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The Brief The brief was to create a campaign to get more people eating Salad Cream again. Concept I went with the idea of experimenting with Salad Cream and what you have it with and therefore ‘MIX-ZING IT UP’ the zing part comes from how Heinz describe it. I used the theme of painting as you mix up colours and based the products on this concept.

MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Salad Cream

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Sophie Herring

Swatch recipes I have used the existing Salad Cream flavours and come up with some others myself to create a range. For each flavour I have produced a three page swatch book for a recipe using that flavour Salad Cream. The swatches include ingredients and a step by step guide to produce it. The swatch colours match the names of the flavours and each swatch book is pinned at the top.

MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Sald Cream

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Sophie Herring

Packaging I carried the paint concept through to packaging and used the idea of paint tins to package the range of flavours, The labels co-ordinate to the flavour they carry and all read the campaign name ‘MIX-ZING IT UP’ and the tag line ‘make a masterpiece.’

MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Salad Cream

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Sophie Herring

Posters Basing everything around the concept of painting, I designed large paint swatch posters which showcase the flavours, these would be hung around instore in supermarkets.

MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Salad Cream

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Sophie Herring

In store In store at a tester station, there would be a paint palette to continue the concept this would showcase the range of flavours for customers to try out. The swatches would be infront for customers to view recipes and take ideas. The intention of this is to sell more Salad Cream.

MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Salad Cream

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Sophie Herring

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Our new campaign MIZ-ZING IT UP consists of a new range of crazy flavours to mix up your meals. Try our new flavours packaged in tiny paint tins allowing you to mix it up on any of your favourite foods. Why not visit our hall of fame for some of the best creative combinations. Submit your own creations for the chance to win a year supply of our MIX-ZING IT UP range.

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Webpage The webpage will consist of recipes that customers can use with the new range of flavours. Also there is a section to submit your creations of what you have Salad Cream with, with a chance to win a prize. There is also a hall of fame with some of the best combinations on already. The webpage menu uses the swatch deisgn so when each box along the top menu is chosen a colour swatch will fold down to reveal another menu.

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MIXZING IT UP Brief 4 Heinz Salad Cream

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