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Warrior Priestess

ISSUE NO. 3 | Priestess Experience


Cosmic Priestess Profesora

Julie Parker

The Experience of a Priestess

Stay Cosmically Sacred: A 21 Day Practice Oracle Deck

APRIL 2018

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You Are a Priestess

Priestess1 Healing

Stay Cosmically Sacred

From Sora


Dear Star Soul Sister, April has always been a special month for me. One that I dreaded for it reflected back to me how alone and disconnected I truly am. April, you see, is my birthday month. During this time of “celebration” I always feel I am living a lie. Each year I turn, the more I find that April is the month that feels like a great energy has become the judge, jury and executioner of my life. I stand before this greater being, also known as my ego, and testify why I am ready to move onto another year of my sacred life. I share all the learnings and try and prove my worth. As this is happening, I notice all the lessons from the past year are re-created. Well crafted, finely tuned, and brilliantly executed for me as my final test. I am quite dramatic, aren’t I? Talk about how a Cosmic Warrior Priestess creates a reality where she must fight the demon (my self-doubt), slay the darkness (my shadow), and save the world from extinction (my soul). What if I changed my perspective around this and chose to remove a layer or shift the game slightly? I can do that since I am the sole creator of my experience and the way I am personally perceiving it. So it’s time to change the game. This year, as I turn 40, I am standing in the arena already having won my battle. I’ve lived, and pretty damn well I feel. I reached 40 having almost died once, having been physically attacked several times, having been persecuted in past lives, and I’ve continued to show up everyday. Therefore, this year, I choose to continue on my path as a priestess, already feeling in alignment and humbly worthy of my place in this world. I don’t fear lack of wisdom, judgement from others around my knowledge, or even limited amount of abundance I can co-create. I shall have new lessons that I will be learning in my 40’s but it won’t be one from not knowing who I am or what I have to offer. My birthday blessing is: may each of you, Cosmic Warrior Priestesses, also feel you have the ability to let go of the doubt that you are worthy, that you know enough, or that you have what it takes to be out in the world doing your magical deeds. Enter April’s Warrior Priestess Book of Magic. Remember, The Warrior Priestess Magazine to the muggles may look like another pretend to be esoteric, goddess inspired, beautiful looking, downloadable pdf. But to the badass sorceress, mystic, medicine woman, witch, healer, shadow worker, lightweaver, this is a magic palimpsest - earlier writing by the High priestesses with transmissions directly from the Goddess that have been not erased but encoded. So read between the lines dear sister. Allow the words, the experience, and the act of dropping down and in, unlock your energetic system. Much of what will happen will be subtle and incomprehensible. This is the way of a weaver. For we are here to spin new life including new ideas, new forms, new economy, new business concepts, new relationships with all living things. Get ready. Find your pod. Activate your lei line. Let’s go on a journey.

With Love, Sora Photo by Fi Mins




I vow to embrace my body, harness my strength, trust my intuition, honor my knowing and fight for my sisters. I AM A POWERFUL WARRIOR PRIESTESS

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We, as a collective, are committed to our vision of creating a space where ‘ALL women can access their Warrior Priestess.’ We believe that when sisters connect with their truth, learn who they are, how they desire to be of service, and honor their gifts, we can bring healing and love onto this planet.

Our Mission is for all women to feel safe, witnessed, and celebrated through deep connection in sacred space. You are powerful. You are divine beauty. You are a potent warrior. You are a magical priestess.

becoming. May the warrior priestess call reverberate from within and encourage you to step into our temple space to be a vessel for the Great Mother. We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return to serve.

You have arrived and we celebrate your

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Cosmic Transmission: YOU ARE A PRIESTESS TUNE IN

Welcome sisters to your Warrior Priestess Transmission. Our transmission, meaning the council that supports Sora Surya No, along with Sora will be sharing simple practices to help you strengthen your temple body space. These practices are to remind you that it is important to intentionally take care of your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your ethereal body, your spirit, your soul, and your energy systems that resides in different worlds and different times. You live in a world where complex thinking is celebrated. To prove your worth, one must sound incredibly intelligent or create a new, mind blowing practice or solution.

a concept is shows the purity behind it and it lands in your system effortlessly. These fundamental teachings then encodes into your DNA and restructures your entire programming. You will realize that this uncomplicated structure actually reveals its layers, one after another. What your mind finds easy, you begin to locate the rich layers underneath them allowing your whole body to understand through natural, 3-D, life experiences.

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The above will be shared each month as a reminder not only to your mind, but as a prompt for your subtle body to settle in and open itself up to cosmic teachings.

