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Introduction -­‐  A  welcome  and  a  salute  from  the  team     Salut    

Welcome  to  our  programme  and  our  end  of  year  handbook,  which  highlights  the  joys,   accolades  and  dedication  that  forms  part  of  experience  of  the  BA  (Hons)  Printed  Textiles  &   Surface  Pattern  Design  cohort.    

Documented and  assembled  in  March,  we  seek  to  provide  you  dear  reader;  a  snapshot  of   our  experiences  and  journeys.  It  is  a  visual  narrative  that  seeks  to  summarise  our  passion,   our  creativity,  our  curiosity  and  our  professionalism.         As  a  team,  indeed  a  tribe,  of  printers,  dyers,  illustrators,  stylists,  colourists,  makers  and   creators  in  the  widest  sense,  we  have  shared  values,  ideas  and  amused  ourselves  with  the   joy  that  is  design.  We  are  incredibly  proud  of  our  efforts  here,  for  three  years  we’ve  toiled,   laboured  and  just  occasionally  partied  our  way  to  creating  a  reputation.  A  reputation  for   success,  based  on  innovation,  ardour,  commitment  and  camaderie.     Within  this  yearbook,  you’ll  see  more  than  just  a  ‘business  card’  of  each  individual,  we  aim   to  offer  you  insights  to  events  and  experiences  that  underpin  our  whole  programme   philosophy,  how  we  work  and  importantly,  why  we  are  ready  for  the  wider  world  of   employment,  enterprise  and  creative  ventures.       This  book  then  is  both  an  introduction  to  us  and  a  fond  farewell  to  our  graduating  cohort.       Whether  you  be  a  prospective  student,  employer  or  friend,  we  invite  you  to  join  us  in   toasting  what  has  been  another  vintage  year.  The  guys  and  gals  have  worked  their  socks  off,   an  excellent  gang  indeed  and  we  are  incredibly  proud  of  our  success       Team  Textiles        

Course Structure    

Year One   Design  for  Print   Design  for  Digital  Output   Design  for  Paper   Design  for  Context  1   Context  of  Practice   Personal  and  Professional  Practice  1     Year  Two   Design  and  Innovation   Design  Direction   Responsive  

Context of  Practice  2   Personal  and  Professional  Practice  2     Year  Three   Context  of  Practice  3   Personal  and  Professional  Practice  3   Extended  Practice      

Our Studios  –  A  space  to  be  wrong     The  creative  ‘buzz’  emanating,  from  our  studio  exudes  energy,  enthusiasm  and  a  sense  of   community  that  is  palpable  from  the  moment  you  enter  our  studios.          Housed  in  an  extensive  open  format  design  studio,  which  accommodates  all  three  year   groups,  (and  importantly  for  each  student,  your  own  individual  work  areas),  the   arrangement  promotes  a  communicative,  collegiate  and  thriving  creative  atmosphere.  Our   studios  afford  students  a  place  to  see  the  logical  progression  from  year  to  year,  to   contextualise  their  practice,  the  studio  environment  really  supports  our  creative  and  skills   development,  providing  a  forum  to  showcase  ideas,  to  explore  through  drawing  and  making   as  well  as  fostering  a  sense  of  being  part  of  a  community  of  designers.     In  essence  our  studio  is  a  place  to  grow,  make  mistakes,  find  a  direction,  change  our  mind   and  identify  what  we  want  to  explore  next.  It’s  a  free  space  of  curiosity  to  seek  doing  more   than  merely  ‘good’  work.      ‘Forget  about  good.  Good  is  a  known  quantity.  Good  is  what  we  all  agree  on.  Growth  is  not   necessarily  good.  Growth  is  an  exploration  of  unlit  recesses  that  may  or  may  not  yield  to  our   research.  As  long  as  you   stick  to  good  you’ll  never  have  real  growth.’    Bruce  Mau  –  Manifesto  for  growth  No.  2        


Fact  is,  we  rather  like  winning  prizes.  It  makes  us  feel  special  to  know  that  we’re   appreciated.       Recently  we’ve  had  the  following  success                  

Academic Year  2012/13  success  so  far...  

