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from the

Marriage has no guarantees. If that’s what you’re looking for, go live with a car battery. ~ Erma Bombeck February, The month of Love. So vividly, I recall those years in elementary school when children were thinking of lots of valentine cards. We would take hours crafting our collection box, hoping for it to be filled with special cards from our classmates. We took so much delight in making those boxes or bags, which ever we chose. I especially loved doing the shoe boxes. Carefully, we would cut the slot in the top and cover it with paper and then decorate it with hearts and drawings and then do the same with the box. It had to be especially pretty because we were focusing on love. Valentine’s Day came and we were so excited to see how many we got, who they were from and most importantly what kind. Some children were especially lucky because their parents would buy the ones that had the attached sucker or others with lots of glitter. Some were hand made out of paper doilies or cut out flowers glued on paper, with such thought out sentiments inside. Rosses r Red, Vilets r blu, u look like a monkey…, no, that is not the one. Memories of our childhood are often fun to think about but we can’t turn back the clock. Then we wait for our first kiss. Do you remember yours? Mine was at a local theater. Funny that I can remember where but not who! That was just another step to Love. How exciting when someone asked you to go steady. Now if there are young people reading this and you are scratching your heads just go ask your parents. Then you fell in LOVE! Did you fall in love with all these false ideas like I did? Was marriage not supposed to be like the Fairy Tales? I really don’t remember any disagreements or bickering shown on the big screen. In fact, everything was perfect….“Happily Ever After“! Wait just a minute. I had my movie written, starring Richard and Judy, We fell in love, got married, held hands everywhere we went. Picnics in the park, beautiful, perfect, loving children who brought home perfect report cards…those were the scenes I envisioned. Along with wonderful family vacations, Christmas’s right out of Good Housekeeping magazine and on and on and on. What happened? For one thing, ants invaded the picnic. If you have never had that happen, take my word for it. That is not fun. You may get a little more protein than you planned for but when they start biting back, it is time to let them have it. And those beautiful, perfect children, well, you need to trust me on this. It does not matter how much time and money you spend for them to present themselves in a good light, they will embarrass you at some point and it probably won’t be just one time, either. So, if you have not figured it out by now, let me give you some very important advice. Marriage isn’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect and that is because WE are not perfect. So if you are looking for love to solve all of your problems you need to take off those rose colored glasses. The great thing about love, though, is you are loved anyway, even when you are not being lovable. Like Erma Bombeck said, marriage doesn’t come with a guarantee but one thing for sure happens, you get out of it what you put in. My husband and I love each other and I am still believing in “Happily Ever After” even though I know there are the imperfect in betweens. He always gives me the most beautiful Valentine’s Cards. I always get him the most perfect ones as well although sometimes I can’t remember where I hid it. He loves candy though so maybe this year I will get him one with a big red sucker and a poem….

Roses are red Violets are blue Shucks, I love you More than I used to!

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We Were Teaching Kids To Swim 100 Years Before Sponge Bob Was Born. At the YMCA, we’ll teach your kids to swim for only $7 per lesson. The YMCA is the perfect place for kids to learn the skills and confidence to stay safe in the water (drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14):

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pg 6 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

We have taught kids to swim since 1900.

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REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL: Ignite A Love Revolution by Kim Fletcher, Life Coach, Author, Speaker

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Lev. 19:18 Whether you live by Biblical principles or not, you have most likely heard the quote noted above. The question is, have you ever stopped to contemplate its true meaning? You are likely reading this article in February – a month which includes a holiday which honors ‘love’. Is it possible that it is actually impossible to love others well if we do not first love ourselves? And if that is true, what does it really mean to love ourselves? Since this quote is lifted from God’s Holy Word, I think the best answer to these questions can only be found in the heart of God. Track with me here. God calls Himself LOVE. Then LOVE Himself proclaims that He created us in His own image. We were created by LOVE for LOVE. Going one step further, I believe we were all created with a significant purpose hidden within our spirits, waiting to be unlocked. This miraculous reality further proves God’s great love for us, that He would craft us with unique gifts and visions. This radical belief will cause a sense of love and admiration to arise within your heart as you ponder the WONDER of a love that made you and delights in you. I believe it is the heart of our Creator that we tap into and fully activate that unique purpose, beginning at the place where we each realize that God’s highest desire is for us to find our true identity resting in our journey toward becoming just like Him. Such an awakening does not give birth to arrogance or ego, but to a spirit of humility and awe which echo a deep longing to make a positive difference in the lives of those we encounter every day. When we begin to take hold of the magnificent power by which we were created, a LOVE REVOLUTION is ignited deep in our hearts. If such power created us, we could only be created by the most powerful source of love (Love Himself) for the most powerful lives of influence. New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 are already falling by the wayside for many of us. RESOLUTION is defined: “To make a firm decision; to change; to find a solution”. ( Our decisions to change must be deeply anchored to a powerful ‘why’ (why must I do this or change this?) or else they are fragile like plants with shallow roots, doomed to fail. REVOLUTION is defined this way: “A drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving”. ( Plants with roots structures which are ‘far reaching’ are strong, viable and fully nourished. This deep root system allows that plant to develop into a healthy and sustainable object of natural beauty. Plants are nourished by minerals and water. People are nourished by love, belonging, and value.

REVOLUTION will be the ‘drastic and far-reaching’ result for any individual who takes time this month to love on themselves before going out and buying chocolate for a friend or lover. Psalm 139:14 (NLT) proclaims that we were made… ”wonderfully complex.” Take some intentional time and consider the fact that you were uniquely created to live and influence this generation. Celebrate your unique gifting, talents, and life experiences. As we peer into the depths of what actually makes us great, we will become the LOVE REVOLUTION GENERATION. Everywhere I go these days, I spot people in desperate need of love. Part of my internal compass directs me to those who need to be reminded that they are powerful, beautiful and valuable. Just yesterday, in a business meeting, I felt impressed to end the meeting by going around the room and individually speaking specific words of encouragement to the four people in the room whom I had only met two hours earlier. As I did this, something powerful happened. Faces smiled, shoulders relaxed, tears welled up… and I hope lives were changed by the unexpected outpouring of love. Having a ‘lover’ to share Valentine’s Day with is a great gift. The greater gift is to embrace the call as a ‘Love Revolutionary’ every day of the year. As you celebrate and value your own life, you will find yourself overflowing with love, encouragement and life for those around you. This simple act with increase your network, give you a far-reaching influence and fill your days with meaning and hope. Enjoy the journey and embrace the possibility of ‘drastic and far-reaching change’ in your old ways of thinking which were rooted in self-doubt and negative self talk. True wealth is never found in a full bank account and an empty life. This crazy revolutionary way of thinking and living will make you “love rich” despite your bank account, creating a reality which cannot be threatened by a failing economy or any other challenge. Your life began with love – the love of the One who created you. And it will be sustained and fueled by love, the love you willingly and intentionally release from your own heart! As a Life Coach and Speaker, Kim coaches individuals and groups to become Destiny Builders while pressing in to reach their full potential. Kim’s newest book takes you deeper as you coach yourself to becoming your best: The Tension Point: Breaking Through to Where You Want to Be (November 2011 release). We would love to hear your story:, 828 327 6702, | pg 7

by G

rac ie


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Mimosa’s are like the little black dress of cocktails. They are socially acceptable almost anywhere and anytime. I know this, I’ve had them everywhere ;). Bloody Mary’s are close, but not quite as versatile…like a great pair of jeans. Like most cocktails, fashion must coincide with the event, time of day, and the ‘crowd’ you’re hangin’ with. That last one, sugar, is all about the fun factor. Our apparel choices should also match our personality, as well as be socially acceptable. Wow…did I say that? Ya’ll know by now that I’m the last chick in the south to conform to any standard. I tend to rebel just a tad…nothin’ like a little spice in life! BUT, I have to admit…there is a time and place for every outfit. Any-hoo (that’s my new Southern Belle word… getting better at this!), I believe that there are three main ‘characters’ in the fabulous fashion world…and we all fit into one or, if you’re a crazy woman who can’t commit to

a look (hmmm, I may relate), a combination of the three. Which one are you??? THE CLASS ACT… • Famous ‘Class Acts”…Grace Kelly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Audrey Hepburn • Personality…Somewhat reserved, yet definitely has an opinion…about everything! • Attire…Little black dress, classic trousers with crisp white button down, simple lines and cuts • Cocktail of choice…Martini, Red wine..preferably Cabernet, sweetie pie! CRAZY BUT YA LOVE HER… • Famous ‘Crazies’…Cher, lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Cyndi Lauper • Personality…”Look at me!!! I’m fun and fab!!” • Attire…Anything with shock value. She makes a statement, and means it! • Cocktail of choice…Something strong and sassy…give that girl a shot. COMFY AND CONFIDENT… • Famous “cool as a cucumber’ chicks…Kate Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz • Personality…”Uhmmm, let’s throw this look on, be amazing, and then go play.” • Attire…Jeans and tee, maxi dress, stylish sweats, cowboy boots, and UGGS • Cocktail of choice…Beer or a Margarita baby.