Open sacred space..

Warrior Priestess trainees, we shall be returning to the basics. The more basic 8

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It’s time for your soul reflection What does the word priestess mean to you? Do you feel you are a priestess and if so why or why not? What triggers do you have around the word priestess? Close your eyes. Enter a cosmic journey through this audio meditation.


Activation now begins. As you listen, open your awareness and begin to notice what happened to your body, to your emotions, to your thoughts, and to your ethereal body. Say yes and journey through the field and access additional information to help you understand how you are a priestess. Activation is now complete. 10


Cosmic Healing: PRIESTESS HEALING I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess. I am supported in this lifetime. I am safe to be the fullest expression of me in this lifetime. I walk my path with a courageous heart. I cultivate and use my magic with intention and love. I am here to humbly be of service. I am reverent to the mysteries of life and of the unseen. I honor the teachings of my ancestors. I have created solid grounding mechanism and nourish my rooting system. I believe in myself. I am a Sovereign Queen. I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.


P hh oo tt oo b b yy K Wi lelsi a l eny PQhua im nn P




Julie Parker

What does priestess mean to you today? Priestess means intention, sacredness, beauty, the divine, the goddess, service and devotion. It means all of those things to me and so much more. One of the great powers of the priestess and the divine and the feminine is being fluid and being in flow. And so it can mean different things to me on different days. How may you explore the path of a priestess? I first heard the word priestess around five years ago, which is not very long ago in the grand scheme of one’s life and the universe. I had an embodied reaction to it. It really just hit me deep in my heart and also my womb space. And even though I’d never heard the word and I didn’t really know what it meant, my intuition and my soul voice said to me, you are one of those. I needed to explore. I started to and I’ve never stopped exploring it since, so it’s been more than five years now that I’ve been exploring it through my thinking brain, I suppose you could say. How have women in your own lineage been priestesses? What I soon came to realize, the more I found out who the priestess was, (where she’d come from, what she did, how she embodied, how she was in service in the world) was that despite the fact that I didn’t really know what the word meant until a more recent time in my life, I had in fact been one all my life; and that I had come from a lineage of women who, while they had never claimed themselves as such, where one as well, because of the spiritual and devoted service that they had been in to their communities, and in particular, to women. They were healers and nurses and midwives, and way back beyond then, witches and herbalists and so many other beautiful, extraordinary skills that are related to the service of the priestess. Are you ready to claim you are a priestess?

Hailed by ELLE Magazine as a ‘self-help guru,’ Julie Parker is the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains + supports heart centered people to become life coaches. The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, Priestess Podcast host + in demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world and is the recipient of numerous leadership + women’s business awards. Julie is also a modern day Priestess with a focus on her Celtic, Nordic, Roman + Mayan lineage. She is committed to contributing to a world where qualities of intuition, presence, nurturing, spiritual exploration, social justice + service are honoured. Julie is currently undertaking intensive training to become a Priestess of the Magdalene + she holds sacred circles in honour of the Goddess + Wheel of the Year regularly. She is currently writing a book on the modern Priestess. You can find out more about Julie + her work at 14 Photos by

If you’re thinking that then you are and you have, you don’t need my permission or you don’t need Sora’s permission, but you should give yourself permission to claim that because if there’s one thing that the world needs right now, it’s more women that are connected to their own divinity, their own spiritual path and source, and the inspiration of the goddess and so much more, and are in devoted service to others. Boy, do we need that. So don’t hide, claim it. Are you willing to go into the depths to meet and commune with your shadow? The great work of the priestess, from my perspective, is working on her own shadow and ego. And that to me is the opening portal of what it means to go deeper. Because for a 15


priestess to truly embody the priestess archetype as well as walk that path in life, you really do have to come to such a gentle, compassionate, loving, extraordinarily close and connected relationship with yourself first above everybody else. It’s beyond the platitudes of self love quotes or bubble baths or going to a spa or, or you know, meditating occasionally outside. This is the deeper work that involves us all. How may we continue to celebrate this path with you? I’m continuing to love releasing episodes of The Priestess Podcast every week. That is part of my service. It’s part of my priestess service to the world to offer up these brilliant and beautiful conversations with extraordinary devoted women talking about so many different aspects of our spirituality.

