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The room I have modelled is an upstairs room of the library which will be used as a children’s reading and playing room. My aim is that the room will be a comfortable space with domestic looking materials and warm colours. I intend for the light in the space to be playful and expressive. The patterns of windows and different types of glass will achieve this I hope. I also want this effect of playful light to be achieved when there is no external light, and the artificial lighting is turned on. I have chosen spotlights to light my room as the give the desired effect. There will be places in the room where the light will just be diffused light, for reading and more calm activities, but towards the front of the room, nearest the window, the children will be able to track the patterns of light on the walls and floor and use them in games. Group reading will take place primarily in the rear right hand corner of the room as this is a cosy area. Individual reading will be more towards the back of the room while games will be towards the front.

This graph shows the light levels falling at table height throughout the room. As a space where reading is intended to take place, the lux levels should range from around 150 minimum to 750 lux. This is mostly fine. Near the back of the room may be a little bright without a blind on the roof light and in the middle may be a little dim unless artificial lights are used, but in general the lux levels are quite appropriate. The average lux level across the space is 257, with a minimum of 36.8 and a maximum of 862. The second study I did was to add artificial lighting to my study. I used ERCO spotlights spaced evenly about the room, which achieved the visual effect that I had hoped for on the floor. The rendering to the left shows how the room would appear with the lights on in the nighttime. However, when taking the readings, they were far too high (an average of 56702lux). Also the light is very uneven throughout the room. I don’t understand why this has occured as the lights are evenly spaced and it i nighttime so there is no external light. I suspect that the downloaded files of the lights have not translated correctly to the 3DS Max file.

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Sophie Sloan

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