Did you find your ‘style personality’? Sweetheart, I can tell you that most of us fit into one of these categories. Here’s the thing… we SHOULD try them all. Be a little daring, yet classy, and be comfortable doing it! So, shoulders back and head held high… have a little fun and adventure…in fashion and in life!!! LIVE IT BABY!

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pg 10 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

Residential Living Assisted Living Health Care Services


I chillin’. Heck no, not even close! They told me to lie down and we would just see what we could do so I started to lay down with my feet toward the machine but they said “Oh no, sister. You have to lay the other way”. Head first? You have got to be kidding me! None the less I lay down and they promised me they would go slow and make sure I was alright. Slowly, it starts moving inward. The moment it reaches my head I am screaming “STOP”. There is no way I can do this. So they tell me to take another pill and wait a few minutes and then we should be able to get this done. After coming out to check on me several times to see if the pills were taking effect and me telling them no, they decided it was time to try again.

Front Porch The

by Judy Smith

I have never felt so happy to see the sky as I did the other day. Some of you might be claustrophobic like I am and if you are, then doing an MRI is almost like a death sentence. Now you might think I am exaggerating but I am not. Actually, since I survived this I am very seriously thinking about trying out for the TV show Survivor. Let me tell you about the other time I had to have an MRI. I did not know what it was but my Dr. told me he was ordering one. Now he knew me and was aware of my claustrophobia so he ordered me medicine that was supposed to relax me. The instructions said to take one pill 30 minutes before arriving and then another when I got there. The bottle contained four pills. Somewhat strange I thought, that they didn’t tell me when to take the others. So like the good little girl that I am, I followed Dr’s orders. When I arrived they asked me if I had taken the pill before I came and to go ahead and take another one and they would be with me in a few minutes. After setting there ten to fifteen minutes, they were ready for me. When we walked in the room where the MRI machine was, I stopped dead in my tracks. “That is not what I am doing is it?” I really did expect an answer instead of just a “look”. As I was backing out the door, they were trying to capture me in their net, all the while, telling me there was nothing to it. “You did take the pills, didn’t you?” they asked. Knowing I had, they told me I SHOULD be relaxed enough for us to do this. Maybe I was over reacting. Maybe this machine was not what I thought it was. They wanted to know if I felt relaxed…was

Knowing what to do, I am trying to co-operate but I am not feelin’ it. So down I go and slowly the machine starts moving me inward. We do get my head in, my shoulders in and then, I can’t see them anymore! “Get me out, get me out!” So out I came but they were not giving up on me yet. I still had one more pill! Waking up the next afternoon, as I got out of bed, my husband came in because he heard me moving around, wanting to know if I was OK. Why wouldn’t I be, I asked. Maybe because I had slept a whole day and night and most of the next day would be a hint that everything was not as it should be. Yeah, that is right. The last thing I remember is taking that last pill. I might have lost two days of my life, but I did do the MRI. Can’t remember doing it, but the images prove that I did. So now, I am being told I need another one. My family is freaking out and saying they will have to put me to sleep but the Dr. is saying no way. I asked for an open MRI but I am told you can’t do that with some things and I need this now. So they told me they would give me medicine. On the day I get the medicine it is one….let me say that again…one little pill. My pharmacist is calling the Doctor, I am calling the Doctor; all to no avail. It is what it is. So I decided I would stay up all night and after working all day the day before, well, maybe I would just be so exhausted with the ONE little pill plus a 10 mg. melatonin (no one knew), that I could do it. I kept telling myself how badly I needed this. At least this time, I got to go in feet first, down on my stomach. Let me tell you, it does not matter if you are feet first, head first, butt first….it is still terrifying to me. I had the whole nation praying that I could get it done. In my mind I had all kind of memory verses and things to repeat to myself. The only verse I could remember was “Yeah thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”. Now I know I am going to die, in a tube that I can’t escape from. One minute, two minutes, three minutes…..forty minutes It is done!!!! But never again. My husband told me never to say never but I am saying it. Never again. Someone better be inventing a machine that is not a torture machine. So, one last thought. Those prayers got me through it. Prayer is a mighty thing. Matt. 21:21 “All things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Now, I can remember those verses! | pg 11

White Tire Centers

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Home & Locations Coupons Services Contact Us EXAM S X-RAY Since 1971, White Tire Centers has been a leader in the retail


tire business in Hickory, North Carolina and the surrounding North Carolina areas. White Tire is a locally owned tire 2 company gives its customers a family, friendly experience. : 2/29/1 sthat Expire e! lu a V 5 A $22 White Tire offers a complete line of light truck, SUV and passenger tires. We feature Cooper Tires as well as other brands. Our services include alignments, brakes, oil, lube & filter “I haven’t suffered from fibromyalgia in over 6 months!” changes, North Carolina minor and vehicle repairs. Hickory, NC - I was sufferinginspections with neck pain,and headaches, fibromyalgia for years and

Hickory, NC – I was suffering from fibromyalgia for years and could barely get out of bed and keep active. The pain and could barely get out of bed and keep active. The pain and discom-


For honest, fastIt and service was aruining my life. was sofriendly bad thattire I wasbuying not ableor to automotive live up to my potential. fort was ruining my life. It was so bad that I was not able to enjoyMy doctor ing gave meand pillwas after pill not butable nothing topotential. help. really experience - Give the professionals atup White TireI Centers andI much really to liveseemed to my My thought was going to havegave to live likeafter this. A friend of mine toldtome sheI really knew the answer doctor me pill pill but nothing seemed help. Accel Discount Tire a call.

NEWTON LOCATION • New Tires • Brake Service • Alignment • Lube, Oil & Filter • State Inspections


2050 N. Main Avenue


thought I was going to have likeDr. this.Richard A friend ofSheppard, mine told how I could get help. She told metotolivecall D.C. at me shefor knew the answer how I could get She told to call (828) 324.4600 a FREE consultation andhelp. mention thatmeI am a fibromyalgia Richard Sheppard at (828) 324.4600 for a FREE consultation sufferer andDrthey would see me right away. I did and after only a few visits I have and mention that I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and they would see seen tremendous progress and look forward to living a normal life again!!! me right away. I did and after only few visits I have seen tremen-


No Drugs - No Surgery - No More Pain!


Get More Info At:

Sheppard Chiropractic & Wellness Sheppard Chiropractic & Wellness 1331 N. Center Street Hickory, NC 28601 1331 N. Center Street Hickory, NC 28601

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A Boarding Kennel for even the most spoiled dogs.....