Julie Parker


Listen to the Audio: TUNE IN


we all have a red thread,

Listen to The Priestess Podcast. The most exciting thing that I have coming up with something with you and it’s called the Priestess Mistress Mind, which is a part of the Priestess Temple School and I am so deeply excited about this journey.


and we all have a white thread

Learn more about the Priestess Mistress Mind



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divine and devoted and ancient priestess mysteries EXIST THROUGH OUR LINEAGE OF WOMEN... IT’S OUR PAST.


What does priestess mean to you today?


How may you explore the path of a priestess?


How have women in your own lineage been priestesses?


Are you ready to claim you are a priestess?


Are you willing to go into the depths to meet and commune with your shadow?


How may we continue to celebrate this path with you?


C O S M I C I N T E N T I O N P R AY E R I call forth The Great Mother, The Goddess The one who creates all life deep within her womb space The Goddess who catches a dream from the stars, the desires from the Great Sun, The intentions carried from far and wide from the Great Wind, Sprinkled over the mountains, rivers, trees, and all of Earth’s creatures And heard by the Great Spirit You are all Great. We are all Great. You teach us about the delicate, strong, intricate, wise medicine of the heart. It is when we drink this sweet nectar produced from All Living Being’s heart space do we begin to understand our path as a Priestess. Thank you Goddess. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Stay Cosmically Sacred: 2 1 - D AY P R A C T I C E

I warn you now, dear sister. This will not be a gentle experience. This will be confronting, triggering, potent medicine calling you forward with no more excuses. We are being asked during this practice to notice how we still play victim. How we still pull on the energy of despair, frustration, bitterness, jealousy. It’s time to get clear and clean our internal system from this. We are being tested to see if we can unhook the bounds that keep us restricted and small. The thunder cries out. The battlefield is our own inner blocks. The weapon of choice is love. The soldiers that are with us are our tribe of sisters fighting alongside of us. The goal is to courageously liberate our hearts and return to our souls. The graphic will pull you in, the prayer will activate your energetic body, the concept will trigger your internal mechanism, and your reflections will shift your way of being. And even with the depths of this experience, the one thing we can rely on to truly create the shifts and the magic is when we learn to not take things too seriously. May all of this be done with a curious and playful spirit.

Stay Sacred, Sora 27

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am devoted.

Stay Cosmically Sacred: 2 1 - D AY P R A C T I C E You may desire to work each practice daily for 21-days. Each practice is numbered so you may desire to follow the order in which it is in.

Stay Cosmically Sacred Magical Deck You may also choose to print and cut each practice and use it like a magical oracle deck. To do this... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Print all 21 practices. There are three to a page. Cut each practice in its entirety. Fold along the line so that all you see is the concept name on the right Smudge your cards Shuffle your cards Take a moment and ask which card is worth your exploration together and breathe into the cards 7. Choose a card to work with today 8. Look at and feel the visual 9. Read and feel the practice 10. Journal your findings

How often have you said you’ll do something from beginning to end and then it’s flopped? Part of it could be where your planets are housed in your astrological chart. It could be you are an introvert or an extrovert, or an INFP or an ENFJ, or possibly because you are a Projector, or you are in your luteal cycle of your moon cycle. Or is it too masculine to push or too feminine to flow? What if we came back to the basics. Everyday you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Everyday you remember to drink water at least once, though hopefully you are drinking water more than that. Everyday you wake up and you go to sleep - whether it’s restful or not is another conversation. Everyday you check Facebook and Instagram. So, what if everyday you joined our practice. Never wavering, never making excuses about time. Stay Sacred Practice I invite you to close your eyes and drop in. Open your heart and begin to weave threads of loving devotion from your heart-center to all parts of your physical and celestial body. Now whisper, I am devoted to this practice. It isn’t about when I begin or when I end, but rather that every day I shall show up to practice being a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I thrive. With compassion I say, enough. I invite you to take a look at where you are still being a victim. Where do you notice you cling on to the idea of being a survivor? How often do you desire to “share your story,” you know, the one that explains the hardships you have faced and why you are now the powerful being you are. Notice your language. Are you mindfully choosing your words? Are you taking the time to consider the impact you have when you speak? What are you sharing? A priestess is still human and so we celebrate having a range of emotions, feelings and experiences. We do not numb or hide away from them but we also don’t vent, show up just so others can feel sorry for us, or decide to dump the energy that we want to clear on others, even via social media. We are responsible beings which means we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Thrive and speak your truth from your power. Stay Sacred Practice Today, your practice is to share yourself in this group. Sister, you are here to THRIVE.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Do you believe it? Let’s cut the bullshit. Let’s not be on the spiritual high-horse and share how much we believe we are beautiful beings, sacred and divine and that all of our so-called-flaws are not bothering us. As priestesses, we can feel jealousy, imperfectionism, too small, too large, too tall, too thin, too light, too dark, too loud, too quiet, too curvy, too flat, too dull, too out there. I invite us not to numb from the idea that our mind is constantly comparing us to others and judging how we are separate from “them.” I invite us not to bypass this part of ourselves. I also invite us not to go down this downward spiral of self-indulgent bashing of our inner temple which consisted of our mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Stay Sacred Practice Unpack the above and internalize the following statement: I am a multidimensional being that feels ALL the emotions and think ALL the thoughts. I gently acknowledge that these emotions and thoughts make me human and my humanness is the greatest gift of all. I am beautiful in all of my imperfections and that in itself is the perfect construct of my life. I am a brilliant architect of my life.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am so grateful. Sisters, we speak about gratitude a huge amount in Sacred Circle. But let’s speak about the shadow quality of gratitude, particularly entitlement. Entitlement is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Sisterhood doesn’t give you a golden ticket to assume you will get special treatment or that you are privileged to gain access to a person. Stepping into your power and reclaiming your gifts doesn’t mean you deserve to be a guest teacher or speaker. Healing your wounds doesn’t mean you deserve recognition from those that have helped guide you. Rather than cutting into our wounds of not being seen, valued, appreciated, witnessed, and loved to continue to sting by staying in this subtle place of entitlement, what if we moved into gratitude? Stay Sacred Practice Journal where you notice behavior of entitlement. Removing the judgement around it and allowing it to show up. Uncover the reasons for it such as the desire to be seen and heard or the desire for validation. Acknowledge how you have placed someone on a pedestal and have expected them to do the same for you. Share below and let us together, in sisterhood, release this with GRATITUDE.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I witness my sisters.


