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Challenge, Rebuild, Embrace, Sustain.

Welcome to Sørveiv Conference 2016!

When we discussed running the Conference, our ambition was to create an environment for freeflowing dialogue and debate, to invite some really smart people to talk openly about stuff that matters, mixing up the traditional structure with short, regular keynotes, panels that allow questions and thoughts from the audience throughout, and ‘soapboxes’, where a guest is given ten-to-fifteen minutes to put forward an argument or an idea that requires a little more space to develop. We wanted to play around with the room set-up, avoiding barriers between audience and speaker, recognising that sometimes those who’ve bought a delegate pass have more collective experience than those who’ve flown in to voice their opinion from the stage. Conferences should be a catalyst for change and renewal. Too often we return to the same issues without actively working to resolve the problems we agree on. We will tackle these head-on, focusing on

achieving positive solutions and designing alternative practices, reporting on our progress in the weeks and months after the Conference has closed, recording everything to help us identify those subjects which generated the most dissent, agreement, argument and passion, in an effort to better arm our industry for the challenges that lie ahead. We will challenge the status quo, look toward deconstructing and rebuilding those systems which are no longer fit for purpose, reaching for transparency and constructing a more sustainable music industry that’s supportive of our artists, their art, and their health. A more inclusive, more diverse, more welcoming industry, embracing all those who seek to join us, regardless of race, gender or background. Challenge, Rebuild, Embrace, Sustain. Daniel Nordgård, Lily Armstrong, Andy Inglis

Searching for Standouts

Sørveiv is extending it’s reach with both national and international cooperations

Chris Sansom Propeller Mastering propellermastering.com

Collaboration with Cederberg Studios & Propeller Mastering

Selecting promising Sørveiv acts for by:Larm Next year by:Larm celebrates its 20th year, and they’re teaming up with Sørveiv and the other regional showcase festivals in Norway. by:Larm’s role is to open Nordic music up to an international audience, and together with them we’ll select the three most promising Sørveiv acts, and bring them to Oslo to perform on own official stage at by:Larm in March 2017.

Christ Sansom began his career as a technician and mixer, but gravitated towards mastering around 2006. Today he runs Propeller Mastering in Oslo and has worked with Highasakite, Todd Terje, Wolves Like Us, Seigmen, Motorpsycho, Enslaved, Lindstrøm, Team Me, Bernhoft and Emilie Nicholas, and a host of others.

Sørveiv Stage at SPOT Festival We’re proud to present an exclusive opportunity for Sørveiv artists in Aarhus, Denmark. The SPOT festival is to Denmark what by:Larm is to Norway, and because of the geographic proximity to our Scandinavian neighbour, it’s natural for us to work closely together. To that end, we’ll bring the most promising regional artists to the Sørveiv Stage at SPOT next May. SPOT will also be scouting Sørveiv for promising acts to play on their other stages.

We’re also teaming up with two of Norway’s most distinguished producers, Christer André Cederberg from Cederberg Studios and Chris Sansom from Propeller Mastering. Together they’ll select one Sørveiv artist and present them with the opportunity to record a single and have it produced, mixed and mastered for free! Sørf - Sørnorsk kompetansesenter for musikk will work with the lucky artist on the release strategy for the single.

Christer André Cederberg Cederberg Studios cacederberg.com Christer André Cederberg has been producing/ mixing fulltime for the past 15 years. He started as a musician (Animal Alpha, In The Woods and more), but gradually found himself more often on the other side of the studio window. Cederberg has produced and mixed several successful Norwegian acts such as Maria Mena, Honningbarna, Eva & The Heartmaker, Nils Petter Molvær, Paperboys and Violet Road, as well as international acts like Anathema (UK), M.O.P (USA), New Empire (AUS) and Tides From Nebula (PL).











