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GREECE ISLANDS ď‚— in Greece there are 227 inhabited islands that have

these white villages that we can see in the photos. ď‚— you can do many activities in this islands. starting with santorini

Santorini ď‚— On this island you can go to the beach that is on the

western coast and you can also make plans with your partner to see the beautiful sunset.

Athens ď‚— Athens is the capital of the country was also in the center of ancient Greece

even dominate some sites such as the Acropolis, a citadel on a hill with ancient buildings, such as the Temple of the Parthenon with its columns and other sites. ď‚— You can visit these sites because it is very interesting and you can learn about the history of the 5th century BC and take amazing photos.

Mykonos ď‚— This island is popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches like

Paradise and Super Paradise have bars where the music resounds. The huge dance clubs attract famous DJs from all over the world and usually stay open until after dawn. ď‚— on this island you can go to a party or a night club and you could meet people and have a great time if you carefully. You can also go to its unbeatable beaches

Gastronomy ď‚— There are several typical dishes but the most famous is the musaca

which consists of a kind of lasagna in which are used aubergines instead of pasta. ď‚— If you go to Greece you have to know its delicious gastronomy.

Culture ď‚— It is easy to enjoy its delicate crafts, its beautiful folk costumes, its distinctive

architecture, its striking customs. ď‚— You can live the Greek culture because they are too proud of their country. in the music that comes through the speakers of any restaurant, which will probably be traditional.

Map of Greece