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The Ipad mini: Everyman needs a toy!

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Sharp A Letter to you. From the edior

A Sharp review: Ipad mini

A new toy for you this christmas..From the edior

Is my shirt too creased? Do’s & Don’ts on your wardrobe etire! A womans guide to being a real man.What women want and how you can give it to them..

Do you know how to impress your dream girl? (page 11)

No time for looking sharpColby Lefebvre says otherwise...

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Rocking the hair Sress overload

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the very first issue of Sharp. Our pages are brimming with fashion, dating advice, latest must-have gadgets and top fitness tips…all for you. We don’t decide what we think you need, we are the only magazine that Top styling tips want. for your hair Don’t let stress take over gives you what YOU When my team and I came together back in September our ambition was to produce a magazine that was set apart from any other. We were aware of the wide variety of fashion and gossip magazines for women, so thought it was about time men had more choice! And as we listen to our reader’s requests and give you the latest tips and trends first I don’t think you could be in safer hands. ways toyou’re get your womanout of uni or just generally need advice on fashion From field theplace ringto get you on Whether just stepping and the dating this to is the your feet and turn you into a more confident, suave, sharpe version of yourself. If you want to get in touch for any requests, opinions or just general enquiries email us at …… Enjoy your read.

How to: Get that second date Freddie Flintoff

Anotefromtheeditor.... It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the very first issue of Sharp. Our pages are brimming with fashion, dating advice, latest must-have gadgets and top fitness tips…all for you. We don’t decide what we think you need, we are the only magazine that gives you what YOU want. When my team and I came together back in September our ambition was to produce a magazine that was set apart from any other. We were aware of the wide variety of fashion and gossip magazines for women, so thought it was about time men had more choice! And as we listen to our reader’s requests and give you the latest tips and trends first I don’t think you could be in safer hands. Whether you’re just stepping out of uni or just generally need advice on fashion and dating this is the place to get you on your feet and turn you into a more confident, suave, sharpe version of yourself. If you want to get in touch for any requests, opinions or just general enquiries email us at …… Enjoy your read.

Bond vs Bourne

Two worlds apart, movie madness


Sharp Gadgets

Sharp Gadgets

A sharp review

iPad Mini

often becomes hard not to be constantly worried that at any moment your palms could accidentally launch an application or turn a page. Luckily with Apple’s new “finger-detection” technology, the Mini can identify the difference between a finger and a palm meaning that only inputs from fingers are accepted. A small feature but one that can save hours of frustration over a lifetime. eBooks

When the original iPad was released in April 2010, Steve Jobs told the world that the iPad would serve as the perfect bridge between everyone’s phone and laptop.

Google Nexus 7.

The Technology So what exactly separates the iPad Mini from its big brother. Well under the bonnet it’s the exact

Now just two years on Apple has released the iPad mini, “the perfect bridge between the iPad and iPhone.”

This decision can make many think twicebeforepurchasingaMini,particu-

At first glimpse it’s easy to think that this is just a vain and rather cheeky attempt for Apple to release yet another profit churning gadget to their repertoire. However upon closer inspection it soon becomes evident that Apple has only just tapped into a market which until the iPad Mini, has been dominated by Amazon and Samsung. With a price of £229.99, the iPad mini serves as the perfect halfway stop between the limited functionalities of a iPhone, and the pricey iPad starting at £400. Because of the new iPad Mini’s size and price it’s also a direct competition to products such as the new Kindle Fire HD and

Despite Apple boosting the specs and making the Mini more powerful than many laptops around nowadays, the lack of retina support makes the visuals appearalmostarchaicafterspendingso muchtimearoundretinaiPhones, iPads and iMacs.

“The lack of retina supports makes the visuals appear almost archaic...” larly as rivals such as the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offer a higher screen quality for £70 less.

same. Same processing power, same memory and same battery life of 10hrs. The differences are entirely in its smaller size, two inches smaller to be precise.

The Screen The one thing that sticks out the second you operate the device is Apple’s decision to deprive the Mini of a retina display.

To put the difference into perspective, the Mini has a screen resolution of 1024x768 whilst the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offer 1440x900 (although the Kindle Fire HD does have a smaller display.) Fortunately however, the problems that many small tablets have don’t present themselves with the Mini. It

Every inch an iPad 3

One of the largest reasons for tablets popularity is the ability to have thousands of books available at your finger tips in seconds.


