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SOSA 2012 – Immunotherapy beyond the niche Dr. Henrik Jacobi, EVP of R&D ALK-Abelló A/S

The burden of allergic disease North America




60m (19%)

35m (27%)

85m (23%)

260m (20%)

Patients in poor control*





Treated with immunotherapy


Only few


Only few

Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (prevalence)

* Patients with moderate to severe symptoms are typically not wellcontrolled by current standard pharmacotherapy

What would it take to break free of the niche?  Evidence  Evidence

 Evidence

Enforce communication  Clinical efficacy is significant and typically demonstrated

on top of the effect of symptom relieving drugs in clinical trials  Clinical efficacy persists post treatment provided the right

choice of treatment regimen and product GRAZAX®, GT-08 study

Provide further evidence  Further documentation of benefits in asthmatic patients  Further documentation of prevention of asthma in children  Exploration of primary prevention in children

Ongoing studies with ALK vaccines 4,500 patients

6,500 patients

7,500 patients

Treatment of ongoing disease

Rhinoconjunctivitis studies

2,000 patients

Asthma studies

11 studies: tablets, injections and drop based vaccines

1,000 patients

Primary and secondary prevention studies

Mitizax Treatment of Asthma (MITRA study) 

Treatment of house dust mite allergic patients with asthma

Primary endpoint is reduction of asthma exacerbations

Grazax Asthma Prevention (GAP study)

Children with grass allergy but no asthma

Prophylactic treatment with grass allergy immunotherapy tablets

Treatment initiation at 5 -12 years of age

Collaboration on primary prevention

High risk children with no allergy

Prophylactic treatment with sublingual house dust mite immunotherapy

Treatment during 6 -18 months of age

Immunotherapy beyond the niche



Prevention of Asthma

Primary Prevention

Immunotherapy beyond the niche Current treatment concepts

Novel immunotherapy concepts

Intelligent integration of biomarkers and treatment concepts

Thank you for your attention!

Henrik Jacobi  
Henrik Jacobi