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To create the identity and a range of promotional material for a Silent FIlm Festival taking part in Leeds at Hyde Park Picture House. The aim is to educate a younger audience on a different genre of film and bring back traditional films.

The concept is based on the idea of silence which is represented through the use of white and also missing text which has been lasercut. The title of the festival is ‘SHUSH’ which emphasises the idea of no talking. Black and white 1920 style photographs have been used alongside this for promotion to use imagery rather than copy. Sophie Herring Brief 6 1 of 7



The invites consist of two parts, the actual invite is pulled out of a laser cut envelope which reveals the black and white image on the invite and gives a taster of what the package is about.

Tickets are laser cut designs to represent the idea of silence as if the type has been taken away so there is no talking. The stock they are produced on give the feel of a 1920’s cinema ticket which is the era of silent film.

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Guide A what’s on guide is very much image based, again the surprise element is used with the laser cut fron to the guide which reveals a black and white photograph behind. The list of films is visual and shown in a chronological order of days.

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Merchandise T-shirts from the festival would be available to buy as merchandise and to remember the event. A stencil has been used to showcase the festival logo, date and location. A silver ink has been used to keep the design close to white and represent the idea of silence. The swing tickets for the t-shirts use the speech marks from the branding to create a unique, interactive element.

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Food packaging A range of popcorn and drinks would be available at the film festival. The designs use slightly humourous photographs to represent what the package is. There is a range of small and large drinks which use photographs of a small and large man, similar to the sweet and salted popcorn which uses imagery of a sweet lady and a salty old man. Sophie Herring Brief 6 5 of 7

Website As part of the Hyde Park Picture House website, Shush has it’s own link. The entrance to the site is minimal and uses the name and logo only with large white space around it to keep the idea of silence consistent. The website is split into different pages home, what’s on, book and contact. The design is kept black and white like the rest of the branding. Sophie Herring Brief 6 6 of 7

Exhibition Guide As a visual aid to the exhibition, an exhibition guide was created which folds out to give information and background knowledge on Ska. The format of the guide is thin and landscape to take the form of a piano to emphasise the musical importance of the exhibition. All images are kept black and white to link in with the colour palette. Sophie Herring Brief 6 7 of 7

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