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THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO SERVE YOU Need cash for the Mountain Fair? Our Alpine Bank Mobile ATM* will be conveniently placed in the park, or stop by the Alpine Bank ATM across from the Crystal Theatre in Carbondale.

38 LOC ATIONS FROM DENVER TO DUR ANGO *A $3.50 fee will be charged to non-Alpine Bank customers.

2 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

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Welcome to the 46th Carbondale Mountain Fair:


on the way back home we sang a song But our throats were getting dry then we saw the man from across the road With the sunshine in his eyes

The Carbondale Creative District Celebrates One Year August 11, 5-10 pm

Don’t miss our one year celebration on August 11th with the Band of Heathens and Friends. The 4th Street Plaza in Carbondale will be hopping with creatives, Rosybelle, the Mobile Maker Bus, craft beers and liquors, local food and live music. The evening will end with the Mountain Fair Slide Show, which will not be seen at the fair this year due to the early closing.

Well he lived all alone in his own little home With a great big gallon jar there were bottles too, one for me and you and he said Hey! there you are oh, the water oh, the water oh, the water Get it myself from the mountain stream – Van Morrison We can’t live without it and, yet, at times, we have to fight for it. This year we experienced an Indigenous fight for water rights at Standing Rock, one of the hottest years on record throughout the world, higher than normal ocean temperatures and record droughts throughout the world. That is why we feel it is important to focus on, and honor, water this year. We are lucky to live in a region bountiful in water!



M’ni Wiconi

Water is Life! Meet some of the Water Protectors from the Cheyenne River Tribe in South Dakota. They spent almost a year at Standing Rock. Find out what their next steps are. How to keep the Standing Rock spirit alive while dealing with real life issues like poverty, addiction and post traumatic stress syndrome. Listen to their music on Sunday morning as we share in their tribal drumming and dance. Support their efforts by buying some of their crafts.

This fair is dedicated to

DJ Phathead

You heard him on this stage, in the Jam Tent and on KDNK Community Radio. DJ Phathead brought freestyle to the fair! We know he’s rapping us a song right now!!

The CCD is going strong! Check out our web page at This place will help you search the district and find over 250 creatives in the area, find the latest news and happenings and meet the folks that make it happen creatively in the region.

Index Welcome................................................... 3 important information..................... 5 Schedule ............................................ 6-10 Fairgrounds map......................... 12-13 artists ................................................ 14-19 Food vendors ...................................... 20 Games ...................................................... 21 thank you...................................... 22-23 �2017 Mountain Fair 3

Carbondale Arts Hot Tips for the Fair and Carbondale Life In General We embrace creativity and inspiration here so the best way to be part of this community is let your colors shine. 1. The fair has costume themes each day and we love those that join in! Check page 6.

Photo by Eric Allen

5. Stop by the Carbondale Arts Silent Auction Booth for best deals. 6. Buy your t-shirts early!! 7. Volunteer all year long! Don’t just save it for the fair. 8. Ride your bike as often as you can. 9. DO NOT MISS MarchFourth Marching Band!

2. Carbondale has many nonprofits and organizations and getting involved with any of them can enhance your life.

10. See live music, dance and art as often as possible.

3. Shop early at the fair! It is cooler and you have more choices!

10. Stay informed at

4. Don’t miss special family entertainment in the Oasis, especially the Dance Show on Friday night!

“EartH without art is just eh”

Mountain Fair Sustainability reuse is the key to reducing our waste and lowering our environmental fair-print! If we love our Mother Earth, it is now time for all of us to take personal responsibility in keeping her healthy. REDUCING and REUSING are important steps toward a zero-waste culture. While composting and recycling help, they are secondary. How can we all do this at Mountain Fair? Simply by using fewer single-use, disposable cups, plates and utensils. You can accomplish this by being aware of a few Green Team operations:

❁ rEuSE by bringing your own water bottles,

plates, cups and utensils to the fair; wash them and take them home. It's like camping! ❁ Buy a souvenir stainless steel cup at the fair and reuse it for all your drinking needs. They are great for hot or cold drinks, soups etc. Composting and recy-

4 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

Photo by Renee Ramge

cling are the next best personal steps at the fair. Please be part of this solution, not the problem, by assisting the volunteer-powered Green Team with proper sorting at the waste stations.

PLEaSE rEMEMBEr: • Sort your waste in the properly marked containers at our wellmarked waste stations where you will find friendly volunteers. Just about anything you pur-

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Important Information



chase from a food vendor goes in the green compost bins. All food scraps, utensils, plates, bowls, cups and paper products are compostable.

❁ aLL beer cups are CoMPoStaBLE! •We do not sell bottled water at the fair. We have several WATER STATIONS full of clean mountain water marked with red and white water signs. Please bring your own reusable container and keep it with you.

• If you are finished with your program, please promote REUSE by leaving it at the Entrance/Exits for others to use.

We thank our zero-waste community partners: Evergreen Zero Waste, Pitkin County Compost Facility,Town of Carbondale, New Belgium Brewery, the Carbondale Environmental Board and YOU for being part of the Green Team! Stop by the Green Team tent to learn more!


Photo by Renee Ramge

aLCoHoL Cannot BE BrouGHt into tHE ParK or taKEn out

❁ Buy your refreshments at the Sopris Cantina and walk around the park (except the Oasis). The Cantina sells New Belgium beer, the locally made Roaring Fork Beer - Mountain Fair Brew, local vodka from Marble Distillery and our famous Stripped mojitos, as well as Big B's hard ciders. Special Marble Marys will be available Saturday and Sunday mornings. ❁ IDs and wristbands are required for persons drinking alcohol. All coolers will be inspected at the entrances of the fair, and we expect all fairgoers to comply with these regulations.


❁ MUST BE PARKED in the bike corrals at the Forest Service parking lot off Weant or the Seventh Street swimming pool area. Failure to comply may result in removal of your bike from the park. Thanks to Aloha Mountain Cyclery!

HanDiCaPPED ParKinG & HanDiCaPPED rEStrooMS

Photo by Renee Ramge

❁ Parking and handicappedaccessible restrooms are available at the Forest Service parking lot on Main Street, which allows easy access into the Oasis area. ❁ Park restrooms are also handicapped accessible.

❁ Proper identification must be posted on vehicles or they will be towed.

FirSt aiD

❁ The Carbondale Fire District will once again staff the First-Aid Booth, located in front of the pavilion at the Open Space.

