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Lake Wauberg’s South Shore fa ll 2 0 1 1 11 x 11 inches print Described as UF’s best kept secret, Lake Wauberg’s South Shore is a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. As It unfolds, the map magically points south. Folding it back isn’t easy, so you have to be smart to figure it out and only UF students are allowed access ; ).

What Color is Your Aura? Fall 2011 print 8 x 6 inches Completely re窶電esigned to include an interactive dvd questionnaire as well as a written test, this book determines your aura after 98 questions then refers you to a lengthy psychological account of your personality.

Photography Box Fall 2011 packaging 14 x 14 inches A photobox designed to package my photography project. A series of 50 prints describing my journey through Florida’s geological time.

Love Letter Box Spring 2012 laser cut on wood 12 x 12 inches This is the start of business I hope to create on etsy, selling engraved boxes online; the personalized way of gift-giving.

Frontier Label Re-design Fall 2011 print 3.6 inch x 6 inch A label and logo re– design aimed to more appropriately express the organic nature of Frontier Natural Products Co-op.

The Christian Guide to Life Spring 2012 print 8.5 x 11 A (sarcastic) map guiding you through the only two paths of life, Sin and Jesus. The life of a Sinner is regretfully short-lived. After participating in drugs, sex, and alcohol the sinner burns in hell, eternally.

The Christian Guide to Life Spring 2012 print 8.5 x 11

Zombie Vinyls Identity Fall 2011 digital print various Using the concept of transformation, I wanted the packaging to be as memorable and unique as the product. Recycling record covers encouraged this idea of a collection while also being the most economical choice. The poster describes the company, visually transforming a record into a stencil.

Zombie Vinyls Branding Book Fall 2011 print 8.5 inch x 11 inch Using their motto “We bring dead music back to life,� I revived styles from the sixties and seventies.

Break the Pattern Fall 2010 Digital Print 11 in x 17 in “Break the Pattern� is a charity fashion event allowing designers to donate their patterns for profit in an effort to provide relief to the victims of the Sudanese Civil War.


preserves my creativity

Hip Hop is Dead Summer 2010 to present acrylic paint on vinyls 12 in x 12 in A work in progress that I plan on doing as long as I love hip hop, only stopping when, in my opinion, hip hop dies.

The Tree of Life Summer 2011 acrylic paint & pastel on wood 4ft by 4 ft Comissioned to do my own interpretation of the Tree of Life, I questioned the origins of life and that nature of where its going by painting this on plywood.

Save Money, Live Better. Spring, 2009, WARP Plastic Bags Installation Inspired by the ironic tagline of Wal-Mart, this installation serves as a commentary on the conditions suffered by laborers in sweatshops. Allowing large multinational corporations to deliver ridiculously low prices while profiting in our capitalist system.

Cyclops Spring 2011 Pronto print on paper various sizes Working with the CMYK color scheme I transformed myself into a superhero alter–ego, Cyclops. This was a practice in composition, illustration, layout, and color.


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The Creative Portfolio of Sorina Vaziri  

design and a little bit of art

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