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Ih trs du c ti o h I have been agnostic for most of my life (or as I see it now, too scared to not believe) I have always been facsinated by other peoples views and their meaning of faith, I suppose it’s because I never really knew my own. In these last few years of growing up I eventually saw the light - no not that light -

the ‘Atheist lightbulb’ and my interest in religion has ironically become a lot stronger. I think everyone should have the right to understand their own meaning of faith and their own way of expressing their faith: Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Catholic, Church of England.

People of faith all go through principles and ways of acting in the life that are pretty similar in that they respect each other, they love their God, they want the best for their society and they act in a proper way. I just don’t think you need religion or faith to put these morals and values into practise

What is your meahihg sf faith?

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confidence, belief and loyalty in something | positive assumption | your dedication to your belief | divisive | optimism | believing there will be a positive outcome | trust | honesty | security | George Michael | positive thinking, belief and courage | never doubting | believing in a god | not needed | seeing the light | hostility between people | belief in a single god or multiple gods | Being | strong belief in the doctrines of a religion | Serving to disappoint | the assured expectation of things hoped for | being loyal to everyone around you | the force of life | devotion | conviction| nothing | a belief in something that is not seen but is true | explore | understanding | knowing yourself | positive attitude | living life | being close to your god | seeking to understand | seeing, listening and hearing| not looking back | everything happens for a reason | doesn’t involve religion | using your beliefs to do good | taking an interest in religion | praying | feeling god | knowing there is a higher power | rubbish | good things come to those who wait | trust in your friends and family | striving | caring | healthy outlook on life| corupt | finding the right path | reading the holy scriptures | enjoying life | believing it will fall into place | belieber | you place faith in others | being reassured | knowing who you are as a person | knowledge and understanding of you belief | coming together | tradition | to not be closed minded | a particular outlook | the answer to all wars | to be happy| sharing and forgiving | being blessed | content | spiritual | a feeling with you everyday | love | warmth and peace | a god for everyone |

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Jehovah's Witnesses






Jehovah's Witness

A way of living based on the teachings of Siddartha Gautama

Bahá'í faith is one of the youngest of the world's major religions.

World’s biggest faith. Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ

A group of faiths rooted in the religious ideas of India

Revealed in its final form by the Prophet Muhammad

A Christian - based evangelistic religious movement



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Jesus Christ


Prophet Muhammad

Jehovah God


"The Glory of God"

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"The unchanging eternal selfexistent God"

563 BC

1817 AD

4 BC

3228 BC

573 AD

Nine point star

Christian Cross

Aum (om)

Star and Crescent

6 million

2.1 billion

950 million

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Based on the jewish people’s covenant relationship with god

The church of Jesus Christ Latter- day saints

A young religion founded in 1930s Jamaica

A young religion founded in 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard

The religion founded by guru Nanak in India 15th century

Japanese folk tradition and ritual with no founder

Ancient tradition of philosophy and religious belief that is deeply rooted in Chinese customs



Joseph Smith

“The father of a multitude"

1800 BC

1805 AD

Haile Selassie

No deity/ prophet

Guru Nanak

Amaterasu Oomikami


"Power of the Trinity"

No deity/ prophet

Named for his elder sister Nanaki.

“Which illuminates Heaven”

"Old Master"

1892 AD

No deity/ prophet

1469 AD

8th century

400 BC

Star of David

Angel Moroni

Conquering Lion

The ‘new-era’


Torii Gate


13.4 million

14 million

625 thousand

500 thousand

30 million

4 million

225 million

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Thomas S Monson

Bob Marley

L Ron Hubbard

Manmohan Singh

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‘Records of Ancient Matters’