The Mini’s size also makes gaming a lot more comWith companies like Netflix, Love Film, YouTube and Sky fortable with the ability to all having apps, video playing has become a vital eleplay using one hand or two. ment to all tablets. The lower resolution mixed with a 4:3 Apple’s great touch screen aspect ratio makes the iPad Mini fall short of its rivals and technology makes even the standard fourth generation iPad. This can often result touching the smallest of in a ‘letterbox’ style video display causing large black bars buttons work just fine. at the top and bottom of the display leading to a smaller and more confined viewing experience. That aside it still The iPod Touch has been pushed heavily as the perlooks better than the iPad 2 and it’s speakers are very fect gaming platform from impressive pumping out loud clear sounds ideal for both Apple however with the video and music. extra screen real estate offered by the Mini has made Gaming it a fantastic higher priced alternative. With thousands of games available on the Apple’s App Store, gaming has become a huge part of any iOS device. Camera The Mini’s impressive hardware allows for higher frame The iPad Mini boasts a rates and smooth gameplay when running higher spec 5-megapixel iSight rear facing apps as well as allowing many programs to be open and a FaceTime HD front when multitasking and switching between them. facing camera.

You could easily read above and think that due to the lack of a retina display the iPad Mini would fall short when it comes to reading your beloved novels or flicking through your favorite magazines, however it’s not entirely the case.

“....short of buying an SLR it’s better than buying most point and shoots out there.”

Simply holding the device at a comfortable distance and increasing the font size up by a notch or two and the low resolution isn’t even noticeable. Another huge advantage that the iPad Mini holds over it’s competition is it’s compatibility with not only the iTunes book store, but also the Amazon Kindle and Google online book store truly putting it at the forefront of any other eBook Readers.

It lacks a panorama and HDR capability which are present in all other iOS 6 devices however these features are available on most other Camera apps available on the App Store. It does however fail to provide an LED flash which no app can recreate. It does although offer 1080p video recording making the iPad Mini perfect when using Skype or FaceTime.

The sharp verdict As with most Apple Products, they carry a huge amount of sophistication and maturity about them despite being great fun to play with. Being seen with an iPad Mini will no doubt give off the right impression to employers, ladies and colleagues. Despite it’s lack of retina supports which has been the only noticeable floor, its practicality, power and vibe that the iPad Mini exudes is a recommended purchase that should help you become the true discerning gentleman.


Sharp Advice

Sharp Advice

Grace O’Farrell answers every mans question......

Rule number 1: Why do you think that your date never showed up? She probably saw you, turned round and fled. It is not cool to let her know what music band you love before you have even said ‘Hi’ meaning that Metallica tees and any other music related tee is out of the question. Imagine if she hates Metallica? You have already set yourself up for a date disaster. Well done. Rule number 2: Unless you want to be nicknamed Ross Gellar by your date then only use a pea sized amount of hair gel or wax. Girls don’t want to be poked in the eye from across the table by your strategically placed hair spikes. The natural look is so much better. Just rub the gel in your hands and then roughly and evenly brush it through your hair with your fingers. Spikes were so 1999. It really is the difference between a successful date and a big fat fail. Be sure to make sure that it is all rubbed in; hair gel can look like dandruff if it isn’t applied correctly. Rule number 3: Choice of


s my shirt too creased? Are my shoes too pointy? Too shiny?The chances are, YES, they probably are. Whoever says they have never panicked about what to wear on a first date or to meet a possible love interest is a liar. The line between ‘try hard’ and ‘effortlessly cool’ is very fine. . It can go so wrong from the bitter smell of nasty aftershave to the badly kept monobrow. Let me tell you what girls really look for in your appearance. If you are the sensitive sort then maybe you shouldn’t read on. We have to be honest; we don’t want to date slobs for the rest of our lives.


Rule number 5: Facial hair is only acceptable if it is abundant. Small un-kept vegetable patches dotted on your face should not be present. Unless you can grow a successful beard then don’t grow one at all. It’s like those old men that are going bald but choose to keep that little island of hair that’s sits on the middle of their head that is moving away from the mainland. Shave it off. Rule number 6: Choice of socks. This is an aspect where 90% of the male population lose out on second dates or an extended lucky first date. Shoes are quite tricky to get right however we allow you no leeway. The wrong socks can be a huge turnoff. Trainer socks are for the gym only so they can be ruled out. Equally as bad are cartoon and character socks, the only times that

“Spikes were so 1999. It really is the difference between a to hand money over successful date and atheit istilleverforacceptable these atrocities is when you have run out of present ideas for your dads big fat fail” birthday which we are all guilty of. The ideal

trousers is what we judge you on straight away. Unless you have long thin legs, trousers that cling to your thighs and crotch area like a moth to a flame should never have been purchased in the first place. Take them back or even better; burn them. A well-fitting pair of black jeans is very hard to get wrong, not too tight, and not too baggy. All we ask for is a pair of jeans that fit. At the moment the trend is to roll up the bottoms, try this if you are feeling extra individual. If the only other trousers that you own are chinos, they are bearable, but get to Levi’s before your second date, if there is a second date.

