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Many long years ago I cut and pasted chapbooks by hand, printing out sheets of poems and copies of pictures and then placing them on pages that I had folded in sections to produce a book like product and then would run copies to staple inside the covers that were done separately on thick, almost cardboard weight paper. My mentor was K. Peddlar Bridges and it is because of him that I was able to come out of the shy, reclusive literary shadows that I hid in for most of my life. I never believed what I wrote was worth showing anyone and to me my journals were sacred vaults of feelings and dreams that either had not come to fruition yet or had been smashed cruelly. I saw no reason to put these emotional etchings or philosophical rants on display for others to read. The paradox is that I also had a strong compulsion to write and I knew what it was like to be alone with those writings. So when Peddlar began to draw me into the literary community with a dedication to helping other like souls to have their work highlighted or to share from the stage with others I was thrilled. The idea of doing for others what I could not do for myself energized me and became a passion that still spurs me on today.

Eventually I would come to stand on my own, editing and writing a poetry column for Don Clady's Connecticut Cruise News Newspaper, when Peddlar retired after many years of editing the columns that he wrote monthly for Don called the Poets' Corner. Don's generosity of ink and his kind heart and love for poetry was second to none that I have known then or since. He provided pages of print each month for Peddlar and I to bring forth new and seasoned writers into the spotlight. On my own standing, as Senior Columnist of the Poets' Corner, I was able to mentor other writers to contribute columns, such as our own co-founder of the Road Scribes of America (TM) 2012, Eddie "Sorez the Scribe" Pliska, Larry "American Biker Poet" Scerri (also a Charter Guardian of the Road Scribes of America (TM) 2012), and others such as our sister Road Scribe, Kate "Chopprkate" Johnson who was a feature columnist from time to time. There were many poets, writers, and other feature columnists over the years, too many to mention them all in this brief introduction, some of whom are Road Scribes today and some who are not, but the point is that even after retiring the column itself and moving on, the passion to draw other's work into the spotlight still burns for me.

One of the visions I have long held is to see Biker Poetry well placed alongside other styles, genres, and artistic mediums in the literary community. Biker Poetry has always been the heart of all my endeavors and there is nothing that pleases me more than to spotlight our biker brothers and sisters in this quarterly review alongside writers / poets / artists / photographers of the literary or artistic communities.

To celebrate the first edition of the Road Scribes of America (TM) 2012: Literary Review we will be featuring two of the Road Scribes of America, Kate "Chopperkate" Johnson and Fred "grumpy" Steel, as well as including writings or photography or both from all the Road Scribes of America this edition will include a review of ______ from the literary community at large. We hope you will enjoy the work presented and will take special note of the promotional ads for those who publish or advance the literary arts of the Road Scribes of America (TM) 2012 or the literary community through contributions, publishings or support.