Tao Te Ching

The vi ll age vicar | R o b e r t J e n n i n g s | P a r i s h C h u r c h o f H o l y Tr i n i t y L a n e E n d | What is the meaning of faith to you? Not just in terms of Christianity but from the view of your parishioners and church? You have to think in the terms of models and metaphors in a way. I think the journey idea is quite a good one because various people are on different points of a journey. Some people have just started a journey, or been on one for a short time, and some have been on a long journey. People have different experiences, outlooks or viewpoints to share, which is a broad understanding of faith. Some people would want to narrow it down to say it’s to do with your beliefs but I think faith is broader than belief. Faith is such a broad thing, its not always easy to encapsulate it into captions or words although it has to be done, because you cant go sort of vaguely around saying. You have to kind of narrow it down a little bit. How would you say your faith has developed over the years? Well I think it grows and deepens, and you appreciate more of the historic nature of the church, to me. As you grow older you begin to appreciate more I think the tradition, again a very broad thing, but the tradition to me is the where you are you are within a tradition and the church is where you belong. I think one of the leaflets I have given you mentions the church is where you belong, and I mean people come to church, and belong to church, with sometimes very minimal faith (laughs) some people

think that you have to belief everything that the arch bishop of Canterbury says, or the Pope, but its not like that. Because we are an inclusive church, that means that wherever you are, whatever your faith, you are welcome to explore. Faith, seeking and understanding. What about the physical manifestations of faith? Do you mean walking on water and things like that?” laughing at this point. No, inner feelings. How faith helps them? Which I have no doubt it does um, I don’t think faith necessarily, well for some people it acts as a prop, but I am never quite sure how healthy that is, because you should be able to lead your life without props, but we do need props from time to time. Faith can keep people rather infantile, and so they never grow up. They believe what they believed in Sunday school, Jesus making fish and wine, angels and that sort of thing. So faith has to grow, it has to be forged through life.Having a faith does not necessarily make it easier, so that if you lose someone close to you, its still painful and you still grieve If you go through a long period of illness, it does not mean its any easier to cope with if you have faith. So it’s not a magic wand. What about people of different faiths and coming together? What’s the attitude of the church to collaborate with other faiths? Well I think there is quite a positive view that where you share your faith and obviously

you would want people to come and join your tradition of faith, on the whole we don’t believe in proselytizing people or dragging people away from other faiths if that is their path that they have chosen. You share what you believe. I think that’s probably a change in emphasis from say a hundred years ago when Jews, Muslims, Hindus were all considered heathens, and they had to be converted by force. I don’t think anyone believes that now, well there are always one or two, people, but the church now mostly has a healthy view of dialogue, that you share what your faith is, and you listen to the other person, and you are open to that person. Can you give us some examples of faith in action? You can see at the ground level, an awful lot of people who have devoted their time to the church and that shines through I think. People who have had careers in say politics, or other things, their attitudes, their faith does tend to show and bear fruit. I can’t think of one specific example, there are far too many. I have to say that for example with politicians, we like to have a go at them, but they tend to have very strong faiths and views. I cant think of many militant atheists who have made a significant mark. I maybe wrong but most people want to serve a community (I am sure atheists do as well) but there is Christian, Jewish and Islam who have got people who want to serve and love their neighbour and that is the action we see.


Faith for some people,acts like a prop

Ysu dsn’t have ts belief everything that the arch bishsp sf Canterbury says

Tradition Seeking and understanding.

V We don’t believe in proselytizing people or dragging people away from other faiths


Faith has to grow, it has to be forged through life

Faith can keep pesple rather infantile, and ss they nener grsw up. They believe what they beliened in Sunday schsol.