We Feature: • Suites with TV’s • In-floor Heat & Air • Acoustical Ceilings • Indoor/Outdoor Runs • And Much More



Nestled on a farm along the outskirts of Hickory providing comfort and care for your pets for over 25 years! HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am-Noon 2pm - 6pm Sat. 9am -2pm Sun. 4pm - 6pm


2581 Hickory Blvd. Lenoir, NC 28645

828-728-4222 Morganton:

145 Bush Drive Morganton, NC 28655

828-437-0931 pg 12 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

(828) 396-8755 4647 Petra Mill Rd. Granite Falls NC 28630


FlyLady THE

by Marla Cilley

The Cart Before The Horse

Have you ever gotten sidetracked painting a room when you had friends coming over for dinner? If you have then you might be a FlyBaby! Let’s say company is coming and you need to crisis clean by focusing on the main areas of the house. Instead you are cleaning out closets and scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush. This is our perfectionism. If you are planning a party, I want you to fight the urge to tear out carpet and paint walls for now. Big family parties are stressful enough without adding the hassle of tearing up your home and trying to put it back together. Even under to most ideal circumstances, a remodel is tough. Let me tell you about the easiest remodel of all! It is getting rid of your clutter. For three years; Robert and I would plan and scheme about remodeling our home. We would take paper and pencils to a restaurant and start drawing up plans. Only to walk back in our home and be hit with a room filled with wall to wall clutter!!! I wanted change! I wanted a home that was beautiful and the only way I knew to get it was to tear out and start over! Guess what friends; you don’t have to remodel to love your home or to have people over! You just have to get rid of the clutter that makes your home feel closed in. When Robert and I married in 1996, I had a houseful of clutter and he had a houseful of clutter. We put our clutter together and went to estate auctions and bought more. We could hardly walk in our home; much less invite anyone in! We would have to meet people on our front porch. I hated our home. I felt closed in and wanted something different. I thought it was a new home but that would have only made matters worse. I would have had to pack up all of our clutter and put it in a bigger house. Even if we added a room on then we would only invade that new space with our old clutter, making it unlivable. I realized that it was not the house that was making me feel bad but the clutter in the house and I had control over that. In January of 1999 I started establishing my routines one little habit at a time. In the process I was trying to fix our finances by reading or listening to Suze Orman. I thought if only we had enough money we could remodel our house. I told myself that there was not any way we could remodel a house and make it bigger when I couldn’t even keep our little house clean. What

I learned from Suze was if I will get rid of my clutter and bless others then I would be blessed in return. WOW!!! I never dreamed that releasing clutter was the best and the easiest remodel I could do! So for the next nine months I got rid of clutter 3 times a day with a 27 Fling Boogie! I took BabySteps and this consistency slowly but surely made a difference in our home. By September of 1999, our home was practically cleaning itself. By Thanksgiving I was able to have our family over for dinner. Then in December our little email group started. It wasn’t until my routines had been in place for way over a year that I finally consented to explore a real remodel. I was afraid that our cute little home would fall apart and my routines would go by the wayside. For the first time in my life, I was able to keep house without beating myself up and I was so scared that I would forget my routines. You are going to be so surprised just how nice your home really is without all the clutter blinding you. Please don’t start tearing out, fixing up and painting until your clutter is eliminated. Clutter makes the job much harder than it really is. Think about a sparse room. It is much easier to paint than one that is piled to the ceiling with clutter. In fact you can’t even see the walls for the clutter. Many times a little soap and water is all your home needs for now. Don’t get the cart before the horse. For more help getting rid of your CHAOS, check out her website and join her free mentoring group at or her book, Sink Reflections published by Random House and her New York Times Best Selling book, Body Clutter published by Simon and Schuster. Copyright 2012 Marla Cilley Used by permission in this publication. | pg 13


Delivered With

Happy Valentines Day From:

210 13th Ave Pl NW Hickory, NC 28601

828 322-3017

C.F. McDonell, Jr., M.D. Ryan N. Richardson, M.D. Meredith Watson, M.D.

J. Robert Goins, M.D. Brandon E. Locklear, M.D. Nancy Sciara, RN, MSN, OGNP

I Need Rest! by Gwen Smith

Today’s Truth

Let’s Pray

“The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place” (Mark 6:30-32, NIV).

Heavenly Father, please forgive me for all of the times I fail to give You my attention. I shake my head at the very thought that You want to lock gazes with someone like me, yet Scripture clearly tells me that You desire to be sought after and found by me. I’m here. You have my full attention, please speak to my heart and help me to be Your captive audience throughout today and every day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Friend to Friend I spin plates. Not real plates. Metaphorical plates. I spin lots of plates at the same time and I multi-task. This is both a blessing and a curse in my life. Sometimes my attention is divided in too many directions, leaving me harried … while at other times, I’m energized by the amount of things I can get done in a small window of time. Regardless, there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get things done or enough hours in the night to give me complete rest. Being a plate-spinning mom is a challenge. When my kids want me, they don’t like to wait for me to spin three more plates before I answer them or give them my attention. When my daughter Kennedy was a toddler, she figured out a way to stop me mid-task, no matter what I was doing. She would place her chubby little hands on my cheeks, look me in the eye, and demand my full attention. Then she would deliver her message or question to me. I became her captive audience. Just like Kennedy used to seek my attention, the Spirit of the Lord often speaks a similar message to my heart: “Don’t forget about me, Gwen! I know you have a lot going on, but your attention should be mine. I love you. Come sit with me a while.” Life is busy. Each day we have activities, tasks and distractions that vie for our time and attention. If we aren’t careful and deliberate, our relationship with God can suffer as a result. The Lord doesn’t want to be an after-thought and He doesn’t want to be penciled in to our schedules. He wants us to prioritize Him. Focus our hearts on Him. Worship Him. Be with Him. Rest in Him. What are your priorities? Where does God fit into your schedule? How vital is it to you that you spend one-on-one time with God each day? Are you experiencing the supernatural rest that’s found in His presence? In Mark 6:30-32, we learn that Jesus and His apostles had been busy working for their heavenly Father. In fact, they had worked with such vigor that they hadn’t even gotten a decent meal in their belly. (Boy, do I know what that’s like!) In response, Jesus invited them to get away with Him so they could find some rest and rejuvenation in His presence. He said, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31, NIV). That same invitation is extended to you and me. God wants you to pause the plate spinning and be His captive audience in this very moment. He wants you to go with Him to a quiet place: to be still, to gaze into His eyes, to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, to be lost in His glory, and found by His grace - to find rest. I’d like you to imagine His strong yet gentle hands reaching for your cheeks, lifting your chin, and drawing your eyes to His. Fix your gaze on His beautiful, blazing, mercy-filled eyes. Give the Lord your full attention. He will be your rest.

Now It’s Your Turn I co-wrote a song called “Sacred Place” that is purposed to lead you to His presence. Please take a moment to listen to “Sacred Place” and personally respond to Him. Find a solitary place, grab your Bible and read Psalm 103. Write down your favorite verses from that chapter and journal about what they teach you.

More from the Girlfriends Do you know that rest, the rest that comes from the heart of God and permeates every fiber of who you are…no matter what you are facing? God desires for you to know His rest, for you to experience the fullness of His love and His peace. If your soul is in turmoil, lift your gaze to the Father. Seek His heart. He will meet you at your need and sustain you one day at a time. Spend some sacred quiet time with Him today. Gwen’s song “Sacred Place” is featured on her live worship CD, Unsearchable, which is available on iTunes, Amazon and on Gwen’s website. Portions of today’s devotion are found in Gwen’s book, Broken Into Beautiful. God delights to transform lives...even yours! Experience how the unconditional love of Jesus can change your life and then stand back and watch the wonder of grace at work.

Seeking God? To find out more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Girlfriends in God P.O. Box 725 Matthews, NC 28106 | pg 15

by Sharon Rashidi B.S. Health Education

WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT MY SADDLEBAGS? Recently, one of my gym members came up to me after a Pilates class, and asked me if exercise bands can help get rid of the extra fat she carries in her upper thigh region. Most women tend to store fat in their hips, thighs and butt area. This is commonly referred to as “saddlebags”. I told her that unfortunately, our hormones and genes determine where fat is stored in our bodies. We cannot spot reduce, but the good news is that we can decrease the total amount of fat in our body, (including thigh fat) by doing whole body workouts, and sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle. It is also possible to tighten and tone the saddlebag area with specific exercises that target the small muscles under the saddlebags. Muscles are more metabolic than fat, meaning that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest. Whole body workouts, such as walking, running, kickboxing, step class, circuit training and even zumba activate our larger muscleschest, back, legs and glutes . When you exercise the larger muscle groups, your body will spend more energy during the workout and for several hours after. Combine whole body exercises with reduced caloric intake then your body will start to lose fat. I explained to my member that her body will decide which areas she will lose fat from. She seemed discouraged at first, until I told her the good news. She would definitely benefit from specific saddlebag exercises that target the small muscle groups underlying the outer thigh and hip area. If she followed my saddlebag series of exercises 3 times a week, ate smart, and did whole body workouts, her upper thighs would tone, tighten up and appear much smaller.

