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Reading pack product range to be distributed to 200 children aged 9-11 (Year groups 5 and 6) in 200 schools around the United Kingdom as part of the ‘200 books 200 schools’ reading promotional scheme. Each month of the academic year (September-July) a new product pack and publication will be distributed throughout the selected schools and classes with a new children’s classic fiction book, with other titles including ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘James and the Giant Peach’, and so on.

1. Range of printed promotional media within the reading pack product range: Reading pack folder. 2. Contents of folder (Audio Book CD, Printed publication, Duplex print bookmark). 3. Close- up illustrative detail from within the printed book (Page 20, Little Red Riding Hood scene).

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Creating a bold, minimal logo design to visually communicate and distinguish the 200 Books 200 Schools promotion, whilst also working with the existing Puffin Publishing House brand to create a clear, distinct identity within the existing brand. For each academic month of the 200 Books 200 Schools reading promotion, in which a new children’s classic book is distributed throughout schools in the United Kingdom, new variations of the design will emerge in accordance to the visual communication and illustrative design of the particular story, which would potentially alter the colour scheme used throughout the design, and most notably the logo- though still ensuring that the content and basic design of the logo is kept consistent to help define the brand as a notable, heritage Publishing House and product range.


1. Puffin 200 Books 200 Schools logo (to be applied to a wide range of printed and screen- based branding outcomes). 2. Custom ‘Paper Cut Sans’ typeface (to be applied to a wide range of printed and screen-based outcomes), largely used for headers, title pages and advertising and promotional typographic design. 3. Cardiff Regular serif typeface, used for the body copy within the illustrated publications to ensure legibility and readability are at an optimum level. 4. Primary colour palette used for the ‘Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm’ printed publication edition within the 200 Books 200 Schools promotional reading scheme classic fiction book range.

The 200 Books 200 Schools promotional reading scheme is a proposed campaign run by the children’s publishing house, Puffin. The promotion will see a specially selected 200 schools around the United Kingdom receive 200 copies of a children’s classic book each month (a new book for each academic month in the year from September-July) to be distributed to children aged 9-11, in year groups 5 and 6. The promotion aims to promote reading fiction to a young target audience, and to help children once again engage with literature, supported by true classics of the genre with a variety of themes, genres and characters to satisfy all tastes and personalities within the target audience. As well as distributing a new reading pack for each month of the academic calendar, schools will be provided with posters and online resource media to help promote and develop the promotion, and, in particular, to encourage both children, and parents of the schoolchildren to develop and strengthen skills within independent reading.

1. Promotional 200 Books 200 Schools Grimms Fairy Tales poster within a classroom environment. 2. Promotional 200 Books 200 Schools Grimms Fairy Tales poster within an outdoor advertising environment; a bus stop outside of the children’s school, to help engage and introduce the reading schemes to the children’s parents.

Puffin Features 10/10

A range of online source media and social networking tools will be used to help spread the word, and develop a network of support, news and updates for parents to help strengthen an understanding of the promotion. An online forum through a web blog will give useful information and tips on how to effectively encourage children to indulge, and build a love for independent, fictional reading to help develop creativity and imagination within all aspects of study and future development.

1. Flash intro to the Puffin 200 Books 200 Schools online blog and forum, which allows parents to discuss the reading scheme as well as finding out new methods and techniques to encourage their child’s independent reading schedule. 2. Use of Twitter through the ‘Puffin200’ Twitter account for instant updates to parents about the latest releases within the reading promotion, and more information about the scheme throughout schools in the United Kingdom. 3. Web banner to work into the existing homepage, which acts as a hyperlink tool onto the Puffin 200 Books 200 Schools web blog.

OUGD203 product range distribution boards  

OUGD203 product range distribution boards 2012

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