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Concept Fedrigoni asked us to create a fully integrated marketing campaign to promote the chosen range, Woodstock, using various channels to reach our target audience. We have come up with a poster campaign, direct mail and a sample book to appeal to a target audinece of demanding high end designers for print and printers themselves. We have created a slogan ‘Paper that performs’ from the brief, and based our campaign on the versatility of their paper with the intention to inform but excite.

Kim Sandford Sophie Herring

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Poster campaign Our poster campiagn is based on a list of uses of paper and for each one we have tried to portray this through the poster using printing techniques etc. Because of this we believe it will target the specified audience. The posters will be viewed in locations such as conference rooms, design studios, art galleries, art libraries, places where our target our audience is.

Kim Sandford Sophie Herring

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Directmail The mail shot will be sent out to potential clients to inform them of the Fedrigoni range, Woodstock. Inside of the mailshot will contain a small sample booklet so that they can view the range and get a feel for the stock itself.

Kim Sandford Sophie Herring

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Sample Book As well as the direct mail we have created a larger sample book which would be available for printers and designers to have so that they can choose from the paper.

Kim Sandford Sophie Herring

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