CooL DoWn

❁ A misting shower will be set up behind the gazebo at the corner of Seventh and Euclid. Fairgoers are invited to cool off throughout the day.

LaWn CHairS, uMBrELLaS & SHaDE CoVErinGS

❁ Shade tents are chosen through a lottery process. This process ended on July 20. If you did not get a chance to participate we are very sorry. Lottery winners are still expected to share their space if they are not using it. ❁ Lawn chairs placed in an arc in front of the sound booth must be of the low variety, without a high back.

REMINDERS NO dogs, pets or glass allowed in the park. Citations from the police will be issued. NO alcohol may be brought into the park or taken out. NO bicycles in the park. �2017 Mountain Fair 5


The 46th Annual

Carbondale Mountain Fair This fair is filled with some strong local staples and some fresh new sounds to create another memorable experience for those who venture out. This year’s theme is W � ater� . In the spirit of this theme we offer inspiration for costuming, tattooing and general creativity. Bathing suits, mermaid tails and fish suits are welcome!

Friday: under the Sea

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free�

Saturday: Shiny

Humans like glitter because of our evolutionary instinct to seek out water. The need to stay hydrated has kept us on the lookout for shimmering rivers, therefore giving us an impulse for shiny things.�

Sunday: Storm

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass...It’s about learning to dance in the rain.� Your MC’s for the weekend are: Katrina Byars, Amy Kimberly, Kat Rich, Samuel Bernal-Urbina

FRIDAY, JULY 28 Fair oPEnS at noon For artiSan BootHS A quiet time to shop the amazing array of arts and crafts. Support the artists who help support this fair! HOT TIP: Check out the Carbondale Arts Silent Auction booth for the best deals at the fair while helping arts education in our schools! o 2:00 oasis Carnival opens! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble! G 4:00 opening Blessing with Cheyenne River Tribe and Lightning Heart G 4:00 rhythm of the Heart Community Drum Circle Bring a drum, percussion instrument or bucket and join in the fun. G 5:00 Spoken Word Blessing by Will Evans G 5:00 Sleepy Justice From the Roaring Fork Valley these sophomores attending RFHS and CRMS, began jamming together in an after school program in 7th grade. Henri Jones, Oskar Pederson, Travis Ochko, Diego Valdez, Ben Haag and Rex Hamilton. G 5:45 Spore Favore Spore Favore is a local favorite of long time valley musicians who mix jam rock, bluegrass, gypsy and more into danceable grooves.


G Gazebo

o oasis

6:00 Support Your Local artists opening Party A core mission of Carbondale Arts is promoting local artists. Please stop by the Locals’ Gallery and see the incredible talent that lives in this valley! Paintings and prints, jewelry and photography, pottery and glass. Artists include: Andréa Bersson, Becky Chase, Brian Colley, Katherine Dessert, Staci Dickerson, Suzanne Frazier, Giana Grossman, Sharill Hawkins, Gwen Hill, Asha Ironwood, Judy Milne, Modern West Floral Co., Penelope Olson, Nancy Peterson, Mike Rand, Carly Rosenthal, Trout Bandits, Greg Watts, and Pam Williams. This year it is expanded to the Silent Auction Booth! o 6:30 oasis tent Dance & Music Show! The Oasis Stage Friday Evening Show is an annual fair favorite! Come enjoy this year’s varied dance styles and music! Tucked in the children’s area, the Oasis Stage will host some amazing family friendly performers from Carbondale to New Mexico. This year’s lineup features: Keano and her Roaring Fork Hip-Hoppers; Red Desert Muse Belly Dance Troupe – Kayleigh, Melissa & Holly from Farmington New Mexico; Travis tap dancing; Tus Nua Belly Dance of Glenwood - Sarah, Denise, Ginger, Shanti, Zuzka, Heather & Megan; Let’s Just Dance – Eileen & Bill; and Tanell Dances with live drummers to kick off celebrating opening evening at mountain fair. Community opportunity to perform – join us next time! Contact: All styles of dance & music welcome. G 7:15 the Edgerly Sisters present: the Watering Hole Elyssa and Jacqui offer an aerial hoop duo in collaboration with singer Hilary Doyle. This performance is a soulful expression of the significance of water as a gathering place for life, unification and peace. G 7:45 undiluted Poems Poets of the Poetry Brothel featuring Alyssa Szczelina, Elissa Rodman, David Starbear Avalos, Natalie Rae, Alya Howe. Curated by Alya Howe. G 7:50 intuit Band This is music to dissolve separation and bring communities together. Braiding sounds from many cultures, Intuit weaves an auditory tapestry of reggae, blues, African poly-rhythm, folk, funk and jazz. o 9:00 Carnival Closes

C Competition

6 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

oS open Space

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SATURDAY, JULY 29 C 7:00 Mount Sopris run off Sponsored by Independence Run and Hike A shorter, easier 4-mile downhill from the top of Prince Creek Road or the longer run over The Crown. The longer race starts at the Emma Schoolhouse with registration starting at 6:30 a.m. The 4-mile race registration will take place in Sopris Park at 7 a.m. A bus will transport racers to the top for the 4-mile at 7:15 a.m. A shuttle will also be available at 11 a.m. to take racers back to their vehicles. The race finishes at the Open Space. o 9:00 oasis Carnival opens! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble! o 9:30 all Music together Music Play for young children and all who are young at heart. Sing, dance, drum, and play together with your favorite Music Together friends and songs! With Annie Flynn, Jimmy Byrne, Eric Baumhier, and Andrew Mile. G 10:00 Crystal river Ballet The Little Mermaid featuring Nicole Zinn as Ariel and students from ages three to adults as angel fish, sea horses and other beautiful creatures of the sea. oS 10:30 Fly Casting Competition Sponsored by Alpine Angling. We love Gill Finn!!

