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December 2017

Volume 11 Issue 2

Get Your Jazz Hands Ready for the Roaring Fork High School Jazz Band!

What’s Inside

-Peyton Sherman

The Roaring Fork Jazz Band has been causing treble this season! The Jazz Band is comprised of six members who get the opportunity to frequently travel and perform their music. Mark Johnson, the Jazz Band teacher and coordinator, is a community member who shares his music knowledge with Roaring Fork High School (RFHS) students. The Jazz Band performs at the RFHS community meetings and never fails to impress the student body. Jaime Lopez, a junior at RFHS, plays drums for the band and has been playing this instrument since he was five years old. Lopez states “I picked the drums because they are the coolest.” Jazz has helped Lopez improve his confidence and perseverance. “I joined jazz because it’s fun and it’s awesome making music with your friends.”Although, he often goes unseen due to his position in the back, Lopez’s talent always manages to shine through when the band performs. Liam Laird, a junior jazz artist, has been playing jazz for six years. Laird joined the Jazz Band because it also allowed him to play more music with friends. Laird mentions, “I learned to interact with new people and communicate with people without talking and I also learned how to work well with others.” Laird plays the alto sax; he picked this instrument “...because it looked cool and [the music department] had them.” Over the summer Laird took part in a music program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he got to practice and learn from professional saxophone players. Laird brought back his new found skills to share with the Roaring Fork student body. Another member of the band is Marco Hernandez, a junior who has been playing music for seven years. Hernandez plays the electric bass for the Jazz Band. He states, “I play the electric bass because I need it to truly express my creativity and love for music.” Jazz has taught Hernandez by allowing him to understand and learn more about music theory. Hernandez states “I joined Jazz because my friends joined and then I learned to like it so, I stayed.” Hernandez always impresses his audience with his amazing talent. The Jazz Band will be performing at the Holiday Harmonies event on December 12th at the Orchard church in Carbondale at 7:00pm. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $8 for RFHS students and senior citizens. Come check it out!

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Christmas Holiday Traditions Pages 4-5 Courtesy Photo (Left to right) Rex Hamilton, Jamie Lopez, Marco Hernandez, Liam Laird, and Aidan Knaus ready to perform

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Courtesy Photo (Left to right) Rex Hamilton, Aidan Knaus, Liam Laird, Marco Hernandez, Jaime Lopez, and Renee Bruell

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Willkommen zur Roaring Fork High!

-Iliana Castillon & Kloe Lee

Every year Roaring Fork High School welcomes students from across the globe, allowing them to become involved in the Carbondale community. Stefan Platzer is one of two exchange students at Roaring Fork High School (RFHS) for the 2017-2018 school year. Platzer is from Wels, Austria and although at times he misses home, he has already taken on the school year with enthusiasm and involvement. He decided to apply to the Rotary Youth Exchange program after joining his parents and sister on “a road trip along the west coast for four weeks to learn the english language.” Reflecting on his experience, Platzer stated “I loved it, so that’s the reason why I’m here.” Platzer has enjoyed his stay in the Roaring Fork Valley with his host family, the Stroud’s, whose son, Trevor Stroud, also attends RFHS. “I’ve had a lot of great moments so far and one of my favorites would be the orientation meeting with all the other exchange students in Colorado because it was really fun.” So far, Platzer has been involved in Roaring Fork Student Council, Cross Country, Outdoor Leadership, and will be joining the RFHS Model UN club on their trip to the National High School Model United Nations

conference in New York City this coming March. While Platzer has found new interests, many of his Austrian hobbies are still prevalent in Colorado, he states “My biggest hobbies are skiing and hiking and there’s a lot of that here.” According to Platzer, there are some differences

Courtesy Photo

between Roaring Fork and his school back home, called Tourismusschule Bad Ischl. “I’m in a culinary art school in Austria and you start school at 14 [years old] and end at 19 [years old], so it’s 5 years there. We also have school until 6:00pm so it’s a 10 hour school day.” Coming to RFHS has allowed Platzer to take part in class competitions and other extracurricular activities that aren’t available to him back home. The hardest adjustment for Platzer has been “speaking in all English and not in German, but I’m used to it now.” Commenting on the differences between Austrian and American culture, Platzer states “I would say that the culture is not that different, but you do have a lot of other cool different traditions, like Thanksgiving.” Platzer looks forward to “going to Hawaii with 50 other exchange students for a week during spring break and [is] also looking forward to the New York trip with Model UN.” The Roaring Fork student body has adored having Platzer as a member of the school. He has provided laughs, taught his peers about Austrian traditions and even a little bit of German, but above all else he has become a familiar face within the Roaring Fork halls and within the community.