Is my shirt too creased?

you looking like a complete Geordie Shore wannabe tool. Recently I have seen a couple of guys wearing flip flops whilst shopping? I hoped to myself for my own sanity that this was because they had severe blisters. However I have seen too many of these fools now for it to be just a coincidence. So don’t jump on this bandwagon. It’s not pretty.

Rule number 4: Be weather adjustable. The weather at the moment is wintery so turning up in a summery tee is just plain daft. For one you will be cold and two it looks like you have no clothes for winter. For me the perfect top for a first date is a nice big jumper. Take note however, a ‘nice jumper’ strictly does not mean a football hoody. String vests are just about as bad as it gets. Why would we want a cheeky nipple flash over a meal? If you must wear these, keep them for holiday times only when no one that you know will see

socks are just plain black, grey or any sort of masculine colour that colour corresponds with your shoes and trousers. We don’t want a rainbow date. ...and fianlly: The little things that you think we will never notice-but we do obviously. Allow yourself 10 minutes before leaving the house to complete these small but very important tasks. Brush your teeth which takes approximately 2 minutes to complete, not hard. Use a nail brush to get rid of any unwanted dirt particles that you may have picked up in the last 10 years of not cleaning under your nails. Squeeze any yellow heads that are going to be staring at your date, however it is probably better to do this the night before as you don’t want to turn up with a tomato face. The very last thing that you need to do is blow your nose. After all it is winter and noses do become runny, there is nothing more off putting than a serial sniff offender.


Sharp Feature

Sharp Fitness

A Woman’s Guide to being a real man

No time to keep looking Sharp? Colby Lefebvre says otherwise...

How do I approach the woman in the office?


illboard polling says 53% of men are eyeing up a work colleague, and if you’re reading this it probably includes you. However not many guys go for it, as frankly you don’t want to end up looking the idiot in front of your work colleagues plus finding the right balance between a professional and a romantic relationship can be hard, however it is possible. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be ringing for a two seat reservation at your local diner in no time…

Step 1 - Get to know her Chances are she’s already seen you looking over at her a million times before, so you might as well put a name to the face. During lunch break go talk to her, work out if you have any common ground. At first it might seem like it’s the obvious awkward work chat but it’ll soon get easier. After you feel like you’re on a friendly basis get her number, if you’re not quite the confident guy you can still put it down for being “work-related.”

Step 2 - See her outside of work Maybe at first it’s not the best idea to invite her on a date one-on-one as if it ends bad imagine the next day at work. Go to or arrange a night out with a few other work colleagues as well. Have fun but play it cool. You don’t want to be remembered as the sleazy guy. When you feel that you are both comfortable with each other, start going out together on your own. The first few dates should


just be meeting for a couple of hours, like a lunch date or the cinema, “don’t try to spend the whole day and evening with them. You both get a taste without over-doing it and it’ll be easier separating the work and romantic relationship apart” advises life coach Dr Anderson.

Step 3 - Body Language This is a step where you can gain confidence that things are going in the right direction. Be aware of whether you notice her looking at you in the corner of your eye or she’s making an extra effort to come over. Body Language expert Susanna Baker reveals a tell-tale sign she’s interested is if “she tilts her head to the left or the right. This is an indication she feels relaxed and secure around you and is interested in pursuing another date.” However your main focus is your work, don’t use this time as an extended quality time.

Excuse 1: “I have no time” “Combine things you do in everyday life with athletics.” During your breaks at work go for a mini jog or the next time you go for a date suggest activities such as playing tennis. Also plan activities to fit in with the season, during the cold winters go out for ice-skating and in the sizzling summers arrange a cricket match with a few mates in the park.

Step 4 – Ask her Out You’ve done all the work and grafting, and your starting to feel like she’s irresistible to your charm. Then it’s time to just go for it and ask her out, which she’ll be likely to say yes if all the other steps have gone smoothly. When you do start a relationship it’s best to go public straight away at work, nothing stays secret and you’ll probably just end up being the office gossip, although the fantasy of making out in the lift then walking out like nothing’s happened might sound appealing.

Excuse 2: “I never see results” You see images of people like Colby Lefebvre in the magazines and think there’s no way you can ever look like that, but you can. Lefebvre claims “Don’t give up, keep working at it; it wasn’t until about 9 months till I started noticing a difference. And when I went to the gym I gradually added more weights to lift, don’t try and take on too much too soon” So it takes hard –work and consistency. You’re strengthening your joints and connective tissue every workout, which means you’re laying down a foundation for future muscle growth.