Daniel Nordgård Lily Armstrong Andy Inglis



Summary of Yesterday

Daniel Nordgård Lily Armstrong Andy Inglis


Keynote 1

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sally Gross


Keynote 3

Artist Keynote

Knut Schreiner


Panel 1

Challenge, Rebuild, Embrace, Sustain

Søren B. Kristensen Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne Anna Willrodt


Panel 5

Why Music is Special

Robert Hellbig Knut Schreiner Bengi Unsal


Panel 2

The Kristiansand Roundtable Conference

Bendik Hofseth


Keynote 4

Protecting Artists & Art

Andy Inglis


Panel 6

Protecting Artists & Art

William Doyle Erin Coleman Anita Blay

12.20–13.30 13.30–13.50

LUNSJ Keynote 2

Dissecting The Digital Dollar

Fiona McGugan


Panel 3

Digits and Dollars

Fiona McGugan Virpi Immonen Pete Bott


Soapbox 1

Disruptive Innovation? What Disruptive Innovation?!

Daniel Nordgård


Soapbox 2


Kate Hewett


Soapbox 3

From Overwhelming to I Got This. My Music Industry in Six Months

Kathrine Wallevik


Soapbox 4

Let’s get Physical!

Kristian Kallevik

Reimagining the Music Busineses

Virpi Immonen Kristian Kallevik Cecilie Torp-Holte


Panel 4




Soapbox 5





Ticketing and Live Sustainability

Mark Meharry


Panel 7

Ticketing and Live Sustainability

Ross Allmark Mark Meharry Kate Hewett


Soapbox 6


Øyvind Skjold Jevne


Soapbox 7

Norske Konsertarrangører

Jon Gotteberg


Soapbox 8

Norwegian Live Music

Odd Inge


Panel 9

Music in Life & Death

Dr. Mark Taubert/ Andy Inglis


Closing Remarks


Daniel Nordgård Lily Armstrong Andy Inglis

FRIDAY 28th October PROGRAM 10.00 Introduction Welcome to Sørveiv Conference Daniel Nordgård, Lily Armstrong, Andy Inglis

10.10 Keynote Let’s Talk About Sex (and Other Awkward Questions About Women and The Music Industry) Referencing a study she’s conducting as part of her Let’s Change The Record project, Sally Gross of University of Westminster London opens Sørveiv to ask whether, in this post-feminist age, is it still relevant to ask questions about gender diversity in the music industry? As a music industry professional and a teacher she believes it is not only relevant but crucial

that we ask awkward questions about the current state of gender relations and diversity in the music industry, and indeed wider society as a whole.

10.30 Panel Challenge, Rebuild, Embrace, Sustain Søren B. Kristensen, Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Anna Willrodt and Sally Gross discuss what we can do to ensure that, in the future, our industry isn’t run by middle-aged and old white men for the benefit of middle-aged and old white men, with a specific focus on practical initiatives to encourage those from other groups into our business, regardless of gender, race or background.

11.20 Panel The Kristiansand Roundtable Conference Since its first meeting in 2007, The Kristiansand Roundtable Conference has gathered together a broad range of highlevel observers, participants and executives from the international music industry, to discuss current issues, particularly the recorded music industry. This inviteonly event, housed in discrete surroundings, attracts managers, record companies, publishers,

collecting societies, streaming services, ISPs and many of the digital giants which have become household names. Funded by the University of Agder, and hosted by Peter Jenner, Bendik Hofseth and Daniel Nordgård, the Conference is taking place in the days leading up to Sørveiv, and during the course of this panel we’ll give you an insight into what progress is being made in an industry that’s facing considerable technological and legal challenges, as those who hold the power discuss the future shape of the music business. With Bendik Hofseth, Peter Jenner and others.

13.30 Keynote Dissecting The Digital Dollar (Part 2) Fiona McGugan - General Manager of the UK’s Music Managers Forum - will present the second part of their landmark report, focusing on the key issues with the way digital services are licensed, and how digital royalties are processed and shared. The report explores the findings from numerous debates and discussions with over 200 managers, artists, lawyers, accountants, labels, publishers, DSPs, CMOs and policy makers in London, Paris, LA, New York and Toronto. This is an unprecedented study and we’re delighted to give Fiona a platform to discuss it.

