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Press Release The purpose of the press release is to inform and promote. The intention will be to target relevant media platforms such as gadget and motoring media outputs about the partnership involvements associated with the film. This would be submitted in the early stages of the campaign certainly within the first week in order to create a ‘buzz’ around the product participation within the movie and to attract the interest of the target audience.


Sophie Corke 401 Brooklands Rd London WE14 7NY 0208 *** *** 17 October 2011

*NEWS RELEASE* Apple Inc. & BMW to partnership with Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol

It has been confirmed that both Apple and BMW will be the official partner to the fourth in the series of director Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol. The film see’s the return of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt and his new team in an action packed thriller ride in which a series of bombings see’s them fight to clear their organisations name.

The $50 billion company, Apple has agreed to partner with the launch of the new movie; CEO Tim Cook said that ‘This movie represents everything we at Apple strive to achieve. The technology is exciting innovative and unique. Just like Apple.’ The organisation is set to provide numerous products as competition prizes for promotional purposes. In return various Apple products have been used in the movie including the iPhone and products set for realise in 2012. With the £150,000, BMW i8 making its on screen debut as a result of BMW’s agreement to a partnership, MI4 is set to launch viewers into an exhilarating experience of what this next generation super car is capable of. With the initial competition of Volkswagen’s Audi seeking the opportunity to show case its latest model, BMW were quick to seal the deal. Since Hollywood product placement company Propaganda GEM dropped Audi after 15 years and immediately set up a deal with BMW. With its participation in this fourth instalment of Mission Impossible BMW is betting the average of 1.1 billion viewers per film will help influence its lead over Audi. *ENDS* 4

Blog Using a blog to target specific audiences throughout the campaign will provide a good platform for communication. With a variety of It will create a virtual community in which people are able to comment and share the blog with their friends. The blog would run in conjunction with the six week campaign and new posts relating to various topics associated with the film.


BMW premiers its new i8 in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol… And it could be yours! MissionImpossible blog That's right guys, the official partner to the latest instalment of Mission Impossible; BMW has confirmed it will be premiering its latest and best super car, the BMW i8. Tom Cruise doesn’t fail to demonstrate exactly what this car is capable of in a series of high speed chases across the idyllic backdrop of Budapest. The state of the art hybrid, amongst other models is prominent throughout the movie and boy, does it make an entrance! What should you expect? This is the most advanced and ground-breaking sports car to date. Its innovative plug-in hybrid notion combines the adapted electric drive system from the BMW i3 Concept – fitted across its front axle – with a highperformance three-cylinder combustion engine generating 164 kW/220 hp and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) at the rear. Working in conjunction, they allow the two drive systems to showcase their individual talents to the max, delivering the performance of a sports car but the fuel consumption of a small car. A true manufacturing work of art, this near flawless streamline example of a super car promises to leave its competitors for dust. I say near flawless… The only thing standing in the way of you and owning one of these is a mere £150,000. But even that may not stop you. In partnership with the new movie, BMW have got 1 of these up for grabs as part of a competition running up until the release date. To find out more, visit the official MI4 site and register for your chance to win. Good luck guys!


Feature Article The following article would be released in the fourth week of the campaign to a number of online film review websites such as Empireonline, filmcritic and rottentomatoes. The aim would be to create a ‘buzz’ about the film directly with the target audience via their main source of online magazines.


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol- An IMAX Sensation! Written by Sophie Corke The latest instalment to the Mission

capturing the spectacular scenery of

Impossible series is set to be the

Budapest and Moscow as well as the

biggest blockbuster hit of 2011. Two

idyllic golden sand dunes of Dubai.

time academy award winner Brad Bird directs




With nearly 30 minutes worth of IMAX

adventure with stunning results. The

footage incorporated into 117 minutes

film is expected to rock the worlds of

of film the audience can take full

thrill seekers everywhere.

advantage of the dizzying effects with sweeping panoramic views and a host of chase scenes and frenzied fighting sequences.

With the added advantage of being filmed and premiered in IMAX, the experience will feature digitally reTom Cruise plays his role as Ethan

mastered technology enhancing sound and


stunning audience

quality. value





Hunt, the IMF operative blamed for the








organisation. Audiences can expect to



180 degree shots and breath-taking







performances to date. For those who

stunts. This is any film buffs answer to

have followed his career since he burst

an epic thriller in which Tom Cruise

onto the scene with Top Gun will not

succeeds in living up to our high

be disappointed. The toothy grin and


handsome physique are prominent throughout despite the actor being 50

This big budget film delivers on all

next year. This can partly be put down

levels and this can certainly be put

to the sheer quality of imagery. IMAX

down to the use of IMAX cameras 8

is able to produce crisp and clear

advantage of the IMAX experience and


spend just that little bit more to witness





audience to the edge of their seats as

everything this movie has to offer.

if starring out of a top story window. For full listings of IMAX theatres in The film is due for release in UK

your area visit the MI4 official website

cinemas on the 14th of December. It’s

to book tickets in advance.

recommended that audiences take full


Facebook Using Facebook to communicate other aspects of the campaign will be effective in reaching out to a wider demographic. Creating the account at the very start of the six week campaign will allow this channel to pose as a daily platform for communicating messages with a minimum of 3 tweets per day.

Using status updates to incorporate links to other media platforms encourages the audience to share the links with their ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ creating viral and above all free advertising for the campaign.

Specifically the status may include the link to the blog or feature. In order to follow up and target people further the statuses would be followed up with questions relating to the campaign.




Twitter Incorporating Twitter as a social media platform for communicating the campaign will enable for particular topic discussion at specific times. The aim is to use hash tags to connect with users who tweet about similar subjects. For example, when we issue the blog, we will notify car fanatics of this by hash-tagging super car related topics.

In order to maintain conversation and interest with followers the recommended minimum amount of tweets is three per day. Each tweet would be related to either competitions or partnership promotion.


#BMW Check out the new blog about the brand new BMW i8 featured in the new @GhostProtocol movie. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Petrol heads may be interested to know about the amazing competition running in conjunction with @GhostProtocol, read more about the chance to spend the day driving the BMW i8. #FastCars. Visit to enter.

Dozens of Apple iPads to be won courtesy of @Apple. Visit the official Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol site to enter. CONGRATULATIONS #TobyScott, you’ve won 2 tickets to the IMAX premier of @GhostProtocol, enjoy.

Visit to see the latest trailer for the up and coming movie. #MissionImpossible


YouTube Using YouTube the campaign aims to direct users from social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to the viral video. From there viewers are encouraged to comment and follow further links to interviews with the cast. This is possible by commenting on the viral video and incorporating the link to further videos associated with MI4.


“Don’t forget to like our video and share with you friends on Facebook and Twitter”

If you like this video, click the link to hear interviews with the cast.


MI4 Individual Report  

A report that outlines a campaign for the release of Mission Impossibles- Ghost Protocol

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