• -­‐  Winner  of’s  ‘Emerging  Designer  2013’  -­‐­‐designer-­‐winner   • •

EGE in  conjunction  with  FX  magazine(Denmark)  -­‐    Finalist     NUVEAU  DESIGN  Competition  2012-­‐13    (International)  –  3rd  Prize   http://www.nd-­‐    

• •

Textile Society  Undergraduate  Student  Bursary  Award  –  Winner  of  the  Textile  Society   Student  Award­‐awards/student-­‐bursary-­‐ winners.php       Society  of  Dyers  and  Colourists  –  2013  Northern  Region  -­‐  Runner  Up     Bradford  Textile  Society  Competition:   This  year,  we  are  currently  progressing  well  in  the  Competition  with  yet  another  host  of   successes  including:     o

• •

• • •


o o o o o o

WORSHIPFUL COMPANY  OF  DYERS  AWARD  (Fashion)  -­‐2  Commendations   •   PRESTIGIOUS  TEXTILES  AWARD  (Interiors)2nd  Prize   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Fashion)  2  commendations   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Interiors)2nd  Prize  and  Commendation   BRADFORD  COLELGE  TEXTILE  ARCHIVE  AWARD  (Archive)  3  Commendations   ASSOCIATION  OF  FASHION  &  TEXTILE  COURSES  AWARD  (Fashion)  1st  Prize   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Material  Construction)  2nd  &  3rd  Prize  and   Commendation  

SURTEX  New  York  2013  –  For  unbelievable  3rs  year  in  a  row  now,  one  of  our  girls  has  just   been  announced  as  a  winner  of  this  prestigious  high  profile  event  set  in  New  York.   This  year,  applicants  were  asked  to  design  a  surface  for  any  product/material  that  promoted   and  related  to  wellbeing  and  healthcare.    The  prize  includes  a  stand  at  Surtex  Trade  Fair  in   the  U.S.,  promotion  and  networking  with  leading  industry  buyers  and  employers.       Supurb  Design  Brief  2013  –  2nd  Place!supurb-­‐award/c1k5j           CSI colour award 2012 – Finalist     Beta  Fashion    -­‐  Winner  February  2013,  January  2013  and  3  other  winners    

2012 Successes   •

Bradford Textile  Society  Competition:   We  had  a  rather  jolly  good  innings  at  this  (23  prizes/commendations  along  with  a  few   thousand  pounds  in  prize  money)  –  the  relevant  results  are:  


• •


o o o o o o o


ASSOCIATION OF  FASHION  &  TEXTILE  COURSES  AWARD  (Fashion)  1st,  2nd  and  3rd   Prizes  plus  4  Commendations   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Material  Construction)  Commendation   2  ‘Travel  Bursary  Award  to  Paris,  Indigo’   Best  in  show  Grand  Prize  Winner,  Overall  Award  which  went  to  the  BA  (Hons)   Printed  Textiles  and  Surface  Pattern  Design  Dept  for  its  success  across  the  board  of   the  competition.  -­‐News  article  here:  http://www.leeds-­‐­‐ events/news/article/our-­‐textiles-­‐department-­‐wins-­‐outstanding-­‐achievement-­‐ award/    

SURTEX New  York  2012  –  Winner  http://www.leeds-­‐­‐ events/news/article/international-­‐competition-­‐win-­‐for-­‐poppy/  and  here   A  fabulous  and  very  high  profile  event  set  in  NY,  to  design  fabric  and  papers  for  a  given   market,  in  which,  we  were  both  the  winner  and  the  Grand  Prize  Winner  last  year  too!  

• • •

IDEAL Wallpaper  Design  of  the  Year  2012  –  (Finalist)   SDC  International  Design  Competition  2012  –  North  of  England  (Runner  Up)   Zizzi’s  Fresh  Talent  2012  –  Winner     PRINT  ODYSSEY  2012 – Invited exhibitor @ Print Odyssey 2012 http://printodyssey-

• •

WORSHIPFUL COMPANY  OF  DYERS  AWARD  (Fashion)  2nd,  3rd  Prizes  and  4   commendations.   •   PRESTIGIOUS  TEXTILES  AWARD  (Interiors)2nd,  3rd    Prizes  and  2  commendations.   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Fashion)  1st  prize  and  2  commendations   CLOTHWORKERS'  FOUNDATION  AWARD  (Interiors)3rd  Prize  and  Commendation

Tigerprint Studio  Competition  –  2  winners   BETA – 4 Winners 1    

CAMAC Design  Competitions     o Graham  &  Brown  –  Winner   o Timorous  Beasties  –  Winner   o Anstey  –  Winner   o Pugin  Society  –  Winner   o Wallpaper  History  Society  -­‐  Winner  

Muraspec Wallpaper  Company  –  Live  Brief  winner

New Designers  2012  

An annual exhibition held in London for graduating students to showcase their skills and seek employment. Again we had a fab year with lots of the gang securing employment, internships and commissions for work. We also continued in our rich vein of winning prizes there, following up on 2011’s New Designer of the Year Award with these two much coveted awards:

o Tigerprint Award – Winner (Kathryn Fowler) - £500 plus 6 months paid internship – We have won this prize 2 years in a row now! o Harlequin Award – Winner - £1000 plus placement      