Sharp Readers say: Daniel Bennet (20) - Dating a girl at work is such a bad idea. Liam Smith (21) – Nothing wrong with mixing work and pleasure. Steven Reader (21) - Spill a cold beverage on her as hot ones burrn.

H ave you been constantly trying to

get fitter, yet fail to get anywhere? Colby Lefebvre, established personal trainer and model is here to give advice for you to achieve this goal and get the body you want, without the same-old excuses…

Excuse 3: “I have no energy” You have plans to go to the gym or for a jog, then it gets to the time and you just don’t have the strength. Lefebvre has an idea of why this keeps happening, “If you’re feeling too worn down to even exercise it’s probably because you need to eat. It’s important, you need the fuel.” An active guy needs up to 1,000 calories more than an inactive guy. It’s usually best to have a snack like a piece of fresh fruit or granola bar an hour before exercising. If you have had a large meal leave it for at least another 4-5 hours before you exercise, as it could result in you feeling sluggish or getting stomach cramps.

“My body needs time to cover”


After 72 hours of rest from exercising, your fitness levels starts to decrease and your body starts losing the muscles you gained from your previous work-out. Mixing a powder in your drink after a workout helps maintain health and tissue repair. “I usually mix L-glutamine into my post-workout shake and eat a diet full of omega-3 fatty acids; this helps the removal of metabolic wastes to help you recover faster.” Walnut, Salmon and sardines are excellent food sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Excuse 5: “It’s too boring” You begin your way to fitness with full motivation and energy, then over the weeks you gradually loose interest. You dread the thought of doing the next workout and why continue the healthy eating when there’s a buy one get one free for chocolate and cakes at the supermarket. “Set yourself goals, I kept a diary of my progress and where I wanted to be by the year after, If you regularly look and write, you’re more likely to get in a routine and keep control over any setbacks,” claims Lefebvre. It can also help if you find a mate on board who wants to start getting into being fitter and healthier. That way you can help each other out over each of your progresses and can bring out the competitivness streak out of you, to who can claim the better body first.

Now you have no excuses so you can start your fitness regime today!

Follow @ColbyLefebvre on Twitter for the latest tips and advice.

Excuse 4:


Sharp Advice

Sharp Style

Rock The Hair

Cut Out to take to the hairdresses, or have a go at home... The Look: The Undercut

This look is bold, edgy and for men who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. This is usually best for long angular face shapes. To style it’s best to use gel that firmly holds the look in place.

Style At Home Undercuts look their best when the top hair has a lot of volume and shine. To achieve this: Wash your hair, and work volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair. Use gel before combing your hair back. You can tousle your hair for a casual look.

The Look: Brit-rock Indie Inspired by many indie bands, this is the look that’s relaxed and care-free. The main rule is sweeping the hair forward. The rest of the details, from the cut of the top to the length of the sides, allow you to work with whatever haircut styles suit you best.


Style At Home

Ideally the hair is easier styling a day after washing. Section the hair from the crown and bring the front part of your hair forward. Hold the end of the hair and backcomb the front. Add hairspray enough so it can stand on it’s own. Then sweep back. Sweep back the rest of the hair to finish of the look. The Quiff

You Tried! 9

“I love this new look. It gives me a boost for a night out.” Samuel Lomas, 20

“Its not all about open ing doors and paying for dinner”

£7.90 feelunique. com

Recommended Lynx Messed-Up Look Re-Workable Paste £4.29 Boots

Wash and towel dry your hair. Comb your hair forward towards your eyebrows. Take the ends of your fringe in your fingers, and use a hair dryer to dry the roots, continue on to dry the top of the fringe. You can straighten your hair depending if you want a sleeker look. Add a pea-size of workable paste to finish of the look.

There are many different variations of having the quiff whether you want the all the hair back with volume like Robert Pattinson, or the more casual approach. Mess around in the mirror to see which you like.

it shows you have confidence, don’t be that shy awkward guy.

TIGI Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel

Style At Home

The Look: The Quiff

HOW TO: Get that second date...