Exercise Number One- Leg Lift This simple but effective exercise will help tone glutes, outer thighs and improve your core strength. Step One- Lie on your right side. Stack your hips and shoulders. Lift yourself up onto your right forearm. Extend your left arm in front of you, resting your palm on the floor for balance. Bend your bottom (right) leg to about 45 degrees. Straighten your top (left) leg and point your toes in the direction you are facing.

pg 16 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

Step Two- Without rotating your hip, lift the top (left) leg and flex your toes slightly. Slowly lower your top leg until just before it touches your bottom leg. Repeat until you complete 15 repetitions, then switch sides. Tips- Move slowly with control and keep your hips aligned with your shoulders. Your hips should not roll forward or backward. Keep your rib cage high and your abdominals tight. Avoid rounding or arching your back. Start out with 1-2 sets, and then you can add on more repetitions or sets as you advance.

Exercise Number Two- Step Up Step-Ups target the “bottom line”, shaping and lifting your backside. They shape and tone your glutes and provide some aerobic conditioning. This is considered a Whole Body exercise. Step One- Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing inward. Stand 1-2 feet in front of and facing a step, stair, or other sturdy platform with your feet hip-width apart. Contract your abdominal muscles and square your shoulders and hips.

Step Two- Step onto the bench with your right foot, transferring most of your weight to your heel. Bring your left foot onto the bench, too, to help your balance. Carefully, step backward off the bench, starting with your left foot and following with your right. Repeat, always starting with your right foot, until your complete 12 reps, then switch sides. Tips- Contract your abdominals throughout the move to protect your lower back. Keep your dumbbells at your sides so you do not swing them and offset your balance. The bench or step needs to be high enough to target your glutes but low enough that it does not stress your knees. When you step up your knee should be at no greater than a 90 degree angle.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012 Bring your friends and family to dance, learn simple ways to stay healthy, enjoy music and participate in health screenings. All ages welcome!

Location: Hickory Foundation YMCA 701 1st Street NW Hickory, NC 28601

More Information: Enjoy our Day of Dance Speaker: Reneé Rongen, demonstrations by local dance groups and YMCA instructors, and opportunities to move!

Time: Day of Dance activities will be held from 9 - 11 a.m. in the YMCA Gymnasium; Cardiac Risk Assessments begin at 7 a.m. in the Frye Community Center at YMCA. Registration is required as space is limited.

Fasting is required for those who register for a full cardiac risk assessment (includes: full lipid panel, EKG, BMI, blood pressure). Additional screenings will be held until 11 a.m. and include PVD, Stroke Risk Assessments, and more...

Admission Fee: $5

Students, wear your school T-shirt and receive FREE ADMISSION!

To Register: Call 877-31WOMEN. Pre-registration is required! Web:

Day of Dance® for Your Health is powered by Spirit of Women®, a national network of hospitals and healthcare providers across the United States that ascribe to the highest standards of excellence in women’s health, education, and community outreach.


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pg 18 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

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Wendy W. Perry is planning for the opening of her new Boutique of Women’s Fashion and Home Decor called “Cottage 321 A Unique Boutique” this coming spring in Granite Falls and is glad that she has the energy to do it. As a wife and stay at home mom for the past 22 years of a 15 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son, Wendy noticed that her weight started to escalate with the hectic life that left little time for exercise and a habit of letting fast food win out many times over good nutrition. Last spring her husband created a family photo book. She was mortified that he used a particular picture with her kids and dog at the park. “I couldn’t believe how big my belly had gotten and how old, tired & miserable I looked. I always joked around about my big Buddha Belly... but it just wasn’t funny anymore. I was mad at my husband for putting this picture in the family photo book but if he had not I probably would not have gone to Physician’s Plan,” she says. With their help, she has lost 30 pounds and the Buddha belly. Physician’s Plan has five offices in North and South Carolina but is locally owned and operated. Dr. DiOrio and his wife Armella, who serves as a regional and marketing Director, say that the success and growth of their practice is due to the One to One personal attention that each patient gets when they walk in the door. Part of our success lies in our ability to use accountability and motivation to break down your old habits while helping build new good ones. Rather than offering a quick fix, our goal is to provide patients with a genuine life-changing experience. Dieting alone is not the answer. We educate patients on all aspects of weight loss and help them gain the skills required to successfully manage their weight for the rest of their lives. “When our patients start to look better in their clothes, they want to continue that with better looking skin,” Shaffney says. “Our esthetician, Sally has over 10 years of experience in performing spa treatments such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation. Physician’s Plan also offers a full array of aesthetic services like Botox, Juvederm. Latisse and Radiesse to allow our patients to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.” There is no reason that you should have to settle when it comes to your health and wellness. While your health is our absolute first priority, part of feeling good is looking good . . . and you deserve both!

ickory. y: ers in H r t o n t e c S s ‛s s ight lo Wendy diate rent we n imme e at a 2 diffe cause I felt a h nted m a it w w d ly e e u b r lt t u n h the s y la it n e “I co eet w ian‛s P elt th e Physic he staff and f my money. I m and each s o o h c I t ck ter ion with just af e I was on tra . Shaffney, connect eight and not Fix sur y e e k n a ve f w m f y a o ltant ga my Sh health onth t al consu ule nce a m -in and to get n o io r it o r t t c d Do a nu che eigh did a w he center and lized for my s journey. week I le ft ona o o s h r r w e o p t e c h s e it was g t first Ivisit t wa coupon urinyour felt to thathis dat the dir apresent e receive r , e y ic d r v a o d t le a r t d e a n e e a upport h r s m c g me is not iggest t extra b a in h y t h m ig d s e e and wa eekly w . I need h the w sonal success n. r Althoug the pla e p h y it o to m ick w (pereinunit) g able t the key ntability to st ou at I love b c h c d t a n e a d m r n a tells ounge n years y y family un to ru ok many lothes again. M . It‛s always f ear lo d n a nd h I feel ow too sized c to see a e fun n normal lot mor hile and t thing about fit into w a a d n in a pier seen r grea h-ins or I‛m hap one I haven‛t Anothe for weig ffney e ew me. m in n o e s e h m o t o t in to still c my Sha actions at I can or to just get e motivation h t their re is n ith th n‛s Pla hakes es me w Physicia tein bars or s t suppli or good!” I ro p . t e e g r g to cha off f o extra weight Fix at n ep this e k o t y arexpires 1/15/2012 | new patients only necess* Physician’s Plan has moved to a new location! 1706 Hwy. 70, Hickory

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Join them for an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on February 22nd. Foods, giveaways, prizes and meet the staff! Get more information at or 828-485-2833

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Wedding Traditions

When we think of tradition, we think of family customs that we have followed from year to year on holidays, and maybe birthdays. And it doesn’t matter about your religion or ethnic background, because each of us has an occasion that gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling very time we celebrate it. Weddings tend to be like that too. They are full of traditions, even though we may not always realize it. Even the most contemporary of brides will add a touch of tradition. I love history, so traditions come into play with me on a daily basis. The wedding traditions of today have evolved over many millennia. But just like history, traditions can change. Some have evolved while others, unfortunately, have been lost to time. Here are a few of my favorites. We give thanks to Queen Victoria for choosing to wear a white dress instead of the expected silver one she was supposed to wear. Other brides of her day simply wore the best dress they owned or could borrow. The white dress, it was decided, was to symbolize purity and should ward off evil spirits. (wish it did!) The kiss that finalizes the ceremony was said to seal the couples lifelong commitment. That comes from Roman times when the ending of a marriage was not looked upon favorably and a divorce was not an option. Throwing rice at the couple was meant to bless them with fertility and many children. Many ancient countries take credit for this because the more children you had, the more free labor was available. Now, most throw bird seed or blow bubbles. In several Far Eastern countries, the bride changes her outfit several times throughout her wedding day . These days I am seeing more brides have separate dresses for wedding and reception, then change again to escape to the honeymoon. There are many traditions involving the bouquet. One involves a flower taken from the bouquet and placed in the groom’s lapel. It is said in medieval times a knight wore his ladys’ colors as a way of showing his love. Red roses meant true love, although now roses come in about any color. Today’s bride tosses her bouquet to the single women attending hoping that the one catching it will be the next to be married. That came about in England when it was believed that pieces of the brides dress or flowers would bring them good luck. To protect herself, the bride would throw the flowers at them and run. One of my favorites. The grooms in Anglo-Saxon England would stand to the right of the bride so his sword arm would be free. They sort of took their brides without asking and often had to defend themselves during the ceremony. His best friend would help him do this and would also stand up with him at the ceremony. The friends of the bride used to dress very similar to her in order to fool any spirits that may want to disrupt the wedding. Talk about stress! Again in Anglo-Saxon England guest would bring little cakes to the wedding and they would be stacked on top of each other. Later, a French baker stacked cakes of graduated sizes and frosted them In some countries daughters were considered their father’s property, just like the animals. He could give his daughter to anyone he chose, usually to the highest bidder. It still happens. Mackey Carpenter Owner of MSC Designs