Grsup sf logal ahd steadfast follswers

Remaihihg true, cshstaht ahd lsyal

l Fait h f m Head ih the clsuds


Having no faith or lacking trust


failure to keep a promise, pledge or any breach of allegiance or loyalty

Faithless Down to earth



generation to generation | Romi | forty-four | shopkeeper | hindu |

Where did your faith come from? “Hindu principles that have come from our forefathers. One prime example is that the Hindu religion forbids you to eat beef, which I abide by so in terms of faith we go to the temple every so often, we have a prayer every day at home. My parents have always been very strong minded in terms of religion and Hinduism. We pray to idols such as Lord Krishna, Lord Rama with little temples in our homes. How do you practrice faith? Father prays twice a day, I pray once a day , 7 days a week, I preach a little bit to my kids who were born in this country probably not as strong in terms of faith and religion as I have been, my father and grandfather has been, but I try every so often for them to know a little bit about our religion, although we live in a western country I think its important that they should know where their roots are and a little bit of their own religion. I don’t mind if they want to go to church, because I believe that the path to God is one. Whether is through Hinduism, Christianity or whatever, that’s my belief When it comes to our Christmas, it’s called Diwali. We celebrate that in a big way, and that’s sometime in November, we exchange presents just like Christmas, and we have a Christmas tree! I don’t know if we are a dual faith family, but

living in a western country we do try to have a little bit of our faith, and I think a little bit from the country we are in, so I hope it carries on in terms of my kids to my grandchildren, I hope it carries on. You’ve got to have the fear of God in life, that’s what I believe in, for you to be strong and do the right thing in life I think. Has your faith given you guiding principles that you follow? The way you are with people? Yes it has, its very similar to other religions, it tells us not to do this and that, and simple things like do not steal, and its very similar, because we have looked at lots of other religions, being where I am, when customers come and talk to me a little bit about this religion or that religion, I have noticed it quite a lot. Recently I have been talking to some Polish people, in terms of being from other backgrounds, I noticed there is a lot of similarity between our faith and religion within the Polish community and faith. So it is the same I would say like I said, all the different parts only lead to the same place. Yes we have a period for example called Lent like the Christians do, leading up to Easter we have the same! For a while we say no drink, and we try to give up something that you like, no drink and no meat so

there is no killing of any animals whatsoever in that period. So there are lots of similar things that we follow. So specifically what about the relationship between the Hindu faith and the Muslim faith – what do you think about that? Well we have our differences with the Muslim faith that has lead India and Pakistan which is where it relates from – I think we have never seen eye to eye – but it was all one before! I mean if you talk about the faith that’s different, but if you talk about the countries we were all one before – my father was in fact born in Pakistan, with the muslim people, that’s where he grew up and went to school and everything in Pakistan, then obviously during the partition he came over to India. But, in terms of faith I do respect their religion, but it is different and we are different and I don’t think we have very many similarities between the two faiths. Generally what do you think about the future of faith? Generally the future to me looks bleak in terms of faith. People are not that God fearing as they used to be, and in my opinion that there are less people going to church now, than there used to be years ago. Even amongst my community I have noticed there is less belief in a God, which I think is wrong but that is how it is now.


we live in a western country I think its important that they know where their roots are

the future to me looks bleak in terms of faith.

\ \

You’ve got to have the fear of God in life


dual faith family

We pray to idols such as Lord Krishna, Lord Rama with little temples in our homes.


I pray once a day and preach a little bit to my kids who were born in this country. probably not as strong in terms of faith as I have been


s far back as 10,000 B.C., history is abundant with carvings and writings of the sun, reflecting people’s respect and adoration for this object. And it is simple to understand why, as every morning the sun would rise, bringing vision, warmth, and security, saving man from the cold, blind, predator-filled darkness of night. Without it, the cultures understood, the crops would not grow, and life on the planet would not survive. These realities made the sun the most

adored object of all time. Likewise, they were also very aware of the stars. The tracking of the stars allowed them to recognize and anticipate events which occurred over long periods of time, such as eclipses and full moons. They in turn catalogued celestial groups into what we know today as constellations. The cross of the Zodiac is one of the oldest, conceptual images in human history. It reflects the sun as it figuratively

passes through the 12 major constellations over the course of a year. It also reflects the 12 months of the year, the four seasons, and the solstices and equinoxes. The term Zodiac relates to the fact that constellations were anthropomorphized, or personified, as figures, or animals. In other words, the early civilizations did not just follow the sun and stars, they personified them with elaborate myths involving their movements and relationships.