One of our greatest strengths as Cosmic Warrior Priestesses is honing in on our ability to truly listen to those around us and through a clear lense, not tainted by our own judgement, learn how to clearly see someone’s divinity. Have you noticed how often you or others may feel called to give advice on social media? How often is advice given when the post clearly does not ask or invite it? Possibly the sister is desiring to be witnessed and to be heard. She may not even need positive feedback, solutions, or support. Can you find a way to comment that shows you see her, you feel her, you witness her? Stay Sacred Practice Today I invite you to listen. Listen to your friends, family, clients, and/or sisters. Letting go of the need to interject or provide solutions to their problems. Energetically clean the lense of your third eye, and then with a soft gaze, witness the dear soul in front of you come into his or her highest form. Share in the group how this felt for you.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I release. Oh sister, how much I love and respect you for moving through the past five days. You went under and excavated so much. Today I invite you to rest and release. Nourishing your body with some delicious food, take a lovely nap, and find a way to carve out space that feels intentional. You give yourself permission make the day look and feel however you desire. You always have a choice so what mindful choices will you make today? Stay Sacred Practice Snuggle under your favorite blanket or lay on your favorite rug. Take 7 long, luscious, deep breaths and allow yourself to just be. Imagine the sun beaming on your face and you are a picturesque, feminine being taking your time with the day. Daydream and allow yourself to be swept up with what a magical day could look like. Acknowledge with gratitude the deep work you have been doing and allow the snuggling on the couch, bed, floor be a way to release all that you have processed. Use your breath to surrender even deeper into the floor and let Mother Earth soak up all of your uncoverings.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am wise.


Facts are around you. Endless amount of facts but when they inform you in a way that feels meaningful, then you have information. Information is what you get when you seek to gain more knowledge in an area. Once this is organized in a way that help you understand the world better, you may begin to discern what feels true to you. This is wisdom. Cosmic Warrior Priestess you are a wise woman. Your own experiences can help you form your own ideas that can help another sister through her battle. Your wisdom lies within you and you may tap into it through inner reflection and sharing your own personal tools that have helped you move through life.


Stay Sacred Practice • Share what information you are currently gathering. • What knowledge have you gained? • Declare you are a WISE Cosmic Warrior Priestess.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am a sister. How do you feel about sisterhood? Are you ready to create loving boundaries? Are you ready to say an honest no. Are you ready to tell your sister, yes? Have you experienced profound sisterhood relationships where you are all IN no matter what? Have you ever just ghosted a friendship with a sister with no explanation? Have you felt yourself on the other side of this? Take a moment and write down your answers to the above questions. Journaling can help you uncover even more so let yourself go there even if you desire to explain to me how much you dislike writing or you don’t process this way. I hear you sister and let’s give it a go anyway. Stay Sacred Practice Today I invite you to write the first name of a sister without having to tag her, below in the comments section, and share how much you love her. Share how you are committed to the relationship and navigating tricky situations. Share how you are open to closing the circle of a relationship when the time comes with love. Nothing lasts forever including sister-ships so can we gracefully untie from one another without ghosting?