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Proudly Presents the Newest Breakthrough in the Fight Against Breast Cancer: 3-D Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography • Earlier Detection • Fewer Callbacks • Mammogram Read On-Site • Better Patient Care

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Sophisticated Women... By Nicole Greer, PPCC Founder and Principle Coach at Vibrant Coaching

Build Relationships

“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals who can go it alone.” – Margaret L. Wheatley Margaret is right. I need you and you need me. Together there is love and apart there is only loneliness. Being a sophisticated woman requires a superior consciousness with regard to our relationships. The reality is that we have at least 50% of the power to make a relationship powerful, loving and meaningful. In order to make your relationships powerful, a sophisticated woman can take the following steps to build meaningful relationships.

3 Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships 1. Define your relationships. It’s imperative to have an understanding of the context of your relationship. A conversation about expectations inside a relationship can avoid hurt feelings and instill mutual accountability. Recently, I coached a client who has an adult child living at home. My client shared that his son was not out looking for a job or contributing to the upkeep of the home. I simply asked him, “How have you re-defined your relationship since he has moved back home as an adult?” My client was surprised by this question yet excited by the idea. While the young man has moved back to his childhood home, the reality is that he is not only the son but also an adult who should be seen as an equal contributor to the maintenance of the home. After some consideration, my client sat down with his son and clarified their relationship. The son is doing the vast majority of the housework and has found motivation to send out resumes. This fresh consciousness for both the father and the son has nurtured respect and fostered growth in their relationship. 2. Develop Behaviors of Trust: Trust is the glue that keeps a relationship together. As Emerson stated, “Our distrust is very expensive.” Once we lose it, it takes enormous time, energy, money and effort to earn it back. A sophisticated woman knows how to behave and encourages others through her example to permeate their relationships with trust. You must read the book by Stephen Covey, called The Speed of Trust. Every sophisticated man, woman and child should know and practice the ideals and the behaviors that demonstrate trust: 1. Straight talk 2. Demonstrate respect 3. Create transparency 4. Right wrongs

5. Show loyalty 6. Get better 7. Practice accountability 8. Keep commitments

3. Develop Co-Creative Communication: Deep levels of communication nourish relationships like nothing less. To listen to someone with compassion, empathy, and curiosity creates meaning in people’s lives. Every person on the planet is trying to figure why they are here. We long to define the meaning of life! When we listen to people, we hold a space for them to become who they are. If just asked, we can open up the minds of the people we love by asking them questions and providing a safe space for them to release their hopes, dreams, and most importantly their fears. Dialogue is a powerful coaching technique that can be used in each and every one of your relationships. It is a structured conversation where together you explore a powerful question that encourages a good look at where you are, what you want and discernment for what the next right step might be. These are the guidelines: both individuals share, a time clock is used to give equal time to both individuals, interrupting is not allowed, and if there is silence it is honored. In January, I had the privilege of working with over 100 teens in three group coaching sessions. We practiced the art of dialogue. One pair of young ladies in the dialogue process were particularly thoughtful, attentive, and focused on this process, as I worked my way over to them to listen in and the time ran out. I didn’t get to hear what the one young woman said during her sharing, however, at the conclusion the other young lady looked right into the eyes of the other young woman and said, “Wow, that’s impressive.” One young lady influenced another to see what real focus and meaning in life looks like! What if the young woman who said, “Wow” is now motivated, nudged or haunted by the idea that she needs to explore more deeply what she wants? It would be phenomenal! My hope is that she would share with another person with whom she has a relationship. In the process, she too could become a sophisticated woman. Without willingness to improve our relationships, we inhibit our ability to have and give love abundantly. I want to encourage you to act on these ideas. Won’t you show me some love?

At its deepest level, working with a coach frees you to indentify your birthright gifts, discern your deepest passions, and fulfill your highest purpose. A coach can pry you off dead center. As Principal Coach for Vibrant Coaching and Workshop Leader for The Lydia Group, LLC, a collaboration of individuals focused on work, life and spiritual growth, Nicole is on a mission to impact, energize, and influence people to lead a Vibrant Life by engaging the possibilities. As a life and business coach and workshop leader, Nicole views her role as a conduit to release all that you want to achieve. Join me on the PATH to move forward with authenticity, skill and confidence. | pg 23

The Power of Dinner Setting and keeping goals is what babysteps are all about. Just one babystep helps make a routine. And when you string those babysteps altogether into one beautiful necklace and tie up the end, you have a circle. This is the cool part—the circle doesn’t end but keeps going. It shows a perpetuation of unending beauty. There is no stopping place, although you can see it where the starting and ending places are because you have tied the ends up. That’s just like our daily routines—starting and stopping places, but one continuum. One of the most valuable babysteps in your routines is feeding your family. Once you’re ready and taken care of (showered and dressed to shoes) you can take care of your family. Notice the order this is done: taking care of you first is essential to being able to take care of your family. No one likes a martyr in a bathrobe with an ugly attitude! You’ve heard me talk about the incredible value of the family dinner table for years now. You know this is my passion and mission, to see families back at the dinner table enjoying one another and reconnecting on a daily basis as much as possible. But I want to add some more “beads” to this necklace to help you grasp how much is riding on this simple piece of family furniture: ·CASA’s 1998 Teen Survey found that teens that eat dinner with their parents twice a week or less were four times more likely to smoke cigarettes, three times more likely to smoke marijuana and nearly twice as likely to drink as those who ate dinner with their parents six or seven times a week. ·CASA’s 1999 Teen Survey found that teens from families that almost never eat dinner together were 72 percent likelier than the average teen to use illegal drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, while those from families that almost always eat dinner together were 31 percent less likely than the average teen to engage in these activities.

pg 24 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

The Dinner Diva Research by other organizations has shown that teens who frequently eat family dinners with their parents are less likely than other teens to have sex at young ages, get into fights or be suspended from school, and are at lower risk for thoughts of suicide. Frequent family dining is also correlated with doing well in school and developing healthy eating habits. This pattern holds true regardless of a teen’s sex, family structure, and family socioeconomic level. CASA is the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. CASA is primarily a think tank dedicated to finding out how to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among children. Their findings prompted family day and the above mentioned statistics. They offer way more information on their website than I have given. Google CASA to get their current information. In tables all across America, people traditionally gather together to give thanks on Thanksgiving. This is the quintessential picture of the dinner table. I would like to remind you however, that the dinner table is not just a gathering place for holidays. I invite you to take this information to heart. Not to make you feel guilty. Not to promote my book or website. But to give you some important food for thought to help you understand that underneath everything that you do, someone is watching you, emulating you and wanting more than ever, to connect with you. Your family dinner table is the starting place for making this happen. Don’t underestimate the power of dinner.

Leanne Ely is a New York Times bestselling author of Body Clutter and the Saving Dinner series. The Dinner Diva syndicated newspaper column appears in 250 newspapers nationwide. Learn how to cook great and save significant money with the Dinner Diva?s menus, recipes and shopping lists at

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Me, Myself, & . c In By Sherré DeMao

Embrace Your “You-niqueness” with Passion & More!