j j The Egyrtiahs When organised religion began...


orus was the Sun God of Egypt around 5000 years ago. He is the sun, anthropomorphized, and his life is a series of allegorical myths involving the sun’s movement in the sky. From the ancient hieroglyphics in Egypt, we know much about this solar messiah. For instance, Horus, being the sun, or the light, had an enemy known as Set, and Set was the personification of the darkness or night. And, metaphorically speaking, every morning Horus would win the battle against Set - while in the evening - Set would conquer Horus and send

him into the underworld. It is important to note that “dark vs. light” or “good vs. evil” is one of the most ubiquitous mythological dualities ever known and is still expressed on many levels to this day. The character of Jesus, being a literary and astrological hybrid, is most explicitly a plagiarization of the Egyptian sun god Horus. For example, inscribed about 3,500 years ago, on the walls at the Temple of Luxor in Egypt are images of the enunciation, the miracle conception, the birth, and the adoration of Horus. The images begin with

Thoth announcing to the virgin Isis that she will conceive Horus, then Kneph the holy ghost impregnating the virgin, and then the virgin birth and the adoration of Horus. This is exactly the story of Jesus’ miracle conception. In fact, the literary similarities between the Egyptian and Christian religion are staggering. And the plagiarism is continuous. The story of Noah’s Ark is taken directly from tradition. The concept of a Great Flood is ubiquitous throughout the ancient world, with over 200 cited claims in different periods and times.

death and resurrection crucifixion the ark of the covenant circumcision saviors holy communion the great flood Easter Passover virgin birth final judgment afterlife Baptism & many more, are all attributes of Egyptian ideas, long predating Christianity and Judaism.



Jesus Christ Date of birth is estimated 4 BC

Horus was born around 3000 BC.



Born of the virgin Mary on December 25th

Born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th

His birth was announced by a star in the east, which three kings followed to locate and adore the new savior.

When Horus was born, he was accompanied by a star in the east, and upon his birth he was adored by three kings

He was a child teacher at 12, at the age of 30 he was baptized by John the Baptist, and thus began his ministry.

At 12 he was a prodigal child teacher and the age of 30 he was baptized by a figure known as Anup and began his ministry.

Jesus had 12 disciples which he traveled with performing miracles such as healing the sick, walking on water, raising the dead

Horus had 12 disciples he traveled about with, performing miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water

He was also known as the “King of Kings,” the “Son of God,” the “Light of the World,” the “Alpha and Omega,” the “Lamb of God,” and many, many others.

Horus was known by many gestural names such as The Truth, The Light, God’s Anointed Son, The Good Shepherd, The Lamb of God, and many others.

After being betrayed by his disciple Judas and sold for 30 pieces of silver, he was crucified, placed in a tomb and after three days was resurrected into Heaven.

After being “betrayed” by one of his disciples Typhon, Horus was “crucified,” buried for three days, and thus, resurrected.

born and raised | Maureen Styles | seventy eight | Have you ever questioned your faith throughout your lifetime? “No never. Even after losing my husband and daughter both in their 40’s and also my mother. I believe that God has a reason for taking them. Also I am reassured by the fact that they are with him and are out of their pain”. I also Attend Church weekly, Mass and pilgrimages to various places

So how do you know they are with your God? “I have had experiences of seeing my mum, husband and daughter after they passed away. I saw my mum when I was very ill after an operation when my children were young. I believe she was coming to get me. I remember saying to her I cannot come now, and she smiled and disappeared.

