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Profile I

am passionate about photography and the creative arts.

exciting pieces of work which reflect my personality.


Creatively, I

strive to produce unique,

use my own emotions and experiences, from

the past and present, to create expressive, emotive pieces of work.


thrive upon surreal aesthetics

and the concepts/meanings behind the histroy of surrealism.


long as


have a camera in my hands,


believe anything is possible.

Contact 99 Club Garden Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S11 8BW



Education BA (Hons): Photography - Predicted 2:1 - Sheffield Hallam University (2011-2014) Photography, Textiles & Media A-Level - Grade A, A, B - Pontefract New College (2009-2011) Castleford High School - 11 GCSE’s - Grades A-B - (2004-2009)

Skills Photography | Use of both PC and MAC | Highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop (CC) InDesign (CS5) | Adobe Bridge (CC) | Microsoft Word | Microsoft Powerpoint

Professional Practice • • • •

Discover- Colaborative Book Exhibition- 2013 Void-Self Published Book- Blurb- 2013 Distance & Intimacy Exhibiton- March 2013 Cancer Research Wedding Fayre- Promotional Photography & Design- For Gel Bridal StyleNovember 2013 • Cancer Research Wedidng Fayre - Event Photography- For Gel Bridal Style - November 2013 • Rockabilly Photoshoot- Gel Bridal Style- November 2013 • Riot Vixen Magazine- Pin Up Special Edition 3- Novemeber 2013


“The surrealists explored the language of dreams and the processes of dream work. They looked inside themselves for what was infantile, but they also sought out to explore the memory lapses, the repressions, of a whole culture; they looked back up to the past” Sophie’s photographic practice falls upon the genre of fine art. Her current work focuses upon surreal aesthetics and also draws upon much theory within the history of surrealism conceptualy. Sophie photographs portraits, mainly self-portraits, that evoke emotive responses from her use of personal imagery and subject matter. She focuses heavily upon the concept of the inner self and repressions, Fruedian psychoanalitical theory, as well as infantile complexes, previous experiences and current emotional discourse. The photographs and imagery she creates are, in a sense, thereputic statements. Sophie likes to challenge the notions of reality, and show something further than just the surface of a photograph, but to convey an image full of meaning that can be interpretted differently. Sophie creates images that, while being aesthetically pleasing, embody more than just a pretty picture, they are to show a true representaion of the mental state within a human being frozen within a photograph.

(Fer, Briony, (1993), Realism, Rationalism and Surrealism, Art Between the Wars, Yale, The Open University)

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