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Entry #9 Global WGSN Trends Two global trends that have become prominent are very different from each other. However, the trends both seem to be something that the US would definitely start designing. Trend 1: Knitted Plaid Knitted plaid has become a huge trend in Japan, China, and Korea. They used the inspiration of 90’s American style and started to design modern day plaid sweaters to go with other trends like leather skirts. The fabrics used were, “Tassel yarn and brushed effects add textural updates.� The brand Le Ciel Bleu has been one of the specific brands to bring the knitted plaid back into trend in parts of Asia. Because plaid is making a comeback in different fabrics in the US, the knitted plaid should not be far behind in the US.

Trend 2: Glitter Accenting Glitter Accenting has become a popular trend in Brazil and with some European designers. The glitter comes in many forms. The glittery accents come from sequins, metallic beads, and actual glitter. Brazilian designer, Vivaz, used metallic beads throughout his entire 2014 collection, bringing glitz to the dresses and tops. Glitter could become a huge trend in the US, but may take a little longer than knitted plaid. Glitter is popular when it comes to gowns, but WGSN has predicted distressed glitter making an introduction to fashion.

Fashion journal entry 9