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Sortimo’s smallest mobile in-vehicle equipment.

The new LS-BOXX it offers more than you expect Sortimo’s smallest mobile in-vehicle equipment combines a machine case, a tool case and a small components case all in one compact unit that can be integrated with your Globelyst, Simpleco and CarMo equipment in your van or estate car. The LS-BOXX can be click-joined with all other boxes and accessory elements of the L-BOXX family (L-BOXXes 102, 136, 238, 374, roller, caddy). The LS BOXX has a large compartment with a lid for the storage of your valuable electric machines such as a cordless screwdriver, a drill, a compass saw, etc. The front side of the box offers room for two removable i-BOXXes for small parts or an i-BOXX in combination with a drawer for your tools.

Made in Germany 2


The practical BOXX for many different jobs

Sortimo’s smallest in-vehicle equipment is: compatible and comparable with:




the products of the L-BOXX family (L-BOXXes 102, 136, 238, 374)


the adapter plates for the cargo area of your van


the L-BOXX roller or caddy


the in-vehicle equipment for estate cars and SUVs: Sortimo’s CarMo


the in-vehicle equipment for your van: Globelyst


the L- and LS-BOXXes of our partners: Bosch, Fischer etc.







The LS-BOXX – for the everyday requirements of the different trades Interior decorators

Service technicians

Kitchen fitters


Stand fitters


Heating engineers

Sanitary engineers

Air conditioning technicians


and many more


i-BOXX and LS drawer the flexibility you need Attractively priced small drawer for the safe transport of small components such as screws, washers, dowels as well as wire end sleeves, etc. i-BOXX 53 for special height (44) inset boxes in different sizes i-BOXX 72 for height 66 inset boxes. Our i-BOXX 77 can be combined with standard inset boxes in different sizes. The transparent lid allows you to see straight away what is inside.


The body is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic. The handle is integral. Both the i-BOXX and the drawer are available separately. Free computer labels.

72 Safe transportation in the Sortimo i-BOXX. The high Sortimo quality you can expect.

Secure storage 8

The i-BOXXes and the LS drawer can be stored quickly and easily in the L-BOXX. The smart locking mechanism of the L-BOXX keeps the i-BOXX and drawer from falling out.

LS drawer

Available in two variants

The two variants are available as a set: Variant A: LS-BOXX 306 incl. 2 i-BOXXes 72 H3 129.50 ¤ Variant B: LS-BOXX 306 incl. i-BOXX 53 C44 + LS-T

99.50 ¤

Single BOXXes and drawers: LS-BOXX 306 empty 76.50 ¤ LS-drawer 92 (LS-T) empty 9.50 ¤ i-BOXX 53 empty 13.50 ¤ i-BOXX 72 empty 14.50 ¤ i-BOXX 53 (complete with inset boxes) 24.50 ¤ 9 i-BOXX 72 (complete with inset boxes) 27.50 ¤

The new i-BOXX lightweight yet robust

l i t ym a u q To parent lid macdaerbforonate

p ly Tr a n s e n g t h P o str h ig h

The transparent lid of the Sortimo i-BOXX allows you to see straight away what is in the box. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as ABS plastic in combination with Polycarbonate (CPO) Sortimo offers you a sturdy and well coordinated product. The i-BOXXes are easy to remove from the LS-BOXX. The integrated handle ensures comfortable carrying. When re-inserting the i-BOXXes in the LS-BOXXes, they lock and can be transported securely without any further locking mechanism. If you are using several LS-BOXXes, we are offering free computer labels for your i-BOXXes and the drawer.

Fulfills your individual requirements The i-BOXX is available in heights of 53 mm and 72 mm. It can be equipped with our inset boxes for different materials. All inset boxes have a different color code and can be used individually.

i-BOXX 53 A44


i-BOXX 53 B44

i-BOXX 53 C44

i-BOXX 53 I44

i-BOXX 72 A3

i-BOXX 72 B3

i-BOXX 72 C3

i-BOXX 72 I3

i-BOXX 72 H3


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