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Looking for Anacleto Ligabue’s neglected places

Anacleto Ligabue has been one of the most important and bizzarre venecian man of the latest centuries. He was a rich entrepreneur, but also and artist and a romantic husband. Despite his legendary life, now he is almost unknown...This is a guide for neglected places where Anacleto Ligabue lived the most important moments of his life.

Part 0. Who is Anacleto Ligabue.

Anacleto Ligabue was born in 1989 by unknown parents. They left him on a bench near the station, inside a bag, just like an Oscar WIlde comedy. Maybe they were fan of that irish writer. However, he was found by a very rich but eccentric lady, who couldn’t have a baby, so she decided to adopt him. She called him Anacleto like her favorite parrot (she had eleven parrots) and became his new mum.

Part 1. Where Anacleto was found.

Anacleto’s adoptive mother.

Outside the Venice Train Station.

Anacleto Ligabue was a very smart guy. He was eccentric like his adoptive mother but also very hardworking. One day, while he was on a cruise with her, he had an idea. Her mother made him eating everything on board but the food was terribile. To little Anacleto it was a shock. He wanted to create a catering company for ships, so that nobody would have eaten shitty food in vacation. He came back to Venice and he built the Magazzini Ligabue, where he winitiated his venture by supplying ships belonging to SocietĂ Veneziana di Navigazione.

Part 2. Where Anacleto worked.

The ship where Anacleto had his idea.

Outside the Magazzini Ligabue.

Inside the Magazzini Ligabue: now they host IUAV university.

One day, passing by the Terese church he saw a lovely young lady that was going to the church in order to pray, and he fell in love with her. But there was a problem: Anacleto wanted to meet her, but he didn’t want people to gossip about it. Therefore he created this hidden shortcut between the Magazzini and the Terese church, and the two finally started to met. After 30 dates in this place, Anacleto proposed to his secret girlfriend and married her shortly after.

Part 3. Where Anacleto fell in love.

Sofonisba Ligabue, one year before her wedding.

The shortcut outside the Magazzini.

Anacleto Ligabue used to sit on the same bench for years. He just watched the sea, while people walked behind him. He used to study and read a lot. He donated a lot of money and books for the creation of a new library, just behind his favorite bench. Right now, that library really exists and rumors say that if you study on Anacleto’s bench before an exam, you’ll do well.

Part 4. Where Anacleto used to sit.

Outside the library.

Anacleto’s bench,

Anacleto has his favourite fountain in Venice. He wanted to drink only its water and everyday some servants were sent to fill bottles with it. The water of this fountain was so called “Anacleto’s water”.

Part 5. Where Anacleto used to drink.

Anacleto’s fountain.

Anacleto Ligabue had an hidden passion: he loved cinema. In fact, during a trip in Paris, he met Auguste Lumière, and he bought all the necessary to make a movie. He started filming in a calle where nobody would notice him, and he used his wife as main actress for his romantic movies. Right now, nobody still doesn’t notice this calle, and doesn’t know its history.

Part 6. Where Anacleto used to film.

Anacleto’s hidden calle.

Anacleto Ligabue became really rich, and he transferred in a big palace. Here he met the most important people in Venice, and in his sittingroom he projected his movies. One evening, after dinner, he and his guests started to talk about the idea of a movie festival in Venice. Anacleto loved the idea and immediately contact ed his friend Auguste Lumière. Two years later, the Venice film festival was born.

Part 7. Where Anacleto used to live.

Anacleto’s palace.

One day, he came back home early because he wanted to surprise his wife, but he found out his best friend hugging her! Anacleto was shocked. His best friend and his wife told him that there was a misunderstanding, but he didn’t trust them. He challenged his best friend and they fought on this bridge. Anacleto lost, and decided not to go home anymore.

Part 8. Where Anacleto had to fight.

The bridge where Anacleto fought.

During the period he quarreled with his wife, Anacleto used to sleep inside the Magazzini. It was a bit unconmfortable, but it was good for Anacletos’ broken heart.

Part 9. Where Anacleto slept.

The room where Anacleto slept.

After two weeks, his wife found him and explained the misunderstaing. They went out for a walk, spring was coming and there were beautiful flowers all around them. Anacleto was so glad. He happily kissed her wife and they came back togheter.

Part 10. Where Anacleto kissed his wife.

The campo where they share a kiss.

Anacleto Ligabue was present at the first Venice film festival, with his friends, Auguste e Louis Lumière. After watching the films of other directors, Anacleto bacame depressed and without self confidence, so he decided to bury his films in a old well. Right now, the films are still unseen, but we know they are all romantic suppy movies.

Part 11. Where Anacleto hid his films.

The old well.

Anacleto died in 1948, while walking here. A jar accidentaly fell from the sky and hit them to death. it was a strange death of an unusual life.

Part 12. Where Anacleto died.

The balcony from which the jar fell.

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Map. Find Anacleto’s places!



Project06_Anacleto's ultimate story  

Anacleto strikes back!

Project06_Anacleto's ultimate story  

Anacleto strikes back!