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SOSEN Member Helps One of Our Own by Lynn Gilmore Last summer, as raging wildfires swept through much of the state of Oklahoma, including the home of one of our very own BOD members, “Mouse”. Mouse was Mary Duval’s (SOSEN’s former CEO) best friend and has been on staff with SOSEN for many years. Mouse and her husband had lost absolutely everything in their small 900 square foot home, escaping with just a few possessions and their pets. Because Mouse’s husband is on the registry, they were not allowed to go to any of the area’s emergency shelters, so at first they planned to sleep in their vehicle, but fortunately a friend offered to let them stay at their home temporarily. Mouse and her husband managed to purchase a tent, which they lived in for a week before they could obtain a small trailer to put on their 14 acres of charred land. As soon as we heard the news, SOSEN staff member and RSOA Magazine editor, Randy English stepped up to the plate and offered to help Mouse and her husband by building a new home, at cost. Fortunately, Mouse’s home had been insured and they were able to take Randy up on his generous offer.

The charred remains after the fire.

Randy and his crew immediately got to work. But, unfortunately, since this was pretty much “volunteer” work, many of Randy’s crew members came and went throughout the process of building Mouse a new home, so most of the work has been done by Randy’s hands alone. It has been many months, but Randy has kept his promise and now the home is near completion. On Sunday, March 24, my dear friend and fellow advocate Carla Swanson and I drove nearly four hours to visit with Mouse, her husband, her friend Ellen, Randy and other advocates for a little housewarming get-together. 1

We spent all afternoon with them and had a wonderful time visiting with friends, talking about various things, particularly life on the registry. Carla and I had met Mouse before, at the RSOL conference in 2011, but this was the first time we met Randy and the others. The house is beautiful and because Randy built the house at cost, the house is nearly double the size of Mouse’s original house. Randy has really and truly “gone above and beyond” the call of duty in helping one of our own, and it is so very much appreciated by Mouse and her husband, and all of us at SOSEN. Continued on Page 2

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society. “Societal grooming” also occurs deliberately at the hands of someone trusted, befriended, emotionally or personally close or well known. Grooming lowers your inhibitions in preparation for exploitation techniques that become much easier to implement when a society is consenting due to factually incorrect information. Unaware or unwilling to check the facts presented, they are unaware of what is happening to them. Cults are extremely skilled at grooming people, slowly but surely manipulating reality, again mostly through misinformation so that the individual is indoctrinated and fully convinced that what the higher power wants is what is best for them and what they choose.

Mouse’s new home, near completion.

This is what I love about SOSEN. We are all one big family who are here to support one another and help each other in times of need. Especially in emergency situations like this where we know how the registry affects entire families. It is heartbreaking enough to lose everything in a devastating disaster like this, but the collateral damage of the registry only compounds the problems. The general public is totally unaware how difficult it is for families on the registry in the midst of a disaster like hurricanes and wildfires. Imagine how many registered sex offenders and their families were suddenly homeless during Hurricane Sandy, for example. It was very likely that they, too, were not permitted to go to any shelters, and it is likely that they also suddenly found themselves out of compliance and some may have been charged with Failure to Register. When lawmakers make up these restrictive laws, they seldom think about how these laws could affect people in times like these. n

The Grooming of the American People by Topwop Grooming; Grooming actions are deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, developing the trust of his or her family in order to engage in illegal sexual contact. Grooming lowers the child’s inhibitions in preparation for exploitation. This narrowly defined definition of grooming is what law enforcement and politicians will point to with misinformation while addressing sexual abuse. Grooming is not limited to children by any means and certainly does not stop with sexual abuse. This is only the beginning. Grooming and brainwashing are too similar to debate as separate issues. Why? Grooming is the new politically correct word for brainwashing. This grooming technique is used when a government seeks to realign the core values and beliefs of not just an individual but rather an entire 2

Society is being groomed to bypass critical thinking. How? All they need to do is use your fear and throw in a time line or urgent threat. The more stress we feel, the more we feel an attachment to those who look and sound the same as us, and the more we are encouraged to feel hatred to those who don’t. We are allowed and encouraged to dehumanize everyone outside of our group or in another group. Drawing you into the correct group and making it seem your choice is the end goal. Every cult leader and politician knows that if you want to quiet free thought you get people to chant a repetitive phrase or slogan, like “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”, “Better dead than red”, “Just say no”, and now “If it saves one child.” Those are referred to as thoughtstopping techniques, because that is exactly what they do: Silence critical independent thought. Important facts are ignored while carefully scripted propaganda and political correctness replaces factual information. What the media have also figured out is that most don’t read the stories, people just browse Continued on Page 3

Continued from Page 2 headlines. And there is a way to exploit that, based on how the brain stores memories. Headlines merely involve “questions” that plant ideas, and later when somebody mentions the story you only remember the headline and the ugly rumor. Another trick is to insulate the people from any opposing points of view. Studies show the brain gets a rush from intentionally dismissing information that disagrees, no matter how well supported it is. You can thank evolution for that. When humans started forming tribes, even then social status was everything. It’s what guaranteed them food, protection and a mate. Mockery then developed as a “conformity enforcer” to keep people or groups in line. Making a person or group their idea or behavior the target of mockery gave them a lower social position, and made it clear that anybody who associated with them would share that lower position leaving them out. Mockery can shut down critical thinking and make us fall right in line, no questions asked. There can never be anything in between, nothing in the middle, all black and white. Everyone is a friend in the elite group, or an enemy deemed weak minded. Politicians love this, because they can convince you that you must choose either their way, or the most utterly repulsive option on the opposite extreme. “Are you with us or with them?” “Will we fight bravely, or run away as cowards?” Will we continue to allow fear and misinformation to “groom” our society? Are we even still a free society? Are we answerable to our government more than our government is answerable to us? We willingly give up more and more of our personal freedom by demanding that our neighbor’s personal freedom be infringed

relentlessly 24-7, 365 days of the year in the seemingly innocuous form of 637 different police dramas that have been on television and radio. All with one common thread being ingrained into our subconscious year after year show after show. They all demonstrate in great detail how for the greater good, you need to give up your Constitutional rights.

upon. We should be individuals with abilities to learn on our own, seek real truth, and personally evaluate all sources of information. Never in human history has so much information been at the fingertips of so many people about so many subjects. However, fewer and fewer people are bothering to take advantage of it and wish to learn for the sake of learning. We as a society no longer teach facts to either children or adults; we no longer demand nor seek the teaching of logic. Grooming in its most blatant form is done through our mass media,

By taking a headline straight from today’s news and changing the names to protect the innocent, media has groomed you to comply when unexpectedly confronted by police, how and even when to give up your rights during an interrogation. Sadly most people do not even bother to know the facts of their Constitutional rights; they willingly follow what they have been shown and told. Is it a coincidence that not one of these dramas explain what your rights really are? Our judicial system often fill our jails and prisons with people that never had any intentions of breaking the law, as well as some that in fact, did not. Their real crime was being groomed into acting out what they have been brainwashed to do. n

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he enemy is fear.

We think it is hate; but, it is fear. ~Mahatma Gandhi

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SOSEN News Spring 2013  
SOSEN News Spring 2013  

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