As the month of love and romance kicks into high gear, we think about those we love, appreciate and especially those we skip a heartbeat to be around. Where are you on that list of your loved ones? How are you showing love to yourself and embracing who you are in your daily endeavors at home and at work? Many of the qualities others love and appreciate about us, we take for granted and often don’t acknowledge or appreciate fully ourselves. We give these aspects of ourselves to others without pause, never considering how these characteristics could play a pivotal role in truly realizing the life of our dreams. More important, because we are not giving ourselves our own due credit, we are not fully nurturing and exploring the possibilities in how these qualities in us could bring us true joy in our work and life. What you love to do: What are things you thoroughly enjoy doing that you could do all the time if you had it your way? What types of activities delight you so much, that when you are participating in them, time seems to fly by and you cannot wait to be enjoying again? Are you making these things a part of your everyday life in some way? How you love to be: When are you most comfortable with yourself and with others? When someone says something that they love about you, what is it they mention? What do others appreciate about you? Are these aspects of who you are at the forefront of what you do on a daily basis? Where you love to be: Think of places and environments you enjoy being in. Where do you like to go to replenish your spirit, recharge and reconnect with yourself and the world? Where do you love to go to be inspired, motivated or entertained? Where do you like to be that brings out the best in you and what you have to give to others? Who you love to be around: Make a list of everyone in your life you enjoy sharing time with … friends, family members, and work colleagues. Then list the reasons why you cherish time with them and how it makes you feel. Who do you admire and enjoy being inspired by? Are you allowing circumstances and demands keep you away from enjoying these people? If you are not happy with your current circumstance or situation, chances are you are not allowing the true you to be at the forefront. Those who are the most passionate in their lives and in what they do are embracing who they are and allowing these characteristics to thrive and take them where they want to ultimately go. Bringing out your best life also means bringing out the best in you. The best place to start in making this your reality is to bring your passions to life in your work and everyday living.

Passion for doing: Now that you’ve identified what you love to do, make it a point to incorporate them into your life and work. If you love to celebrate, then be the one to throw the party or sprinkle celebration into work and your life with others. If you love to be creative, but it is not a part of your role in your job, explore ways you can put your creativity to use at work and at home. Passion for learning: If you dream of going to exotic places, learn more about them so they feel closer to you. If you strive to advance your position in your work, learn another skill that will help take you there. It is no coincidence that passionate people are also passionate about learning and growing. Passion for being: At work and at home, you should be surrounded by things that you love to be around. So whatever delights you, excites you, stimulates you, inspires you, motivates you, encourages you, empowers you, calms you, invigorates you, and recharges you … transform your surroundings into your “you-nique” haven with artwork, inspirational sayings, photographs, colors, and décor that speak to your passion for living and working. Passion for others: Whatever you believe will make the world a better place for you and for others, discover ways you can bring that belief to life in what you do and what you get involved in to make a difference. There is no more empowering feeling than helping others create their best life.

We are each unique and have the potential to bring a wonderful array of character, passion, and perspective to the world. When you allow the “you-niqueness” of you to flourish and further define you and the actions you take, you will also begin to realize a more satisfying existence that inspires and delights you, as well as those around you.

Bio: Sherré DeMao inspires millions through her monthly columns, weekly Insight eZine and national contributing writing. An expert strategist and marketer focused on entrepreneurs, her unique perspective and innovative approach has earned numerous awards regionally, nationally and internationally including being named among the Top 50 Enterprising Women of North America in 2007. Her books, Me, Myself & Inc. ( and 50 Marketing Secrets ( have received national acclaim as Top Business Shelf picks and must reads. | pg 27



by Wayne DeLoriea

February 14th 2012 is the 4th anniversary of the date when I asked Linda to be my wife. It’s proof perfect that even this blind squirrel can find a blessing and I have been truly blessed to meet Linda. Asking her to marry me was the smartest thing I have ever done. My life, before Linda…was perfect. Really! Let me explain…

I was coaching in all three series of NASCAR and my teams were winning races every weekend. All 5 of our race cars were in the CHASE for the championship. My income was in the six-figures. I traveled to different cities around the country every week. I flew on private airplanes. I got chauffeured to hotels, airports and racetracks. My clothes and dry cleaning were provided and I wanted for nothing. I had much of what I needed in life provided and done for me. I ate out every day of the week and was always being invited to attend other professional sports and being treated like a VIP. Perfect! Right? Well, perfect can be numbing. Perfect isn’t BEST. In a perfect life nothing ever rubs up against you and you wind up feeling super sensitive when things DO go wrong. My house never got dirty, I didn’t catch colds, nothing got broken around the house and I did whatever I pleased. Trouble is…perfect robs you of your ability to cope. Imagine living in a germ free world and then being exposed to disease. Perfect spoils REAL LIFE and as long as we are in this world we’ll be exposed to sadness and disappointment. I thought perfect meant never being unhappy, sick or frustrated, so I made my world as perfect as I could. What I found was loneliness. I was so busy training teams to win and perform at a world class level, that I went home to sleep for a few hours and then headed back to work harder and perform better than I had the day before. In a perfect world, I became numb to everything…including my perfect world. I became indifferent to everything. My teams won so many races, titles and championships that even that lost its wonder. Then, July 4th 2007 changed my life forever. I met Linda, dated for a little more than a year and married her. Having Linda in my life has been really lovely. My life went from perfect to real. Perfect just isn’t realistic! After living in my REAL world for 5 years now…I wouldn’t change a thing. Having people in my life now brings with it sad times, sickness, disappointment and frustration as well as joy, laughter and love. I feel things now, that I had forgotten about and I am here to tell you that REAL is BETTER. Really! I remember racing at tracks so infamous as Daytona and Indy. After the race we’d all hurry to a luxury bus, be swept back to the airport where we’d get on Mr. Roush’s 737’s and be flown home over night. I remember looking out the windows as my teams slept. Looking down, through breaks in clouds, I could see cities glittering like diamonds and sometimes see a ball field lit up against the night sky. I knew there were families down there all cheering for loved ones. No private airplanes, six-figure contracts, players didn’t get paid $500 for each up at bat and they played just for the pure love of the game. I began noticing myself sighing and whispering a prayer to God like, “God, that’s REAL LIFE down there…Please give me a real life again.”

pg 28 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

Perfect is numbing and numb is the absence of feeling. Since leaving NASCAR, I have been trying to become part of our community. I go to Tri City Baptist Church, am joining the choir, am in the process of building Coach’s Hard CORE Gym and am trying to redefine myself and be the best son, husband and grandfather I can be. At this point in my journey, I find myself learning to voice my desires. I find that part of being a man is NOT being a doormat…right? Not being a doormat means standing up for ourselves…right? Standing up for ourselves is as easy as voicing what we would like. Now, here’s the point. Your desire is just one vote…just because you voice your desires doesn’t mean you’ll get your way. It isn’t realistic to expect to always get what you want. Not getting what you want does not invalidate you as a person nor make you less important. Here’s what taught me this lesson. In my transition to learning to live in a FAMILY, I have had to put my desires on a back burner from time to time. Initially, I took the easy way out and just said things like, “I don’t care, we can do whatever you want” and I meant it…I learned to stop short of having an opinion. I said, “I don’t care” so often that I convinced myself that I didn’t care…I didn’t care so much that I wasn’t really being part of the process and I started getting numb again. If you went out to a restaurant and were asked if you wanted fizz in your Coke, salt on your chips or wanted your dessert to taste sweet…I bet you’d have an opinion and wouldn’t say, “I really don’t care.” Not having an opinion and desires of my own forced Linda to be my personal tour guide through life…and that’s not fair! I want every man out there to be a part OF his family not apart FROM his family. I want men out there to know that it’s okay to have an opinion or desire and not get your way. It makes a guy more of a man to say what he wants and still be able to bend to the desires of others too. As men, we can lead our families and at the same time serve our families as well. It’s much like coaching a team. As a coach I was paid to lead, but I wore the same uniform, ate, rode, flew, laughed and protected my guys. Look, learning to become a man is a journey and no one has all the answers. Like me at 59…I just keep trying. It all starts with learning to love yourself enough to feel and engage with your life. Happy Valentine’s Day…do something good for yourself as well as everyone else. Coach National Director of Activity and Exercise, Owner & Operator of Coach’s CORE Fitness Studio, former NASCAR Coach, Master Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist Wayne DeLoriea, one of NASCAR’s most successful coaches, certified in 80 countries around the world and author of “Coach Without A Whistle” and “$elling Your$elf…There’s Magic In the Approach”, joins nchealthylifestyles to help you realize and attain your nutrition and fitness goals. You may contact Coach at:

