foundation of Broward: the SOS Children’s Villages - Florida Endowment Fund. This serves as a permanent endowment for SOS. The ending asset value of this fund at December 31, 2010, was $1,363,500. The Fund is the property of the Foundation and its assets are carried by the Foundation. SOS may spend a designated portion of the annual interest earned by the fund.

Looking back, looking ahead 2010 Highlights As 2010 came to a close, SOS Florida faced a unique milestone. We turned 18! We’ve witnessed an entire generation grow up in our Village - an SOS Generation. The last of our original children have graduated high school, starting life on their own with the support of our After Care program. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic, looking back at all of the changes. We’ve opened new homes, welcomed and said goodbye to countless families of children, fine-tuned how we staff our homes to suit the needs of all our boys and girls and developed our own behavior system and service programs to help us become more than a shelter or a place to lay a weary head for a short while. We have a new vision for everything we provide. We see our efforts continue to multiply through the successes and triumphs of our Alumni. Bachelors and Masters Degrees, fledgling businesses, first cars, even in caring for their own children are testaments to the doors we opened and the opportunities we share. But there is a new generation at the Village today. One with just as much potential, just as much desire and need. We are no longer creating services, but enhancing them. It is our responsibility to give our children a sense of family, to give them the home they deserve and to give them back hope for the future. It’s hard to say which will be greater, the generation we have raised or the generation yet to come. All we know is that we have changed lives together and we are so proud to share this amazing experience with you. The experience and challenge are just beginning. In 2011, we work to ensure our services and programs adapt to our children’s changing needs, to provide all of life’s necessities such as special childhood experiences for every child, to maintain our aging homes that are beginning to require those bigger repairs, and to expand our Village community center and homes. But we know we will continue to succeed because we do so together for our children. Thank you for being a part of our family. Sincerely, Jeffrey M Zirulnick

Photos from top to bottom: Tom & Marti White, Jay DiPietro with CEO Jeff Zirulnick celebrating our campus dedication to the Club Managers Association; A special plaque presentation honors the City of Coconut Creek Chamber for 17 years of support; The first SOS photography class with Cameras For Kids and founder Betsey Chesler; Singer Jordin Sparks arrives for a visit with the SOS kids; Gala Co-Chiar Lisa Guarini (center) hosts an evening at Soma Intimates to kick off our planning season.

The First Generation Barbara is Miss Konbit Kreyol and a leader with the FAU Haitian student organization. She is beginning her junior year as a political science major. Natasha completed her Masters in Public Health. She has traveled to South America and Africa to help those in need. Chris returned to South Florida this summer, having completed his freshman year at USF with a 3.6 GPA and declared an engineering major. Tavares continues to thrive as an entreprenuer with his own car detailng business serving customers in Boca and North Broward. Erice begins his junior year as an engineering major at FAMU.

Trip of a Lifetime For the past four years, SOS teens who are beginning their transition from foster care to independent adults are invited to take part in the Trip of a LIFEtime. The program brings foster children from SOS and HANDY, another foster care program, to Washington, DC, for a week to explore our history and our culture. The trip is more than a sight-seeing tour. The teens have the chance to spend time with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Alcee Hastings for a congressional classroom and an in-depth look at our government at work. “The Trip opened my eyes to a world of possiblities beyond my own neighborhoods,” said Brice Calleins, a trip alumnus. “Visiting the Capitol motivated me to succeed in college and one day pursue a career in which I can give back to the community and even the nation.” Plans for the 2011 Trip are already in the works. Pictured: The 2010 group visits US Rep. Alcee Hastings.

Gaining Experience

In 2010, the SOS Intern Program for former foster children welcomed its second group of young adults eager for experience. The program, funded through a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward, was established in 2009 to provide a means for former SOS kids to earn a stable paycheck and receive on the job training.

service and basic computer skills. No matter the position, these young adults walk away with a better chance of finding good employment in the future.

The Interns are offered a choice of positions at the Village. Facilities Interns have the chance to learn basic maintenance and repair skills as they help with the upkeep of our homes, vehicles and campus. Office Interns develop improved customer

“I like learning and I get to learn a lot of things here so, mainly, it’s for the experience. I can put it on my resume and see I did something with my life.” - Rosanna Disla, SOS Alumnus & Intern

Steps to Independence Part of growing up is learning to control your behavior; it can be a difficult thing for kids to learn, especially for kids in foster care. Making good decisions can be challenging at times, too. At SOS Village, we understand how critical it is for us to teach our children behavior control and good decision-making – they are life skills that are essential to their ultimate success. Because we take it so seriously, SOS has designed and implemented its own Behavior Step System. It rewards the children for good behaviors and forces them to think about why behaving badly only hurts them in the long run. Each step provides an opportunity to build a foundation for their future - for their life beyond foster care. As children progress through the Steps, they gain both responsibilities and privileges. SOS kids receive points daily for meeting expectations, and consistently earning their point goal moves them up a step. Of course, the boys and girls don’t like the consequences of bad behavior, but respond well to the clearly defined rules and written tracking system. SOS is known to be a “tough” place to live among some of the older foster kids, but many of them want to come here to live because they know that they can earn the priviledge to do things they can’t in other foster homes.