What is the World Traveler’s Club doing on their trip? -Daniel Lopez

“The World Travelers Club is an amazing club where students get to explore the world without parents and get a sense of responsibility and self perpetuation,” says current RFHS science teacher Rachel Cooper. Denise Wright, a current english teacher at RFHS, and Cooper, run the World Travelers Club. Ralph Young, math tutor and retired RFHS math teacher, initiated the club. Before then, the school traveled but did not have an official World Travelers Club until 2006. Cooper and Wright welcome any students to join the club as long as they are interested. A total of 24 student members meet on Fridays after school or whenever needed to plan their trip. Last year, the club traveled to Belize and participated in sightseeing and fun activities with other students from Kansas, Georgia, and Idaho. On their trip they, snorkeled, zip-lined, rafted, and learned how to survive in the rainforest. Wright, states, “traveling with students is not about where we go, but it is about the fundraising to learn how to save for a goal and then the experiences that come from seeing the world through the eyes of another.” Michelle Topete, a sophomore at RFHS says, “The World Travelers Club opens up student’s point of view to the world because we live in a small town.” Something teachers want students to get out of the trips is change of perspective. Last year on their trip to Belize, the club also visited a local school. At the school, students noticed the lack of resources, small bathrooms and the poor quality of the building. Wright says, “Students felt sad and surprised. Here they take so much for granted, they realize not everybody has everything they have.” Two trips are happening in June for the 2018 year. Wright, will be taking a group of kids to Costa Rica,

and Cooper will be taking another group to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. Both of the trips have not finalized planning yet. In Costa Rica, students will tour historic areas of the island, zipline and snorkel. While on the Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia trip, students will go on a duck tour, visit a native village in Fiji and have a traditional dinner, tour the Opera House in Sydney, and visit a zoo. Ryan Camp, a freshman at RFHS says, “I looking forward to experience a foreign country.” Education First (EF) Tours are a big role in the

club. EF tours is an educational company that allows learning opportunities around the world with other kids around the country. With EF tours, students get to choose the dates, cities and places where they would like to go. EF tours also give the students a local tour guide to show them around the city they are visiting. This club has an abundance of fundraising. Although many students start fundraising their freshman year, many of them don’t go on a trip until their senior year. Most of the trip’s money comes from student fundraising. Students, sell snacks and drinks year-round at the snack shop during passing period. During the school year, they also do raffles, sell cookie dough, and sell pie for christmas. In the summer, students run the Gyros Booth at mountain fair. The World Travelers Club provides the RFHS student body with an amazing opportunity to travel to exotic destinations and guides them in the process of preparing for their trip. If you are interested in joining or donating to the World Travelers Club contact Denise Wright at


Photo courtesy of Denise Wright

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Feature Feature

3 3 Rampage R December Decem 2017

Humans of theof the Senior Senior Spotlight: Spotlight: Camilo Camilo Guevara-Stone Guevara-StoneHumans

