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Welcome To Sore Throat Remedies

Introduction To Sore Throat Remedies Suffering from sore throat makes you feel irritated and annoyed. Do not let it spoil your days and look at the most effective home made remedies. Sore Throat Remedies provide facts and causes for Sore Throat. Be aware of Symptoms, causes and home or home based sore throat remedies.

Here are Some facts about Sore Throat  Nearly 70% of sore throat occurs due to viral infection and disappear on its own.  It also occurs by breathing dry and cold air through the mouth.  Antibiotics will make sterp throat better is true. But if your immune system is strong you then you don’t even need to take antibiotics.

Ginger and Honey for Sore Throat

Homemade remedies for sore throat is very beneficial treatment due of their qualities and not having any side effects.Combination of juice,honey and Ginger is best medicine for Sore Throat.

Eating's habit today has changed the way people live there life. Healthy living has gone far from our life and we sustain our health on medicines. We need to realize the importance or our life and significance of health in it.

Causes for Sore Throat  infection of tonsils  smoking  Arcanobacterium haemolyticum- Another bacteria which causes sore throat but mainly in adults.  Allergies- allergies can cause mild throat irritation which is not painful  Sinus- drainage during sinus is also one of the rars causes of sore throat.  vomiting- After vomiting also you can get a sore throat.

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Welcome to sore throat remedies