You have said that since your daughter died 5 years ago, you now attend church even more often than before. Why is that? “There was a shock involved when I lost Theresa from Alzheimer’s aged 41. I turned to the church as it gave me help and reassurance. I also knew that she had been collected by God, which made me feel closer to her, if I then attended Church. I also felt this when I lost my husband (also aged 40 from Alzheimer’s) but it was stronger with Theresa. When I lost him, I had both of my daughters who were young, so I could not go to church as often.

I had an operation last year, and again, I woke up and saw Theresa above me smiling. I looked up and wanted to go to her, but she disappeared. I think she was checking to see if I was alright. Even my dog Jason, I heard him barking when I came home one day and he had died a few months earlier. How does practicing catholicism make you feel? It makes me feel peaceful and makes me realise that there is definitely something there and I can only think it must be God as they would not be anywhere else but Heaven.

catholic practising | You go on pilgrimages, why do you attend these? “I attend the Wallsingham pilgrimage each year. It’s a mile long walk, where you say the Holy Rosary as you walk, and then you attend a mass where you light a candle. I like the peacefulness of the walk, and also I like knowing there are people all around me who have lost others like I have, so they know how I am feeling. Its a long day – but I am really peaceful when I get back.” What is your meaning of faith? The best parts of religion are the values that it brings. Even if a large group of mankind seem to choose not to read their rules of their particular religion correctly it seems – nearly every different type of religion always contains the same values: truthfulness, kindness, loving, loyalty and always try and be better than you are and love your fellow man, planet and animals. Yes you should be expected to do this without a religion but with it, it guides you and helps you.

I turned to the church as it gave me help and reassurance


always try and be better than you are

I have had experiences of seeing my mum, husband and daughter after they passed away.




Practicing Catholicism makes me feel peaceful

I felt the need to go to the church more when my daughter passed away

khsck khfck! | E l d e r H e t h e r s , I z a t t & Yo u n g C o n n o r | M o r m o n | What is your meaning of faith? Elder Hethers Faith period. Is a belief that through Christ we can live again and be with his family forever and have complete trust in him. Faith is active. You can’t keep passively faithful. For faith to work you have to be doing it and working on that. Elder Izatt Faith is a belief in something that is not seen but is true, and you know that to be true and walking by not seeing it but you know that is there. Have you always had that faith, were you born into the faith or did you develop it overtime? Elder Hethers My parents went to this church but I wasn’t born with the faith. There comes a time when you think why am I going to church? Why am I doing all this? Why do I have to keep the Sabbath day holy and not go out and buy things? There came a point in time when I was fourteen or fifteen that I thought unless I know myself there’s no point in me going to church. I decided to find out and that’s when I really searched, read scriptures, pondered and thought about it and actually prayed and asked God are you really there. I remember finally one day and was praying and I had this feeling of warmth and peace and comfort and a knowledge that it was true. If you weren’t born into the faith would you have found the same faith? Elder Hethers I would like to think I would and would be open to it. I know through everything that I have found that this is Gods church. What is the view of your church to other faiths and collaboration with them? Elder Izatt

We believe that all things that draw people to Christ and God are good but we don’t believe other Churches have the same authority or right to act in the name of God. So here’s a quick example if you were driving really fast and an ice cream vendor with flashing lights pulled you over and jumped out and started writing you a speeding ticket, you’ll laugh at him but if a cop did that, you’d say yes sir, sorry sir and I promise I won’t do it again. Just like that we believe the authority to give and act in the name of God is found in this church and no other church. Other churches are good and do draw people to Christ and God but this is the one that has the full authority. I do not object to anyone having a faith but I do object to a person saying their faith is better than another faith. I don’t find that very palatable. Elder Izatt I wouldn’t say our faith is any better than any other. I think faith and pure faith in Christ is what we need to base everything on. I am not saying because I am in this church I am a better person than you. But in terms of saying that your church is the only one with the moral authority that is a differentiator that I don’t Why, as a person of religion, do you have faith in a religion that claims to have a higher moral than any other faith? Young Elder Connor One day I was praying and it came to a point when it was just me and my heavenly Father. We were the only people in the room and I asked him is this legit is this the only church that is true and you know what the answer was? Yes it’s absolutely true. I felt so sure in my heart, this was the way to become like Jesus Christ and it changed my life radically. I’ve never been