-Hannah Bingaman -Hannah Bingaman

Roaring Roaring Fork Fork ValleyVal

this year again when thisthe year club when will the be representing club will be representing the the “Music is the“Music most inspiring is the most thing inspiring for me thing because for meagain because --Chelsey Serrano --Chelsey Serrano nations of Côte nations d’Ivoire of Côte and d’Ivoire Denmark. and He Denmark. enjoys He enjoys it is hard to imagine it is harda to world imagine without a world it.” For without senior it.” For senior I was“When younger I was we would younger always we would spendalways being be a part of being the aModel part ofUN theclub Model because UN club “it isbecause a “it is“When a Camilo Guevara-Stone, Camilo Guevara-Stone, life without music life without wouldmusic be would the holidays the at my holidays grandma’s at my house. grandma’s We would house. We w good learning good experience, learning and experience, you really and get you to put really get to put unimaginable. unimaginable. From a young From age, aheyoung has been age, playhe has been playspend the day spend with the all the day cousins with all and the other cousins famand othe yourself out yourself there, negotiating out there, with negotiating students with from students all from all ing the guitar, ing and the“any guitar, instrument and “any[he] instrument can get his [he] can get his ily. It was nice. ily. We It was lived nice. in california We lived in as california did all of as did around the world around on the international world on international issues.” issues.” hands on.” Inhands addition on.”toInguitar, addition Guevara-Stone to guitar, Guevara-Stone plays plays my cousins, so my we cousins, would so all we go would to my grandparents all go to my gran Beyond music Beyond and Model music UN, and Guevara-Stone Model UN, Guevara-Stone the saxophone theinsaxophone the schoolin band the school with Mr. band Gray, with Mr. Gray, in as california in and california we’d have and huge we’d family have dinners huge family for din participates in participates soccer as in soccer takes the school’s takes guitar the school’s guitar the holidays the -Thanksgiving holidays -Thanksgiving and Christmasand every Christmas well. He has well. been He playing has been playing class with Mrs. class Kuhlman, with Mrs. Kuhlman, year itsingle seemed year like. it seemed My dad’s like. family My dad’s lived in family soccer since he soccer was since 10 years he was single 10 years and has written andahas couple written of a couple of Oregon, so sometimes Oregon, so we sometimes would go we to california would go to cali old, and has old, been and playing has been playing original guitar original pieces.guitar pieces. first and then first up to and Oregon then up and to visit Oregon family. and It visit was family for RFHS on for the RFHS Junior on the Junior One of the highlights One of the highlights always about always family. about family. Varsity and Varsity Varsity teams and Varsity teams of his musical ofambition his musical ambition since his freshman since his year. freshman year. was completing washis completing Caphis CapOne of the highlights One of the of highlights of stone projectstone in Ecuador. project in Ecuador. his high school his career high school was career was Guevara-Stone Guevara-Stone traveled to traveled to his freshman his year freshman when the year when the the small town theofsmall Otavalo, town of Otavalo, team won state. team Guevarawon state. GuevaraEcuador overEcuador the summer, over the summer, Stone wishes Stone to continue wishes his to continue his where he worked wherewith he worked Jorge with Jorge passion for soccer passion when for soccer he when he Campos to build Campos his own to build his own heads off to college heads off in to thecollege in the guitar called guitar a Requinto. called a Requinto. fall of 2018. fall of 2018. While in Ecuador, While he in Ecuador, also he also Courtesy PhotoCourtesy Photo Looking backLooking on his back on his took lessons took from lessons a profesfrom a profeshigh school experience, high school Guevara-Stone experience, Guevara-Stone has really has really sional Requinto sional player, Requinto and learned player, some and learned traditional some traditional appreciated the appreciated hard working the hard staff working who have staff helped who have helped songs. songs. him through him high through school, high as well school, as the as overall well as comthe overall comAlthough music Although has taken music center has taken stage for center stage for munity feel of munity RFHS. feel His of motivation RFHS. His to motivation achieve to achieve Guevara-Stone, Guevara-Stone, he has also been he has involved also been in other involved in other throughout his throughout educational his career educational has come career mainly has come mainly activities at RFHS, activities including at RFHS, Model including United Model Nations. United Nations. from his parents, from friends, his parents, music friends, and family. music and family. Guevara-Stone Guevara-Stone has participated has in participated the school’s in Model the school’s Model Although heAlthough will miss his he will home, miss hishis friends, home,his his friends, his UN club since UN hisclub sophomore since hisyear. sophomore He attended year. He attended Courtesy PhotoCourtesy Photo dog, and his dog, parents and when his parents he leaves when for he college, leaves for college, the Nationalthe High National School High Model School United Model Nations United Nations “One our holiday “One traditions our holiday is that traditions the kids is that get pathe kids Guevara-Stone Guevara-Stone is excited to attend is excited either to attend Southern either Southern (NHSMUN)(NHSMUN) internationalinternational conference inconference New Yorkin New York jamas every year jamas on every Christmas year on Eve. Christmas It took them Eve. It a took Oregon University, Oregon Montana University, State Montana University, State or University, the or the his junior year hisasjunior a delegate year as inathe delegate Leagueinofthe Arab League of Arab while to figure while it out. to figure I would it out. be like I would “Okay be you like can “Oka University of University Montana of to study Montana music to technology, study music technology, States committee, Statesrepresenting committee, representing the nation ofthe Kuwait. nation of Kuwait. open one gift open on Christmas one gift on Eve,” Christmas and they’d Eve,” open and itthey’ history, or foreign history, language. or foreign language. Guevara-Stone Guevara-Stone will be attending will be theattending conference the conference and it’d be pajamas. and it’d The be pajamas. first couple Theoffirst years couple they’d of yea open them and open be them excited and about be excited it and about then they it and fi- then nally got the nally clue and got the would cluebeand likewould “Are we be like always “Are w going to be getting going to pajamas?” be gettingNow, pajamas?” however, Now, they howev -Ruthie Brown -Ruthie Brown are back to looking are back forward to looking to getting forward a pair to getting of pa- a pai As someone As who someone has beenwho impacted has been by impacted a suicidal by a suicidal Teenagers hospitalised Teenagers due hospitalised to suicidal dueattempts to suicidal attempts jamas on Christmas jamas onEve. Christmas That’s probably Eve. That’s ourprobably most o death the harsh death reality the harsh is clearer reality than is before. clearer Suicide than before.have Suicide doubledhave in the doubled past ten in years. the past Hospitalizations ten years. Hospitalizations consistent Christmas consistenttradition. Christmas I always tradition. got pajamas I always go and suicidal and attempts suicidal are attempts devastating areto devastating both family to bothincrease family withincrease the startwith of school the start in the of school fall. Anxiety in the fall. Anxiety on ChristmasonEve Christmas when I was Eveawhen kid, so I was thatatradikid, so tha and community and and community can impact andpeople can impact simply people by simply consumes by students, consumes the students, fear of failing the fear classes of failing and, for classes and, for tions been a long tionstime beencoming. a long time Nowcoming. that they Now are that th the news of it. theOut news of of every it. Out thirty of students, every thirty fivestudents, are five olderare students, older beginning students, thebeginning college and thehigh college school and high school older, however, older, I have however, to be very I have clever to bewith veryhiding clever with struggling with struggling a mentalwith illness a mental and for illness over and 50%for overapplication 50% process. application Thoughts process. such Thoughts as, “How such willas,I “How will I their presents. their They presents. like to snoop. They like They to snoop. go on my They go of those mental of those illnesses mental are depression. illnesses areAll depression. mental Allget mental all this work get all done? this There’s work done? not enough There’stime. not enough Will time. Will Amazon account. Amazon I just account. had to change I just had mytopassword change my health conditions healthbegin conditions in adolescence begin in and adolescence suicidal and suicidal I get into a good I getcollege? into a good Willcollege? I get through Will Icolget through colfor it- I have for to change it- I have thetopassword change the before password every before depression isdepression the most deadly is the most of all,deadly however, of all, it ishowever, lege? it isWill I get lege? a good Will job? I getWill a good I bejob? ableWill to support I be able to support Christmas. I Christmas. also have toI give also all have thetopresents give all to themy presen also the mostalso curable. the most We all curable. have the Weability all have tothe speak abilitymyself to speak ?,” according myself ?,” to according a New York to aTimes New article, York Times article, husband, Jim, husband, to take to Jim, work to take because to work otherwise because theothe and approachand others approach with questions. others with Asking questions. someone AskingWhy someone Are More Why American Are More Teenagers American Than Teenagers Ever SufThan Ever Sufkids would find kidsthem” would find them” something simple something like, “How simpleare like, you “How doing? areWhat you doing?fering WhatFrom Severe fering From Anxiety? Severe These Anxiety? thoughts These canthoughts be can be do you thinkdo about you yourself think about ? How yourself are your ? How relationare your relationdetrimental and detrimental consuming, and challenging consuming, the challenging students the students ships going,”ships can make going,” a large can make difference, a largesays difference, Ms. says andMs. the expectations and the expectations of themselves. of Parental themselves. and/ Parental and/ Pazdera, a counselor Pazdera, at a counselor Roaring Fork at Roaring High School. Fork High School. or teacher’s personal or teacher’s expectations personal expectations can also weigh canonalso weigh on We have the We opportunities have the opportunities to help otherstoand helpsomeothers andstudents. some- These students. questions These canquestions be overwhelming can be overwhelming and, and, thing as simple thing as being as simple polite, as being and orpolite, complimenting and or complimenting sometimes, the sometimes, student may the student begin tomay givebegin up. With to give up. With someone brings someone positivity brings andpositivity can helpand influence can help theinfluence some the students, some the students, many expectations the many expectations begin to dragbegin to drag person in question’s person in mental question’s health. mental Treating health. people Treating and people they eventually and they stop eventually doing them, stop doing they then them, worry they then worry because haven’t turned they haven’t them turned in and them this can in and lead this can lead with curiositywith andcuriosity kindnessand cankindness go a longcan way. goDia long way. Di- theybecause to them to them school abandoning all together. school Along all together. with Along with rectly addressing rectlya addressing person’s mental a person’s healthmental issue can health issue can abandoning studentsthis, whostudents are socially whoanxious are socially are immersed anxious are immersed be beneficial,beasbeneficial, well. Suchasdiscussions well. Suchallow discussions both allowthis, both into an environment into an environment they often don’t theyfeel often comfortable don’t feel comfortable parties to open parties up about to open personal up about experiences personal and experiences and in. School’s in. School’s working to arebetter working theirtocounselling better their counselling can lead to helpful can lead insight to helpful and connecting insight andwith connecting some- with some- are and improveand the environment. improve the environment. Students andStudents commu-and commuone on a personal one onlevel. a personal Articleslevel. showArticles this allows show this allows have thenity opportunity have the to opportunity help, it is all to help, dependent it is all dependent mental healthmental patients health to both patients breaktothrough both break theirthroughnity their your willingness on yourtowillingness open up and to open on whether up andor on whether or comfort zonecomfort and talkzone about and their talkproblems, about their which problems,on which not you understand not youthe understand importance theof importance being theiroffor being their for can lead to acan better lead understanding to a better understanding of the questions of the questions and possible and solutions. possible solutions. others. others.