Recommended Schwarzkoph Professional 3D Mension Strong Hold Hairspray £6.75 escentual. com

The Undercut

“I wasn’t too sure

about it at first, but it’s growing on me.” Danny Brown, 23


ou there. Reading this on your ipad while pretending to be analysing the monthly spending review, with your magazine resting against the window as you take a break for coffee. Has it occurred to you that you may not be doing the right thing when it comes to first dates? So how do you get to that second date? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a lasting impression. A single smart comment or a couple of small gestures can really impress a woman. It’s not all about opening doors and paying for dinner. Yes its true girls do like a gentlemen, but there are some other little things that you can do and not do, to ensure you impress her. No1. Shoes mean everything Always check your choice in shoes before leaving the house. You can tell a lot about a guy from their footwear, and believe me a girl will always look at your feet first when you meet the; it’s one of the first things they notice. So if they resemble any type of military boot then

that’s a problem, change them quick, you are not in the army. No2. Be well groomed Scruffy facial hair styles or even the slightest hint of body odor will kill your chances with a woman. Women want their men to look and smell good; we take pride and effort in our appearance so you should do the same. And remember a quick brush of the teeth will never go a miss.

No5. Your conversation skills Girls want a guy who can keep a conversation flowing. Try and avoid stuttering halfway through your conversation and don’t resort to the phrase “so...” when you run out of things to say, that will just make it awkward for the both of you. You don’t have to try too hard to think about what to say, the conversation should just come naturally. No6. Ogling at other women You may have done all the above things to impress your date, but this one wrong move could be a killer! There’s nothing more insulting to a girl on her first date with a guy then to see him craning his neck in order to get a good look at another girl. When you’re out on your first date with a women your eyes should always be on that date. So if you follow these simple steps, a second a date can become a reality not just a fantasy.

When the guys get it right...

No3.Do something you know she’ll


Make sure that when you’re choosing what to do on your date, you take control and decide on where to take her. It just lets her know you’ve thought about it. Women like a guy who is prepared. No4. Look into her eyes If you’re eyes are focused on her chest when she’s talking about her family, then that’s clearly a sign that you’re not listening, which is never good. Let her know you’re interested in what she has to say. By looking directly into her eyes

(Gabriella 22, sales assistant) “Despite me offering to pay for the drinks, he bought the first rounds” (Jenny 24, junior executive) “I once was on a first date with a guy, and embarrassingly had lipstick on me teeth, and he made me feel like it went unnoticed.” (Charlotte 25, dental hygienist) “Chivalry goes along way; it means a lot when a guy treats you well.”


Sharp Entertainment

Sharp Entertainment

Bond vs bourne


James Bond. Jason Bourne. Trained Killers. Worlds Apart. The latest installment of Britain’s most famous super spy, James Bond: Skyfall hit cinemas last month taking over £2.28m in its first day of release. Skyfall has proven to be a huge hit for British cinema pushing ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2’ aside in its attempt of stealing the top spot. But there is another super spy just across the pond that is looking to snipe Bond from his top spot. Weeks after the release of Skyfall, The Bourne Legacy was released onto DVD. With it’s fourth installment to the series, Bourne is still very much in its infancy when compared to Bond’s 23 strong titles. With all this aside, how different are these two movie franchises and how are they always such a hit with the ladies? The Bourne series first hit our screens in 2002 played by Matt Daemon. The original trilogy revolved around a CIA trained assassin who loses his memory and identity. As

the series progresses Bourne learns more about the CIAs true purpose with him and acts out revenge on those involved. Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan was running around Russia, Vietnam and London stopping double agents, blood hungry journalists and British millionaires in Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. At the time it seemed dated, Brosnan’s Bond was still stuck in the cold war era and still behaving as the blue eyed boy for MI6. Meanwhile Bourne was acting in a post 9/11 modern style war zone, a wanted man by his country and without a single gadget or ally to aid his adventures. Ten years on, Daemon has been replaced with Jeremy Renner and Pierce Brosnan has stepped down to Daniel Craig. With their blonde hair, rugged yet handsome looks and sculpted bodies,

you could be forgiven for mistaking the two together. Even the trailers for both The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall look remarkably similar. Just to add extra confusion to the mix, Renner’s love interest in the Bourne Legacy just so happens to be Daniel Craig’s wife in real life. As for the films, well both start with each spy falling into water after what looks like a lethal shot yet still somehow surviving. A definite correlation to say the least.

and Thames House all placed in jeopardy. So when it comes to their movies, Bond and Bourne have merged for the better over the last few years. As far as the female general public goes however, it seems Bond pips Bourne to the post when it comes to general appeal. Claire Mills, a Chemistry student from the University of Leeds says:

“A man doesn’t need to wear a dinner suit all the time like James Bond to be attractive, Over the years however it and that’s not why I prefer seems that Daniel Craig’s him to Bourne. It’s more his style of Bond is merging to demeanor, his confidence, wit the Bourne way of conducting business. This all becomes and charm that would make him such a great catch.” evident within the first half hour of Casino Royale where Bond, Bourne and society Bond is seen fighting in bathrooms, strangling various have come a long way since Dr No was first released in henchman and smashing 1962. Nonetheless, good heads through sinks. He is manners, confidence and wit shunned from MI6 and M still sit well with the ladies 70 says her agents to finish the job. In Skyfall again this rose years on. That said, erupting out of the sea with a rippling tinted world where MI6 is six pack and speedos probaalways one step ahead of the game is flipped with M’s life bly help a fair bit as well.