happier. It was black and white, I was a bad person gone good and I don’t think it would have happened without this church. Elder Hethers The Book of Mormon was translated from plates of gold brought over from Jerusalem to the Americas by Joseph Smith. ‘We invite all men everywhere to read The Book of Mormon, ponder it in their hearts the messages it contains and ask God the eternal Father, in the name of Christ if the book is true. Those that pursue this course and ask in faith will gain a testimony of its truth and a divinity by the power of the holy ghost. Those that gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know that Jesus is the saviour of the world and Joseph Smith is his revelator and prophet in these days and the Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints is the lords kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory of the second coming of the messiah.’ How do you differentiate religions and their God to your faith? Elder Hethers We believe a God that is a God of everyone, he cares for everyone and has provided a way for everyone and that’s why when we claim authority, people may think heaven is only going to be for you Mormons, I don’t believe that. What we believe in as a church and as a whole is that God provides a way for everyone to come unto him. All people should have a chance to be baptized and we also carry out baptisms for the dead. We believe in the spirit world and purgatory, a waiting period where you await judgement before ascending to heaven. There are 14 million Mormons in the world out of 7 Billion if God is God of everyone why would he be so selective. That’s why I have come to terms with that.

Baptisms ffr the dead

Elder Izatt

The Book of Mormon was

Elder Hethers

translated from plates of gold brought over from Jerusalem to the Americas by Joseph Smith.

We don’t believe other Churches

The Book of Mormon was translated from plates of gold

have the same

brought over from Jerusalem to the Americas by Joseph Smith

Amthority Young Elder Connor

authority or right to act in the name of God.

Christian 71.74%

Church of England Roman Catholic Methodist Baptist

“What is your religion?� - England census 2001


Jewish 0.52%


Religion not stated

Other religion



Sikh 0.67%

Buddhist No religion





Christian 53.48%

Church of England Roman Catholic Methodist Baptist

“What is your religion?� - England census polls 2011

Other religion 7.22%

No religion/ religion not stated 39%


? God is only there when good things happen

I don’t think the religious side works with a god. He just created everything.

there are spirits out there or I must be delusional.


? hell church

I don’t believe in a faith

Dazed and confused | Dale Payne | twenty | full time student | theist | So what are you’re beliefs? Well I think there is something else out there. Not sure what it is but if there was a god out there, then why does bad stuff always happen in the world? You believe in a higher power? I don’t know. Well I’m not even sure to be honest It’s all just crazy stuff that keeps happening to me. Like I’ll be sleeping at night and I’ll see or feel weird things. So there are spirits and stuff out there or I must be delusional. How do- you these feel sprits or people that have passed away around you? Well I might as well just say there is nothing out there Because I don’t think i’ve felt anything I just think I see things. Loads of things happen in the world and to individuals and no-one can really explain the spiritual side. You just move on to a better life when you pass away, start again kind of. I don’t believe in a faith. Sometimes, back in the day, I would be praying but nothing would happen. So I don’t think the religious side works with a god. He just created everything. You used to pray, is this because you were a Christian? Yeah I was brought up that way because my mum goes to church. I had to go with her

but I didn’t choose to go. I don’t even remember what they said. Half of the time I would be sleeping, or not even listening. So if your mum asked your faith, what would you answer? I would say to her that I am… I don’t know. I’d say I’m agnostic. Oh now I know! Now it’s all making clear in my head what I have to say! I am theistic, believing in one god because I used to go to church. I used to prey for something good to happen but nothing ever happened as time went on. So now I am starting to question is something out there? Is there a god? And now I’m questioning the belief. Do you want to find out what your meaning of faith is? No I don’t really care to be honest. Sometimes If I’ve had a bad day, I’ll go home and ask mum wanted to go to church but most of the time that doesn’t help either. It doesn’t do anything [pause]. So right now, I’m living by myself, living my life my own way. If I want to believe something is there I will believe it. I’m sure will find out in my own time You believe in the Christian god but you don’t practice the faith? Yeah something like that. I don’t know what it is. It could be interesting to find out what