The The Harsh Harsh Reality Reality of Mental of Mental Illness Illness



Rampage | December 2017

Christmas Holiday Traditio United States Traditional Foods-Turkey, potatoes, and cranberries for dinner and cookies and milk are set out for Santa Claus. Caroling- Groups of carolers knock on doors to deliver spirited Christmas songs to their neighbors. House decorations- Many American families decorate trees, fireplaces, and other areas in their homes to get into the Christmas spirit. City-wide decorations- Towns and cities country-wide decorate trees, light up their streets, and celebrate the giv ing spirit of Christmas as a community.

Mexico Posada- There are 9 Posadas in total which celebrate the Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in the Christmas story. Decorations- Houses are decorated with evergreens, moss and paper lanterns. Poinsettas are also traditional decorations. Nativity Scenes- Nativity scenes are large portrayals of the birth of Jesus. Nativity scenes will sometimes occupy entire rooms. The figures are often life-size, made of clay, and passed down through generations.

Chile Church Services- For a 9 day period leading up to Christmas called Novenas, also celebrated in Colombia, Roman Catholics observe prayer with family and friends and attend mass services including a service on Christmas Eve. Viejito Pascuero- The Chilean version of Santa Claus, Viejito Pascuero (Old Man Christmas) is similar to the North American version of Santa Claus. Viejito Pascuero, rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, shimmies down chimneys, and delivers gifts to children everywhere.


Rampage | December 2017

ns Throughout the Americas Canada The Santa Claus Parade- A nearly three hour long parade in Toronto, Canada featuring festive balloons, Christmas themed floats, and of course, Santa Claus and his sleigh of gifts. Christmas cards- Cards of all vareties are a Christmas staple in Toronto and are a way for people to express gratitude to their loved ones.

Colombia Día de las Velitas- The day on which Christmas celebrations and preparations begin: December 7th.

Opening gifts on Christmas Eve- While in other cultures, gifts are traditionally opened on Christmas, in Canada, Christmas Eve is generally the day for gifts.

Novenas- From December 16th-24th, family members and friends gather together in prayer to celebrate the Christmas season. Letters- Children write letters to baby Jesus rather than to Santa to ask for gifts.

Brazil Nativity Scenes- The Brazilian nativity scenes, called Presépio, are similar to those of Portugal in what they portray: a shepherdess attempting to steal Baby Jesus from his cradle. Midnight Mass- A Midnght mass service called Misa de Galo (Mass of the Rooster) or Misa de los Pastores (Shepherd’s Mass) is traditioally attended on Christmas Eve. The mass gained its name through the belief that only roosters and shepherds were awake at the time of Jesus’s birth.