Photo by Jessica Hedges

o 10:30 Sopris Soarers Performance Come witness drip drops of Aerial Artistry from our Younger Sopris Soarers students. Featuring: Maxine, Juniper Zislis, Brooke Jennings, and Bryndlee Graves. G 10:50 a blessing by the Ganden Shartze Monks Check out their � Sacred Arts of Tibet�Tour, raising awareness about Tibet and Tibetan culture through blessings, prayers, and demonstrations. Stop by their booth to learn more about them and their way of life.�

Sarah Murray

970.618.0109 Carbondale | 290 Hwy 133 | 970.963.3300 | �2017 Mountain Fair 7


SATURDAY, JULY 29 continued C 11:00 Pie Baking Competition Bring entries to the Judging Tent, located next to the pavilion between 10:30 and 10:45. Slices will be sold following the judging. Categories include Fruit, Cream and Exotic o 11:00 JaS Student Showcase Jazz Aspen Snowmass has been training kids for years and boy! are they good. Chris Bank is the amazing teacher behind these kids! o 11:00 Sopris Soarers aerial Silk Demo Curious as to what aerial is all about? Come get a grasp on this body confident spatial play. G 11:00 Frank Martin trio Frank Martin returns to his songwriting forte — storytelling songs that explore the social, political and personal. His 2017 release, Blue on Blue on Blue, captures both Steve Earle’s earthy bite and Bruce Cockburn’s complexity. This longtime local is well regarded for his inventive, tasteful guitar playing and singing. As he tells his band mates� � play it like a blues band playing gospel music.� Amen, and plug in the Telecaster. Featuring Frank Martin, Dan Rosenthal and Doug Whitney. More at C noon Singles Horseshoe Competition Located in Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday. o noon Djembe Drum Lessons Bringing the music of Africa to people of all ages, Borenya shares its knowledge of these traditions. By celebrating this beautiful and ancient art form connection to a cultural history that has existed since the beginning of humanity. Darren Gilley has a Doctorate of Anthropology, specializing in the language of the djembe.

Photo by Eric Allen

o 2:00 House of Joy/ Kaleidoscope Music This show includes international dances, songs, with a good old fashioned hoe down! Instruments include: violin/fiddle, guitar, piano, accordion, penny whistle, and Native American flute. You won’t want to miss this highly interactive program with Joy Myeres & Beth Wilberger! G 2:30 Jay roemer Band Featuring Dave Carroll of Trampled By Turtles and Bevin Foley from Trout Steak Revival along with Denton Turner. Jay Roemer first started turning heads in the state he calls home as the front man/songwriter for the band, Old Town Pickers. Deeply focused on intriguing lyrics, along with some fancy guitar work, his songs continue to connect with all types of audiences. Dave Carroll plays banjo with Trampled By Turtles and is touring with Jay for these special shows. o 3:15 Youth Limbo Contest On the stage for youth ages 6-16! How low can you go?

G 12:30 Valle Musico Quartet Elegant guitar based latin, jazz, classical and world fusion music by some of the valley’s best musicians! A cultural, musical journey perfect for a Saturday afternoon start.

oS 4:00 Womens Woodsplitting Competition In the Open Space. Hottest competition at the fair! Get there early for front row seats. Hosted by Big Ben Ludlow, Diesel Dan and Rhonda R2 Roberts. HOT TIP: You need to sign up early at the Info Booth to compete. Costumes welcome! A benefit auction of the wood follows.

o 1:00 Jeff and Paige Dougherty Naturalists, educators, and performers, Jeff and Paige mix it up in one big ball of love for the whole family to enjoy. A fair favorite!

o 4:00 Poetry Slam All ages all poetry Community Poetry Slam. Hosted by Kether Axelrod. Bring your poems to share, prizes for the winners, sign up all day Saturday at the Oasis.

oS 1:30 Limbo Contest Located in the Open Space. How Low Can You Go? Hosted by Dr. Limbo and his kind sidekick John Foulkrod. Must be 18 years or older.

G 5:00 undiluted Poems Poets of the Poetry Brothel featuring Alyssa Szczelina, Elissa Rodman, David Starbear Avalos, Natalie Rae, Alya Howe. Curated by Alya Howe.


G Gazebo

o oasis

C Competition

8 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

oS open Space

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SATURDAY, JULY 29 continued o 5:00 teen Showcase Calling all musicians, dancers, poets and more. Be brave, get up on stage and share your stuff!! G 5:15 the Yawpers Overdriven acoustic guitars and drums with equal parts frenzy, solemnity and menace bring rock and roll back to the fold for this Denver based band. Quiet it will not be, but a collision of instrumentation and rocking music will keep the crowd lively. o 6:15 Sleepy Justice From the Roaring Fork Valley these sophomores attending RFHS and CRMS, began jamming together in an after school program in 7th grade. Henri Jones, Oskar Pederson, Travis Ochko, Diego Valdez, Ben Haag and Rex Hamilton. G 6:45 the Edgerly Sisters present: Water is Life Elyssa, Jacqui and Hilary Doyle perform a story about the importance of water through aerial dance and song. Come experience performance art based on the gratitude for water and the life that it creates. G 7:15 undiluted Poems Poets of the Poetry Brothel featuring Alyssa Szczelina, Elissa Rodman, David Starbear Avalos, Natalie Rae, Alya Howe. Curated by Alya Howe G 7:30 Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal No Depression Magazine calls it like this, �If James Brown and Otis Redding had a love child, it would be Josh Hoyer, the Lincoln, Nebraska soul shouter, and his band of merry soulsters. Soul Colossal delivers a sound so big, so funky, so wring-the-sweat-out-ofyou energetic that it reaches through the speakers and shakes you until you start moving to the groove� . Get ready Carbondale!! o 8:00 Carnival Closes

Get Raffle Tickets!

Buying raffle tickets is one of the best ways to support Carbondale arts programming!

Imagine soaking in your own Crystal River Spa Hot Tub after an afternoon of Shaboomie SUP lessons or a week-end at Lyons Folk Fest. This could be you… we have many fantastic packages including Aspen Ski getaways, Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Fest tickets, yummy restaurants, cruiser bikes and more. Buy early and often. If you like what Carbondale Arts is doing then this is one of the best ways to support our programming! �2017 Mountain Fair 9


SUNDAY, JULY 30 C 8:00 Porcupine Loop Bike race Sponsored by Aloha Mountain Cyclery Fun is our goal — costumes required. The mountain bike race starts at 8 a.m. Meet behind the Gazebo and be ready to ride! oS 8:30 true nature Yoga with river Morgan An awesome way to start the day!! o 9:00 oasis Carnival opens! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble! o 9:30 all Music together Music Play for young children and all who are young at heart. Sing, dance, drum, and play together with your Favorite Music Together friends and songs! With Annie Flynn, Jimmy Byrne, Eric Baumhier, and Andrew Mile. G 10:00 Earthbeat Choir Earthbeat has been charming fair audiences for many years. Young faces, sweet harmonies and fun songs make for the perfect way to begin the day. C 11:00 Cake Baking Competition The theme is Circus Sideshow!! Bring entries to the Judging Tent between 10:30 and 10:45. Categories

Photo by Mark Burrows

include Cake, Exotic and Alternative. Slices will be sold following the judging! G 11:00 M’ni Wiconi/Water is Life Feel the power of the drumming, dancing and singing of the Cheyenne River Tribe. o 11:00 Mad Scientist Get ready to be called on stage to help this mad scientist perform some cool experiments! o 11:30 Djembe Drum Lessons Bringing the music of Africa to people of all ages, Borenya shares its knowledge of these traditions. Darren Gilley has a Doctorate of Anthropology, specializing in the language of the djembe.

