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Soramist Chintanamanus January 2012 Interaction Design Ume책 Institute of Design in collaboration with Swedbank

No one knows the future for certain. The little squirrel starts saving up nuts since the beginning of the Fall. So even i f the snow arrives early this year, he will have plenty of food to survive the harsh Winter.

During the Winter, it’s dark and cold outside. Fortunately, the little squirrel have saved enough to afford a nice and cozy house so he can stay com fortable inside.

The little squirrel has an ultimate dream — to start his own design studio and a cafe. In order to ful fill his dream, he decides to go for the best design school in town. Once again, saving saves his dream!

It’s finally Summer! After having saved for the whole year, the little squirrel rewards himsel f with a vacation on the beach in Thailand. Totally worth the effort!

The little money collector

The Concept This little squirrel house serves as a digital piggy bank where children can use their prepaid card to deposit their money in. It connects directy to the savings account from the bank and when they have saved up to certain amount of money, it will issue a sticker badge that represents the money for them to collect. The sticker badges come in variations and it depends on different situation and occation. For example if a girl receive money gift from her grandmom, it will print out granny badges, or if she saves some money on Cristmas day, she will get Christmas badges. Kids can either collect the stickers in story book which represents long-term savings or in the receipts for short-term goals. In the book, there will be a series of stories of “The Little Nut Hoarder� that aim to teach kids about the reasons why saving is important as well as how

For short-term savings, parents can help kids set up the goals and print out receipts for kids to save up. This will make saving more tangible as well as give kids awareness of the value of things.

Den Lilla Nötsamlaren  
Den Lilla Nötsamlaren  

The Little Nut Hoarder