it is though. I am religious to a certain point I accept that but only to a certain point. So your choosing when your religious and when you’re not? Yes sometimes I could be having a good day and something happens that I did not expect happens. That’s when I believe in God because I might have asked for that thing to happen and it did. Most of the time I ask for things to happen it doesn’t. You only believe in god when good things happen? Yes god is meant to be doing good things around the world. When bad things happen that is the work of the Devil. The devil is there every day in and out constantly. But this is hell we are living in, I’m not sure if there is hell underneath this earth but the world but we live is hell. Why do you think the world is hell? Where is god when the bad things happen? When you read and watch the news, you hear about all the conspiracies, and things that happen in everyday life, most of it is bad. God is only there when good things happen. God took off. Probably in another galaxy it’s probably better or something over there I don’t know. Theres a load of places in this universe.

God is meant to be doing good things around the world. When bad things happen that is the work of the Devil.

Ahd the lsrd fsrmed mah of the dust sf the grsuhd, ahd breathed ihts his hsstrils the breath sf life; ahd the mah became a linihg ssul. Genesis 2:7

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self-determined | Eddie May | nineteen | carpenter | atheist | What are your religious views? I was brought up in a Church of England home, I was Christened when I was younger, I was brought up in a Church of England school as well and have seen Christianity throughout the whole of my life. Being well educated as well though, there is too much scientific evidence in my reasoning for there to be an overall messiah or supernatural being that created this world and everything on it. So what do you believe in? I believe in evolution and support the idea that the world was created by the Big Bang theory. The universe cannot possibly be governed or controlled by one super being. I find the backgrounds to religions to be quite controlling and manipulative to control the masses of people where you can’t do that with law.

Being from a christian background have you ever followed the faith? When I was younger I used to pray for a bike but not now. Now I believe in the psychosis of the human mind. When you are praying you are susceptible to wanting, its like a placebo, if you want to know and feel that love in your heart so bad you may feel it but that is not evidence of God or faith. Do you think it is necessary to persuade a person of faith, who believed in creationism, to believe in evolution? Would you change their views? Well someone who really believed that the world was built in 7 days, I don’t think I could persuade them. I’ve had this conversation with a few of my friends. One doesn’t quite believe in creationism but he doesn’t believe we came from the ape family and there is no way of convincing him

basically. He was brought up like that and people like that will never change. I get so angry because these people are either too stupid or blasé to look at the endless possibilities there are without religion. They would say I’m being arrogant but let’s face it, if you’re going to look at something with no proof, then make actual life decisions on it then quite frankly that is stupid. We are here due to time, pressure and evolution, simple as that, you can see, it’s obvious. Some religious people believe that their God created evolution! They can say whatever they want as long as it doesn’t come into mainstream and society. Schools should not be teaching creationism as a theory it should be taught as a Christian belief and a myth. If a lot of our population believe the world is only six thousand years old we have got a problem.

Schools should not be teaching creationism as a theory


I beilieve in evolution and support the idea of the Big Bang theory

I was brought up in a Church of England home


controlling and manipulative

we came from the ape family I believe in the psychosis of the human mind. when you are praying you are susceptible to wanting, it’s like a placebo


there is too much scientific evidence in my reasoning for there to be an overall messiah or supernatural being that created this world and everything on it.

no one is in charge. and honestly, that’s even cooler.

the idea of an ordered, elegant universe is a lovely one, one worth clinging onto, but you don’t need religion to appreciate the ordered exsistance


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