Visiting Professionals,  Events  &  Collaborations     Our  studio  may  be  a  stimulating  place  to  labour  with  vision,  but  ultimately  means  nothing  if   we  are  not  ready  for  the  outside  world.  Being  ready  for  to  get  out  there  and  take  the  world   by  storm.     Looking  to  external  contexts,  employment,  global  concerns  and  developing  a  design  practice   beyond  our  studio,  the  perceptions  towards  design  and  aesthetic  concern,  for  clients   demands  from  us  that  we,  recognise,  engage  and  interpret  these  concerns  .  Our  practice   actively  is  involved  with  visiting  professionals  and  collaborations  (live  briefs)  to  produce  the   creation  of  beautiful,  versatile  and  considered  works.     Collaboration  with  industry,  international  tours,  design  competitions  and  work  placements   all  contribute  to  an  appreciation  of  design  application  and  realisations.     Recent  speakers  have  included  the  winners  of  New  Designer  of  the  Year  Louise  Tiler  and   Abigail  Borg,  Wallpaper  Designer/Makers  Deborah  Bowness,  Rachel  Kelly  and  Sarah  Milton,     Internationally  celebrated  author  and  curator  Mary  Schoesser,  as  well  as  artist/makers   Patrick  Hartley  (designer  for  Lady  Gaga)  and  Tabitha  Moses.      

New  Designers,  a  showcase  for  emergent  graduating  designers  held  in  London  each  year,   provides  us  an  opportunity  each  year  to  present  to  the  professional  design  community,  the   breadth  of  quality,  invention  and  creativity  we  have  developed  over  the  duration  of  our   degree  period.      

Indigo    Selling  globally,  across  countries  as  diverse  as  Brazil,  Japan,  South  Korea,  Germany,  France,  

Italy and  the  U.S.  amongst  others,  every  year  we  go  to  one  of  the  world’s  premier  trade  fairs   for  textile  design,  fashion  fabrics  and  trends.  We  identify  the  forthcoming  season’s  key   trends,  colours  and  looks  and  then  interpret  these  within  our  own  design  responses  to   produce  exciting,  styled  and  fresh  solutions  for  the  fashion  and  accessories  market  to  a   number  of  high  profile  fashion  houses  and  textile  organisations.  Companies  we  have   recently  sold  to  include  the  likes  of  Lacroix,  Louis  Vuitton,  Custo  Barcelona,  Heritory,   Alexander  Henry  Fabrics  and  Desigual  amongst  others.  

Worthless  &  Priceless  &  Artists  Book  Fairs  

Our annual  worthless  or  priceless  exhibition  celebrates  values  of  sustainability,  ecology,  up-­‐

cycling, deconstruction  and  re-­‐invention.  It’s  about  exploring  our  immediate  world  to   identify  artefacts  that  are  intrinsically  deemed  ‘worthless’  and  through  manipulation,   engineering  and  practical  workshops  we  like  to  resurrect  these  found  objects,  like  a  phoenix   from  the  ashes,  to  produce  innovative  solutions  and  products  that  can  be  heralded  as   ‘priceless’,  something  to  cherish  and  treasure.     Similarly,  our  participation  annually  at  Artists  book  fairs  offers  us  the  chance  to  work  with   ‘slow  crafting’  to  produce  items  and  ideas  that  champion  ‘hand  over  machine’.    Whilst  we   work  extremely  hard  here,  now  and  again  we  like  to  slow  things  down  a  touch,  to  engage   with  respect  and  appreciation  the  process,  tradition  and  quality  of  craft.    This  philosophy  and  celebration  of  quality,  beauty  and  excellence  over  the  aversion  of  the   mundane  permeates  then  throughout  the  rest  of  the  programme.  

Golden  Pen  Awards    Aesthetic  concerns  matter  to  us  greatly,  as  equally  does  the  value  we  place  on  theory  and  

academic rigour.  Our  approaches  to  design  are  based  on  championing  the  wonderful   relationships  between  theory  and  practice.    Providing  a  synthesis  of  both  these  values,   annually  we  rejoice  in  our  achievements  in  this  respect  with  our  annual  Golden  Pen  awards.   These  awards,  held  internally,  seek  to  promote  and  celebrate  our  more  serious  academic   endeavours.  