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10 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

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SUNDAY, JULY 30 continued oS noon Sopris Soarers aerial Silk performances When there’s Rain Look for Rainbows.�An Aerial � Expose in the open space, featuring: Little Lyricists, Tillie and Rae Vickers, Cloud Tamer Jackson, Carrie and Genevieve Silks Duo. All of what we are and do trickles down to our youth, Stacy Everson, shape shifter expose. C noon Doubles Horseshoe Competition Located in Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday. o 12:30 Jeff and Paige Doughtery Naturalists, educators, and musicians, Jeff and Paige mix it all up into one big ball of love for the environment that catches fire with children and adults alike. A Mountain Fair favorite. Environmentalthemed children’s musical performers. G 12:30 the railsplitters Fresh off the success of their first album, and taking first place in Rockygrass’ Best New Band Competition, Colorado natives, The Railsplitters musical array break the bonds of bluegrass and unleash tradition. o 1:45 tiny Chef Creations Do you like tacos? Do you like dragons? If you do come, see AC from Tiny Chef Creations in a kid friendly presentation to help make some tacos! You might even see a dragon! oS 2:00 ngoma Drum & Dance Ensemble Local musicians and dancers who all share a love for rhythms and movement of the African Diaspora. The word Ngoma means drum-dance-music, as in many African cultures there is no separation recognized between drumming and dancing. They are innately intertwined and depend upon one another. o 2:15 Waldorf School Make flower crowns with Mother Nature’s creations and a bit more. Waldorf teachers and volunteers on hand to assist!

o 2:30 Songwriters Showcase & Jam Local singer songwriters share their talent and sometimes a bit of wisdom. If you are interested in performing stop by! G 2:30 Mono Verde Collective This project was created to spread latin reggae beats. It also introduces Latin reggae bands so their voices can be heard. Mono Verde is made up of members from countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Saint Thomas and U.S who are in a continuous search for experiences to create spiritual, revolutionary music with intention. oS 4:00 Men’s Woodsplitting Competition The testosterone is heavy in this popular event in which one man will be crowned king. Hosted by Big Ben Ludlow, Diesel Dan and Rhonda R2 Roberts. A benefit auction of the wood follows. o 5:00 Carnival Closes G 5:15 MarchFourth Marching Band MarchFourth is an internationally-acclaimed, genrebreaking FORCE in the world of entertainment — a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers and artisans who travel the world, year-round, taking audience members of all ages, from all walks of life, on a joy-inducing, foot-stomping, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization. With exceptional musical quality and a visual kaleidoscope of stilt walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville-style dancers, MarchFourth whips audiences into a celebratory frenzy with an over-the-top spectacle of highenergy compositions, colorful costumes, and irresistible charisma! This is not a band that simply puts on a show.�MarchFourth delivers a multi� faceted, indelible experience of pure joy.

Come watch the Mountain Fair Slideshow on August 11 at 9:45 p.m. on the 4th Street Plaza immediately following the free Band of Heathens concert!

Welcome to Carbondale! Carbo I hope you are enjoying your time in our incredible mountain town. Are you ready to make this valley your home? If so, contact me - T Together ogether we can n make you your dreams come true and I am here to help!!

Brian an Keleher

970.379.3296 0.379.3296 Carbondale | 290 Hwy 133 | 970.963.3300 | �2017 Mountain Fair 11

Artists 2-D ARTI

Photo by Eric Allen


Family Fun Zone o1 Grandma’s Glitter tattoos Glitter Tattoos Temporary 970-433-6006 o2 Marshmallows & Clouds Face Painting 303-929-3247 o3 Buckaroo Studios Face Painting 805-705-6600 o4 Faith Lutheran Church & Daycare Center Fun with Felt 970-930-5306 o5 the orchard Sand Painting 970-456-2129 o6 ascendigo & Scavenger industries Community Mosaic Project 719-371-6455/ 503-919-1385 o8 rising Crane training Center Balance Challenge 970-274-8473 o9 Hands of Wax & Sand art Project Wax Molds & Sand Art 970-947-8989 o10 Kiddzstuf Candlemaking 832-782-4392

28 Sky Vine Butterflies Butterfly & Insect Art 303-913-3427 30 14er Posters All Colorado’s Fourteeners 303-437-9646 35 Mark Ludy 36 Art & Books 970-556-3740 51 Feverish art Original Engravings 303-913-5253 60 Susan Williams Studios Photo Based Mixed Media 303-898-6299 92 rokoko Colorful, Thoughtful, Whimsical Paintings 575-522-5553 95 noreen art Silkscreen Prints: Hand-Pulled, Limited Edition 970-596-7020 107 Walden Watercolors 108 Fine Prints & Cards 970-309-3274 118 SWEEt Letterpress & Design Art & Stationary Prints 347-628-7974 125 Meg Harper arts Paintings, Prints & Purses 480-208-1861 128 Lindsay Sutton art Painted Glass & Birch Wood 601-818-3801 135 Heartwood artist Original Prints & Cards 928-451-5075

3-D ARTI 40 raku round the Clock Raku Clocks & Wall Art 505-515-7736 41 nature of reaction Magical & Sacred from the Future 770-241-3958

14 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

52 nancy nagel Lampwork Glass & Prayer Wheel Sculptures 760-415-7164 68 nivek Metal 69 Sculpture, Firebowls, 90 Hanging Art 801-558-4255 73 Shooting Star Metal Sculptures 602-511-2661 101 Desert Steel 102 Desert & Tropical Sculptures 316-648-5344

ACCESSORIESI 32 Harvest Leather Design Leather with a Southwestern Flair 316-640-1904 45 the Hatters 46 Leather, Canvas, Velvet Hats with Feathers 719-680-4247 85 Defiant Pack Bikepacking Outdoor Gear 970-870-2826 86 Blowfish Hand-stitched Unique Caps 970-404-0800 113 Willymoc Custom Handsewn Shoes 208-317-4068 126 Dying Breeds Funky Leather & Unique Prints 303-809-4123 132 Festive Fascinators Hair Decor with Feathers, Flowers Etc. 970-708-0829

BODY AND BATHI 33 Happy Hairbraiding 54 Styles - Handcrafted 719-221-0541 49 the Goat’s Goods Goat Milk Lotion & Soap 970-846-7695

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May the education you received take you wherever you desire.