13.50 Panel Digits and Dollars Fiona McGugan, Virpi Immonen, Pete Bott and Daniel Nordgård will chew on the juiciest chunks of Dissecting The Digital Dollar (Part 2), give their thoughts and perspectives from their areas of the industry, and maybe do a little fortune-telling for us all.

14.55 Soapboxes The first of our quick-fire (10-15 minute) platforms on which our most impassioned, outspoken delegates can stand uninterrupted to introduce an idea or opinion - provocative or otherwise - with counterarguments coming from the audience at the conclusion. Disruptive Innovation? What Disruptive Innovation?! When Clayton Christensen introduced his theory of Disruptive Innovation in 2008, he described innovative companies catering for new consumers in new ways. This theory and others (anyone remember the Long Tail?) have been used to enthusiastically describe digital change in the music industries ever since Napster at the turn of the Millennium. However, the theories of disruptive innovation have a central feature, namely

a predicted fall of market leaders, at the expense of the smaller, fresher ones. And just like with Chris Anderson’s Long Tail (a rise of ‘niche’) this has yet to actually happen. In fact, we’re seeing the opposite! The music industries are definitely experiencing disruptions, but for some reason the optimism that should accompany these theories is missing. Daniel Nordgård will build on his own and other current research, and argue that we’re certainly seeing disruptions, but not in the form of disruptive innovations.

to sell out the 18,000 capacity Barclay Center in Brooklyn because he hadn’t released music on an applicable long-playing format. Is the album dead, or is it just evolving? Are releases like Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ the new manifestation of this most romantic of formats? Kristian Kallevik of Norway’s finest record shop (and record label) extols the virtues and beauty of the physical format in a digital world. And if we’re lucky, he might offer some advice on good posture and firm handshakes in modern dealmaking.

Kate Hewett The Sheffield Tramlines Festival marketing and program director will regale us with a talk on a topic to be revealed in the online program nearer to the Conference opening day.


From Overwhelming to I’ve Got This - My Music Industry in Six Months Kristiansand artist manager Kathrine Wallevik and Andy Inglis went on a series of field trips to London, Berlin - and an actual field - to introduce her to the international music industry. Let’s see how that worked out for her... Let’s get Physical! Why do we sustain the album format if the audience aren’t streaming albums? One EDM act in Norway was excluded from Spellemannprisen (Norway’s Grammies) despite being able

Panel Reimagining the Music Business Virpi Immonen, Kristian Kallevik, Cecilie Torp-Holte, Bendik Hofseth The pressures on labels to survive and grow, and deliver a great worldwide service for their artists is significant, and when the working day draws to a close, staff have families to look after and box-sets to watch. How can managers adapt to work more closely with labels and ensure their artists’ potential is met? Should all managers be aiming (as some have done) to hire their own marketing, promotion and even international staff to compliment and interface with those at the labels? We’ll let the managers on the panel (along with a label and an academic) work it out.

SATURDAY 29th October PROGRAM 10.00 Introduction and Friday Summary Daniel Nordgård, Lily Armstrong, Andy Inglis

10.15 Soapbox Knut Schreiner: Romantic Entrepreneurs! In which ways has streaming changed the landscape for the 21st Century Artist? What have we lost? What have we gained? What value has new, recorded music in today’s society, and what is the artist’s role? Is streaming a superstar economy, favouring only the biggest, most established artists? Or can we also spot a revolution in the recorded music industry with innovation and democratisation,

expressed perhaps through EDM culture? What does it mean for an art form when you reach a new level of reproduction, and disruptive technologies change some of the frameworks completely?

10.40 Panel Why Music is Special Robert Hellbig, Knut Schreiner, Bengi Unsal and Kristiansand’s own Jan Bang are all in some way privileged enough to make a living from the performance of music. They’ll talk about its place in their own hearts, and its standing in society as an art form. From opera to experimental noise, from birth to our last breath, it soundtracks our every waking moment. When something so beautiful becomes so ubiquitous, how do we find the time and space to reconnect with the one thing that unites the whole of humanity?