My Steps by SOS Alumnus Kandice Hart, age 18 As adults we know that for every decision we make there are consequences. Whether good or bad. We are taught to ask permission before using something that does not belong to us. Taught to be on time for all appointments and try our best to be our best. So when asked how the SOS Step System has impacted my life, my answer is very simple. The skills I have gained from the Step System will help me in life.

It is the final step that we all strive for, Independence. A step that speaks for itself. A step that says to everyone, “I am responsible,” “I am honest,” “I have the basic skills I need to succeed” and “I am ready to take on anything that you throw at me.” But to make it to Independence takes a lot of hard work, dedication and the will to succeed.

The SOS Step System allows us all the opportunity to grow and gain the different skills we need towards our road to independence. Those of us who take I am 18 years old and, as society would say, I advantage of those skills understand that the rules, am now “an adult.” And those decisions and the steps, and the hard work are there to help us, consequences I spoke about now begin to play not hold us back. an even bigger role in my life. I wouldn’t know what decisions to make in my adult life had it not been My name is Kandice Hart. I have been a resident for the system at SOS. The Step System, or the of SOS for a little over three years and I have Level System as many of my peers would refer to successfully completed all the steps in my road it, is broken down into four steps. The first three to independence. What I take with me as I start - Assistance, Supervision and Transition - are there my adult journey will play a significant role in my life forever. to prepare and teach us.

giving back their own way SOS Florida continues to grow and our children continue to thrive because of the overwhelming support we receive from the community every day. But that support comes from more than just dollars. It comes from time and heart as well. From volunteer initiatives at the office to sharing a day or a few minutes of time, Volunteering has never been trendier. With so much desire, our friends and neighbors have come up with great projects that are unique and creative ways to support our children. And we are grateful for them all.

what can you do?:

In 2010 our neighbors •

Mentored our children

Hosted barbecues, breakfasts, holiday parties, field days, and sports games for our children

Gave exercise and photography classes at the Village

Landscaped, painted and cleaned our homes

Hosted parties, drives and community events to benefit our families

Delivered birthday and holiday gifts for our children

JARDEN EMPLOYEES SHARE THEIR WORKPLACE In 2009, Jarden Consumer Solutions, headquartered in Boca Raton, partnered with SOS Florida to create a way for SOS kids to take part in national “Take Your Child to Work Day.” In 2010, that special one-day experience developed into an annual event that both organizations look forward to. For many families, the national day is a chance for parents to share a part of their lives their children rarely see and to become closer. For a foster child with no parents, it’s an experience that is usually lost forever. When the SOS boys and girls were invited to share the day at Jarden in 2009, the experiment was a chance for employees to spend time with the kids their company supports as well as their own children. Since then, the program has grown. The annual event is more than a tour of the office and sitting at a desk all day. Employees and guests have the chance to let loose and have some fun. Finding inspiration in Jarden’s international product lines, such as Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam and Oster, participants spend the day developing new off-the-wall products, packaging and even commercials for wacky items you’ll never see in the stores. The day is more than sharing. It’s about building relationships, finding a creative spark, and discovering that working in the real world can be challenging and rewarding.

Jarden VP of Community Relations and Communications Rocki Rockingham with mentee and SOS Teen Kandice Hart leads the way for employees and kids during Take Your Child to Work Day.

Employee teamwork


2010 was a remarkable year for corporate teamwork. New companies like Broadspire and Twin Star and continuing partners like NCCI, BlueGreen, UnitedHealth, and the Ritz-Carlton all inspired employees to share their time with our boys and girls. Allowing employees to dedicate a few hours to work together to do good, enhanced their teamwork and energized employees.

Mentoring is perhaps the deepest and most meaningful way to volunteer to help a child. Each relationship is unique. Each experience is life changing for both the child and their mentor.

Each office brought its own unique excitement to projects that included painting, cleaning and decorating homes; workplace drives for household good, personal toiletries, toys and school supplies; and even activities with our children like a baseball game or barbecues. Pictured: NCCI volunteers returned for their annual village project in 2010.

Volunteer together

“Everytime I am with her, I make sure she knows that no matter what, I am there. Everytime I leave her, we find a positive lesson together to stay hopeful. All those things I struggled with in my childhood, I can help her with - help create a different story for her. I simply can’t imagine my life without her anymore.” - Lisa Guarini on mentoring an SOS Child

shoes for the cure protects the environment; protects our kids Have you noticed a “Shoes For the Cure” bin sitting near your favorite local retailer or school? Shoes for the Cure, a Boca Raton-based company, is working hard to collect shoes that people no longer want. They’re keeping shoes out of landfills and supporting charitable organizations too.

on them). SOS Village receives a percentage of the profits made by selling or recycling the collected shoes.

