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Export Meter Operating Arrangements (Information 13th June 2012) Purpose: To receive export tariff a generator of renewable electricity needs a half hourly export meter (HH Export). Process: The process for obtaining the export tariff is complicated and is not clearly outlined by OFGEM. The complication arise as the different parties have different functions and some aspects are “open market” – the electricity generator (owner of Solar PV for instance) can choice the meter operator and the supplier, but no the company that owns the network. 1. Contact Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for your area to issue MPAN for export meter. Your installer should have already contacted them for the G59 Application for the Grid Connection. 2. Choice your supplier the electricity company you wish to sell the exported electricity to. For simplicity, keep this the same company as the DNO. You can always switch later. 3. Once you have any MPAN number and supplier you can then select, again on the open market the Meter OPerator (MOP), who install the meter to measure your renewable system’s exports. Provide them with the MPAN and supplier . The supplier should also contact them, once you have informed the supplier whom you have contracted to provide the HH Export. Quotes: I contacted 3 metering operator (MOPs) Scottish Power Dataserve, BGlobal and EON. MOPs provide 1,3 or 5 year license agreements for metering <1MW systems with different annual costs Contract Period

1 yr 3 yrs 5 yrs

Scottish Power




£479 £399 £319

Contract Total £479 £1,197 £1,595

£600 £291 £228

BGlobal Contract Total £600 £873 £1,140


Contract Total

n/a n/a £169 £1,180 +installation £335 Information obtained between 6 -13th June 2012, and prices subject to VAT @20%. Implications: To recover VAT on equipment purchase, then a renewable energy generator needs to export electricity to the grid. Future Changes: MOPs inform us that OFGEM may increase the threshold of half-hourly metering to >50KW. Therefore it may be wise to select a 1 year contract. : Tel 0845 475 1275

Renewables Export Tariff Guidance  

A guide to Renewables Export Tariff from Sustainable Opportunity Solutions.

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