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6 Tips To

Fall In Love

With Your Home

by Susan Guest, ASID

It’s that time of year when love is in the air. We all have dreams of reconnecting with our sweetie or someone special and receiving flowers, chocolate, or other fun reminders of true love. Have you ever had feelings of love for a place that you live or have lived? Some of our former homes, condos, or apartments may hold happy memories and positive feelings. The most humble abode can be your castle or your refuge from daily life. Even if your current place is not the ultimate choice of where you want to live, you can still spruce up the place and fall in love with it again. Here are some suggestions to help you get started: 1) CLEAN. The simplest and least expensive way to improve your surroundings is to clean. If you are like me, and not particularly motivated this time of the year, try setting a timer for 15 minutes and cleaning your worst area. This might inspire you to keep going or at least do 15 minutes a day. Fly Lady is a great source of inspiration for both cleaning and organizing. Also, there are professional organizers in the area if you need help. 2) PURGE. Even though I am not the world’s greatest purger, I know the satisfaction of getting rid of things I don’t need or use. I often donate items that may be the perfect thing for someone else to Goodwill, Habitat, Safe Harbor, and other organizations. There are several great consignment shops in the area for both clothing and furnishings. Some people get rid of things on EBay and others have great success with yard sales. 3) PAINT. One of the fastest and least expensive ways to change a room is to paint. To make your room look cozier, paint a warm color such as gold, red or pumpkin. To make your room cozier, paint the ceiling a tan shade. To make a room more restful, try a spa blue or serene green on your walls. To add some drama, wallpaper or paint an accent wall in your foyer or living room. 4) REARRANGE. If you are tired of your room arrangement or if it is not meeting your current needs, move things. Try placing your sofa at an angle or switching your dining room and living rooms. If you are at a total loss on space planning, hire a designer to draw a floor plan of your room with different suggestions for furniture arrangements. 5) REACCESS. Has it been a while since you gave needed attention to your home? It might be time to evaluate your

surroundings and what is working, what makes you happy, and what separates you from greatness. It might be as simple as walking through your home with a note pad and listing the items that bother you most. Make a punch list and prioritize projects by importance or cost. If you feel claustrophobic or uninspired in your home, you might need to call an expert to make suggestions on improvements. 6) REALTOR. If you have done everything above and still don’t love your home; it may be time to call a realtor. There may be a better place to for you to live and a person who would love to live where you are now. There are so many great realtors in the area who would love to help you move on to a better life. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hears to being in love with both your special someone and your castle!

Susan Guest, ASID is an award-winning interior designer in Hickory and owner of Guest Interiors, LLC. She is one of the designers featured in “Spectacular Homes of the Carolinas”, found in high-end bookstores around the country. For more information, visit | pg 31


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Recipes for ife


by Emily Wickham

Food for the Body Almond Pound Cake (Recipe by Shannon Mullins) 3 sticks butter (room temperature) 3 c. sugar 5 eggs (room temperature) 2 tsp. vanilla 3 c. all-purpose flour ½ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt 1 c. milk 1 tsp. almond extract Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Cream butter and sugar together. Add the eggs, one at a time. Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together. While rotating the mixing bowl, add the flour mixture and milk. Add the flavoring last. Pour into a floured tube or Bundt pan. Bake for 1½ hours. Tip: Cooking time may vary due to how hot your oven bakes. Test with a skewer after about an hour of baking. Author’s Note: I use eggs straight from the refrigerator and 2 tsp. almond, 1 tsp. vanilla.

A Prayer for God’s Blessing Loving Lord Jesus, You are the bread of life … the One who knows and meets my needs. I confess I often forget Your perfect capability to fulfill my heart’s longings. Thank You for Your faithfulness to remind me of this truth and draw me back into Your presence. Please continue to make Your desires my desires. In Your name, Amen.

Food for the Soul Pound cake has long been a favorite of mine. I remember buying prepackaged ones from the vending machine in my college dorm. Three little cakes probably equaled two servings, but I usually ate all of them in one sitting. My discriminating palate would probably balk at them today, yet at the time, they gratified my hankering for something sweet. Early in my marriage, I discovered a pound cake recipe that I used for years. Delicious in its own right, I always enjoyed it. But this recipe listed above – Almond Pound Cake – has excelled every other. It became

a family favorite from the first bite … and my family isn’t necessarily partial to pound cake like I am. But the combination of buttery goodness with almond flavoring exceeds expectation. A definite crowd- pleaser. Dessert has an amazing ability to make many people happy. Throughout time and in every culture around the world, it prompts smiles and satisfaction. An old saying continues to hold some truth by advising, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And I might add – a little dessert never hurts! Most everyone I know possesses some sort of sweet tooth. Depending on the person, certain confectionary treats taste extremely pleasant while others don’t. Regardless of what we like or dislike, there comes a point when dessert runs out. Though it can delight and even comfort us, it doesn’t last forever. (Especially in my home with three teenage sons!) Yet there is something – Someone – who always can fulfill our emotional and spiritual cravings. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. John 6:35 tells us, “Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” What do we hunger for today? Are we longing for love – especially in light of upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations? Or could we be yearning for joy in the midst of difficult life circumstances? The Lord Jesus Christ can satiate our hunger. What about thirst? Is the daily grind drying us up? Is our life parched for meaning and weary from repeated efforts to get the most out of it? The Lord Jesus Christ can quench our thirst. When we come to Him and believe in Him, our lives are never the same. He is the One who tenderly loves us. His presence in our hearts produces joy and gives us strength to go on. He reveals the meaning for our existence and gives us hope. For those who don’t have a relationship with God through Christ, I invite you to come to Him today: “… if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” (Romans 10:9). Reconciling with God in this way initiates intimacy with Him. And if you – like me – know Christ but occasionally long for love, yearn for joy, and get overwhelmed by life’s busyness, let’s remember the sufficiency of our Savior. His love is forever and the hope He provides always revives us. When we enjoy the sweetness of moist pound cake, let’s reflect on the sweet satisfaction of the Lord Jesus Christ. May we daily heed His directive: “… Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And delight yourself in abundance” (Isaiah 55:2).   What a comfort to know Christ will never run out – He’s eternal.   Among His many appealing attributes, we might say that’s the icing on   the    cake!  

Until next time, that’s a Recipe for Life …

Emily Wickham, published author, speaker, and founder of Proclaiming Him to Women Ministries, gently yet powerfully presents God’s Word. She seeks to encourage and equip women by exalting Christ through inspirational, practical Bible teaching. Her bi-weekly study takes place in Hickory, NC, and her weekly blog devotionals can be read at Emily welcomes speaking opportunities at women’s events such as retreats, luncheons, and conferences. Please e-mail emily@proclaiminghimtowomen. com or call 828.303.1166. Emily resides in western NC with her husband and their four children. | pg33

Many good surprises come in “pink” on Valentine’s Day

If yours involves a new addition to your family, let A Woman’s View share in your good news. Our nurses, physicians and midwife will provide you and your new family member with quality care and compassion.

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Alyson Miletich, MD Valerie Taylor, CNM, MSN

Question: In some of your recent articles, you gave some homemade recipes for the skin. Do you have any for the hair? Answer: Yes, there are several recipes for the hair, but being a licensed cosmetologist, I must say, that I prefer salon products for your everyday hair care. That being said, there are a couple of recipes that have stood the test of time. Things you have probably heard your mother and grandmother say that they used. 1. Beer: Beer can be used as a rinse, conditioner and a styling aid. When used as a conditioner or rinse, start by shampooing the hair, towel dry, pour about half a can of flat warm beer into hair and let it set for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and style as usual. Try to use a beer brand that doesn’t have a strong odor, or you’re likely to smell like you have been partying all night. To combat the odor, you can try pouring a cool cup of green or chamomile tea over the hair or use a scented conditioner. The old wives tale is that the protein and sugar in the hops, seals the hair making it shinier and have more body. Some say it even repairs he hair...but again I say, “Old wives tale”, this is not a scientifically proven hair repair. To use as a styling product, put flat warm beer in a spray bottle and mist hair with beer, then style as usual. The remaining beer can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks. The spray when used as a styling product makes the hair shiny and bouncy. 2. Egg Yolks: Use egg yolks as a deep conditioner. Shampoo hair as usual, apply two beaten egg yolks to hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply conditioner for a minute or two and rinse and style as normal. The protein in the eggs is very good for the hair and the fats will make the hair very shiny. You can use the slightly beaten egg whites for a facial mask. If not, you can apply the whole egg to your hair, it will not hurt anything, but it is the yolk in the egg that works best for your hair. 3. Mayonnaise: Use as a deep conditioner for very dry hair, works just like the egg application, however, mayonnaise works better for extremely dry hair and eggs work best for normal hair. 4. Olive Oil: Use extra virgin olive oil for an excellent hot oil treatment. Great for normal to dry hair. Use by shampooing hair and towel dry until hair is just slightly damp, almost dry. Apply warm olive oil to the hair and cover with a plastic cap. If you don’t have one, simply



