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Timur turns one of hiz male elephants over to the people of Akşehir ordering them to take care of it . In addition to wreaking havoc in the town, get decent food for themselves A group of them visit Hoca with arequest : ‘’Please ask Timur to take monster back.’’ Hoca says:’’Form a committee . Let’s all go together. I will serve as your spokeman ‘’

A committee is formed of about fifteen prominent citizen of Akşehir. Hoca joins the. And they set out. But since these people are terrifed of Timur, they vansh one by one. Each one has an excuse : ‘’I have got to pass water ’’, ’’I have forgotten my tobacco box at home ,’’etc.

Assuming that the committe is right beh,nd him, Hoca riskly walks into Timur is tent and begins to make his please :’’ Sire , the poeople os our town ...’’He turn back a little to point them out and suddenly realizes that not one of them came into the tent.Since he had started making his please, he continues:  ‘’The people of our town are so hapy with the male elephant … They are happy beyond words. But there is a slight problem: The animal is lonesome and unhappy: we would like your Majesty to consider givng the of the town a female as a compain for him.’’ 

Timur is overjoyed to hear this please. ‘’All right ,’’he says:’ ı shall do what the people wish as soon as possible:’’  Hoca goes back to town. People gather round him asking him anxiously: ‘’ Please tell us , Hoca , what happened?’’ 

‘’ I have great news for you ,’’beams Hoca .’’to keep the male calamity company , a female calamity will soon arrive. Now you can rejoice.

Nasreddin Hodja and Timur