Sophisticated Living Louisville March/April 2020

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SOPHISTICATED STARS Written by Joy J y Yascone Y El MA Elms

Happy Birthday Pisces and Aries! This month’s Sophisticated Stars are Aries Cara King of Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty, born on March 26th, and Aries Andrew Kung, founder of Andrew Kung Group and Vision Spire, born on April 10th. In March, we have a lovely full moon in Virgo on the 9th that will be a bright part of the month for each sign in a different way. With a New Moon in Aries on March 24th, each sign will have a fresh start in a different sector of life as well. Let’s welcome the Sun and warmth of spring with the Mars energy of inspiring fire starter Aries! CARA KING Cara has an Aries Sun, with Mercury and Venus in Zen-loving Pisces. Cara’s rising and Moon are in Aquarius, the sign that rules friendship. As an Aries, Cara is driven and passionate to align her clients with the perfect home that fits their entire lifestyle. Cara’s Aquarius rising and Moon shows that she genuinely cares for each client and develops long-standing relationships and more than likely lifelong friendships with them. Cara can look forward to an excellent start to spring and her birthday month with the new Moon in Aries on March 24th. This happy New Moon is very close to Cara’s Sun and sees her making some of her own dreams a reality. It also signifies a joyous start in any area of life that Cara chooses. What a beautiful and benevolent New Moon and birthday present from the Universe! On March 9th, the Full Moon in Virgo signifies a happy deal that Cara will see come to fruition within five days of this date.

Photo by Andrew Kung

ANDREW KUNG Andrew Kung has a Sagittarius rising, Moon in Taurus, and Mercury in Aries. Andrew’s Sun in Aries gives him a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and fortitude to charge ahead and make any vision a reality. Aries is the vital energy of survival and is likened to Sparta, as in 300! There is no vision impossible for Aries, and if you’ve seen Andrew’s awe-inspiring work, you understand exactly what I am referring to. With Andrew’s Sagittarius rising, he can make undeniable magic happen for his clients. Andrew’s Sagittarius rising is governed by Jupiter, the planet that brings out the best in others. Andrew’s Moon in Taurus gives him a love for the divinely beautiful and his eye the gift of capturing that vision. Andrew has an exceptional spring ahead with Jupiter, the planet of blessings inching towards his 10th house of professional status and acclaim. This is a beautiful transit that happens once every 12 years for a full year. Andrew will enjoy the spring as the Full Moon in Virgo sees him finishing up a creative project to enjoy time in nature and embracing its beauty. 28