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Concept Collaboratively Sarah and I worked on the idea of emerging talent and growth and came up with the tag line ‘from the ground up’ emphasising the hard work of the students. We created imagery to represent students emerging from the ground like a plant.

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E n d o f Ye a r S h o w

FROM THE GROUND UP Check out the emerging talent

E n d o f Ye a r S h o w

Promotion We created a range of promotion which could be used to advertise the show. The format of the invite folded out to reveal the emerged student. Other imagery we used was soil and plant label sticks to hold details of the exhibition.

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Web banner We proposed some web banners for the show which would be on the Leeds College of Art website to advertise the show and link people to further details. These consisted of the large tag line and also imagery of the emerging students.

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Taking the next step...

Brief Leeds College of Art Promotion Material 2013-2014 Prospectus Pitch To create a concept and promotional pitch for the 2012-2014 Leeds College of Art prospectus in order to attract new students to the college.

Concept Collaboratively we based the concept on taking the next step in education. We represented this visually through blocks and proposed that the cover would be die cut to reveal a vertical block of colour behind it which represents the next stage. Sophie Herring Brief 7 4 of 7

Layout I worked on the layout and kept the concept consistent within the layout by using full bleed images in blicks complimented by blocks of copy. The coloumns vary in width to represent the idea of growth from left to right.

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Promotional Material Additional to the prospectus we proposed ideas for Open Day material taking the concept across onto posters and flyers. The idesign for the poster uses a mix of colour blocks and photography from the college, the blocks represent the concept of taking the next step. Sophie Herring Brief 7 6 of 7

don’t forget to stay in touch JOIN THE Leeds College of Art Alumni Society




Leeds College of Art Promotion Material Alumni Poster

Collaboratively we came up with the idea of connecting and staying in touch. I came up with this design with the copy ‘Don’t forget to stayin touch’ to speak to the students. The background shapes overlap to represent the idea of connecting.

To create a poster to influence current 3rd year and graduating students of the college to join the Leeds College of Art Alumni to share their achievements when they leave.

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brief7 lca  

brief 7 leeds college of art promo

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