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Brief/Session/Document Title FĂźd Gourmet Deli Brief Design both the print and digital collateral for the proposed rebrand of the 2013 Shrewsbury Flower Show (MMXIII) to help promote to both a more varied, and contemporary audience, as well as expanding the visitor circulation to a National audience as opposed to the largely existing Shropshire- based, local tourism that the show currently attracts. Background / Considerations Evaluate the existing shows tourist statistics, and a way to introduce the show to a wider range of age ranges and interest groups, creating a rebranded design which caters for a youthful, contemporary target market, but also ensures that the older generation of visitors do not feel alienated, with that design that also remains reasonably faithful, or as an ode, to the traditional, medieval town.

Mandatory Requirements -



Research the existing client/tourist market for the show, and review other companies’ methods of widening their target audience through various methods and techniques. Research the history and heritage of the town of Shrewsbury and the flower show to influence brand deliverables. Develop a wealth of knowledge about the flower show (as well as photographic documentation) for editorial and promotional design outcomes.

Deliverables -

Printed leaflets/publication Signage (outdoor/labelling) Invitations Website mock up Posters Tote bags Disposable camera case

Studio Deadline

Module Deadline

12 – 26 March

29 May 2013, 1PM

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module information at E-STUDIO for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.

Shrewsbury Flower Show Brief  

Shrewsbury Flower Show Brief

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