wrap your hair with plastic wrap. Cover hair with a towel and leave on for 30 minutes or as long as you have time for. Rinse completely, if you still feel oil in your hair then lightly shampoo, rinse again and apply your favorite conditioner, rinse and style as usual. 5. Coconut oil: Can be used as a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner, depending on your hair type. If used as deep conditioner, shampoo and squeeze excess water from hair, apply coconut oil and let set for 5-10 minutes, rinse and style as usual. To use as a leave-in, apply a small amount to hair just before drying. Concentrate on the ends of the hair rather than the roots. I prefer the extra virgin organic Coconut Oil and it can be found in the specialty isle at your local grocery store. It usually comes in clear glass jars and is in a harden state that looks like lard, but as soon as it touches your skin, it well melt into a wonderful oil that is easy to apply to hair and skin. Coconut oil also makes a great lip balm and a total body moisturizer. 6. Other Oils: such as Jojoba, Hazelnut, Avocado are great for the hair and skin, they are not greasy and won’t clog pores and they make excellent hair conditioners and skin moisturizers. Let me know if you try these recipes and how you like or dislike them. One word of caution, be careful if you have allergies to any of the above listed ingredients, and don’t mix any of the recipes. As a teenager, I mixed the beer rinse and egg recipe, thinking that “more” was better. My hair ended up with a horrible, unbearable smell that took about 2 days to go away. So just remember that when trying something new, give yourself time to “fix” any problem that may occur.

by Teresa Pope, Esthetician | pg 35

Organizing Your

by Jennifer Brunham


Coats? Gloves? Scarves? Winter wear is probably wreaking pure havoc on your coat closet. And if you are like most families, your coat closet is smaller than a pantry! Winter will be over soon and you can pack it all up and store away for another year. In the meantime... • Sort through your coats... all of them... everyone’s - Pull out every single coat from every closet in the house - Categorize by person • Purge each stack of coats - Donate multiple styles -- pick the best, donate the rest - No one needs 4 rain jackets - Donate coats that your children have outgrown - If you want to save them for another child, then pack it up and store appropriately - Get it out of that closet! - Pair down to 4 or 5 coats per person - Throw away any that are badly stained, ripped, or otherwise not wearable • Donate the coats to a good cause - Crisis Ministry ( - Goodwill Industries - Dress For Success ( - Hands On Charlotte ( - Battered women’s shelters • Sort through the scarves & gloves - Keep the best, donate the rest - Throw away any gloves missing its mate - Wash anything and everything that is machine washable • Organize what’s left (the best part)! - Hang coats on coat hangers - Throw away those wire hangers once and for all! - Organize scarves and gloves by person - Use over the door shoe hangers with pockets - Purchase products made specifically for scarves and gloves - IKEA & The Container Store sell great options • Store the coats, scarves, and gloves together - It will be much easier for everyone to get ready if all winter wear is in one place • Add a mirror to the closet door or wall - One last chance to make sure everything matches! I would love to hear from you! What organizing tips would you like to see in Sophie Woman’s Magazine? Please email me any and all organizing issues that you are having! I will be sure to address them!

IKEA Scarf Hanger

Jennifer Burnham Pure & Simple Organizing pg 36 | Sophie Woman’s Magazine | February 2012

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Cybershopping & QR Codes? by Mick Young Today, you can use a computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet to shop smarter, while saving time and money. Technology is pushing the boundaries of online shopping, and merchants and web designers are working to make online shopping a much more rewarding experience for you. But, many marketers are adopting QR codes, commonly called quick response codes (or “squigglies” as my wife lovingly calls them), as a way to entice people into using their smartphones and other mobile devices to obtain more information about products and services – and yes, even to make purchases. Outdoor ads invite consumers waiting for the bus to scan a poster to reach a relevant website, catalogs integrate QR codes to hook directly into e-commerce sites, and retail stores place QR codes next to their products that direct shoppers to comparisons of other products. The key is that these “squigglies” are showing up in new ways as an integral part of cross-media advertising that integrate print, mobile, social, and online marketing. QR codes are simply the vehicle that connects you to product information online. With a quick scan of a code with your phone, you are taken to a website, a facebook page, a video or some other marketing channel. QR codes have been around awhile in other parts of the world, but are just beginning to really gain awareness in the U.S. Here are just a few of the many stats that show how QR code marketing is growing: • • • •

According to a report from Mobio Identity Systems, Inc, QR code scanning increased by 1,200% across North America during the final six months of 2010. Mobio also reports that 84% of individuals who scan QR codes are between the ages of 18 and 54, and the majority of QR code scanners (over 64%) are women. According to a 2011 Forrester Research report, more and more people are doing their shopping using smartphones, mainly for comparing prices and getting coupons. In June, 2011, 14 million people in the U.S. – or about 6.2% of the country’s mobile audience – scanned a QR code, according to estimates from comScore.

Major brands are helping to build prominence for QR codes in the U.S. – including Target, Best Buy and Post Cereals. For example, Best Buy has enhanced the shopping experience of its customers by adding QR codes to all of their price tags. In early 2011, I’m sure you became aware of Macy’s department store conducting one of the most visible QR marketing campaigns ever. Their 30-second TV spots ran nationally throughout the year. They explained to shoppers how to use their QR codes, and the benefits they would experience once they scanned one with their smartphone. QR codes began appearing inside Macy’s trademark stars in storefront windows. They were also strategically placed throughout the store. Macy’s

even had sales associates wear lanyards with the code that customers could use. When scanned, these QR codes directed customers to Macy’s special “Backstage Pass” landing page that offered behind-the-scenes videos of star designers. For example, one video shows Martha Stewart putting the finishing touches on a freshly baked cake. During just one week in late February, these videos were downloaded an estimated 20,000 times through QR codes alone. But going back just a few years, there was a time when we all thought TV shopping was the greatest thing ever invented by mankind. All we had to do was sit on the couch, turn on the television, and dial a few numbers, and then our purchases would be delivered right to our doorstep. But then came Internet shopping – and now, there’s TV shopping with QR codes! As an example, in a recent survey it was found that a majority of HSN’s (Home Shopping Network) patrons were women in their 30s and 40s who own smartphones, and have heard of QR codes, but who admit to not knowing quite how to use one. So, HSN began a campaign to educate their viewers, experiencing a whopping 86% of new sales being from first-time buyers. For female consumers, the primary benefit of QR codes is their convenience. And smart marketers are beginning to realize that’s what it’s all about when marketing to women – helping to make their lives easier and adding value by providing a discount, a coupon, or a “sneak peak” at upcoming products. A QR code can be scanned from a smartphone, and instantly deliver detailed information about a product, consumer reviews, e-coupons, comparison pricing, and much more. QR Codes can be printed on everything from magazines, product packaging and other promotional materials to billboards and point-ofsale displays. They can even be used to encourage consumers to “like” a Facebook page, deliver digital prizes, or enter contests. The media has been buzzing with talk about this innovative opportunity for the past couple years. Blogs, tweets, magazine articles and broadcast media are all talking about the latest technology. Marketers, retailers, and companies of all sizes are using QR codes to advertise, engage, and sell their products. So, are you ready to go cybershopping with the girls? The “squigglies” (I mean the QR codes) are waiting for you – so have fun! Mick Young Marketing Technologies! Mick Young is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, renowned author, Master Business coach, New Media Marketing Consultant, and international speaker. He wrote “Your New Venture - Real Business or Hobby?” as well as a number of other highly regarded works. | pg 39

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Sophie Woman's Magazine Feb 2012  

Sophie Woman's Magazine for women of all ages. Feb 2012 Issue.

Sophie Woman's Magazine Feb 2012  

Sophie Woman's Magazine for women of all ages. Feb 2012 Issue.