6 Rampage December 2017

The Capstone Take Over at Roaring Fork -Tomas Bensch

The Capstone projects are a two year long process in which high school students pursue independent research on a task or problem of their choice. The projects are meant to challenge and guide students towards a possible career path. Students begin Capstones at the start of their Junior year and many finish by the end of their senior year. Students work on their Capstone projects for about two years, and much of the time is used for planning. The projects give students the opportunity to gain an authentic experience. Projects for this years seniors range from a 20 minute short film, to a dental assistant internship, and even a composed song that will be performed across the valley. In order to make the most of their projects, students work with community experts to assist them in their preparation for college and adulthood. The main goal of the Capstones is to acknowledge the skills necessary for adulthood and to ensure that students acquire or possess these skills. Bo Takarabe, RFHS’ local Capstone expert, says that the projects are supposed to “Encourage students to attain all those skills that are going to make them successful in college...things like learning to communicate professionally, how to research, how to problem solve…” While the Capstone projects are a means for students to learn more about their passions and interests, many students are worried about how to complete or even begin their projects. Gabe Swift, a Junior who is just beginning to plan his own Capstone, stated, “I don’t even know where to start.” Cal Branigan is a senior who is doing a 20 minute

Courtesy Photo

short film for his Capstone. When asked if Branigan was stressed about completing his project, Branigan exclaimed, “Yes, yes very stressed.” Most students would say that the Capstones are stressful, but useful. Lucas Bensch mentioned that, while he does like the Capstone, he does believe that “Some of the importance should be taken off.” Ideas on how to change the importance of the projects included making it an extra credit project and not a requirement. Regardless of the stress brought on by Capstones, Takarabe believes that “They’re definitely necessary,” and a “Great opportunity for students to be able to choose what they want to study and then be able to create a project.” While opinions on the Capstone may vary, many students can agree that their favorite part of the Capstones is that they have the freedom in their choices. “I’d make it like a bigger deal because some people still don’t understand that they still have to do it to graduate,” said Branigan. Bensch thinks that students should get an earlier notice because he is stressed about the time that he has to complete it. Swift believes that RFHS should eliminate the Capstones completely saying that he doesn’t think we

should change anything, but that they’re not necessary. Takarabe wouldn’t change anything about the projects saying “I just love the way that it’s developing this school, kids are getting really excited about their projects.” Takarabe says that one of the largest challenges is that “It’s a self directed project, so students are really managing their own time, they need to figure out how they’re going to fit this into their schedule…” In Takarabe’s opinion, the most important part of the Capstones is to guide students to a possible future career. “I think that the greatest part of the Capstones is the opportunity to interact more with the community around us,” said Bensch. While some students think that it is stressful and not necessary, others want even more emphasis to go into the projects because they recognize the value in acquiring skills during the project. Takarabe is looking forward to working with more students and getting to know the community better. Cell: (970)948-7321 Office: (970)384-2015

Roaring Fork High School Gym Flooded... Again - Josie Sanchez

On Friday November 10th, Roaring Fork High School faced a difficult situation when the fire alarm unexpectedly began ringing. As students and staff filed out of the building, the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not there was an actual fire inside of the school. As it soon was revealed, there was no fire, but rather a pipe in the gymnasium had been broken. The broken pipe had caused the sprinklers to turn on and the fire alarm to ring. RFHS Principal Brett Stringer says, “The first thought I always have is for the safety of everyone in the building, and getting everyone to a safe place. Our staff and students were great that afternoon. They made sure everyone exited the building safely.” Although representatives of the district and the fire department showed up immediately at RFHS to help get the water out of the gym, the gym floor was still damaged and will have to be replaced entirely. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened at RFHS. About two years ago, a similar situation occurred when a student accidentally broke a pipe in the same gym. Athletic Director Jade Bath was present for both incidents and helped clean up much of the damage. She helped soak up the water

that was left on the gym floor as quickly as possible knowing that if the water was not cleaned up soon enough, the gym floor would be damaged. She felt that everyone was more prepared for the situation this time around and says, “We all did our best to get the water out of the gym as fast as possible and the fire department arrived quickly.” Bath adds, “I’d like to thank the fire department for their fast response and Mr. Stringer and Mrs. Goodman as well as anyone else that helped clean up.” Freshman Tristan Maker was present for the incident and experienced the whole situation firsthand as he was the one to accidentally kick the ball that hit the pipe in the ceiling of the auxiliary gym. Maker was playing basketball with friends when the incident happened. According to Maker, he kicked the ball without thinking it would cause any damage. Moments after, water spewed from the sprinklers above and Maker realized he’d have to help clean up the watery mess that was being created before him. Maker explained that his immediate thought was “How are they going to fix this? Will it be expensive?” Maker helped clean up the gym after the incident and got no further consequences as it had all