11.25 Keynote Protecting Artists & Art Before the internet, artists gave as much or as little of themselves to the media and public as they chose to, and via far fewer channels. But now the audience has the power in many respects. When Justin Bieber says ”no

more meet and greets”, his fans turn on him. How does exposing ‘everything, always’ affect artists’ health, and what can we do to better protect it, and them, to ensure they’re still well enough to produce the art they’re compelled to make? As an artist manager, tour manager, lecturer and mentor, Andy Inglis paints a sometimes scathing picture of an industry that often seems to have little regard for those it should be keeping safe from harm.

11.45 Panel Protecting Artists & Art Artists William Doyle, Anita Blay and others discuss the impact of the often-overwhelming social and industry pressures on their health and art. We don’t talk about this in public enough. It starts now.

13.30 Soapbox

13.50 Keynote Ticketing and Live Sustainability In Mark Meharry’s own uncompromising words: ”The music industry breaks every rule of e-commerce and has created the worst online experience for

customers of any industry, bar none. We replicate online the fragmentation of a dysfunctional and antiquated paradigm, and it has to stop.” You won’t want to miss this.

14.20 Panel Ticketing and Live Sustainability Following Mark’s Soapbox, Ross Allmark, Kate Hewett and Thomas Litangen will dissect the primary and secondary markets of one of the most controversial, divisive and lucrative sectors of the music industries. Soapboxes

15.40 Ticketmaster The live economy account for more than 50% of the entire music economy. Ticketing is more important than ever and competition is increasing. We’ll hear from Øyvind Skjold Jevne at this market leader on the current changes, and where we’re heading. Convert Venues: Are We Digging Our Own Graves? Jon Gotteberg, Norske Konsertarrangører (also Sørveiv Festival’s booker!) Concert venues and clubs are run on slim margins, dependent

on alcohol sales and political goodwill for survival. While once they were the most important sales arenas for the music business, they are now marginalised and exponents for a form of cultural expression that is losing ground. Without concert venues and clubs we will lose something irreplacable: an arena for refining musical talent, production environments and not least audiences. We need concert venues more than ever, and I will explain why we are digging our own graves. Live Nation The Norwegian live music scene is booming! There are more festivals and more concerts than ever. But what defines the Norwegian live music industry and what makes this market different from others, if anything? We’ll get Live Nation’s perspective from Odd Inge Sneve, who’s worked with the country’s biggest concerts and festivals since the Quart Festival in the mid ‘90s. Music in Life & Death Dr. Mark Taubert, introduced by Andy Inglis When David Bowie’s death was announced earlier this year, Mark wrote an open letter to the Starman about how much his music meant to him, and his thoughts on how Bowie’s death - and how he used it to shape his final album - spoke to him both as a palliative care doctor, and as a

music lover. The letter was shared by Bowie’s son on social media, and went viral, with Jarvis Cocker reciting it at the Letters Live Festival. Via a recorded video, Mark encourages us to consider the profound impact music can have on all of us, as much in death as in life. And if we can get our technological shit together, Andy will talk to Mark via Skype.

17.00 Closing Remarks and Thanks Daniel Nordgård, Lily Armstrong and Andy Inglis bid you a tearful farewell


Head of Sørveiv Festival

Anna Willrodt (NO)

Bendik Hofseth (NO)

Project Manager at Sørf (Sørnorsk Kompetansesenter for Musikk) and Head of Sørveiv, Anna has a Master’s Degree in Music Management from the University of Agder (UiA). Her thesis focused on gender imbalance in the music industry and its underlying structures of labour. She also teaches at UiA.

Musician and composer

Andy Inglis (UK)

Hofseth has released numerous albums, and tours regularly. His extensive background as an internationallyrenowned musician and composer accelerated in 1987 when he moved to New York to perform with acclaimed jazz-fusion band Steps Ahead. Hofseth has held and currently holds many central positions in the Norwegian and international music industries, including Chairman for the International Council of Music Authors (CIAM), Chairman for TONO (the Norwegian performing rights society), Chairman for by:Larm, Chairman for NOPA (Norwegian composer and author’s organization) and many more.