So, next time you’re cleaning out your closets, please place your unwanted shoes in a Shoes for the Cure bin near you. It’s a great way to support a Green Environment and the SOS In 2010, their partnership with SOS Village, too! Florida took off. Sitting outside our SOS Village office is our Shoes for To request your own bin or find a dropthe Cure bin. In addition, 16 bins off location, contact Adam Levine at have been placed throughout the community (with the SOS Village logo

discover more about Shoes for the cure:

SOS celebrated the wonder and creativity of childhood at our 2010 Gala Celebration - “Home & HeArt.” The evening featured works of art by the SOS Children as well as a performance by the SOS Choir. The 2010 Gala also honored OJ McDuffie with the “Spirit of Home” award for his amazing efforts on behalf of children throughout South Florida including his support of the foster children of our Village.

Caring Friends of the Children Fund


Leslie Alexander Foundation Pechter Family Foundation

The Belford Family David & Lisa Goodman Masi Construction Page Family Foundation Seawood Builders Seminole Casino - Coconut Creek

NCCI Holdings, Inc. Helene & Stephen Weicholz and Family

Bateman, Gordon & Sands, Inc. Christina Cleveland - Merrill Lynch Art & Marcy Falcone Barry & Debby Glick JM Family Enterprises Lifestyles Magazines Regions Bank Norman Schlanger Foundation UPS

a celebration of childhood at SOS

Life Publications A.F. Best Securities Mr. & Mrs. David Bubes Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Howard Fensterman Greenspoon Marder, P.A. Mr. & Mrs. Jon Krupnick Mr. Norman Schlanger Ms. Grace Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Andy Sneider Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Walsh

Kristina Stein/Nick Catania Theresa Hickler

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Abedon Aberdeen Golf & Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ahron Aldos Cleaners Alene Too Mr. Jason Alexander All About Extensions Alro Metals Altadis USA, Inc. Mr. Marc Alter American Express Foundation American Heritage Sports Camp Gia Andrews Anushka Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnst Mr. and Mrs. Ron Aronson Asofsky Family Foundation Atlantic Alarm Services Audio America AutoNation Mr. Paul Baines BankAtlantic Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barber Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barnes Ms. Frani W. Barr Bauman Medical Group, P.A. Beauty Spot Ms. Ilene Becker Ms. Patricia Becker Dr. Susan Beil Mr. and Mrs. Howard Belford Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Benoit Ben’s Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berg Mr. and Mrs. Stan Berg Mr. and Dr. Frank Berland Ms. Diane Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Michael Block Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Block Bloomingdale’s Boca Raton Bridge Hotel Boca Raton Marriott Body Kneads Massage Ms. Kathy Boehm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brenner Mr. Jeff Bridges Britto Central Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brooks Ms. Sandra Brown Ms. Maureen Buchbinder Bucky Dent’s Baseball School Burns Studio Publishing Butterfly World Mr. Roy Camhi Mrs. Edythe J. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Cannon Carroll Shelby Foundation Casa D’Angelo Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Nick Catania Dr. Joseph Chalal Champion Porsche Chihuly Studio City Oyster Ms. Christina Cleveland CNL Bank Cohen Laser and Vision Center Mr. Gary Collins Drs. Andrea Colton Contour Day Spa Ms. Bess Cor Corporate Coaches Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Curry

DanielDavid’s Day Spa Mr. and Mrs. Murray A. Danz Mr. Warren Danz Mr. and Mrs. Rene Dasen Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Day Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dear Mr. and Mrs. R. Debiso Delcoro Technical Services Denny’s Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Denowitz Mr. Peter DeRosa Designer Dental Ms. Dawn Dierkes Mr. and Mrs. Jay DiPietro Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dolchin Donna Pascoe Salon Dry Solutions Carpet Cleaning Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Duberman Ms. Cheryl Duke Mr. Mat Duncan Ms. Joanne R. Dupont Mr. Stephen Durkee En Vogue Evert Tennis Academy Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Feifer Ms. Bonnie Feit Ms. Mikaela Fernandez Field of Dreams Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. Finch Ms. Loretta M. Fine Fine Things Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finizio Mr. Peter Fischl Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Phil Fitzpatrick Florida Marlins Baseball Club Florida Stage Frame World Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gallo Mr. Ricardo Gayle Mr. David and Dr. Ellen Gendal Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ghougasian Carla Giancomini Ms. Shari Glatter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glick Mr. Edwin and Dr. Shirley Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Gold Ms. Marla G. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Golden Mr. Kurt Goldman Mr. and Mrs. David A. Goodman Mr. Jairaj Gosine Grand Lux Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Greenspoon Greenspoon Marder, P.A. Gregory’s Fine Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grelick Mr. Paul Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guarini Mr. Alfredo Guerra Ms. Eleanor B. Halperin Mr. John T. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Hans G. Hickler Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hicks Mr. and Mrs. William B. Himmelrich Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hirsch Hoffman’s Chocolates