been a accident. With a relieved look, he says, “I did the right thing, I helped clean it up.” - Although Tyler Gruel most of the administration at RFHS were aware of what had happened in the gym, many teachers were unaware of what was happening when the fire alarm rang. Nina Marin Tapias, a Spanish teacher at RFHS, was in the middle of her AP Spanish class when she heard the alarm ring. According to Marin Tapias, she knew it wasn’t a practice drill because she hadn’t been informed of one scheduled for that day, so she wondered whether something serious was happening. Previous practice with fire drills and lockdowns made the situation easy to handle she states, “The best thing to do is stay calm,” and that is exactly what she did. She calmly gathered all her students and walked them out of the school. She made conversation with her students outside meanwhile the problem inside the building was being resolved. Marin Tapias had dealt with similar situations before and didn’t worry. She says, “We all stuck together, we figured it out.” During this difficult situation everyone at RFHS put forth effort to make everything go smoothly and “stuck together” as a school.

Sports No Bench For Bensch -Ralph Good

game and practice environment,” stated Bensch. The For Senior Lucas Bensch, this season will be one coaching staff works this team hard, and starts by to remember. It will be his third year playing varhaving practices before school at 6 am. “We travel a sity hockey for the Aspen High School Skiers, and lot and there is a huge Bensch looks like he time commitment,” will be one of the Bensch continued. team’s leading con“But it is all worth it.” tributors. Throughout This team’s strong his career, he has bond as a team is been producing a lot another reason why of points, and is one they are so successful. of the league leading Most of these kids playmakers with 25 have played together assists. This will be for at least three years, Bensch’s second year and in some cases playing wing on his their whole lives. team’s first line of “We are a family,” offense. Bensch said. “It As for the team, would be very hard the expectations are to break us up.” This through the roof. “family” also includes With 17 out of 20 Bensch (middle) pictured with two of his teammates the coaches. The players feel they can go to the players being seniors, it seems logical that this group coaching staff with any problems, and refer to them could make a run deep into the CHSAA Ice Hockey as part of the team instead of a powerful figure Tournament. Despite all of the experience this team above them. It is important for the coaches to put the has, the most promising factor about their team is team before themselves, and they do just that. their work ethic and strong bond with one another. As a Roaring Fork student playing for another “We [team leadership] try to work hard everyday and school, Bensch would love to see some support from lead by example to show his classmates. “Students should come out for at the rest of our team what it takes to be successful,” least one game,” said Bensch. “You will see how said Bensch. “This is what it takes to make a run at fast and intense of a game it is, and will want to keep state.” coming.” In the final season of a 10 year hockey The young coaching staff for the Skiers thinks that career, it looks like the senior forward will get his it is very possible to go all the way. “Our coaching chance at winning a state title, and it would be great staff believes we can do it, and that is great for our to show him some support from his home crowd.

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Aspen Hockey Home Schedule Come support your out-of-school athletes! 1/13 vs. Columbine (Aspen Ice Garden) at 2:00 pm 1/16 vs. Steamboat Springs (LewisIceArena) at 6:15pm 1/19 vs. Heritage (LewisIceArena) at 7:30 pm 1/20 vs. Cheyenne Mountain(LewisIceArena) at 2:30 pm 2/2 vs. Pine Creek (LewisIceArena) at 7:15 pm 2/3 vs. Resurection Christian(LewisIceArena) at 2:00pm 2/9 vs. Denver East (LewisIceArena) at 7:00pm 2/17 vs. Mountain Vista (LewisIceArena) at 4:15pm

Roaring Fork Cross Country Bolts to Phoenix - Frankie Harrington

The Basalt and Roaring Fork High School cross country team finished off their successful season with a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for a regional cross country event. The team had a very good race, on November 16th, with many runners finishing with their best times. However, a successful race at Phoenix was not all the team accomplished this year. The cross country team had a great season overall, with two runners qualifying for the State competition in Colorado Springs. The Cross Country team is a mix of multiple schools throughout the valley. From RFHS, Sophomores Lilly Peery and Makenzie Maker joined