Artist Manager / Tour Manager / Mentor / Lecturer in 5000 Andy's career started in Scotland in 1990, DJing and running raves around the country. He began managing bands and electronic record labels, moving to London in 1997 to continue the work. In 2005 he co-founded The Luminaire which won London Venue of The Year and UK Venue of The Year in the first two years. He booked Norway’s Quart Festival and spent two years traveling the world with Savages as their Tour Manager. He now does the same for Jenny Hval, Mercury Prize-nominated artist William Doyle (East India Youth) on XL Recordings, whom he also manages, alongside rapper/producer Denzel Himself, improvisational pianist Tom Rogerson, composer John Uren and artist and sound designer Novo Amor. He recently co-founded a mentoring initiative to help young women into the music industry.

ARTIST / songwriter

Anita Blay (UK)

Anita’s first foray into music was at the age of 17, songwriting, recording and performing at a production house in North London with acts including Plan B and Fazer from Ndubz. In 2009, under the moniker Cocknbullkid, she signed to Island Records, releasing her debut album 'Adulthood' in 2011. After joining Trevor Horn's prestigious Perfect Songs roster in 2013, Anita co-wrote the 'Neon Jungle' debut single 'Trouble' for RCA, which went on to become a Billboard Top 10. Anita is currently top-line writing for a myriad of artists and forthcoming cuts include K Stewart, Rat Boy, Lao Ra and dance releases via Ministry of Sound and Universal. She has her own artist project as one half of deep house duo Antony and Cleopatra (Universal/ Vitalic Noise) including the Lancelot 'Giving It Up’ feature, and further releases across 2016.

Senior Contemporary Music Programmer, Southbank Centre

Bengi Unsal (UK/TR)

Cecilie Torp-Holte (NO)

Bengi is a music enthusiast and professional with a career spanning 18 years as an artistic programmer, venue director, label manager, festival organiser, booker and promoter in Turkey and the UK. Before a move to London’s Southbank Centre early in 2016, she was Director of Salon IKSV, a music venue and brand which she created from scratch, securing its position with a loyal audience and a distinct and contemporary program. Prior to this she was the Managing Director of Doublemoon Records in Istanbul, managing a catalogue of more than 50 albums and overseeing its digital distribution rights agreements. Her other past experiences include running her own events company and working for radio and music TV channels.

Owner, Circle Management Cecilie Torp-Holte owns and runs Circle Management, where she works with artists such as Marion Raven, Christel Alsos and Margaret Berger. She collaborates with Sony Music on a selection of their artists, and manages a variety of Whiteroom’s producers and songwriters. Cecilie worked for BMG (later Sony BMG and Sony Music) for over ten years, in promotion, marketing and A&R. In 2007 she began her management career at Playroom Artist and Playroom Music. Cecilie is also Chairman of the Board for NEMAA (the Norwegian Entertainments Managers and Agents Association).

Daniel has a broad background in music, initially as a musician and artist, but later as a project manager, occupying different positions in the Norwegian music sector. Nordgård has worked with music festivals and the live sector in various positions, in the period 2007-2008 as festival manager for Quart Festival. He currently works as researcher at Agder Research in Kristiansand, and teaches music business at the University of Agder’s masters program on Music Management. Nordgård’s research focuses on the music and cultural industries with a special emphasis on digital change in the music industry. In 2013 he was appointed by the Norwegian Government to lead their committee on these digital changes. He is currently finishing his doctorate on digital change in the international music industry.

Erin Coleman (US)

Booking Agent, Paper & Iron Booking

Fiona McGugan (UK)

Erin Coleman is a booking agent at Paper and Iron Booking Co. in Berlin. She works with a roster of international artists, including Ryley Walker (US), Cian Nugent (IRL), Nadia Reid (NZ), Dinner (DK), Itasca (US), representing them for Europe and the UK. She loves creating and maintaining the relationships between artists, promoters, venues, special events, and communities in order to provide high quality concerts for growing audiences. Erin is originally from Chicago, where she started in the music industry, managing a small record label, working at a distributor, and programming events in a record store.

