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5 Tips for Vibrant Communication

By Nicole Greer, PPCC aka The Vibrant Coach

I need you.

Communication is essential. Period.

And, you need me.

Getting clear on what good communication is and how to do it will increase your efficacy, improve your relationships, and enroll people in your pursuits. Communication is the process by which information is exchanged. This exchange can be by words (either written or oral), symbols, signs, and body language. The goal of effective communication has two parts:

While most of you reading this article are industrious, hard-working, impressive individuals, the truth is you cannot go it alone. You must depend on others. Although you may have a sparkling personality, great skills, and a treasured talent, you don’t have every thing you need to navigate life. The reality is we are limited. When we try to do it all ourselves, we come up short. The possibilities really open up when we hook up with others who compliment and round out who we are at the core. That’s why we get married, join a social club, and have a best friend. These alliances make us stronger. These alliances make our dreams come true. These alliances can change the world. Think about the “individual” who accomplished great things. A World Leader… Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and fiftyfive of his fellow countrymen signed it. Then together, they went to battle for it. A Successful Business Person… The founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs, was supported by Joanna Hoffman. The fifth person to be hired into the firm, she stood by Steve’s side, adopted his controversial, risky, vision, and helped him to make crucial contributions to the tech world.

To SEND clear, concise messages. To RECEIVE and correctly understand the messages sent to you. You know when effective communication has occurred when: • The sender messages the receiver • The receiver hears the message • And most importantly there is acknowledgement of the received message. While this might seem obvious, acknowledgment is the missing link. Imagine yourself walking up to a door. You knock. You raise your voice and say, “Hello, anyone home?” Has communication occurred? No. Why? Because, there must be acknowledgment on the other side of the door. Communication is a feedback loop. It is an exchange. Again, it is essential to living a vibrant life, a life pulsating with energy, on a mission and in service to the needs of the world.

A Saint…

Let’s get started!

Mother Teresa helped the poorest of the poor. She managed to grow a thriving order of nuns in the Catholic church at a time when most convents were shrinking. First, her communication of her message influenced the lives of young women to live a life of poverty along side her. Then, the poorest of the poor were served.

Five Tips for Vibrant Communication:

You get the point. All of these famous people had amazing communication skills resulting in serious alliances that multiplied their impact on the world. The fact is: The strength of our alliances are only as strong as our communication.

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1. Be present in the communication! Give the person you are communicating with your undivided attention. Put away your cell phone. Walk away from the computer. And close the door for some privacy. We live in a very distracting world. With dings, bleeps, and other people vying for attention who interrupt us constantly, it seems almost impossible for us to get a real connection because of all the interruptions. If you want to truly engage, you need to create a space where there is sense of honor and respect for the person in front of you. If you make the person in front of you feel special, worthy, and valued, I promise you’ll have success in communicating your message.

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Sophie Woman's Magazine - December 2017 Issue  

Inspiration, Education, and Motivation for Women of All Ages!

Sophie Woman's Magazine - December 2017 Issue  

Inspiration, Education, and Motivation for Women of All Ages!