Alice Amdur Bella Butcher-Salazar Ryan Camp Gus Carney Laney Devers %UDH+XEEDUG   Wren Kelly Radhika Koss Serena Johnson Zane Mullally Isaac Musselman Sydney Picard

Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Roaring Fork High School Roaring Fork High School Interlochen Center for the Arts, Michigan 1HZ9LVWDb+LJK6FKRRO%RXOGHU  b   Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Basalt High School Basalt High School






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W We e ar are e no now w ac accepting cepting enr enrollment ollment for our thr three ee Ear Early ly Childhood programs programs (ages 2½ tto o 6):  ČˆČˆ‘‘Â?Ď?Ž‘™‡””‡•…Š‘‘Ž ‘‘Â?Ď?Ž‘™‡””‡•…Š‘‘Ž  ČˆČˆ—Â?Ď?Ž‘™‡”‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â? —Â?Ď?Ž‘™‡”‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â? • New‹ŽŽ‘™ ‘”‡•–‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â? ‹ŽNew Ž‘™ ‘”‡•–‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â?




Where nature is our classroom  —”Â?‡™‹ŽŽ‘™ ‘”‡•–‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â?‘ˆˆ‡”•ƒunique —”Â?‡™‹ŽŽ‘™ ‘”‡•–‹Â?†‡”‰ƒ”–‡Â?‘ˆˆ‡”•ƒunique out outdoor door classr classroom, oom, an and d pr provides ovides opport opportunities unities for ch children ildren tto oe explore xplore the natur natural al w world orld w while hile de developing veloping their curi curiosity, osity y, capacity c for cri critical tical thin thinking, king, and and connection connection to to the rhythms rhythms of natur nature. e. Apply today today.. Limited space available. 970.963.1960 info@waldorfschoolrf.or g www 16543 Highway 82, C Carbondale arbondale �2017 Mountain Fair 15

Artists BODY AND BATHI continued 119 ambika Herbals Mystic Apothecary 970-368-3270 121 Dirty Water Soap Works Handmade Soap & Lotion Bars 970-270-9412 130 Henna Blessings Body Art 970-903-0114 143 FeatherFlies & Humble Bee Botanicals Jewelry, Body Care & Teas 970-819-2322 150 Dynamic roots & 151 authentic Medicinals Hemp-Herbal Remedies, Teas, Body & Skin Care 732-284-8477

CLAY & CERAMICSI 37 o happy clay! Functional & Decorative Majolica 303-902-0956 47 Wishing Star Pottery Functional & Decorative w/Inspirational Words & Images 970-318-0382 56 Happy Cat Pottery Tea Wares & Functional Creations 301-471-7292 71 Bluehaven Porcelain Dinnerware & Decorative Items 512-423-0220 93 Paz Clay & Fiber Pottery w/ Woven Fibers 510-501-0194 96 alicia ann Ceramics Surreal Ceramic Pieces 925-550-6008


angus Pottery Utlilitarian Pottery 207-329-1317 104 Kiote Clay Pottery Decorative & Functional Ware 928-899-1642

CLOTHINGI 53 Cyndy Love Designs Fine Children’s Clothing 970-948-2761 54 Colors artwear Hand-dyed One-of-a-Kind Clothing 805-320-8685 58 nina Paul Design Colorful Batiks & Re-fab Sweaters 303-440-5707 64 S.C. Designs Womens Clothing & Hats 970-527-5225

Maggie’s Back in Town and actively listing and selling real estate. Call me for all your real estate needs.

Maggie McVoy 970.618.6354 • 970.366.3511 •

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Artists CLOTHINGI continued 76 Goddess Gear Organic Fiber Women’s Clothing 303-241-0911 105 Grebe Batik 106 Custom Sewn Cotton & Gauze Clothing 435-260-1029 110 Cyndi Buck Designs 111 Hand-dyed & Upcycled Cashmere Clothing 303-437-1012 133 July Five Functionally Elegant Womens Clothing 970-209-7255 139 autumn teneyl Designs 140 Eco Chic Fashion 970-946-5400 144 Dye-namics 145 Tie-dye Clothing Made in Colorado 970-389-6270

CULINARY ARTSI 26 Colorado Mountain Honey Honey, Beeswax & Pollen 970-309-1029 27 Coonridge Goat Cheese Organic, Free-range & Shelf Stable Packaged 505-350-1579 / 505-250-8553 85 Hoptimize Custom Hops for any Beer... Anywhere 970-261-8414

137 o’Hara’s Jams & Jellies Jams, Mustards & Spicy Jams 970-799-0089 141 Bee Chama Honey Raw Honey & Comb Bee Pollen & Wax 575-418-8284

FABRIC ARTSI 34 teepees from rattlesnake Crossing Teepees, Bow/Arrow Sets, & Headbands 302-654-0709 61 Leo’s Dry Goods Illustrations in Thread 303-875-7887 62 arubymoon Block Print Fabric Flags, Bags & More 303-668-1629 82 two + two Reusable Bags & Bowl Covers - Food Safe & Eco-friendly 970-618-3187 88 Lunar Designs Kitchen-towels, Shirts, Totes, Cards, Etc. 970-309-6996 89 a Mouse in the House Whimsical Wool Felt Mice 716-848-9054 121 From My Granny’s attic UnPaper Towels, Reusable Container Covers, Aprons 970-250-1752

Silent Auction The Silent Auction is a labor of love by many of our arts and crafts vendors, as well as local businesses, who believe in arts programming year round. Many of the items in the auction are donated by Mountain Fair vendors. This is a great place to check out the array of talent we have at the fair, as well as find wonderful deals and help Carbondale Arts. If you see any of the participating vendors, thank them. We couldn’t do this fair without them!