Jan Bang (NO)

Chairman, Norwegian Live Music Association (NKA) / Head of Department (Student Welfare at University of Agder) / Head of Booking Sørveiv Festival Jon has been working in the Norwegian music industry since 2002. He is a seasoned promoter, and recently moved into management (of people and venues; not bands). He has been responsible for the live music program at Sørveiv since 2013.

Jon Gotteberg (NO) Kate Hewett (UK)

Daniel Nordgård (NO)

Senior Lecturer in Music Business Management, University of Agder

Marketing & Programme Director, Tramlines / Outlines / Harley Live, Sheffield Having worked on Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival since its inception in 2009, Kate Hewett has been the festival’s Marketing and Programming Director. Now approaching its ninth year, the Sheffield City Centre festival features over 200 bands across its 20 venues and stages. In addition, Kate also heads up the newly-launched Outlines - a Tramlines ‘junior’ for winter - and promotes for a number of venues in and around Sheffield, including a 1000-capacity roller rink, where the shows come complete with skates.

General Manager, Music Managers Forum Fiona supports artists and managers on a daily basis, working with the Music Managers Forum. The MMF is a collective of over 500 artist managers who advocate transparency in the music business and a greater connection between artists and fans in the digital age. Fiona works to build relationships with industry counterparts including labels, publishers, lawyers, agents, retailers and tech companies, as well as providing education and mentoring for the members of the MMF alongside a board of artist managers that includes those of Radiohead, Muse and Travis. Fiona’s background is a mixture of tour management, PR, entertainment law, artist management and brand partnerships. Until recently she worked with the Featured Artists Coalition to campaign for the protection of featured artists rights and published a legal paper last year on Performers’ Rights in the digital age.

Artist Manager Kathrine Wallevik Hansen is a Kristiansand-based artist manager for the band Oakland Rain. This summer she was artist manager at the beach festival Palmesus in Kristiansand, and artist liaison at the UK’s End of The Road Festival. Kathrine is studying Economics at the University of Agder.

Kathrine Wallevik (NO)

Music Editor, TIDAL Artist

Professor of Electronic Music, University of Agder

After a successful career as musician and producer himself in the 1990s and 2000s, with Turbonegro as his main musical project, Knut has become a significant voice in Norway’s national music media and debate, with regular contributions to weekly newspaper Morgenbladet and public radio news program NRK Ytring. Schreiner’s main interest is the intersection between music, technology, culture and society. In 2015 he finished his master thesis in Sociology at The University of Oslo, on the effects of streaming services on the practices and experiences of artists.

Jan Bang is a Norwegian producer, composer, performer and innovator, known for several collaborations with musicians like Morten Harket, Bugge Wesseltoft, Sidsel Endresen, and more. Jan is Professor of Electronic Music at University of Agder, Kristiansand.

Knut Schreiner (NO)

Kristian Kallevik (NO)

Owner Fysisk Format / Tiger Records / Diger Distro Kristian started out working with experimental music festivals like Safe as Milk, Borealis and Ulitma around the Millennium, before he became manager and owner of the Oslo-based indie record store Tiger. When Spotify launched in Norway in 2008, Kallevik decided it was time to launch the record label Fysisk Format (Physical Format). A few years later, the distribution and label services Diger Distro was launched, helping small and large Norwegian labels and artists reach a bigger audience. He has a lot to celebrate this autumn, with Fysisk Format reaching 100 releases and Tiger turning 20 years old. Kristian Kallevik comes to Sørveiv with an open heart and mind, hoping to learn a lot and meet many new friends!

Promoter, Live Nation Odd Inge is a promoter at Live Nation Entertainment’s Oslo office. They are the leading entertainment company in Norway and Europe booking, producing and promoting events of all sizes.