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Holland Hugh’s Catering Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Ms. Silvia Iantchev Ibis Golf and Country Club In Good Taste Stacey Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Perry Isenberg Mr. and Mrs. Dean Don Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Corey Jacobson Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund Jewels in Time of Boca Raton Jon Francis & Co. Jon Ric Salon and Spa Jordin Sparks Charities Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kallen Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Kallen Ms. Abbe Kanner Mr. and Mrs. David J. Karlin Mr. Gary Kast Dr. and Mrs. William Kay Dr. William Kay Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaye Ke’e Grill Dr. Nia Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Klaiman Mr. Joe Klee Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kleppin Ms. Tanya Kogan Dr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Krost Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Krupnick Mr. and Mrs. Adam Levine Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Levine Lexi Lu Life Publications Lion Country Safari Live with Regis & Kelly Ms. Pamela Lohan LOLA Restaurant & Ultra Lounge Mr. and Mrs. David Loring Loxahatchee Club Mr. Gregg Lutz Mr. and Mrs. James Marino Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Markowitz Mr. and Mrs. Craig Martin Massage for Health Matteo’s Restaurant Max’s Grill Mr. Michael McCarthy Mr. Timothy McCarthy Mr. Bob McDonald Ms. Renee McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Scott McIlvaine MD VIP Mr. and Mrs. Navroze Mehta Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Meltzer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Merson Miami MetroZoo Michael James Photo and Video Michael’s Body Scenes Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Migliaccio Mizner Country Club Moda Salon Honorables Estella and Herbert Moriarty Multi Kids Toys Museum of Discovery & Science

Dr. and Mrs. Emilio S. Musso My Gym Children’s Fitness Center - Coral Springs Nail Depot Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Nakash Naples Grande Resort and Club NCCI Holdings, Inc. Neiman Marcus Doctors Bernard and Etta Nevel New York Prime Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newman O Salon Old School Bakery Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pagan Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pechter Dr. Osmany Periu Personalized Skin Peter Coppola Salon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pike Pilates of Boca Mr. Domenic Pompile Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Posner Mr. and Mrs. Brian Predmest Mr. and Mrs. Edmond L. Prins Print Basics Ms. Barbara Proctor Promenade at Coconut Creek Ms. Lisa Rabinsky Ms. Vanessa Redman Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Reid ReJuve Wellness Center Dr. Marta Rendon Mr. Jim Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Richman RNDC Foundation Ms. Rocki Rockingham Ronald A. Luzim, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rosen Ms. Jan Rothenberg Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Rothman SAG Imports, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Saida Saks Fifth Avenue Salon Oasis Salvatore Principe Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sarbone Mr. and Mrs. Bart Satsky Ms. Dona Schiff Mr. Scott Wilson Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schmier Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schultz Mr. Brian Schwartz Mr. Mike Shutowick Mr. and Mrs. Carl Siegel Dr. Julie H. Silverstein Mr. and Mrs. Don Silvestri Ms. Sandra C. Slomin Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smath Mr. Jason Smith Dr. Nia J. Smyrniotis Mr. and Mrs. Harold Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Solomon Mr. Steven Sonberg Southwest Airlines Mr. and Mrs. Peter Speier Mr. and Mrs. Peter Speier Starlight Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Drs. William L. Sternheim

Mr. Steve Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Les Strauss Sukal Skin Institute Sunrise Sports and Entertainment Mr. Sam Susser Swarovski Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tabin Ta-boo Ms. Monica Takiff Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tannenbaum Doctors Jon and Rita Tarrash The Levine Center for Internal Medicine The Melting Pot The OJ McDuffie Catch 81 Foundation The Omphoy Ocean Resort The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale The Ritz Carlton Lodge The Ritz Carlton New Orleans The Ritz Carlton South Beach The Ritz Carlton/Naples The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach Tia Crystal Dr. Shari Topper Toshiba Business Solutions Florida Jamie Tribble Ms. Marci Tromberg Ms. Cindy Trueson Ultra Smooth Salon Mr. and Mrs. Howard Usher Ms. Phyllis Vaccaro Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Vanderwoude Villa Grande Club at Porto Vita Vinny’s All Day Cafe Mr. Edwin and Dr. Shirley Henk Vlietstra Wall Street Transportation & Limo Co. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wallach Dr. and Mrs. Vic Weinstein Ms. Lynn Rae Wester Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Wheeler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom White Wilco Studio Photography Wild Hare Salon and Spa Mr. Johnny Williams, Jr. Woodfield Country Club Woodfield Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zieky Mr. and Mrs. Ken Zimmerman Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Zipper