127 Jen G Studios Kitchen Towels, Sketchbooks, & Greeting Cards 136 HollysMeadow Hand-stitched Wool Animals, Birds 303-601-2117 138 Colorado Hammock Handwoven from Upcycled Fibers 919-830-4887

GLASSI 24 Ecofab arts Upcycled Glass Flowers 832-782-4392 87 Mountain Man Glassworks Sculpted Glass Forms 970-376-2934

Sun.-Thurs. 10AM-10PM t Fri.-Sat. 10AM-11PM �2017 Mountain Fair 17

Artists GLASSI continued 94 anamchara Glass Design Stained Glass Panels & Gifts 970-761-0045 99 Mariposa Glass Designs Functional Artistic Fused Glass 970-215-5358

HEALING ARTSI 147 148 149 152

Massage Co-op Massage 970-379-6601 aspen intuitives Astrology & Tarot Readings 970-274-1130 152 Mystical Wonders Psychic & Palm Readings 970-473-8415


38 39 42


rocky’s Hardwear Sterling Silver Jewelry 316-393-6801 LeGrande Jewelry Unique Leather Jewelry & Hand Bags 970-275-6525 Wild Feather & Stone Handcrafted Art Jewelry 970-948-6859 Crystal Hartman art Jewelry Sculptural Jewelry 970-769-0594

50 Dancing Elk Designs Fine Antler Jewelry 719-480-9170 55 Karen Luther Jewelry Sacred Symbol Metals 505-930-3001 57 Gypsy Moon Beaded & Embroidered Gemstones 575-613-0339 59 Vickie Deane Jewelry One-of-a-Kind Jewelry 505-955-1996 65 Finer Edge Studio Finer Artisan Jewelry 303-638-0184 67 Bohemi Modern Bohemian Jewelry 303-819-2618 70 Cowboy’s Sweetheart Kick-Ass Jewelry to Stir-up Cowgirl Spirit 303-229-5564 72 richard Lindsay Design Jewelry 505-699-3375 83 Good Carma Jewelry Upcycled Auto Metal 719-221-1717 84 rex Foster Jewelry Fossil Ivory Jewelry 830-446-9307/9331 87 Pin Pals Whimsical Beaded Creations 970-274-0550 97 riverbend Beads Beaded Jewelry & Accessories 720-454-2202

98 Ginny Gems Southwest Inspired Creations 970-319-8712 100 WireWeaver & Junk Mail Crocheted Wire Jewelry & Postage Stamp Magnets 505-988-5777 103 Stone Creek Designs Fine Art Jewelry 928-600-2044 120 artful Hand rawhide Studio Metals & Rawhide 229-546-5183 122 Gronstedt Design Reindeer Leather, Antler & Pewter Jewelry 303-875-0324 124 Denise algueseva Hand Painted & Crochet Jewelry & Raku Pottery 719-661-5341 129 Crystal D’llusions Sterling & Gemstone Jewelry 303-517-6141 131 nature Studio Organic Contemporary Jewelry 303-905-8679 146 touch of tagua Eco Ivory from Tagua 239-250-6730

Experience the Magic of our Valley Enjoy local history told in a fun-to-read, quirky style with stories straight from “the horse’s mouth� in this two-volume set by local author Charlotte Graham. Lots of photos and colorful quotes bring the history of Carbondale and the Crystal/Roaring Fork Valley to life! Available Now In Carbondale: U.S. Forest Service office .BJO4U tThe Launchpad (76 S. 4th St.)

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570 Highway 133 La Fontana Plaza Carbondale, CO 963-1984 Like Us on Facebook

Artists OTHERI 29 the Eclectic Edge Upcycled Chimes, Mosaics & Jewelry 801-821-6315 44 Bud’s Birdhouses Unique, Upcycled Material 719-510-0156 63 Grassy Creek Brooms Handcrafted Brooms, Walking Staffs & Copper Dustpans 870-213-5433 66 JB Eagle Custom Made Knives 303-570-4250 74 Stone Lamps 75 Onyx Lamps, Sculptures & Tables 562-257-2819 91 Lily’s Bonsai Living Art: Bonsai, Bamboo & Airplant 310-962-5898

109 Bee Happy Candles Pure Beeswax Candles 530-220-4233 123 Monks of Garden Shartse Monastery 720-305-2749 142 Water Protectors


Fish Eye Guy Photography Frames, Prints & Greeting Cards 206-200-3024 115 the Spotted Pony Fine Art Photography 505-629-8612 134 Wildeye imagery Local Wildlife Photos 970-930-5016



78 80 112



David rec Woodturner Woodturnings Housewares 970-596-9902 thom’s Wood ’n’ things Useful Household Items 801-588-9088 treestump Woodcraft Functional Art for the Home 520-403-3765 rex Burningham Woodturning Functional Carved & Turned Creations 801-318-4902 San Juan instruments Woodworking Musical Instruments 970-946-6209 Spoonwright Handmade Wooden Utensils 435-836-2317

RFTA IS YOUR GREEN TICKET to THE Carbondale Mountain Fair Don’t worry about drinking, driving, or parking! RFTA is the easy and hassle free way to the Carbondale Mountain Fair! If you are commuting from up or down valley, the BRT and Local buses will drop you off at the Carbondale Park & Ride, then catch the Carbondale Circulator which will drop you off right at Sopris Park. Carbondale Circulator operates from 5:02am to 8:41pm . When the Carbondale Circulator is not running outside of the normal operating hours local buses will continue into downtown Carbondale.

Visit for LOCAL, BRT and Carbondale Circulator schedules. Call us at 970.925.8484 �2017 Mountain Fair 19

Vendors FOOD VENDORSI the Beat Shakes & Salads 847-507-9019 2 Seùor taco Show Tacos, Ceviche & Breakfast Burritos 337-499-9072 3 Molly’s Crepe Escape Savory & Sweet Crepes, Coffee 575-741-1413 5 Philadelphia Filly Cheese Steak & Cheese Turkey 303-947-6214 6 organic Food Worx Dips, Chips & Salads 310-409-8494 7 Sweet ColoraDough Doughnuts, Croughnuts & Fritters 970-618-9842 8 Gondola Coffee Coffee 404-274-1499 9 Mr. Lemonaid Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Limeaid & Ice Tea 720-903-0736 10 White House Pizza Cheese & Pepperoni Pie 631-379-8524 11 old tyme Kettle Corn Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Nuts & Rootbeer 303-475-9878