Odd-Inge Sneve (NO)

Artist Manager, 5000

Music & Media Lawyer, Swan Turton LLP, London Pete specialises in music management, recording and publishing contracts, and advises a broad range of clients from worldwide Top 5-charting bands to DJs and classical and electronic music composers. He is on recommended panels for PRS for Music and BASCA. Prior to joining Swan Turton, Pete worked in the music industry for many years as an artist, writer and producer signed to 679/Warner and This Is Fake DIY Records.

Pete Bott (UK) Peter Jenner (UK)

Lily Armstrong (UK)

Lily’s first experience of the music industry was in journalism, when she wrote for The Huffington Post and MOJO Magazine about the music of the 1960s and 1970s. After her move from the US to the UK, she began in the events sector at Lanzarote Works, on the team that handled production, promotions, and social media for The Shacklewell Arms, The Waiting Room, and the MOTH Club in London. More recently, she has been working as an Artist Manager both freelance and for 5000. She is in the final year of a Linguistics degree at King’s College London, where she specialises in Late West Saxon and Old Norse.

Founder & CEO of Music Glue Mark started Music Glue to empower artists, managers, labels and merchandising companies to sell music, merchandise, tickets and experiences direct to fans from a single integrated website. Anyone can now create a freeto-use website from multiple templates, complete with inbuilt ecommerce and content management. Music Glue binds everything together into one place, so that fans can make purchases direct from the artists they love, in one simple transaction.

Mark Meharry (UK) Dr Mark Taubert (UK)

Jenner’s career in the music industry stretches back to the mid ‘60s when he founded Blackhill Enterprises with Pink Floyd (Syd Barret, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright) and Andrew King. Beyond managing Pink Floyd, Blackhill Enterprises also organised the first free concerts in Hyde Park, London, including The Rolling Stones in 1969. As Pink Floyd and Syd Barret departed, Jenner continued his management career, working with T Rex, Ian Dury, Roy Harper, The Clash, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Billy Bragg and others. He has held a range of prominent domestic and global positions, such as Secretary General of the International Music Managers’ Forum, as well as Director of the UK Music Managers’ Forum. Jenner has been very much involved with various copyright initiatives from World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the IPO in the UK, and numerous others.


Palliative Care Doctor, Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff When David Bowie’s death was announced earlier this year, Mark wrote an open letter to the Starman, about what his music meant to him, and his thoughts on how Bowie’s death - and how he used it to shape his final album spoke to him both as a palliative care doctor, and as a music lover. The letter was shared by Bowie’s son on social media, and went viral, with Jarvis Cocker reading it out at the Letters Live Festival. Mark encourages us to consider the profound impact music can have on all of us, as much in death as in life.


Rahel DebebeDessalegne (UK)

With over ten years experience under her belt and countless featured record releases, Rahel has successfully held her own as an established professional singer/songwriter and performer. Recently she collaborated with avant-garde electronic artist Matthew Herbert on his album ’The Shakes’ and is currently collaborating with prolific Producer/DJ Floating Points. She has performed all over the world to sold-out audiences in prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House. Her voice is distinctive, vast and agile, mastering many vocal styles. Currently Rahel is working alongside her band Hejira towards their second album, as well as establishing their own independent record label, Lima Limo Records.

Robert Hellbig (DE)

Thomas Litangen (NO) Artist Manager, Hellbig Management / Sociologist

CONCERT PROMOTER, STORMEN KONSERTHUS Thomas has a background as both a musician (Kråkesølv) and concert promoter at Sinus/Stormen Konserthus. He runs a management and record label in Bodø, and is also associated with Parkenfestivalen and Dama Di. Thomas is a board member of the Norwegian Live Music Association.

Robert is a Berlin-based consultant and artist manager with an MA in Sociology, Intercultural Business Communications and Educational Science. His career in music began as musician, and while working for a social sciences magazine at SAGE Publications in 2010, he founded the online music magazine nbhap.com (Nothing But Hope and Passion), which he left in early 2016 to fully focus on his consulting and Artist Management company HELLBIG.