Our most dedicated friends are part of the club Investment in our children is at the core of membership in the SOS Village Circle Club. Membership is made up of our most devoted supporters who believe in our mission and want to help develop young children into happy, successful and productive adults. Many of these friends and neighbors renew their membership each year by repeating or increasing their support to the boys and girls because they know they can make a difference. In the past two years, the 13 SOS teens who graduated from high school have all gone on to college or technical school. These young people are well on their way to becoming mature, productive adults who will shape tomorrow’s world. They are following the example set by 21-year-old SOS Alumnus Freddie who is now providing a home for his fouryear-old nephew. Learning to make good choices and how to apply the valuable life skills he learned at SOS make it possible for Freddie to provide a secure, responsible future for himself and his nephew. Yes, the investment made by members of the Village Circle Club does indeed reap tangible rewards. From the activities of childhood to life skills for the future, every new discovery and lesson learned is possible with your support. Village Circle Club Members provide the means for us to fulfill our promise of “Healing, Hope and Home for Every Child.” New members are welcome to join each year by simply making monthly or quarterly contributions that add up to at least $500 for the year, or a one-time annual contribution of at least $500.

2010 Village Circle Members GOD PARENTS $25,000+

The Barrington Foundation BTIG, LLC Caring Friends of the Children CMAA Florida Chapter, Seminole Region Community Foundation of Broward Jolie-Pitt Foundation Libra Foundation, Inc. Melitta USA, Inc. Peacock Foundation, Inc. Sandy and Friends Wal-Mart Foundation


$10,000 - $24,999 Bank of America Bru’s Room Sports Grill Florida Marlins Community Foundation The Fritch Family Foundation Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc. Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust H. I. Foundation, Inc. HSBC Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Krupnick The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation Paul Palank Memorial Foundation

As a Club member, you will be invited to exclusive special events, including the Village Circle Luncheon and President’s Reception. In addition, your name will be listed on our annual Club Plaque. Club members at the God Parent and Grand Parent level are also invited to dine with an SOS family and staff.

Ms. Linda Principe Publix Super Markets Charities RIMS, Broward County The William R. Watts Foundation, Inc.

Join the Village Circle Club Make a contribution by mail or at

FAMILY $5,000 - $9,999 BankAtlantic Foundation BJ’s Charitable Foundation Fleming & Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Don Hendrick Henry L. & Kathryn Henry L. & Kathryn Mills Charity Foundation The Carl and Renee Landegger Family Charitable Trust Nordic Line, Inc. PriceWaterhouseCoopers Ms. Alice Schonberg TD Bank Charitable Foundation VISTA Healthplans

Build A Bear Workshop Hugs Foundation Samuel C. Cantor Charitable Trust Children’s Opportunity Group City of Lauderdale Lakes Coral Springs Community Chest Ms. Cheryl Duke Mr. Harry Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Falcone Fort Lauderdale Beach Rotary Foundation Fund, Inc. Gale Claims Service Mr. and Mrs. Barry Glick Ms. Linda Handelman Mr. and Mrs. Hans G. Hickler Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Holland Kast Construction

NEIGHBORS $500 - $999 Advocate Program, Inc. Africk Family Foundation Inc. Mr. Ira J. Altchek American Eagle Outfitters Foundation Bluegreen Corporation Ms. Marjory A. Bruszer Mrs. Carla Calvi Circle of Friends Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Effron El Mariachi - Coral Springs Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Goldfarb Horizon Housing Foundation Kiwanis Club of Coral Springs Kiwanis Club of Wilton Manors


Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert O. Law Foundation, Inc.

John and Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation

Mrs. Carolyn Ross McGregor

John Gordon Bull Fund

NCCI Holdings, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Benedict

Office Depot Foundation

Chatoff Charitable Foundation

Our Town America, Inc.

Ms. Christina Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Pomeroy

Florida Kiwanis Division 23

Rooms to Go Children’s Fund

Commissioner Kristin D. Jacobs

Ms. Linda Sapienza

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.


Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes

Ms. Grace Shepherd

Ms. Billi Marcus

Swartz Family Foundation

The OJ McDuffie Catch 81 Foundation

Target Foundation

Honorables Estella and Herbert Moriarty

Representative James W. Waldman

South Florida Society for TraumaBased Disorders

Wal-Mart #1589

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Taylor

Wal-Mart #2963

Village Landlords

Wal-Mart #4498

Wal-Mart #4380

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weicholz

Wal-Mart #5325

Dr. and Mrs. Vic Weinstein

Waste Management

Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc.