Carbondale Community united Methodist Church Ice Cream: Cones, Bowls, Sundaes & Splits, & Drinks 970-927-3339 Colorado Burgers Burgers & Dogs w/ Corn on Cobb 970-319-0146 La Fogata Pupusas & Ceviche 970-309-0528 Family resource Center - rFHS Booster Club Greek Gyros & Falafel 970-948-1357 Funnellicious Funnel Cakes, Corn Dogs, Pretzels, Sweet Potato Fries 303-589-4234 Jeffreezz Jelato Specialty Sorbets 970-309-2721 Gandhi’s indian Cuisine Wraps, Rice Bowls, Combos & Snacks 303-589-3126 Slow Groovin BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket 970-948-8576 E Chang Catering Thai Style: Satay, Pad Thai, Bowls & Rolls 843-991-4114 Havana Cabana Cuban Cuisine 970-618-6495 Seùor Mango Mangos & Aquas Frescas 970-343-9850


20 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

Carbondale Arts

Valley Artists’ Gallery A core mission of Carbondale Arts is promoting local artists. Please stop by the Locals’ Gallery and see the incredible talent that lives in this valley! Paintings and prints, jewelry and photography, pottery and glass. Artists include: AndrÊa Bersson, Becky Chase, Brian Colley, Katherine Dessert, Staci Dickerson, Suzanne Frazier, Giana Grossman, Sharill Hawkins, Gwen Hill, Asha Ironwood, Judy Milne, Modern West Floral Co., Penelope Olson, Nancy Peterson, Mike Rand, Carly Rosenthal, Trout Bandits, Greg Watts, and Pam Williams.

H Don’t miss the Valley artists’ Booth opening Party at 6 p.m. Light refreshments provided!

Cantina new Belgium roaring Fork Beer Co. Marble Distillery Montanya rum Big B’s Hard Cider Stripped Mixers

Together, we can change the lives of those in need. BECOME A PART OF OUR FAMILY. BECOME A VOLUNTEER. LEARN MORE.

“No one leaves here unchanged!� Come visit us, anytime barn doors are open 6 days a week! Call 970-963-0583 or visit for more info.

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Contests & Competitions Our competitions are fun and easy to participate in. Enjoy our version of county fair favorites! Registration for all games is at the Info Booth or right before event.


The 39th annual foot race from Basalt to the Mountain Fair starts at the Emma Schoolhouse at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday morning, July 29, and finishes in the Open Space at Sopris Park. Also being held again this year is the four-mile FAIR RUN race that starts on Prince Creek Road and runs downhill to the finish in the Open Space at Sopris Park. Come out and welcome the runners home. A shuttle will take runners from Sopris Park to the start of the four-mile race on Prince Creek Road at 7:15 a.m., and a shuttle will be available after the 14-mile race to return runners to their vehicles in Basalt. You can sign up for all races on or at Independence Run & Hike. The cost is $30. For more information, call 704-0909. Independence Run & Hike is sponsoring both races.


Run by the infamous Gill Finn, a Roaring Fork Valley flyfishing legend, the competition takes place at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Open Space area of the park. Prizes donated by Alpine Angling. Registration at the Info Booth.


The Pie Judging takes place at 11 a.m. Saturday. Cake Judging is at 11 a.m. on Sunday in the Judging Canopy near the pavilion. Categories include Fruit, Cream and Exotic for pies; Cake, Exotic and Alternative for cakes.


The Singles Tourney takes place at high noon on Saturday. The Doubles Tourney is on Sunday, also at high noon. Both events take place at Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday.


Get down with Dr. Limbo at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the Open Space area. Open to folks 18 and older. A youth Limbo Contest will be held at 3:15 p.m. in the Oasis. Prizes are donated by Alpine Angling and Dr. Limbo.


Not to be missed! The Women’s competition takes place at 4 p.m. on Saturday. The Men’s is held at 4 p.m. on Sunday; both are followed by a benefit firewood auction. Both competitions are in the Open Space. Registration begins on Friday. All entrants must wear safety shoes. Steel-toed protectors are available at the competition. Winners receive a new wood-splitting maul. Sponsored by Ackerman Log & Timber.


In its 13th year, this race is casual and sure to be a good time. Aloha Mountain Cyclery and Stomparillaz Creative Cycling Collective keep the fun factor high by requiring costumes and creating obstacles. Race Day is Sunday, July 30, pre-registration is available on Saturday all day and from 7-7:45 a.m. on Sunday at the Bike Valet at Sopris Park. Entry fee is $20 with all proceeds going to Carbondale Arts. There will Photo by Mark Burrows be a riders meeting at the Bike Valet (Euclid & 7th St.) at 7:45 a.m. and the race will commence immediately following. The race begins at the driveway of Joy Blong and Dick Hunter on Prince Creek Road, goes up the Porcupine Loop Trail and other Prince Creek Road single tracks and ends in Sopris Park. Photo by Eric Allen


Is mint taking over your garden? Help us help you: Bring your best, locally grown mint to the Cantina on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mint will be judged on flavor, appearance and quantity. Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Cantina. �2017 Mountain Fair 21

Thank Yous

What would we do without you!

The Carbondale Mountain Fair depends on the time, kindness, energy and support of many people and businesses, including more than 350 volunteers to run the fair. If we could kiss you all, we would! If we forgot anyone we promise we will make it up to you in great programming all year round.

Thank You ProDuCtion

Mark Taylor James Gorman Kevin Lundy Pete Rich Mike Piccone Hamilton Pevec Jeff Britt Morgan Williams Steve Lavelle Takeo Hiromitsu Shane Spyker Emmet Hood Garcelon


CrEatiVE touCHES Rochelle Norwood Anna Abdaal


Eagle Crest Nursery


Marge Dye Erin Klamper Quinn

LiVE BroaDCaSt

KDNK Community Radio

CarBonDaLE artS artiStS’ GaLLErY Brian Colley Staci Dickerson Giana Grossman

Bill Laemmel/Carbondale Light and Power Lance Dement

DanCE ExtraVaGanZa CoorDinator

ParKinG CZarS

t-SHirt CoorDination

Patty Nadon The Honorable Barb Bush

VEnDor CoorDination Marianne Ackerman Alta Otto Courtney Eagleton

SounD anD LiGHtS Alchemy Audio Visual

GrEEn tEaM

Mark Weinhold Missy Elzey Julia Tallmadge Angelina Anderson Alyssa Reindel Dave Reindel Phi Filerman Kristin Mattera Robert Weinhold Sarah Johnson Lynsey Powell Adam Phillips Liz Mauro Kelly Baker Natalie Rae Fuller


