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Candidate Information IC3 maintenance and troubleshooting - Israel


The Israeli Railways has a long history of operating and maintaining an IC3 fleet originally consisting of 50 train sets, now 46 are in operation. In 2012 it was decided to outsource the maintenance of the fleet, and in 2013 Alstom Transportation won the tender. The 7th January 2014 Alstom/Citadis took over the maintenance with an organisation of approx. 80 people. There has been no transfer of people (knowledge) from ISR to Alstom/Citadis. Contract period is 7 years + 8 years optional. ISR is operating the fleet. The maintenance primarily takes place in Haifa and Lod and covers all maintenance except maintenance of HCC (High Cost Components), which is handled by ISR. The maintenance is carried out from a proven maintenance program. The oldest train sets are from the beginning of 1993, but newer train sets have been bought through the years, today there are 5 batches/series with different configurations. The average mileage is 2.400.000 Km (2400 Mm) and the fleet is expected to have an upgrade, in the form of a half-life maintenance, to ensure a forward reliable operation. Victum Management has supported Alstom France and Alstom Israel within different areas according to the tender process for more than one year. Victum Management has a very good cooperation with Alstom Transportation, and knows the Israeli organisation very well. We work with a high degree of professional attitude, to ensure that the customer is satisfied at all times.

The task

To support Alstom/Citadis within maintenance of IC3 in Israel, Haifa(75%) and Lod(25%) depots for one year (the group of XX people) will cover a 3 shift scheme for one year equal to 4 FTE: •Troubleshooting of any failures on the train sets within the electrical, software and the mechanical area, as corrective maintenance. •Troubleshooting of any failures or other maintenance tasks, when executing the preventive maintenance. •Performing some on the job training (small group), within the above areas. •Assisting with a hotline to the drivers (ISR), (the direct contact to the driver will be handled by Alstom/Citadis), to ensure that the driver will be able to solve a particular failure/task, so the train set can continue in operation.

Profile In general: •High social skills (4) •Professional attitude to ensure a satisfied customer (4) •Loyalty to the customer, the group and the employer (5) •Good technical English skills (3) •Experience from working abroad with IC3 in Sweden or in Israel (Israel is a plus) (4) •High level of stress, good level of energy (4) •Analytical approach to problem solving is a must (5) Professional skills: •10+ years of experience from IC3 and proven experience from troubleshooting and maintenance (4) •Experience using the documentation, as service manuals, component descriptions, description of functions, maintenance documentation circuit diagrams and spare part catalogues. (4) •Expert within the electrical / software areas and/or the mechanical areas (5) •One candidate with team leader potential Education: •Auto mechanic •Electrician •Smith •Other background

Technical areas We offer: •Competitive salary with a semi annual bonus (twice) and per diem •Apartment(s) with WIFI connection, in a good area in Haifa •Car(s) •All Insurances paid (TBD) •All travel expenses paid – related to the task •Vacation in Denmark (TBD), planned from an overall schedule •Working clothes and shoes •Work visa •Registration on the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs •On Site Education in the safety and evacuation plans •A Danish speaking partner on site •Full management backup (and technical backup TBD) from Denmark and Israel, with weekly (or as needed) skype sessions, to ensure that day to day issues are handled and addressed in a professional way. The director from Victum Management will be present in Israel xx days/month, and will be present in the first period, to introduce the group to Alstom/Citadis, and in general to ensure a good and professional start up. •Supporting one of the major players within the train business •The opportunity to make a difference in a young organisation •Outplacement assistance after the posting in Israel, from the Danish company Emply Consult/ETSTE Management

Candidate information - IC3 Maintenance  
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