Employers/Internships      Supported  and  underpinned  by  our  excellent  understanding  of  technical  skills,  design  

principles and  work  attitudes  we  also  like  to  get  stuck  in  to  ‘real’  world  proper.  To  that  end,   in  addition  to  our  events,  live  briefs  and  collaborations,  all  of  which  simulate  life  outside  our   studios,  we  actively  seek  placements  and  internships.       This  years  as  graduates  we  have  undertaken  a  number  of  placements  with  the  likes  of    Jonathan  Saunders,  Mirjam  Rouden,  Muraspec,  Designers  Guild,  Specialised  Covers,   Amanda  Kelly,  Lemon  Ribbon,  Thornback  &  Peel,  Tigerprint,  Pyramid  Arts,  Duchamp,  Home   &  Garden,  Suzy  Hoodless,  Bombay  Duck,  Blush  Interiors,  Zandra  Rhodes,  First  XI,  Owens  &   Kim,  Deborah  Bowness,  Print  &  Pattern,    Rob  Ryan,  Tatler,  Global  Colour,  Pod  Interiors,   Lauren  McCalmont,  Pattern  Studios,  George  @  Asda,  Circle  Line,  White  Stuff,  Alexander   McQueen,  Vogue,  Paper  &  Cloth,  Liberty’s,  Drawn  in  Light,  Ink  &  Spindle,  Foxlinton,  Olivia   Rubin,  Mary  Katrantzou,  Fromental,    Graham  &  Brown,  Holly  Fulton,  Monsoon,  Joules,  Next,   Keeler  Gordon,  Turner  Bianca,  Sparkk,  Soochichacha,  amongst  others.....       From  Nikki  Barker  at  Zizzi’s   “  We  work  with  pre  &  Post  graduate  artists.  Hannah’s  work  was  of  a  very  high  standard,  and   was  more  thought  through  than  some  of  our  qualified  artists”     From  Emma  Shipley  at  Thornback  and  Peel   “  Charlotte  Mason  was  a  fantastic  intern.  She  was  always  eager  to  help.  Her  work  was   accurate  and  neat  (which  is  vital  here!)  She  was  a  pleasure  to  have  around  the  studio  and   we  would  welcome  her  back  at  any  time.”  

From Helen  Truran  at  Jonathan  Saunders   “  Hannah  worked  mainly  on  Mens  AW13  and  Prefall  13  development,  experimenting  with   design  ideas  in  Photoshop  and  Illustrator  to  work  towards  woven,  knit  and  print  designs.   Under  constantly  changing  briefs  and  ideas  she  showed  great  computer  skills  and  work   ethic.     From  Edward  Weale  at  Lemon  Ribbon   “  The  work  undertaken  by  Emma  included  designing  a  number  of  projects,  as  well  as  helping   us  prepare  for  the  show  through  pre-­‐show  marketing  and  stand  preparation.  She  also   conducted  detailed  trend  and  shop  reports  for  us  on  High  End  London  and  High  street   shops.  We  took  her  to  client  appointments  and  she  assisted  us  in  preparing  the  collection  to   view  as  well  as  dealing  with  any  feedback  from  the  clients.   As  a  whole  experience,  Emma  would  have  seen  a  great  insight  into  the  workings  of  a  design   studio  around  the  launch  of  a  seasonal  collection.  She  saw  how  trends  are  developed  for   and  interpreted  by  designers  all  the  way  through  to  seeing  clients  reactions  to  those   designs.”     From  Yvonne  Chan  at  Olivia  Rubin   “  Natalie  has  been  very  helpful  during  her  time  with  us,  she  was  a  great  help  assisting  for   Lfwend,  before  and  after  the  event  and  was  especially  helpful  and  professional  during  the   event  in  September.  It  was  a  pleasure  having  Natalie  to  assist  us  through  September.  Natalie   is  very  polite  and  professional  in  her  approach  to  work.”`     From  Lindsey  Weir  at  Mary  Katrantzou   “  Hannah  was  able  to  be  part  of  the  print  technical  team  for  a  collaborative  project  with   current  Elliott  and  also  for  the  initial  print  development.”      

Graduate Success  Profile        The  majority  of  our  graduates  are  employed  in  design  teams  or  studios  in  the  wide  range  of   industries  our  subject  covers  and  others  establish  their  own  practice  as  designers/  makers.  Whatever   the  individual  chooses,  our  world  of  design  is  rich,  exciting  and  fluid.  It  is  forward  thinking  yet  rooted   in  history  and  will  always  embrace  innovation,  new  ideas  and  vision.    

Looking at  our  success,  employment,  accolades  and  commitment  to  our  discipline,  hopefully   you  appreciate  that  we’re  not  just  good  at  what  we  do,  we  like  to  think  that  perhaps  you’ll   agree  with  us  and  recognise  that  perhaps  we’re  just  a  little  bit  special  too.      With  92.7%  of  our  cohort  in  related  employment  or  education  within  six  months*,  we  invite  you  to   come  take  a  look  and  find  out  why  we’re  just  what  you’re  looking  for.           *DHLE  stats  2013  


PT&SP body copy  

PT&SP body copy