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Sources Gutenberg Bible Genesis 1:1

One-hundred eighty copies of the Gutenberg Bible, the Latin Vulgate version, were published in Germany during the 1450-55 year time frame. Forty-seven copies of this first-ever printed book survive. A souvenir edition of what is believed to be the most colorfully illuminated of the forty-seven was reproduced and distributed in 1961. 1

The Genesis 1 page of that reproduction, shown here on the previous page, introduces each of the book’s ten chapters and serves as the internet icon.

The Beginning Evolution, Darwin style, never happened! Homo sapiens were created, one-of-a-kind---Sui generis. No evidence exists proving humankind shared an ancestor with “Old World division” monkeys. DNA from cheek swabs and blood samples taken in 2008 from hundreds of humans, reveal migration routes and genetic markers that distinguish diverse racial groups. While the report builds on the conventional “out-of-Africa” scenario, the migration map identifies the Middle East as the migration take-off point for the rest of the world‟s geography with a conventional time beginning estimated at 50,000 years before the present.1 Apart from slight adjustments in the male‟s Y-Chromosome and the female‟s mtDNA, the study confirms that all six billion humans belong to the identical same species. Nothing in the report suggests Homo sapiens are presently evolving into some new and different format nor does it show any shared ancestral connection with “Old World division” monkeys as conjectured by Charles Robert Darwin. “…Studies have indicated the overwhelming majority of humans have a recent common ancestor within the last 5,000 years (albeit between any two individuals it may not be the same ancestor.” 2 “Identical ancestors point,” a moment when ancestors common to all humans lived, has been estimated by some to be from 5,000 to 15,000 years BP. Darwin fretted that his ideas were plagued by “flaws” and “holes.” He had reason to be concerned! Evolution’s assumptions have yet to be validated by objective science!


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