““good manners, confidence and wit still sit well with the ladies”






With the ongoing issue of unemployment in the UK, it’s hard to find a job that pays well and offers a great sense of satisfaction. There are still however many jobs that are offering a competitive salary, job satisfaction, but most importantly are recruiting now. This month we are focusing on the military and seeing what it can offer you. The British Military is renown throughout the world for its excellent levels of professionalism and traditions.

We spoke to Acting Pilot Officer Matthew Wehrle, a pilot bursar in the Royal Air Force:

“A career in the military is a career like no other. The wage may not be the most competitive but your outgoings are little to nothing. I live in the officers mess around my The British Armed Forces friends, I have every Wednesare split into the Royal Navy, day off to play sport, I’ve just British Army and Royal Air got back from a parachutForce, of which you can enter ing Adventurous Training each service as either an Of- package in California and I’m ficer or Non-Commissioned soon heading off to Cyprus to go scuba diving. All of which Officer. Officers tend to attract the higher pay averag- is paid for by the military ing £24,750pa after training and available to anyone who chooses to gain these qualifiquickly rising to £29,000pa within the first two years. cations.” Educational requirements include 2 A Levels grades The military also offers one A* - C and GCSEs in Maths, of the most competitive English and Science. pensions around. It’s non contributory pension places For any career in the military, the military ahead of most your physical fitness is just as other public sector careers important as your academic including the Police and civil background so be prepared service. for fitness tests and physical training sessions regularly, This combined with its particularly through training. discounted accommodation This is true to such a degree that the UK helps train many other armed forces around the world from Australia to Canada.

(approximately £4.30 a night) and discounted food, there are very few other careers that offers such unique perks. The military has long been known for offering great experiences of seeing the world. The Royal Navy conduct exercises everywhere from the North Pole and Norway to the Caribbean and Australia. We spoke to Sub-Lieu“No other career could offer me these traveling oppourtunities around some of my closest friends completely free of charge” tenant Martyn Trevorrow (Royal Navy) to see what his experiences of traveling have included: “I joined the Royal Navy in 2009. In that time I have become a commissioned officer after completing my initial officer training. I have since completed most of my on the job training and travelled to the Mediterranean, pirate

hunting in the Caribbean and conducted various land exercises alongside the Royal Marines from the Artic to Cyprus. No other career could offer me these traveling opportunities around some of my closest friends completely free of charge.” The leadership and management training provided by the military is known throughout the world for its world class excellence. The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the home of officer training for the British Army is accredited by educational institutes and companies worldwide for it’s outstanding quality of training delivered. In the worlds of the British Army: “Leadership, learn from the people who wrote the book.” Those interested in pursuing a career in the military should go to their local Armed Forces Career Office

When the worlds at your feet the skies the limit 12

Sharp Leisure

Sharp Sports News

It’s not what you know it’s who you know Classy cosmopolitan cocktail bar. This is the same transition that Normans bar manager James Daniel made when he became a real man. Although James, as a manager, is required to work more than plenty of hours a week he said that ‘the atmosphere and clientele makes it all worthwhile.’ During James’ university years he said that he barely even knew that these nice bars existed and they have ‘opened up a whole new professional and sophisticated image for him.’ Bars such as Normans and Revolution belong on the famous Call Lane in the centre of Leeds. Swapping student clubs for the more business men like venues will automatically create a contact book full of opportunities. Socialising with ‘suits’ as James called them is a ‘great way to worm your way into a job.’ This is the technique that James used to bag himself a cool £26,000 a year salary. He states ‘these days it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’

“It’s opened up a whole new professional and sophisitcated image....” Swapping student clubs for the more business men like venues will autmatically create a contact book full of oppourtunities.