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am a weaver. On this gorgeous day I would like to take a moment and thank you so much. You have been weaving your presence into this group through your shares, your devotion, your support, your practice. Your willingness to go deep and uncover your path as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess has been such an important part of my own unfolding. Thank you. As weavers, we energetically create threads of connection in sacred space. Today I invite you to make those weavings known. Stay Sacred Practice In our Facebook group please share your name and little bit about yourself. Allow your soul to speak through you so we can feel you rather than read your bio. This isn’t about showing how awesome you are. Instead, let us feel and witness how sacred you are. Help us physically see our weaving come to life.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am seen.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I forge close bonds. You have shared who you are, standing in the energy of a Cosmic Warrior Priestesses. Now it’s time to make connections. You may wonder how do you create and build community online and offline. There is no easy formula that will support this. The ease, grace, and joy comes from spending time making connections one woman at a time. Stay Sacred Practice Read through the Stay Cosmically Sacred posts and if you haven’t done so already, comment on your sisters’ shares. Be intentional and present while you do so. You do not need to respond with a lengthy reply but energetically be willing to see your sister. Forge your bond with your fellow Warrior Priestesses.


It’s time to let the barrier that you may have put up to dissolve the you against the “others” that have protected you from fully being seen. Sometimes it’s not about being louder, having more screen time, sending more blog posts, doing more Facebook lives. Sometimes it’s about energetically noticing how you are still hiding under your invisible cloak which means no matter that you do, your authentic self will not be felt. Stay Sacred Practice Imagine you have this beautiful cloak wrapped around you. Are you willing to disrobe? Are you willing to step forth on this path of a priestess and unapologetically be you? With nothing standing in the way of your frequency, amplify your energy outward. From this place play with sharing your message. Notice if there is a difference and post below.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am in right relation with the Great Mother Mother Earth has been an amazing guiding force in your life. Are you in relation with her or do you find yourself having to remember to give thanks and commune in her presence? Do you speak about rituals and altar craft as part of the way in which you serve your sisters in your community? Do you have beautiful sacred tools that you use in ceremonial way?

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I love to play. Though Saturdays aren’t the only time a Warrior Priestess is invited to play, we do need to make sure this is a practice that we get serious about. All work and being of service and no delightful play makes a Cosmic Warrior Priestess lose her easy access to magic and light. We don’t want that to happen! So get your wings cleaned, your crown dusted, your magic wand ready and let’s go on a journey. Stay Sacred Practice Get curious and notice what is one thing you have desired to do since the New Year that you vowed you would do that you have not done yet. Yes to all the reasons (aka excuses) as to why you haven’t done it and now let’s get to action.


Stay Sacred Practice Can you devote 5 minutes to providing an offering to Mother Earth outside everyday for the next 21 days? What would it take to do this? What will this personal ritual look like?

Place in the comments section below how you will play today. Magical, mystical, out-of-this-world play with your cosmic beings. Don’t overthink this or try to top another sister. This is a personal exploration that is done to nourish your soul.

Then begin to journal where your rituals and spiritual practices come from. How are you guiding others and in what way may you continue to do so with humility and reverence to those that have come before you.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I always give myself permission to rest.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I embrace life. Bless today and everyday we have living life force coursing through our bodies.

Honor the rhythms of your internal clock and body. Notice what your relationship to rest is and how you personally define the concept of rest. How does it align with your state of being at this moment and how does it feel misaligned - a misrepresentation of what you think others believe rest is or how you enjoy rest? Rest can look different for each priestess. It could mean laying in bed and reading a good book or it could me taking a stroll in the forest. Rest could mean the following… • • • • • • • • • •

taking space for yourself not working or supporting others being supported having time of leisure unwind pause relax ease off recharge luxuriate

Stay Sacred Practice How do you actually desire to rest? Share in the comments below your ideal rest day. And then go ahead and enjoy it today!

And yet, do you know where the practice comes from? Do you know where your tools are being sourced from? Are you activating and breathing into life your items on your altar and taking great care of them, treating them as if they are living, breathing forms of life for they are. This is the time to get serious about your practice. Lead by example and do it with while being awake to being in right relation with the ancestors, the linenage, the culture in which you are partaking in.