Welcome Wagon

Lou and May Jean Wolff Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward

The Jacob S. Zweig Foundation

Joe Sonken Charitable Trust Ms. Catherine Walton

BROTHERS & SISTERS $1,000 - $2499 The Alexander Foundation Armstrong Family Foundation Asofsky Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Nello Biordi

DAnne Murphy

Ms. Barbara Zimmerman Mr. Jeffrey Zirulnick

Mr. and Mrs. David Loring Ms. Ella Schulz Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Mather Dr. Florence Melzer Ms. Michele H. Martin Mico Alumni Association of South Florida New City Presbyterian Church Mr. Richard Papile Mr. Morris Propp Republic National Distributing Company Mrs. Aileen Rosenfield

$Giving $1 - $499 Thank you to our friends supporting our boys and girls A Girl and Her Pearls Mr. and Mrs. John Abbuhl Ms. Nancy Abrams Mr. Antonio Acevedo Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adair Mr. and Mrs. Ellen Adelman Ms. Dana Adler Ms. Estelle Adler Mr. and Mrs. Gene Allison Mr. Joshua Altchek Altman Foundation for Children Ms. Patricia Ammirata Mr. Steven M. Amster Mr. and Mrs. David E. Anderson Mrs. Florence Apfel Mr. and Mrs. John Aprahamian Mr. and Mrs. George Arvay AT&T Ms. Marie R. Augustin AXIS Insurance Mrs. Rosemary Azevedo Ms. Virginia H. Bailey Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Ms. Sharon Barash Ms. Pamela Barlow Ms. Marcia Barry-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bassi Mrs. and Mrs. Bruce and Tammy Bateman III Bateman, Gordon & Sands, Inc. Ms. Olga T. Bena Ms. Patricia A. Benner Mr. Ira Berday Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berg Ms. Ruth Berger Ms. Barbara Bernheim Ms. Lorna L. Betty Ms. Lucille Binderman Mr. and Mrs. Curt Blank Mr. Robert Bolber Ms. Vera Boles Ms. Lorelei Boyden

Mr. Robert Boylett Mr. and Mrs. Manfred H. Braig Ms. Judith Brannan Ms. Melanie Brasted Mrs. Clara Brinkerhoff Ms. Elizabeth Brown Mr. Mario Bucci Mr. Ben Burnham Ms. Ellen Burton Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cacace Ms. Judith Calicchio Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Cannon Ms. Melissa Carpenter Andrew N. Cassas, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Catania Ms. Linda Chambliss Ms. Amy Charatan Ms. Caryn Cherpak Chesterbrook Academy Mr. Prometheus Ching City of Coconut Creek Clearwater Rebekah Lodge No. 53, I.O.O.F. Mr. Norman Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Morton Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Randy Colman Congregation Kol Tikvah Ms. Jennifer Copenhaver Coral Glades Key Club Ms. Beverly Cordner Ms. Janet B. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Robert Courant Mr. Russell Cox Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cuadra Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis Ms. Mary L. Deering Ms. Irene Deluca Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Devers Mr. and Mrs. Werner Diehl Ms. Carolyn D. Dorf Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Drobbin Duster Land Trust

Eagle Vision Eye Care Ms. Sarah Edwards Mr. Charles J. Dell Elba Capt. Theodore Elefter, Ret. USN Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Engleson Mr. Alan Fantl Mr. Anthony G. Favale Mr. Raymond Fields Mr. Marcelo Finocchiaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fischler Ms. Denise Flaster Ms. Lenore Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. Chip Flynn Ms. Jennifer Forman Mr. Richard Foss Mr. Ron Fowler Mr. Barry R. Friedberg Mrs. Sandra Friedland Mr. Juan Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Garfield Ms. Marlenys GonzalezFarah-Gargiulo Mrs. and Mrs. Hadden Garvin Ms. Mary Gershowitz Mr. Marvin Getlan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gibbons Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Goldberg Ms. Beth Golden Mr. and Mrs. Evan J. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. David A. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman Ms. Maria Gordon Ms. Robin Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Gore Philine Gorin Mr. Henry Gould Ms. Harriet Bedick Grant Ms. Patricia Green

Ms. Laurie Greenberg Mrs. Ruth Greenspan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grella Ms. Debra Grosheim Ms. Fanny Grossman Ms. Jennifer Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Brian Handleman Ms. Samathy A. Hanna Ms. Jeanette Hardigree Mr. Keith Hendee Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Henninger, Jr. Ms. Judith Henry Ms. Jane E. Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Irving Herschbein Mr. and Mrs. William B. Himmelrich Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. William Holland, III Mr. Donald Holler Mr. and Mrs. John Holler Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Holzkamp Ms. Gisela Howe Ms. Valerie Hunter Illinois Tool Works Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ingram Integrated Security Systems International Facilities Management Association Mr. Joseph Ira Ms. Gertrude Javer Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Jefferbaum Ms. Judy Joffe Ms. Linda Johnston Jon Francis & Co. Mr. Michael Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Kallen Ms. Anganie Katzman