I asked James about the atmosphere that they try to create in their bar and he said that ‘their aim is to create 70% regular clients. The atmosphere in our bar has for the last 16 years been about friendly a climate and maximum hospitability. We are not a loud bar. People come for the quality products and our staff fluctuation is low – therefore ties between clients and staff are created.’ Jokingly-ish I asked James about the difference in women in his bar compared to the Oceana go-ers. He laughed and said ‘the women are women, not girls, they are more intelligent and don’t have their a**e cheeks hanging out of denim hot pants.’ Me-‘doesn’t it get boring?’ Obviously by James’ reaction I was wrong, he said ‘people assume that Normans is full of stuck up business people but they couldn’t be more wrong, these nights can get very boozy and we have a great DJ who never fails to get the crowd going.’ James is currently working full time hours and receiving the same salary as a junior lawyer. James managed to get this job through his choice of bars. He got talking to the old manager of Normans in which he was advised to apply for the job. He said that ‘working in such an environment has given him confidence in communicating with professionals which has made the thought of interviews in the future much less daunting.’


“We are not a loud bar. People come for the quality products” “They are more intelligent and don’t have thir a**e cheeks hanging out of denim hot pants””

Leeds based, best vintage shop owner and clothes designer Alejandro Blanco speaks to me about how his business took off and the sacrifices he made to be successful. ‘I wouldn’t advise anyone to start a business with little to no business knowledge without anyone to push you through the hard times’ laughs Alex (his preferred name choice). Alex graduated 3 years ago in fashion design, he has always known what he wants to do in life; open his own line of vintage shops and success is where he is right now with 5 shops in 5 major cities, Alex is feeling ‘relief more than anything.’ When Alex graduated he said that ‘although I know plenty about fashion and designing, starting my own business seemed out of reach with the little contacts and knowledge that I had.’ Alex chose to move away from the student scene and create contacts through mingling with other business men who would maybe want to invest and help him kick start his career as a shop owner. Alex was out with a couple of friends at Jake’s Bar on Call Lane having a few drinks when he got chatting to entrepreneur and club owner Terry George. Alex said ‘although Terry is a multi-millionaire hWe was so humble and helpful; he was really interested in my career prospects and by the end of the night we had exchanged numbers and organised to meet to talk about my ideas.’ Alex said that ‘Terry is the main reason that he is where he is now and if he was still hanging out at student venues he would never have got the chance to meet someone like Terry. With 5 stores across the UK, Alex is constantly on the go. He designs all of his own clothes and even travels to Italy once a month to find all the best fabrics and materials. Alex has now got a contact book to be jealous of including Wiz Khalifa all because he made the transformation of boy to man and really pushed the boat out to get his name heard. ‘If you sit around and wait for an opportunity to come to you, the chances are it will never come,’ Alex said.

From the field to the fighting Freddie Flintoff ring...


rom swinging a hook on middle) says “I can see why people are the field to swinging a right against it. My question is what does hook in Flintoff want to the ring. achieve, starting at Who 34?! I’ve heard he’s ever said a cricknot been looking eter can’t turn that good on the professional boxer. Sky documentary.” Flintoff proved that Although he is a prohis fighting career fessional sportsman, was anything but so why shouldn’t he a joke, after his be fighting? courageous points Freddie’s big debut took place in win over American Richard Dawson. Manchester, some Is there a world might say, it wasn’t title on the cards proper boxing and it or should Freddie wasn’t cricket either. hang up the gloves However we’ve after this win. Well seen a lot this year at least he looks from Freddie, to the like he has filled the cricket fans he may void left by quitting have dropped off the (Flintoff after win at Manchester Arena) cricket. As Former England cricket raider but in other sports he has captain his celebrity status built hype excelled, with his recent involvethe edge of my seat.” “The come- ment in a charity cycle where he joined around this boxing match in particudy of Freddie Flintoff tonight, oh Lawrence Dallaglio from Olympia to lar, attracting more than just the usual the joy.” Was this match all just crowd, some of which were supporters London a 2,872km cycle across Eua publicity stunt? Sky television and others were waiting to see if he rope, they raised over £2m for charity. chartered a documentary of all would succeed. Interest in his choice The 34 year old is an all-rounder to of his preparation for the fight. to cross over from the gentle field of say the least, professional boxer Barry Yes it’s true it did bring a lot of cricket to the harsh world of professionMcGuigan has advised Flintoff to interest to boxing, but maybe at al boxing circulated throughout twitter, leave the ring behind despite his debt the expense of other professional victory, but the decision about whether some comments being positive and boxers, causing many to question Freddie should go through with this others negative. “Freddie Flintoff wins his motives for stepping into on points. Credit to him, from a boxing charade again, can only lie in the the ring. Ryan Rhodes (ex-lightpoint of view it was awful. But I was on hands of the man himself.


Sharp Lifestyle

Sharp Lifestyle

Stress overload

Do you stress yourself out?

