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Age: 2 Theme: Free play

Notes: Very careful child when painting, soft brush strokes as opposed to some of the other children the same age who were a little more chaotic. Also used water of their own accord to make lighter marks

Age: 2 Theme: Sunny day

Notes: Interpreted the theme given through a rainbow. Was very aware of the colours chosen, quite chaotic in brush strokes.

Age: 2 Theme: Rainy Day

Notes: For a 2 year old the interpretation of a rainy day is one of the stronger out of all the participants involved. The use of the paintbrush to splash water onto the page was this child’s interpretation of rain. The dark colours used also show a strong creative mind. There was some interference from the parent in this case, although not much it is noted that this halted the interest in continuing to paint/add to this image.

Age: 3 Theme: Sunny day

Notes: As abstract as this image is, the colours used are a strong interpretation of the theme. Again, the theme was interpreted as a rainbow, although not as literal as the previous rainbow in terms of colours, it definitely shows the thought process well.

Age: 3 Theme: Rainy day

Notes: This is definitely one of the more abstract images out of all of the images collected. However the darker colours chosen/mixed still represent a strong interpretation of the theme. The brush strokes are also more thoughtful and planned out than some of the others, it isn’t as chaotic, maybe due to the older age.

Age: 3 Theme: Sunny day

Notes: Again the colours chosen represent a strong interpretation of the theme, this is also one of the more abstract images but it still relates well to the theme.

Age: 4 Theme: Sunny day

Notes: The age difference is significant in this case, it seems that this participant looked at the theme and thought more carefully about what symbols were involved in a sunny day. The colour choices again are a more literal interpretation of the theme.

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Workshop issuu