Mr. Kevin Kearney Ms. Cindy Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kimmel Mrs. Ida Kirsner Ms. Angie Kittendorf Kiwanis Club of Central Broward Kiwanis Club of Oakland Park Ms. Phyllis Klain Mr. David E. Klaus Ms. Roz Klein Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Knapp Ms. Regina M. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Koski Dr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Krost Ms. Veronica Ladd Ms. Larissa Lalka Law Offices Neal B. Lechtner, P.A. Ms. Linda Lawn Ms. Tracy Leder Ms. Andrea Levine Ms. Ruth J. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lightbourn Ms. Rose Lipson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Littman Ms. Pamela Lohan Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Lombardi Mr. Kevin Long Ms. Leslie Lord Ms. Dorothy Love Ms. Tara Lucas Mallah Furman Mr. and Mrs. James Marino Ms. Dana Marsh Mr. Henry Martin Dr. and Mrs. Barry I. Matza Mr. Jennings B. Mayo, Jr. Mr. Sheldon McCartney Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McLaughlin Ms. Fary Josette Meftah Ms. Kathleen Melin Ms. Erica Melville

Mr. Ed Mercer Mrs. Audrey Milsaps Mr. and Mrs. Donna Mix Ms. Barbara Molnar Ms. Dawn Monfries Ms. Mariela D. Montgomery Ms. Erin Montgomery Mr. Leonard Morelli Mr. Brett Morrow Ms. Ann Mossey Mr. Don Murray Mr. Edward Murray Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Murstein Mrs. Shirley Muscat Ms. Ana Muslera MWI Corporation National Council of Jewish Women Ms. Jocelyn Navarro Ms. Mavis Negroni Network for Good Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Donnell Ms. Angela Orecchio Ms. Joan O’Rourke OutstandingEBooks, Inc Mr. Simon Pacey Ms. Anna Padula Ms. Eileen Paolicelli Mr. Andrew Parish Ms. Rosanne Peckingham Ms. Emily Perez Ms. Barbara S. Peschl Mr. Patrick Pfeffer Mr. William Phillips Phylis Burman Mr. and Mrs. David J. Pincus Milagros Pinzon Mr. and Mrs. Rolland J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Powers Ms. Sarah Prager Ms. Shelby Puretz R.J. Behar & Company Ms. Yvonne Ratto Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Reid Rent-Rite, Inc Representative Gwendolyn Clarke-Reed Ms. Jill A. Ridinger Mr. and Mrs. Steven

Risavy Ms. Edythe Rishin Ms. Helen Rivera Ms. Angie Roberts Mr. Anthony Romeo Ronald A. Luzim, P.A. Ms. Rochelle Rosenberg Ms. Arlene Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ross Mr. Reed Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ruchlamer Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ruhl Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ruszczyk Ms. Kimberly Sampson Ms. Lori Sands Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Saster Dr. Season Schelin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Schevis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schloss Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schonberg Ms. Jolene Schwartz Ms. Jolene Schwartz Ms. Nancy Schwartz Ms. Chandra Seet Mrs. Sally Seyss Mr. and Mrs. William Shortley Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Smith Ms. Cheryl Smith Mr. and Mrs. Luke Soin Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Solomon Soma Intimates Mr. Steven Sonberg Mr. and Mrs. Peter Speier Mr. and Mrs. Joel Spiegelman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Stamp Ms. Jean A. Steadman Mr. Richard M. Steere Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Ms. Rona Steinberg Mr. Fred Steinmark Stern Realty Co. Steven Elias, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Helen Strauss Ms. Mary Tarr Mr. Aaron Tenenbein The Aaron & Freda Glickman Foundation The Heart Painter Inc Ms. Christine Thompson Ms. Cynthia Tilbrook Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tobin Ms. Diane Tolliver Ms. Vicki Toomey Ms. Crisele Torres Trail Auto Tag Agency Mr. Lou Trillo Mr. and Mrs. Austin W. Tupler Mr. Jay Valinsky Mr. Gordon Vatch Ms. Lois Victor Ms. Paula Vroman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wagner Wal-Mart #1387 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Walsh Ms. Andrea Weiner Ms. Doris Weinraub Ms. Elizabeth Weldy Ms. Ann Wenger Ms. Margaret H. Westervelt Mr. and Mrs. John R. Westhoff Whale Raw Bar Ms. Susan Williams Ms. Helen Williams Mr. J. R. Williams Ms. Helen Williams Mr. Andrew Winston Mr. James Wong Ms. Denise Murphy Woodruff Ms. Rita Woolley Mr. James C. Wright Ms. Mary Ann Yount Your Center for Holistic Medicine Mrs. Susan Yu Ms. Lynn Zenda Mrs. Elaine Zirulnick Mr. Brett S. Ziskind

See what your gift accomplished online

Major in-Kind Donations SOS relies upon the support of our neighbors everyday to help provide for our children. Sometimes our most generous gifts come in the form of supplies and services to help our Village function and our children grow. Thank you again to our 2010 Major In-Kind Donors who donated their business services, supplies or items for our kids in excess of $500 in value. AutoNation AXIS Insurance Broadspire Services, Inc. Mr. Troy Drayton Edible Arrangements Mrs. Stacey Englander Ms. Marty Engle Keller Williams Realty Sheriff Al & Holly Lamberti Ms. Jane Lefkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Adam Levine LOLA Restaurant & Ultra Lounge