Richard Vottero

PoStEr DESiGn Riley Hutchens


The Sopris Sun

PHotoGraPHErS Mark Burrows Jim Ryan Jane Bachrach Renee Ramge Lewis Cooper Eric Allen Jessica Hedges Andrea Bersson Midge Dallas

StaGE DESiGn Robert Burch

Denise Hayes

Laura Stover Regna Jones Melissa Sumera Steve and Bailey Haines Mallory Yacullo Kelsey Kirkwood

VoLuntEEr CoorDinatorS Deborah Colley Sarah Murray Pam Williams Randall Lavelle Meg Ravenscraft Maura Masters


Sue Drinker Rebecca Murray Regina Piccone Jody Ensign Courtney McDougal Seth Goddard

SiLEnt auCtion Elizabeth Wysong Jessica Cabe

BaCKStaGE+HoSPitaLitY Kristen Levey Leslie Johnson Katrina Byars Lindsay Gurley Alex Reginelli Shane Spyker


Bonfire Coffee Village Smithy Rocky Mountain Pizza Peppinos Sweet Coloradough Dos Gringos Pan & Fork Mi Casita Carbondale Beerworks Sustainable Settings The Creamery

22 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

inFo BootH

Kat Rich Molly Irwin Bob Schultz Jean Marie Hegarty


Evan Cree Ben Bohmfalk Jeff Dickenson Jeff Laukhart

StaGE ManaGEMEnt Jeff Britt

PEaCE PatroL

Jim Neu Michael Gorman Will Lennox George Wear Josh Paigen Dave Kanzer

Couldn’t do this without

KDNK Community Radio Carbondale Public Works Gene Schilling Kevin Schorzman Eric Brendlinger Town of Carbondale Rob Goodwin Carbondale EMTs Carbondale Fire Department Carbondale Police Dept. Carbondale Parks and Recreation Department The Carbondale Trustees Carbondale Swimming Pool Days Inn of Carbondale RE-1 School District

Contests and Competitions PiE ContESt

Alta Otto Carly deBeque-Jager Heidi Hendricks Amber VanBerlo

CaKE ContESt

Katharine Rushton

LiMBo ContESt

Dr. Limbo, John Foulkrod

WooD SPLittinG ContESt

Dru Handy Rhonda “R2” Roberts “Big” Ben Ludlow Diesel Dan Giese Ackerman Log & Timber

Mt. SoPriS runoFF

Brion After, Independence Run and Hike

PorCuPinE LooP

Nic Degross, Darren Broome, Aloha Mountain Cyclery

FLY-CaStinG Gill Finn

Carbondale Arts Sponsors CoMMunitY SuStainErS MBS and Associates Betty Jane Schuss Foundation True Nature Healing Arts Town of Carbondale Thrift Shop of Aspen Colorado Creative Industries Boettcher Foundation Alpine Bank Embrey Family Foundation Jim & Connie Calaway KPCO Alchemy Audio Visual RCG Fund Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund at Aspen Community Foundation O'Shaughnessy Foundation Susan Gurrentz Fund for the Arts Jim & Mary Griffith

GranD CuratorS

Aspen Community Foundation John Runne Laurie Bernhard Blue Tent Marketing Kristen & Wallace Graham Pajwell Foundation Scofield Family Fund

art LoVErS

Back Door Consignment BKS Charitable Foundation Amy & John Charters Larry Cohen Cool Brick Studios Dos Gringos Umbrella Roofing Jane and Dick Hart Martens Foundation Marble Distillery & Inn Marlane Miller Rebekah's Lodge Roaring Fork Beer Company The Shapiro Family Sopris Liquor and Wine Sunsense Solar

MuSiCaL notES

The Arches Foundation Colorado Mountain Graphics Dance Initiative Drinker Durrance Graphics Gayle Embrey Evergreen Events Faboo Boutique

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Thank Yous Mark Harris & Claudia Lauer Peppinos Pizza Lee Beck & John Stickney Liz & Michael Thele Vickers Collection

CrEatiVE SouLS

Sue Edelstein & Bill Spence Pam Taylor Elizabeth Sweeney

BuSinESS PartnErS

A4 Architects Carbondale Light & Power Crystal Glass Studio Harmony Scott Main Street Gallery & The Framer Ragged Mountain Sports Redstone Art Center Robert Schultz Consulting Solar Flair Thermal Systems Sopris Marketing Group Terralink Structures Tyler Stableford Studios Ondalu Land + Shelter

Fair FriEnDS

Ackerman Log & Timber Back Door Consignment Backbone Media Black Diamond New Belgium Brewing Roaring Fork Beer Company Ace Hardware

Days Inn Laurie Loeb Montanya Distillers Marble Distillers Big B’s Fabulous Juices Alpine Angling Sustainable Settings The Roaring Fork Co-op Aloha Mountain Cyclery Independence Run & Hike Carbondale Rec Center U.S. Forest Service RE-1 School District Eagle Crest Nursery Joe Scofield Evergreen Events Stripped Mixers The Sopris Sun Mal Lent

The Mountain Fair Dream Team Mark Taylor Bill Laemmel James Gorman Dave Kanzer Jim Neu Will Lennox Jeff Britt Mustang Molly Alta Otto Jason White Marianne Ackerman

Evan Cree Patty Nadon Barb Bush Kat Rich Michael Gorman Richard Vottero Kristen Levy Sarah Murray Tory Neu Deborah Colley Staci Dickerson Laura Stover Brian Colley Sue Drinker

Specialities CarBonDaLE artS DirECtor

FinanCiaL WiZarD Linda Hoffman

GaLLErY ManaGEr Brian Colley

tHE CarBonDaLE artS BoarD oF DirECtorS Regna Jones Errko Alm Elizabeth Wysong Jody Ensign Jessica Cabe Kat Rich Elizabeth Hanke Katy Parr Sarah Murray Seth Goddard

Amy Kimberly

oPErationS ManaGEr Deborah Colley

DESiGn & MarKEtinG DirECtor Laura Stover

Mountain Fair VEnDor LiaiSon

Marianne Ackerman Alta Otto

CrEatiVE SaLES aSSoCiatE Staci Dickerson �2017 Mountain Fair 23

24 2017 Mountain Fair �Published by The Sopris Sun

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