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HEUREUX QUI COMME SOPHIe Diary of a traveler made of f lesh and love

Sophie Mona Pagés


To all of you who inspired and keep inspiring me wherever and whenever you are.

Look with my eyes, doors to my mind, and feel my heart.. S.

Lille - Paris November 2011 - February 2012

Roland, my favorite photographer. He took so many pictures of me as a kid, he made me feel like a star. This is how I became familiar with the camera, wishing to capture colours, lines, shapes, smiles, attitudes, life!

Love these moments when something appeals to my eyes and I manage to cacth it as it is, without the model paying attention to me.

London July 2012

Stairs at the LSE library: lines and curves, lines and curves on my mind.

Back in London for a summer course, I play with this city I know so well and make my first autoportraits.

"Customer entrance"

Milano July 2012

My first business trip! I do not know yet that this is only one of the destinations I will have the chance to discover this year.

Fashion, light, black: magic.

Barcelona August 2012

City & beaches: Barcelona

"Centre d’Esports Barceloneta"

Follow the lines

Spanish hospital..

Ladies Bird

ëPeace & Love

Consumer society


. . Beaches

Blois September 2012

Back in Blois, memories, memories..

Getting closer to nature

"Le Coq Sportif "

Paris September - November 2012

As I have freshly moved to Belleville, Paris becomes my playground. At last!

Another kind of business trips: Saint Jean de Braye or SJDB. A passion for train stations and railways is born.

Corporate Finance, Fashion Drawing, Theater, various business events: loosing myself in learning..

Even work lunch breaks are full of surprises.

Morocco September 2012

After six years away, here I am, back in Morocco for the wedding of my cousin Mohamed in Kenitra.

An afternoon at the beach before heading to Khenifra in the Middle Atlas. So looking forward to seeing my family and my dear mountains.

Kenitra - Khenifra. Back to my roots.

At Tatie Aicha’s. Enjoying family time in Khenifra, home of the Zayans.

Oum Erbia source

Pick your gear!

Time to leave Khenifra for Casablanca and catch my f light back to France. Azrou, Meknes on the way, pages of my history book.

Back to Paris with that little something from Morocco. Zayania.

Hong Kong November 2012

Hong Kong! First step of a two week business trip in Asia.

Mountains, shades of blue, hints of red, fast paced life in the avenues and little dark streets of Hong Kong.

Brief but intense, good bye Hong Kong!

Asian airport tribulations on my way to Taipei..

Taipei November 2012

Taipei or where you can fall in love with a hotel..

Crowd, yellow cabs, lights and smiles.

A saturday morning in Taipei, let’s get out of the taxi and follow this old lady..

Protect ya lungs!

Seoul November 2012

Seoul here I come!

A birthday in Seoul! Thank you Korea for this sunny weather and beautiful colours. Experiencing such a light in November was precious.


Black & white Korean tryptique on my way to the airport.

Paris December 2012 - April 2013

Back in Paris, meeting winter.

A new year has started. Hello 2013!

Spring is on its way, as are new trips to come..

Good times with friends. Roland again!

Shanghai May 2013

Asia I’m back! Ni hao Shanghai!

Day & Night


. . and cloudy Shanghai.

On the road

Pudong International Airport.

Paris May & June 2013

Back from Shanghai where I had the chance to meet someone special who encouraged my creativity, I am now more confident with my passion.

P hotography becomes a way to interact with others. Here with Orlando, Vitalli, Patrick and Robert

"Le Petit Garage"

Parisian lights

New York City June 2013


My first day in NYC, wandering without a map.. I chose to follow a friend in Harlem to finally head back to Manhattan. I catch sight of Central Park, meet Times Square, observe the organic vegetables trend in Union Square to end the day dancing to the best "local" rap music on a Brooklyn rooftop.

Sunday walk from East Village to Brooklyn Bridge.

Safety net over the city & baby ballerina

New but familiar


Surprised by a basketball game out of a subway station


Easy one


Pablo, Lenore, Sandra, MoMAcopter, Vincent, kids, world meets at MomA.

Kings & Queen

Working class

Working class

Times Square madness, boho Soho, Flatiron on fire, slices of sky and buildings. Bitch, don’t kill my vibe..

Harry, number 10

All of the lights.. Don’t want to leave NYC!!

Yuko & Gabi

Good bye NYC!

London July 2013

Back in London Town at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts, what else?

Fly girl

P laying guide for friends: Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Park, etc.

Notting Hill Cool Kids

Going wild..

Going underground..

This is it for now! I hope you enjoyed the ride. S.

Treasure your inner kid, life is a playground.

HEUREUX QUI COMME SOPHIe Diary of a traveler made of f lesh and love

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Heureux qui comme sophie  

Diary of a traveler made of flesh and love

Heureux qui comme sophie  

Diary of a traveler made of flesh and love