Mr. and Mrs. James Marino Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newman OJ McDuffie Catch 81 Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Schnee Soma Intimates Sound Vision Systems, Inc. Teen Dream Camp The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach Water Promotions, Inc. East Sunrise Quilters Miccosukee Advertising and Promotions Agency

Gifts were made

Gifts were made

in honor Of

in memory of

Ms. Christy Acevedo Kaylee Blanchard Ms. Lorelei Boyden Ethan, Leo & Henry Brother Elizabeth Brown Mr. & Mrs. James Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cannon Isabella Cielo Ms. Winsome Davis The Davis Family Mr. Bob Fishman Mr. Barry Glick Alexsey Goodman Ruth Greenspan Mia Louise Haley Mrs. Cindy Herrmann Brian & Julie Holland Angel and Len Jones Cindy and Larry Kashdin Harold Kober Beverly Kohn Ms. Jorgi Mandelbaum Natali Markowitz Massa Family Connie and Neil Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murphy Dionne Negroni

Ms. Andrea Negroni Lisa Pechter Mrs. Shirley Pierce Hunter Potak Julie Prager Ms. Carol Reid Edythe Rishin Angie Roberts Alice Schonberg The Silverman Family Mr. Darren Simpson Patty & Allan Sosa Janyce and Peter Speier Capt and Mrs. David C. Steere Sharon Stein Alex Stern Ms. Marion Stillman Mimi and Allan Stillman Ryan, Shayna & Kyle Vogel Henri Vrod Sam & Chloe White Chad Williams Rita Wooley Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman

Cynthia Barclay Darryl Bryan Bowen Dr. Stanley Cannon Louise Capelli Phyllis Cordaro Michael & Annemarie Drey Giorgina Dell Elba Ms. Jean Heidrich Mr. John Holler Olga Laughman Grant Levin Mr. John McCormick Al Muscat Jerome Schein Brandon Grajcer Jay Seyss Joann Siegel Mort Siet Isaac Silber Mr. Leo Tucci Maxine Weckstein Betty Weldy Geraldine Williams

sos wISHES

You can help an SOS child at any time by hosting a drive and/or dropping off any of the following wishes: Household Needs • Pop-up Hampers • Sheet Sets (Twin) • Comforter Sets (Twin) • Pillows • Towel Sets • Sponges / Kitchen Wash Cloths • Dish Towels • Corelle Dishes (Service for 8) • Cups • Silverware (for 8) • Stainless Steel Pots and Pans • Baking Dishes and Bakeware • Tupperware Containers • Bathrooms Rugs • Shower Curtains • Bathtub Mats • Hangers • Rubbermaid Storage Bins / Drawers • Vacuum Cleaners Gift Cards • Target / Walmart • Publix • Movie Passes • Boomers! • Skating Rinks • McDonald’s • Burger King

Medical Needs • CVS Gift Cards • Tissues • Vaseline • Hand Sanitizer • Gloves • Sanitary Pads • First Aid Kits • Floss Personal Needs • Hairbrushes / Combs for Boys and Girls • Razors • Body Lotion - Vaseline, Dove, Suave, Palmers, Cetaphil, and Baby Lotion Preferred • Deodorant - Suave, Dove, and Degree Preferred • Hair Care - Aussie and TRESemmé Products or Head & Shoulders Shampoo • Colgate and Crest Toothpaste • Dreft Laundry Detergent • Dove Soap and Liquid Body Wash

Other Ways to Give

For more information about any of these ideas, visit or call 954-420-5030.

2010 Board of Directors Leslie Barber

Trion Management Group

Nick Catania

Kristina Stein Vicki Weinstein

UBS Financial

Marti White

Jay DiPietro

Johnny Williams, Jr.

Boca West Country Club

Cheryl Duke

American Express

Harry Epstein Marcy Falcone Bradley Goldfarb Merrill Lynch

Sharu Goodwyn Emerge Broward

ProMotion Sports & Entertainment

ManagemenT Jeffrey Zirulnick

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Levine, CFRE

Chief Development Officer

Jillian Smath, MSW

Chief Program Officer

Jeff Bridges

Chief Financial Officer

Dawn Dierkes

Director of Human Resources

Erica Herman

Emerge Broward

Brian Holland

Fleet Advantage LLC

Ronald A Luzim

Law Office of Ronald A Luzim, P.A.

Barrington Russell

Barrington Russell, P.A.

Linda Sapienza Wheelabrator

Lou Sarbone

City of Coconut Creek

our children and family also thank the following partners

We have made every effort to identify contributors to SOS for the year 2010. We regret any errors. If we mistakenly omitted your name, please contact us at 954-420-5030 and we will recognize your gift in future publications.

2010 Annual Report  

SOS Children's Villages - Florida 2010 Annual Report

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