More and more young men are overworked, overwhelmed and over stressed. But the bigger problem here is for some us it has almost become that thing that makes us feel more alive. do you deal with it? Or better yet how do you let it go?

By Sophie Goodwin


s your heart beating faster, tummy turning to knots, you feel anxious, confused or just irritable, starting arguments is becoming all too easy. These are all signs of feeling stressed, and when you think about it, stress is a So how do you deal with it? bizarre thing: You can’t see it or touch How do you cope? You may think it, but you definitely know it’s there. you’re the only one going through these And its enigmatic nature just might issues, but many young men are going be preventing us from fully realizing through the exact same thing. “Young the damage stress can do “ I just started this new job, I men that to our minds, bodies, and want to make sure that I am spirits. are experiencing doing the my best, but the Feeling stressed can have a high amounts of pressure of it all is making me huge impact over our lives, stress are’nt al- feel so stressed, so to deal with when you’re facing a chalit I’ve been making sure that I lenge or dealing with some- ways aware of the go to the gym to let off some thing upsetting it can be hard health problems steam and help me relax.” (Matt not to feel tense or stressed. that can occur.” Walker 24) For example starting a new job, tension with your “Listening to music is always a girlfriend, difficult people in your good way to calm me down when I’m life, body image, upsetting news or feeling stressed, or trying to deal with even just not getting enough sleep. a problem, just escaping for a bit can We live in an interesting and yet hecreally help take your mind of things” tic world, these things can all cause (James Thompson 26- Accountant) stress in our lives.


“Weekly five aside football, that’s my answer to dealing with my stress, it’s good to have a hobby to take your mind off other things.” (Chris Davids 25- Recruitment)

10.30am Go Time. So this is a great time to actually, you know do some work. So ignore that phone call, stop the website browsing for now, and that email you can look at later. These are your most productive hours, so use them well and the result less stress.

der-eating, zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer, using pills or drugs to relax, taking your stress out on others, there are many more that you should try to avoid. You can change your ways of coping, by adapt ing new and healthier ways to deal with your issues and buildup of stress. There is not one solution for men, everyone is different. Ways to avoid stress: learn how to say “No”, avoid people who stress you out, manage your time better, express your feelings instead of bottling them up this is good to do with your partner so you’re not shutting them out, or with family and friends and give yourself plenty of down time to do something that you enjoy, sweat out tension with a good workout, go out with friends, set up a romantic night with your partner.

Long term stress is something that can contribute to health problems. “Young men that are experiencing high amounts of stress aren’t always aware of the health problems that can occur, it can set off heartburn, indigestion “ You can and irritable-bowel syndrome, and there is nothing wrong with having a little stress in change your your life, as long as you’re dealing with it ways of coping, properly.” Dr David Watson by adapting new “Setting aside relaxation time is a key way of coping when feeling stressed, it can reduce any tension you have, just by unwinding.” and healthier (Andrew Johnson 25- website designer) Some researchers believe that there are ways to deal distinct differences in the way that men and women experience and respond to stress, with your issues Accepting the things you can’t change can really help your stress however as men you do have some similar and build up of levels, as men you tend to want to deal with the problem head on, and always want to find a solution for it. If you take a step back worries to women. One major factor is stress.” and look at the situation you might be able to find the source that body image. In our society today it is fair to is causing you stress, therefore you can tackle the problem. say that there is a lot of focus on appearance, whether it be clothing, or weight. So it is easy We all like something to stress about, if we don’t have anything to see why some men face certain issues when then that will even become a stress, why is it that? Maybe the feeldealing with their appearance. It can become a ing creates a sense living, stress is always going to be a part of our stressful topic, especially if you are feeling the lives, if you can deal with it in the right way then it doesn’t have to pressures of trying to lose weight. One reason be harmful. why men gain weight is because they are substituting their stress for unhealthy food. Dr David Watson “ There are many short term unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, that a lot of men resort to as a quick way of coping, although it they may temporarily reduce stress, they can cause damage in the long run. Unhealthy stress releases are things such as: smoking, drinking too much, overeating or un-

So to deal with the weight of stress, change up your daily routine. 6.30am be a morning person, wake up early. The earlier you wake up the higher your levels of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone. This chemical can raise focus and productivity, especially if you learn how to use it. Embrace the stress, it might do some good. 7.30am Soak up the rays. Take a longer walk to work, drink your coffee in the sunshine. Being out in the sun, or just the daylight this helps the brain to cut off from the production of melatonin, also known as the chemical that makes us drowsy.


Sharp magazine  
Sharp magazine  

By sophie Goodwin, Grace O' Farrell, Ben Chergui and Lauren Weldin