Head of Ticketing, Dice Tickets

Virpi Immonen (FI)

CEO / MANAGER Fullsteam Management

Ross is Head of Ticketing at upstart mobile ticketing and event discovery app DICE. He was previously Head Of Events at upstart media company VICE (no relation) where he looked after London venues such as The Old Blue Last and Birthdays as well as producing large scale events for brands, festivals and other assorted media devilry. In his spare time he runs the live end of label collective Pink Mist, promoting left-leaning punk rock shows across London.

Virpi Immonen is the CEO of the Helsinki-based artist management company Fullsteam Management, operating from New York and Helsinki. She is also the Chairman of the Board of Music Manager’s Forum Finland, a board member of the International Music Manager’s Forum and the winner of the prestigious Manager of The Year award at the Finnish Industry Awards (2011, 2012 & 2013). Fullsteam Management represents a wide variety of artists ranging from Finland’s biggest hip hop and pop acts to some of the country’s most interesting indie and alternative bands.

BA Fine Art (Hons), LLB, LLM (Entertainment Law) / Program Director MA Music Business Management at Westminster University (UK) / Head of International Business Affair Ya Basta Records and Science et Melodie Music Publishing (FR)

Artist, East India Youth

Ross Allmark (UK) Sally Anne Gross (UK)

Over the last two and a half decades Sally Anne Gross has worked as a manager, record company director, A&R Manager at Mercury Records and International Business Affairs Manager. She has been involved with five acts that have sold over a million records: Adamski, Rollo and Rob D (who were responsible for Faithless and Dido’s career), William Orbit, Gotan Project and singer song writer Fiona Bevan (Ed Sheeran and One Direction) and many more less well-known artists, but all of whom emerged from the independent music sector, from Drum and Bass to Spoken Word Poetry. Sally has been involved with all aspects of the music industry from raves in the French Alps, fashion shows, art exhibitions, to sold out concerts at Sydney Opera House. In 1999 she was awarded the Helena Kennedy Prize for ‘Outstanding Legal Criticism’ by Birkbeck College University of London.

Nordic Culture Fund / Danish Art Foundation / Nordic Band Camp

Søren B. Kristensen (DK)

Søren is Project Ambassador in the Nordic Culture Fund, committee member of The Danish Art Foundation and has worked for 20 years with live music at the venue Skråen i Nordkraft in Aalborg. He is also manager of the Danish alternative rock band Get Your Gun and founder of the Band Camp initiative Nordic Band Camp; a Nordic talent development project for musicians.

William is a musician and artist currently residing in Brighton, UK. He has released two albums under the moniker East India Youth, the first of which (TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER) was nominated for the 2014 Mercury Music Prize, and the second (CULTURE OF VOLUME) was released on XL Recordings. He has performed extensively and internationally for his entire adult life and hopes to continue to do so for the remainder of it. He is currently working on a new album and a collaborative multimedia art project that focuses on modern British suburbia. His music writing is regularly published in The Quietus and The Guardian.

William Doyle (UK)



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The Conference will take place at Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Vestre Strandgate 7. The hotel is located in the centre of the festival area, a stone’s throw from Teateret, our main venue.

After the Conference has closed each day, we invite our delegates to the official postConference meeting points to refuel and recharge, and continue their discussions on the points raised, before the concerts begin in the evening.

All program changes and additions will be announced both on sorveiv.no and the Conference’s Facebook event and Twitter account.

The Conference area is open from 0900 to 1800, Friday and Saturday. You’ll be able to collect your accreditation there. It will also be possible to get your collect it from Teatret on Thursday evening.

Concerts 40 up-and-coming artists and bands will perform on 6 stages during the 2 days of Sørveiv. The concerts are free for those with a delegate pass, and delegates will have priority admission. All venues are within a 300 metre radius of the Conference hotel, so you won’t need your hiking boots.

Friday 1730-1930, presented by Norske Konsertarrangører and Music Norway Saturday 1700-1900, presented by Ticketmaster Both events will be at Teateret, right across the street from the Conference hotel. Open both Friday and Saturday from 1200 to 0200, it’s an ideal place for idea exchange, meetings and a relaxing drink.

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