Have you noticed when we are ill, such as when we have the flu, how much we appreciate the immense undertaking our body does to keep us functioning? For those sisters who are currently going through a health concern, I witness you and your courage. We take life for granted. We look outside of ourselves striving for more until we are thrown into the underbelly of Pachamama and forced to look at what we have been missing out on. Before this happens again, let us really embrace life. How often are you still striving instead of THRIVING? Where are you feeling lack rather than ABUNDANCE? What do you think you are challenged by rather than being STRENGTHENED? Stay Sacred Practice Life is. You are. It is. Let go of the pain that is causing you suffering. When the core belief tied to the pain which is cravings or misaligned desires are released, your suffering eases and changes. What is the essence of your truth? A gentle reminder that even this too shall pass for nothing is permanent. Journal and share what comes up for you.



Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am my breath. Today it is simple. Breathe. Breathing is an automatic, involuntary act that your body does due to the a system in your brain sending signals down your spinal cord and to the muscles that help regulate your breathing. Your body knows what to do without you controlling it. Can you imaging moving through life trusting that ALL of you knows what to do and there is no need to control anything? How liberating that would be. Stay Sacred Practice Take 7 long, deep breaths and watch how it settles your energetic body. From this place take notice with curiosity and awe as you begin to breathe without force. Can you allow it to happen while taking noticing without changing or manipulating your breathing? How can you do this in life?


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am an alchemist. A priestess fine-tunes her skills and comes to a place in her life when she is ready to not only go wide and learn a breathe of new things but actually desires to go deep into mastery. Stay Sacred Practice What does it mean to be an alchemist? How are you a student of alchemy? How may a Warrior Priestess use this knowledge in her work, in her world? Please share your thoughts.


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I make my vow. Sisters, we only have 4 more days of our practice. May we come together and finish as a group with devotion. The last handful of practices will be with shared with no personal thoughts or guidelines for as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess, there are times when you will be asked to courageously step forward and carve a path not taken by others.

Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am truth.


Stay Sacred Practice Write a vow. Write a deep devotional commitment letter to yourself and share it with the group.

You have uncovered so much in this experience. Thank you for spending so much time uncovering how you are a priestess. Stay Sacred Practice It’s time to share your truth. What are you standing for? What do you believe? What do you know? What are you still learning? What support do you need? How are you being of service?


Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I am love. Thank you. Prayer: I am a Cosmic Warrior Priestess and I unite with my sisters. Women are waiting to join you. They listen to the winds to hear your cry, they watch the waters to see if it changes course, they feel the air and notice if there are messages whispering in the wind. Stay Sacred Practice Create a personal Cosmic Warrior Priestess chant and voice it out loud. We are here, waiting to join you.


Thank you for going on this cosmic earth journey with me as a Warrior Priestess. Thank you for showing up for yourself and your sisters. Thank you for participating in the practice. I see you. I feel you. I love you. It does not matter if you were incredibly active in the group or you decided you would rather quietly engage. You did it sister! Stay Sacred Practice Celebrate with love. How will you acknowledge the completion of this practice?


Stay Cosmically Sacred Practice Reflections


Stay Cosmically Sacred Practice Reflections


Stay Cosmically Sacred Practice Reflections


Stay Cosmically Sacred Practice Reflections


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Mistress Mind


JULY 2018 - AUGUST 2019 14 Month Online Sacred Priestess Journey + Initiation INCLUDES: • Group Video Circles • 1:1 Coaching • Intimate Sister Group Calls • Facebook Group • Priestess Interviews and Live Group Coaching • Virtual Retreats Celebrating the Wheel of the Year • Worksheets, Quizzes, Meditations, Journal

EXPERIENCE: • Your Personal Priestess Magick • Working Consciously With Your Goddesses • Uncovering Your Shadow, Releasing Wounds + Soul Retrieval • Wheel of the Year Honouring (Northern & Southern) • Ritual Creation + Ceremony

Investment: $6500 USD Full Payment Payment Plan: Deposit $1000 USD + 12 monthly payments x $465 USD

Journey to Peru


Optional In Person Retreats: Mornington Peninsula, Australia (August 30th - Sept 2nd 2018) $1200 USD

Glastonbury, United Kingdom (August 1st - 4th 2019) $2000 USD

24 Women Only To Reserve Your Mistress Mind Place or for Further Information Email Julie + Sora at


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“I wish I could show you,

when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being ”



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Warrior Priestess Magazine Issue 3  
Warrior Priestess Magazine Issue 3