Coutesy Photo

Juniors William Luckett and Stefan Platzer in representing the RFHS portion of the primarily BHS team. “The season was very good,” said Peery. “As a team, we were very close to making state.” Peery is coming off a year where she was able to achieve personal records on her times, improving by almost a minute. “I think a bunch of people had personal records this season, as well as at the Regional event in Phoenix.” It was the first year running cross country for exchange student Stefan Platzer. “Before my exchange, I thought I would never be able to able to run a 5 kilometer race, but we trained hard and I was able to run even more than that.” Platzer does not have a cross country team in his hometown, but he would like to continue running, even if that means running alone. Platzer’s times greatly improved throughout the season. He ran roughly a 25 minute 5K his first race, but broke his personal record running a 21:40, his best time of the season, at a Rifle High School meet. The team’s time in Phoenix, however, wasn’t all about running. “We spent a lot of time at the pool or in the shopping mall. It was an unforgettable experience,” said Platzer. The team enjoyed festivities such as going to gamecenters, going out to eat, and watching the championship race. “It was a lot of fun to be

with the team. A lot of my friends are seniors, so it was a good way to say goodbye,” said Peery. As for the departing Seniors, Peery hoped they left on a good note. “I hope they had a great Senior year, and I hope that they are successful in college,” said Peery. There were four seniors who ran cross country, and all of them attend basalt high school. “I enjoyed running with my team, and the seniors. They support and motivate me to go further and push my limits,” said Platzer. Junior William Luckett also added, “They were some of the best seniors I’ve ever met! They all have such a good attitude and I am really happy to have spent the season with them.”

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Entertainment Gems of the Valley: Slow Groovin BBQ

- Ruby Fuller

Sometimes you don’t feel like eating at the same place and you want to try something new, Slow Groovin’ BBQ is a great place to solve that problem. It couldn’t be located in a better spot, directly in the mountains with no busy highways in sight. It’s a friendly restaurant with amazing barbeque that will make you eat ‘til you drop. How to get there: 101 W 1st St, Marble, CO 81623 What to do: Enjoy the delicious barbeque as well as the surrounding views. There isn’t a better place to have your family and friends gather together to enjoy a meal. Word to the wise: There is no service or internet so make sure you don’t need to make any important calls or texts when you are there! If you don’t want to take a trip all the way up to Marble, you can always go to the Slow Groovin’ BBQ located in Snowmass. Reviews from our students: “Its one of my favorite places to go, and their cheesecake is really good.” - Henri Jones “A very good locally owned restaurant. The food is quality.” - Travis Ochko

10 Presents Not to Buy While Celebrating the Holidays

- Lucy Meade

Every year when the holidays roll around, one of the most challenging feats is purchasing worthwhile gifts that friends and family members will enjoy. Oftentimes, after the holidays are over, we look back and regret the pitiful gifts we have given our loved ones. Therefore, to help narrow down gift ideas, Roaring Fork High School students and staff have provided a few examples of what NOT to buy loved ones this holiday season: “I think one of the worst presents to buy your parent for the holidays is a hair dye kit,” -Isa Hernandez, Sophomore. Let’s be real. Letting someone know they have grey hair would not go down very well while sitting around the Christmas tree. “It would be terrible to get anyone a weight loss plan or diet pills as a gift.” -Lizzie Allender, Junior. Honestly, diet pills are more of an insult, and less of a gift. “A used gift card would be a pretty bad present.” -Rex Hamilton, Sophomore. I’m sure we are all aware any used gift is just the worst, and doesn’t quite qualify as a true gift, but used gift card? Get it together, people. “Probably one of the worst gifts to give a sibling would be deodorant and a toothbrush.” -Logan Erickson, Junior. It turns out that subtle hint wasn’t so subtle at all. “I think a shake weight would be pretty bad, because no one really wants a shake weight, it’s pretty pointless.”-Caroline Wisroth, Sophomore. Awkward workout equipment just isn’t worthy of being wrapped up and handed to a loved one.

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“Embarrassing graphic T-shirts are never good.” -Ruby Fuller, Sophomore. We can all agree that those shirts will never see the light of day from deep inside the back corner of our drawers. “A copy of the history textbook for a student.” -Mr. Wells, Social Studies teacher. I think most kids receiving an AP World History book as a gift would be less than pleased to be reminded of the tedious school days they temporarily have a break from. “Fruit cake is pretty bad.” -Mrs. Keery, Art teacher. If you have ever eaten, or even seen, a fruitcake, you are aware that it’s NOT a good gift for anyone at all. “Women’s underwear. It’s just weird.” -Daniela Rivera, Sophomore. Being handed a pair of underwear while opening presents is just too awkward. Yikes! “A Lil Pump CD. Real G’z don’t listen to Lil Pump. Wu Tang Forever.” -Mr. Robinson, substitute teacher. Clearly buying someone a Lil Pump CD is gonna “Bring Da Ruckus” because the reality is C.R.E.A.M. Now, with these helpful pieces of information provided by RFHS students and staff, no one should have to experience the disappointment of receiving a lousy gift for the holidays.

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